36+ Best Wordpress Simple Themes 2020

Are you looking for Wordpress Simple Themes? You are in the right place! 36+ Best Wordpress Simple Themes have been reviewed and manually picked up by our Avada Commerce team from website, marketplace such as: Themeforest, Wordpress Themes or TemplateMonster. Simple Themes have been collected based on the following criteria: number of sales, reviews, ratings and social metrics. The best Simple themes collection is ranked and updated in August 2020.

Simple Themes for Wordpress

Newspaper Simple theme by Tagdiv

Newspaper Wordpress Simple theme by Tagdiv

Theme features

  • Provide more than 50 demos
  • Available to browse the AMP demo by scanning QR code
  • Offer 10+ and 30+ templates for author page and post respectively
  • Possible to set up different typography for different device
  • Provide helpful review system with stars/percentages/points base

As the name of the theme suggests, Newspaper is a WordPress theme which best matches for blogs, especially newspaper or magazine site. In addition, thanks to its amazing function, this theme keeps the first place in the top best-selling news theme with more than 78,000 users all over the world.

Once you install this theme, you are supplied with over 50 demos which you can easily import and edit to make your own site. Moreover, if you want to browse the AMP demo, you can easily complete it by scanning the QR code. Newspaper also provides you with 10+ and 30+ templates for author page and post page respectively, hence, you can generate a beautiful presentation page for your post as well as your writers. Besides, this is a way to honor and appreciate the efforts of your content creators and encourage them to work even harder in the future.

Additionally, it is available to set up separate typography for multiple devices that it makes your site more eye-catching and attractive to visitors. Another surprising feature is that this theme brings you a helpful review system which you can set up to based on stars, percentages or points rating.

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Newsmag Simple theme by Tagdiv

Newsmag Wordpress Simple theme by Tagdiv

Theme features

  • Allow you to easily write your articles and blog posts
  • Support videos from Youtube and features from review system
  • Offer you clean and friendly SEO practice
  • Provide you with responsive AdSense and Google Ads
  • Be equipped with unlimited sidebars and widget customization

If you are looking for a theme to help build your own articles or blog posts and make everything easy to follow, don’t miss out this review. We guest Newsmag theme is what you are expecting. Newsmag theme is known as one of the modern themes from WordPress which allow you to write your articles and posts with the help of some outstanding features and great support.

Newsmag template is widely used for newspaper, magazine, news and review websites. It can support videos from Youtube as well as provide you with a good review system, including stars, points or percent. In addition, Newsmag offers you clean and friendly SEO practice to help you get more traffic and attract more visitors. Supporting responsive Google Ads and AdSense is among top features of this theme and you can have unlimited sidebars, along with widget customization to make each post and article look good and amazing.

Besides, Newsmag theme can turn your websites to a multi-language site thanks to the WPML support. Also, all global settings are available in your WordPress theme customizer, followed by a live preview. Moreover, you will never have to feel worried about how to reach more customers since there are 9 beautiful post styles that are designed to help shape each of your stories perfectly.

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The Voux Simple theme by Fuelthemes

The Voux Wordpress Simple theme by Fuelthemes

Theme features

  • Support shoppable posts and images
  • Stylish article pages
  • Optimized for speed and loading time
  • Scroll down to watch infinite loading articles
  • Build anything using Drag and Drop interface of Visual Composer

The Voux is a great design of Fuelthemes for creating feminine WordPress magazine. Being considered as the best stylish, light weight and professional magazine, The Voux consists of various features which are utilizing the Shop The Post feature and Image HotSpots feature to set up your affiliate marketing site and show the latest look respectively so that you could easily build your shop online and earn money. In order to decorate your site to make it more attractive, Fuelthemes has increased the number of Gallery styles, provided with video monetization and specially the stylish article page with different pages suited various demands.

What is more, The Voux theme optimized for speed and loading time. It also supports your viewers to engage your site instantly by infinite loading articles when scroll down the page. Accordingly, they would not miss your content or cannot stop attract to your site or your products.

Built from the ground up using Drag and Drop interface of Visual Composer at the core to import some demo data and have a visually stunning website ready literally within minutes since you only have to drag and drop content in a very intuitive familiar way. You will find no difficulty as the Voux has been designed with absolute attention to detail and it is very responsive to customers.

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Hemlock Simple theme by Solopine

Hemlock Wordpress Simple theme by Solopine

Theme features

  • Gutenberg support
  • New Full-width narrow post layout
  • Various minor bugs
  • Styling for Mailchimp widget
  • Comments GDPR consent checkbox

I really love the theme for it’s clean and tidy design, easy to use customization, fantastic customer support, and overall the appearance is simplicity. My favorite theme by far over hundreds of others!

This theme is a great deal of clean aesthetic, straightforward functionality which ensures your blog, the website stands out among the rest in modern sophistication. They aim to empathize simplicity by reducing any distracting clutter. They have trimmed away peripheral items and lovingly crafts a sleek one-column theme ideal for creative bloggers in various fields and industries. This theme also could adapt for: freelancer, lifestyle, and blog traveler who want to showcase their pictures, images or any marvel stories in their life. Honestly, they support your viral content, refine your design, and rest easy knowing that you’re got solo Pine quickly and strongly acclaim customer support whenever you meet problems. The theme enables creating as many new page layouts as you wish. They come up with various homepage, portfolio, pricing, services, blog-type, support, and shop to choose from. Furthermore, they are contact pages, unique headers, and footers to display and show off your works with just a simple one-click demo importer!

This theme, by far, is easy for any beginner to start with. Installing Hemlock on WordPress was super easy and customizing it is even easier.

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Cheerup Simple theme by Themesphere

Cheerup Wordpress Simple theme by Themesphere

Theme features

  • Offer 1000+ demos with 12 predefined designs
  • Support sticky sharing bar
  • Provide search feature in full-screen size
  • Include smart photos loading
  • Supply with multiple stunning article styles for posts

If you are a blog owner who love fashion and beautiful things or you are a magazine manager who searches for a WordPress theme for your website, CheerUp can be a good choice that you can take into consideration.

In particular, this theme brings you with more than 1000 demos of 12 stunning pre-made designs that it can fit multiple purposes, from travel, fashion, to health and fitness, lifestyle, etc. Moreover, once you install this theme, you are provided with a number of gorgeous article styles for your posts, therefore, any kind of your content, from images, videos to audios, etc. can be presented beautifully on your site.

Besides, CheerUp allows you to set up the sticky sharing bar in which it will be displayed on the left side of your articles and it is easier for your readers to share your posts with others. Another interesting point of this theme is that the search feature is displayed in the full-screen size for certain designs. It is also equipped with smart photos loading in which the picture is loaded and appeared only when the visitors scroll to it, hence, it makes your site lighter and faster to load.

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Authentic Simple theme by Codesupplyco

Authentic Wordpress Simple theme by Codesupplyco

Theme features

  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Support Retina display
  • Built-in AJAX pagination and infinite load
  • Embed videos as backgrounds
  • Working GDPR ready

If you are about creating a website relating to magazine or blog so here is a recommendation for you. Authentic, a codesupplyco’s design, is known as the best selling personal WordPress blog theme which is supposed to bring you with amazing experience and aspirations as it is suitable for not only professional but also newbie and immediate users. Authentic comes with a huge range of features and plugins so that users will find no difficulty in customizing their own site to be one of the most impressive and attractive websites.

With regard to theme performance, the Authentic theme is set up with Retina ready which provides users with stunning photos that are in high pixel and adaptable therefore they will look beautiful and smooth on any kind of platform or device. What is more, thanks to built-in AJAX pagination and infinite load, your visitors would stay a bit longer on your page as they keep scrolling down to the next posts. Additionally, it is within the capability of users to embed video even from Youtube URL as the background in post sliders, page headers and post archives.

In term of monetization, you are able to add products on the shopping cart via WooCommerce plugin. Moreover, Authentic is developed with brilliant Advertising system from which you can insert ad codes and graphics and also choose how to achieve your goals. This theme also comes with General Data Protection Regulation ready to make sure all your data information will be secured.

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LENS Simple theme by Pixelgrade

LENS Wordpress Simple theme by Pixelgrade

Theme features

  • Fast and smooth animated page transitions
  • Attach a YouTube or Vimeo video to any gallery slider or grid image
  • The custom made and easy to use PixCodes plugin
  • Support Retina display providing pictures at least 700px wide
  • Take control of content with PixTypes plugin

LENS is a surprising premium WordPress theme that is designed by Pixelgrade . This theme cares deeply about photography and the ones behind it, which is the reason why it makes sure that the visual options provides cater both to the modern web and, most importantly, to the artist’s vision. Accordingly, LENS comes with features that were carefully chosen and designed to ease the way to that perfect photography portfolio website.

First and foremost, LENS showcases unexpected yet natural animated page transitions not only fast but also super smooth. Due to that every photographer has different stories to tell, there are full screen slideshows, galleries, grid based photo galleries and a journal available to help. What is more, the Retina ready is ready set which provides adaptive pictures at least 700px wide that will look stunning to your mobile devices. Besides, you will never be worried about your gallery looks so simple and boring thanks to Video support feature. By attaching a YouTube or Vimeo video to any gallery slider or grid image, your website scheme now is more attractive and lively to make a visit.

With regard to page content, you are capable of taking everything under control with PixTypes plugin which is used to create Galleries and Portfolio Projects. Additionally, LENS comes with the powerful visual shortcodes plugin, the PixCodes plugin, integrated right in your Wordpress editor therefore users can quickly add columns, rows, icons, buttons, progress bars and so much more. And now, your beautiful imagery and carefully written content are ready to shine on any devices.

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Pluto Simple theme by Osetin

Pluto Wordpress Simple theme by Osetin

Theme features

  • Contain countless pagination options and reading mode
  • Include QR code scanner and support image gallery, quote or soundCloud links
  • Allow users to review and post rating to their posts
  • Provide users with WooCommerce plugin to help them sell products
  • Offer image protection and let users add ads between posts

Pluto WordPress is an ideal theme for any casual bloggers. It is built for a family blog, cooking website, technology blog, personal blog or other types of blog and it is extremely simple to set up.

What makes Pluto WordPress stand out is some unique features, including reading mode or QR code scanner. In addition, it contains countless pagination options such as the infinite scroll. With Pluto WordPress theme, you will find embedding Vimeo or YouTube videos easy. More interestingly, quotes, image gallery or SoundCloud links are well supported by this WordPress theme. Pluto users can even write some reviews as well as post ratings to their own posts. Take note that the latest version of the theme adds options to sell products since Pluto can now make use of WooCommerce plugin that lets you set up an online shop with ease. Regarding images on Pluto theme, no one likes their pictures to be stolen, hence, with just a simple checkbox in the admin, you can get smart photo protection enabled to prevent from being copied. Besides, Pluto allows you to put add among specific posts and choose post numbers you want to add to be put inside.

With Pluto, users do not have to worry about SEO optimization because each piece of cod is highly optimized for fast performance, along with semantic layouts to make you feel satisfied with the search engine requirements. Multiple post formats and translation ready are also available to help you create your best sites. You will even see that social media buttons are located on top, bottom, and each post’s side and editing stylesheets has never been easier since this theme can utilize the Bootstrap framework along with Less Css processor.

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Kleanity Simple theme by Goodlayers

Kleanity Wordpress Simple theme by Goodlayers

Theme features

  • Provide 9 header styles
  • Support slider desciption
  • Suppport unlimited slide bar
  • Customize demo importer
  • Encourage the customers with powerful admin panel

GoodLayers is known as Themeforest top seller with more than 100,000 customers trusted. One of the themes that are successful with the beauty of minimalism is Kleanity. This theme is considered as a GDPR tool, which allows the customers to give consent to cookies on the sites. By this powerful theme, the users can keep their business clean and simples with multiple outstanding features.

The Goodlayers supplier has built this Kleanity theme with different and effective features. One of the best features in this app is the powerful drag and drop content builder which helps the store owners to create beautiful images. Moreover, the visitors will be more attracted to the stores because of 9 header styles. In addition, the website is much more beautiful with multiple demos. The demos which are well-crafted will bring the users a high quality of homepages to impress their visitors. All the demos are fully customizable that the store owners can choose the best for their shops or create their own.

Besides, the admins can manage all their store activities as well as traffic. Furthermore, the Light Box including two options will make the products more stunning. Last but not least, when using this theme, another feature that the users can put their custom css easily via theme option.

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The Fox Simple theme by Withemes

The Fox Wordpress Simple theme by Withemes

Theme features

  • Be able to use WordPress live customizer to set up sites visually
  • Get blog posts divided into 2 columns to help them look like newspapers
  • Offer users vertical images uses and allow users to set up featured posts
  • Provide users with system of intelligent related posts
  • Help users’ readers read related content and increase time they stay on site

For those who might not know about, the Fox is known as one of the modern magazine WordPress themes. It is perfectly designed for magazine and news website.

Developed by withemes, Fox contains amazing features. First, Fox provides you with multiple layouts. It can come with countless layouts so that you can choose among them and turn your websites into any kind of blogs. Along with that, the sidebar can turn off, turn left or turn right and there are four footer sidebars, featured sticky posts, and highlighted areas. In addition, Fox WordPress theme applies WordPress live customizer to aid you in setting up your site visually. Options can include layout, colors, background images, logos, font faces, and many more. Besides looking good on your devices, Fox also gives you .po file to help you translate your sites into any languages and the Quick translation module plays an important role in translating words. Take note that Fox users can get blog posts divided into 2 columns so that they can look like newspapers. Also, you can easily set up a featured post thanks to the featured posts system.

Fox offers you vertical image uses. In case you do not have any horizontal pictures, you can add a vertical image and things will work well like horizontal one. Thanks to this, you can generate a blog with many creative layouts. With intelligent related posts systems, your related posts will be displayed right after posts helping readers have further related content and increasing the time they stay on your websites. Like any other WordPress themes, Fox contains a bunch of widgets and the Demo.xml file is also available so that you can set up your site without having any difficulties.

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Piemont Blog Simple theme by Dedalx

Piemont Blog Wordpress Simple theme by Dedalx

Theme features

  • Provide users with multiple blog styles and layouts combinations
  • Offer users countless color themes and configurable options
  • Help users feel free to share ideas, inspirations, travelling, interesting days and many more
  • Aid users in finding all in one theme from header variations, homepage posts sliders, banners, or logos
  • Allow users to take advantages of Offcanvas menu and built-in coming soon or maintenance mode with custom pages

Piemont theme is known as one of the cleanest, fastest, and most aesthetic WordPress theme, along with WooCommerce support on the Themeforest. Any personal or business websites can use this theme. It takes only 2 minutes to launch your own blogs with this WordPress theme.

Piemont theme is loaded with multiple blog styles as well as layouts combinations with header styles, blog listing layouts, blog styles, features posts slider layouts, and over 650 fonts. Besides, Piemont is loaded with countless color themes and configurable options in your own user-friendly Piemont control panel. You can see that with Piemont theme, you are able to build up your blog to begin sharing your ideas, inspirations, interesting days, travelling and many amazing things. You can find all in one theme for every blogger, including unlimited header variations, homepage posts sliders, banners in header support or logo position variations. For any bloggers who use Instagram for their jobs, this theme is a wise choice with MailChimp newsletters integration. Furthermore, Piemont theme comes with special Offcanvas menu and built-in coming soon or maintenance mode with custom pages. SEO optimization and integrated Google Web fonts are also available.

Take note that there are some post formats and contact forms support. Other Piemont’s amazing features include light-box gallery integration for any pictures in each post.

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Cabin Simple theme by Selectthemes

Cabin Wordpress Simple theme by Selectthemes

Theme features

  • 40+ custom shortcodes
  • Features from demo could combine to website
  • Running full multilingual websites
  • Choosing animated transitions
  • One page site option

This theme has a classical style vibe written by Selecttheme based on a design in a retro manner. It contain a collection of hipster, motivational, antique portfolio layouts and old styles pages that can be used for myriad purposes and adapted to fit your requirement. Its look predominantly green color, motivational pages and a vintage landing page, make Cabin stand out among others solution and be a great choice for anyone into hipster and classical lifestyle. This multiuse theme is perfectly responsive and can be used to build a website that will be a true source of inspiration and creation for the crowd.

Cabin provide an fully, careful supportive team which allow customer to contact and question a some. For any beginner, they allow to change color and look of various elements and fonts as to their personal perspectives. They also generate visual composer which is free enabling for simple drag and drop page builder. clean codes and optimized SEO function allow them to create a visible and attractive website. Customer probably choose various animated transitions or turn its off for more classic look. Thus, all features from demo might combine into your own website.

Cabin is by no mean worth trying.

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PinThis Simple theme by Pixelbeautify

PinThis Wordpress Simple theme by Pixelbeautify

Theme features

  • 5 Beautiful Color Skin
  • 7 Custom Post Formats
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Social Icons and Share Buttons
  • Google Adsense Ready

PinThis, designed by PixelBeautify, is a cutting-edge, masonry based, multi-purpose, Pinterest inspired WordPress theme working perfectly for Personal Portfolio, Creative Agency, Designer Portfolio, Illustrator Portfolio, Photographer Portfolio and more. It is simply designed with full of style and customization options and brings a stylistic and modern look.

PinThis brings 5 Beautiful Colors Skins with varying preferences: Default, Fresh, Blackie, Tangerine and Nova, so that you can have more choices for your website. It offers 7 Custom Post Formats such as Standard, Aside, Image, Quote, Status, Audio, and Video. Powerful Admin Panel provides tons of essential features and helps you control and organize easily. This theme is connected with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, allow you to share your image or post. It supports Google Adsense Ready for bloggers and online entrepreneurs for affiliate marketing.

More detail, ROSA is fully responsive and looks great on all devices such as desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad or other smartphones and tablets. It offers the popular responsive FlickerPlate slider with touch control, Optimized for Speed, Detailed Documentation, RTL Support, SEO Ready and much more. Just by one click install, all the demos will be in your hand beyond your expectations to edit content, drag and drop any element as per your request between 600+ Google Fonts, 1200+ icons with medical icons, unlimited color options.

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Arnold Simple theme by Bwsm

Arnold Wordpress Simple theme by Bwsm

Theme features

  • Only theme with custom Portfolio Builder
  • Menu mouseover effect: cross line and high-light color
  • Add items to shopping cart directly from website
  • Support Retina display
  • Support plugin Contact Form 7

Arnold is established by BWSM as a theme for Creativities. Arnold is a minimal and modern flat design portfolio WordPress theme whose fully responsive design and lightweight coding solution can make website load fast on mobile devices. It’s easy to not only use and concentrates on showcasing your work to potential clients and employers with interesting interactions but also connect closely to social media thanks to social network link on header and footer. The theme provides users with such features that raise the performance quality such as its menu mouseover effect: cross line and high-light color and various types of formats and header layouts. Besides, it also supports Retina ready to improve the images viewed on the site to be sharper, better in HD.

What makes this theme special is that it is the only theme with custom Portfolio Builder. Thanks to unique Portfolio Drag&Drop Builder and templates, you can create unlimited layouts of portfolio list. There are also a huge number of powerful portfolio options which can be listed as GIF supported, open gallery post or lightbox,(it could open extra link by setting link format post) or many columns and spacers created.

Users are allowed to monetize their website due to building it as an online sales. It is within the capability of people to add items to a shopping cart directly from website. Besides, there is Contact Form 7 plugin which supports users to collect the information of their customers or audiences.

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Rima Simple theme by Artstudioworks

Rima Wordpress Simple theme by Artstudioworks

Theme features

  • Support Free Visual page builder
  • Distribute eBook with Gutenberg
  • Support Contact Form 7 integration
  • Working GDPR ready
  • Layered PSD Included

Rima is published by ArtstudioWorks to be favorite template for modern and stylish blog. Rima comes with a collection of stunning features and beautifully balanced pages that could help users set up their website with a vision WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Besides, the theme is based on Visual Composer, a very convenient drag and drop PageBuilder for WordPress with hundreds of elements. Accordingly, it is easy for users to save tons of time working on the site content.

With regards to website performance and experience, Rima provides people with Gutenberg which could assist you to build a very rich pages as it offers a ton of free eBooks. What is more, by utilizing Revolution Slider, users will find it easy to promote all special offers on the website. Additionally, the Rima theme is set up with PSD files from which users are able to work with the images’ individual layers even after the file has been saved.

After publishing the blog, there should be some kind of plugin that could give you a hand to gain audiences’ information. And Contact Form 7 ready with full design combination will help you out with this. This theme also comes with General Data Protection Regulation ready to make sure all your data information will be secured.

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Petrichor Simple theme by Webfactory

Petrichor Wordpress Simple theme by Webfactory

Theme features

  • Able to choose a custom background for the header or from 6 pre-made styles
  • Support 9 predefined color themes
  • Offer 4 header layouts including 3 with iPhone and video
  • Lightbox photo gallery is supported
  • Provide a client quote rotator section

If you want to find a WordPress theme which is easy to start and work with, Petrichor developed and provided by WebFactory is the one you need. This theme is not only simple to run but also owns stunning look and amazing features.

Using this theme, you can choose a custom background image for your header; hence, it can express more about your business and its characteristics. In case you do not have any picture that can be used yet, you can pick one from 6 predesigned styles to set as your header background. Petrichor also offers you 9 pre-made color themes and 4 header layouts including 3 types with iPhone and video, therefore, you can quickly build up your website.

Moreover, this theme supports lightbox photo gallery, which can bring a gorgeous presentation for your images. Another interesting feature supplied by this theme is that there is a rotator section for client quote, which you can show the feedbacks comments and reviews of your consumers to attract new customers.

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Art Simple theme by Seatheme

Art Wordpress Simple theme by Seatheme

Theme features

  • Provide you with 2000+ fonts
  • Allow you to drag and drop content to build pages
  • Include 6 post formats for your daily blogging
  • Offer 6 header layout and multiple options
  • Create a portfolio grid from media library images

Art, which is specially designed by SeaTheme, is considered as a powerful portfolio responsive Wordpress theme for you to create your unique website on your own. This theme brings you plenty of utilities thanks to its outstanding features.

Firstly, Art provides you with 2000+ fonts coming from Google+ font and Adobe Webkit. Also, you can use your self-hosted font to suit your need. To help you build pages easily and fastly, this theme allows you to use drag and drop content builder. Secondly, Art includes 6 deeply developed post formats which are all pretty and trendy for your daily blogging. Furthermore, it offers 6 different header layout and multiple options for you to choose from. You can hide header or footer for a single page. Thirdly, this theme creates a portfolio grid from media library images. Especially, Art is compatible with WooCommerce, which means you can create your online store to sell your product.

To sum up, Art is fully responsive and functional. It provides you with custom logo, the popular multi-language plugin WPML, fullscreen background video, warmly support and so on.

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NovaBlog Simple theme by Hercules_design

NovaBlog Wordpress Simple theme by Hercules_design

Theme features

  • Being equipped with a powerful option panel to get your theme customized
  • Provide users with 18 unique demos and 3 mage menu styles
  • Allow users’ visitors to show off their recent posts and multi-column menus
  • Let users add widgets into your menus and versatile header styles
  • Offer users 5 header layouts and set them as sticky and normal headers

If you are looking for a magazine or blog theme, let’s take a closer look at NovaBlog WordPress theme. Developed by Hercules_Design, NovaBlog is perfectly designed for any blog or magazine websites.

NovaBlog WordPress theme is packed with powerful features. Having responsive designs, this WordPress theme provides your own users with intuitive site experiences on all of the web-browsing devices no matter what kind of devices you are using. With a strong option panel, NovaBlog is highly customized, along with over 555 options for countless possibilities. In addition, it is easy for you to install 18 unique demos with just a single click. Being packed with 3 mega menu styles, the WordPress theme allows their users to show off their recent posts and multi-column menus. Besides, you are able to include widgets into your menus. NovaBlog is also loaded with versatile header styles for you to choose from. You can choose among 5 header layouts and set them as a sticky and normal header. Now, with the built-in post custom signature feature, you can easily show off your message as well as pictures of your signature automatically.

Besides those impressive features above, NovaBlog gives you live search with AJAX to support your search results when you type.

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Carrie Simple theme by Creanncy

Carrie Wordpress Simple theme by Creanncy

Theme features

  • Provides 11 demo websites, over 10 Featured Posts Slider layouts, 7 blog listing layouts and 650+ fonts
  • Built with Slider Revolution
  • Includes 5 Custom Carrie Theme widgets
  • Includes Built-in Advertising management system
  • Offers 3 menu positions with different styles

Carrie is a clean, stylish, and fully responsive Wordpress theme which was created by the Creanncy team as a solution to running multi-purpose websites such as magazine websites or personal blogs.

To go more into details, Carrie is built with various stunning sliders, which do include Built-in Slider and Slider Revolution. The built-in promo boxes offer an eye-catching look to display your content in different ways with many layouts, which are compatible with any device. There are 11 ready-to-use demos for you to choose from, it takes just a few minutes to import. On top of that, we provide you with many different header styles, more than 10 posts slider layouts, 7 blog listing layouts, together with over 650 fonts. Moreover, we have 10 pre-defined color themes but of course, you have the right to create as many as you want.

That’s not all we have. You are allowed to locate your menu in 4 positions: top, header, footer, and off-canvas. Carrie comes with a banner management system, 5 Custom Carrie Theme widgets, supports Slider Revolution (worth $25), WPML plugin, MailChimp Newsletter integration, Instagram Feed Integration, and many more!

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Camille Simple theme by Creanncy

Camille Wordpress Simple theme by Creanncy

Theme features

  • Provide users with stunning sliders and creative promo boxes
  • Allow users to show off content in various ways
  • Offer users the combination of countless blog styles and layouts
  • Give users unlimited color themes and configurable options
  • Help users take advantages of Camille control panels and some management systems

Camille is known as a stylish and powerful WordPress blog theme that is specially tailored for any kind of personal blog.

Developed by Creanncy, this Camille theme contains a beautiful design with many options to help you customize your own blogs, changing from colors and layouts to post views and fonts. In addition, stunning sliders, as well as creative promo boxes, give you visual experiences to show off your content ability in various ways with responsive layouts which are optimized for all of your devices. You can see that this clean and fashion Camille design can be installed at ease with just one click. Besides, this WordPress theme provides you with combinations of countless blog styles and layouts. Also, this blog theme is loaded with unlimited color themes, configurable options and the ability to help you manage all of these things with just a click of your mouse thanks to user-friendly Camille control panels. Regarding management systems, Camille offers you built-in advertising management and sidebars management systems.

Other Camille’s amazing features include post formats and contact forms support. Also, this theme is integrated with social share and social follow. You are able to take advantages of special Offcanvas menu, along with header and body backgrounds.

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Frida Simple theme by Burnhambox

Frida Wordpress Simple theme by Burnhambox

Theme features

  • A basic slider to display your slide at the top of the blog homepage
  • Separate sidebar for home, archie page, page and post page
  • Make a specific widget or the whole sidebar
  • Use 2 different fonts at the same
  • Control your site setting by native wrordpress customizer

Frida is a creatively designed WordPress created by one of the most elite author Burnhambox who has more than 2.5k fellow customers. They were inspired by the idea of sweetness, which makes a zig-zag theme and pastel tones for your own content and image. This theme also makes your website become a candybar itself. Thus, this theme not only perfect for personal usage such as beauty and travel blog, personal channel but also commercial purposes.

This theme provides WordPress native customizer, which allows us clean, organizes, and personalizes everything within a simple click. No matter what widget you use, this theme itself responsive and work great at any details from Desktop, tablets, phones. Just by a simple and basic slider make it easy to display your slides at the top of your homepage. The first thing I notice about this theme is a beautiful and special design. It stands out among other styles and themes out there.

The star in this situation is the amazing customer service support. That is the reason why I purchase this theme, and I probably come back soon as a returning customer in the future. They provide so many options and oriented in a specific design or for a specific use. It is really worth trying.

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Eshkool Education Simple theme by Rs-theme

Eshkool Education Wordpress Simple theme by Rs-theme

Theme features

  • Visual Composer premium plugin
  • Revolution Slider
  • Best Wordpress LMS Plugins Learnpress
  • Mailchimp Integrated
  • Contact Form 7

Eshkool, a clean and modern Education & LMS WordPress Theme, which is designed especially for educational purposes. There are a wide variety of customers who can utilize Eshkool, namely university, workshop, college, school, kindergarten, course hub, training center or any kind of educational institution. While approaching Eshkool, we can not miss out its 06 awesome homepage demos with different LMS courses page layouts and other inner pages layout as its the most significant feature. It helps you to edit and customize whatever you want to fit your needs in the easiest way.

Moreover, there are multiple highlights of this theme that will help you a lot for your educational websites: the drag-drop page builder from the Visual Composer premium plugin, the Revolution slider which saves you twenty six dollars, the Education Course Learning Management System(LMS) – Learnpress which helps you to create education, online-school, online-course website with no coding-knowledge required, the Mailchimp Integrated for newsletter and also the Contact Form 7.

In addition, there are also bunches of awesome features like Loco Translate, RTL Supported, Clean Coded, Powerful Admin Panel and etc on Eshkool theme. They mark a big plus as supporting the theme to work nicely on all smart devices.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Glacier Simple theme by Mountaintheme

Glacier Wordpress Simple theme by Mountaintheme

Theme features

  • Offer users fully responsive design with ultimate VC Addons to help save money
  • Provide users with multiple page variations and portfolio layouts
  • Allow users to filter portfolios based on categories
  • Let users control advanced typography
  • Take advantages of sticky headers and slider revolutions to attach more customers

Glacier is a portfolio or a project showcase WordPress theme. This theme has interesting portfolio effects and you can make use of this theme with visual composer, plugins of act, and kirki. Developed by MountainTheme, Glacier is perfectly designed for any kind of project showcases with WooCommerce support.

With Glacier WordPress theme, you will have a fully responsive design, followed by the Ultimate VC Addons to help you save $26. Additionally, the theme provides you with slider revolutions and is compatible with ACF Pro. Glacier offers you countless page variations as well as portfolio layouts. Also, you can take advantages of sticky headers and social share links to help you reach more customers. AJAX load and AJAX cart play an important role in making your page load fast. Be built with Bootstrap 3, the theme also contains Contact form 7 and CSS3 animations with social share links and Kirki customizer integration. Also, take note that you can have full control of the advanced typography and are able to filter portfolios based on categories.

Besides child theme supports, we should not miss out another amazing feature of this theme, including W3C Valid HTML, font awesome icons, Google fonts or typekit.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Aileen Simple theme by Giathemes

Aileen Wordpress Simple theme by Giathemes

Theme features

  • Combine different homepages
  • Provide users with sticky header navigation
  • Allow users to use same tags to find related posts
  • Offer some kinds of layouts and custom widgets
  • Support social sharing buttons and mail chimp newsletter

Clean, elegant, and simple are adjectives used to describe Aileen, known as a WordPress theme. Aileen is perfect for any kind of personal, fashion, food, travel, photography, tutorial or publishing sites or blogs. Using this WordPress theme is believed to customize your blog exactly like what you want.

Aileen has many powerful features. Besides being highly responsive, its theme options are powered by the WordPress Customizer. With just a click, you can install demos easily and it also contains different homepage combinations. You are able to change layouts and the main theme colors. Moreover, Aileen provides you with sticky header navigation, along with hiding or showing most elements on your sites. If your visitors want to find out the relevant posts, it is just a piece of cake since they can use tags to find related posts. Like another WordPress theme, Aileen gives you social sharing buttons. With WooCommerce and mail chimp newsletter support, your site will become fully customized.

Take note that child themes are also include with online documentation. Many slider, blog or post/page layouts are also available with custom widgets to help display everything neatly without making your site a mess

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Layer Simple theme by Zozothemes

Layer Wordpress Simple theme by Zozothemes

Theme features

  • 22+ Unique Homepage Demos
  • Powerful Admin Options Panel
  • 8 Blog Layouts
  • 90+ Modules
  • Free Powerful Plugins Included

Layer, designed by zozothemes, is a creative responsive retina multipurpose Wordpress theme working perfectly for Digital agency, Creative people, Photography, Personal resume, Freelancers and Portfolio, etc. It is flexible and lightweight, highly responsive to any devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop as this theme is built with Bootstrap 3.3.7.

In particular, Layer brings 22+ Unique Homepage Demos with the latest design such as University, Wedding, Architecture, Travel, Fashion, Business, Medical, Hotel, etc, so you can easily create your own eye-catching websites. Powerful Theme Options Panel offers greater control over 500 google fonts, menu options, footer, styles to customize yours. We have included 8 Blog Layouts so that you can choose between masonry, metro, grid, classic, medium or large thumbnail layouts to present your website in various ways. Just by one click, all the demos and content will be in your hand thanks to 90+ shortcode modules. Layer helps you work more easily with the support form Tons of Powerful Plugins like Theme Installation & Demo Content ($50 value), Visual Composer for WordPress included ($34 value), Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin ($25 value) – All are free.

In addition, Urip has 15+ Custom Widgets Included, 3 Different Font Icons Included (Font Awesome, Line Icons, and Flaticon), Different sidebars options, Custom Widgets (Twitter, Video, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Mailchimp), 130+ Builder elements, 2000+ icons. Check it!

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Jonny Simple theme by Paul-tf

Jonny Wordpress Simple theme by Paul-tf

Theme features

  • Include sticky header for easy navigation
  • Provide premade translation for German and French
  • Available to use 600+ Font icons
  • Easy to set up background for each item in Proejcts Portfolio
  • Support floating social network icons

Jonny is a Portfolio and Personal WordPress Theme which is best suitable for those who want to open a site to express their abilities or in other words, use a WordPress blog as an individual resume.

If you use this theme, you can get access to more than 600+ Font icons which you can use for your pages and sections. Besides, this theme allows you to set up the background for each item in your Projects Portfolio which means for each work, you can choose a different background image for it.

Besides, the social network icons are displayed and stuck at the top of your site that your visitors can easily see them and connect with you through these channels. Moreover, the header is sticky also that it is easier for your visitors to go to other sections on your site. The translation is ready in which the German and French are premade for you that it helps increase the profession for your curriculum vitae and your site.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Shasta Simple theme by Nxnw

Shasta Wordpress Simple theme by Nxnw

Theme features

  • 4 beautiful frontpage layouts
  • a lot of customizable banners
  • 8 flexible custom post formats
  • Ready to use Google Web Fonts
  • Post Formats UI plugin

Shasta is a sharp, beautiful and modern lifestyle blog that come up with myriad of interesting features: 4 frontpage layouts, 9 post styles containing video and audio format; and thousand of customizable features added into the marvel wordpress theme. Shasta is light, easy-to-use wordpress theme that is perfect great for lifestyle blogger. There are feminine blog, travel blogger, beauty vlogger, personal, philosophical, creative maker, musicians and so on. The compatible layout makes it great for any artist portfolio, photography styles and so on.

This elegant and flexible theme wordpress support writer highlight the potential content with a huge full-width post banner on the browser and grid-style article layout below. Whether you like or not, you probably choose from traditional blog or the stylish grid layout with or without the sidebar. Furthermore, they provide with a lot of white space which make the reader focus on the marvel images, typography or any structure. Shasta is connected with social media account such as: facebook, Instagram,… Thus, any stories in your feed probably be placed in the footer in the sidebar. Shasta includes custom widgets and widgetized zones for any additional features. They also friendly, easy-to-handle and speedy wordpress theme with addition in the theme purchase.

This theme is just above amazing on the website of all size from the simple small phone to large desktop. Thus, its worth trying!

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Marigold Simple theme by Danyduchaine

Marigold Wordpress Simple theme by Danyduchaine

Theme features

  • Change layout with 4 article styles
  • Display the content with 4 sliders
  • 5 different custom widgets
  • Responsive design in all format
  • Front-style Editor Included Yellow Pencil

Marigold is an creative, modern and friendly wordpress blog & shop theme with an elegant and carefully crafted design. Normally, this theme was created with the mobile first designed which means they was designed for the smartphone first an then they was larger to adapt a bigger screen afterward. They aim to provides beautiful experience for users of all devices. Thus, this theme probably is suitable for all type of businesses: shop, retail commercial purposes who want to share and sell something.

Both theme and support is on point. The theme is exactly a shown in the demos and it is really customizable. Thus, you can change pretty much everything in in the dashboard from the color, layouts, design, grid or and detail customs. There is no doubt that the best part has to be the customer support. The supporting team incredibly very enthusiastic and helpful at showing us how everything work with very quick response to any our questions. Marigold is everything i need from a website design for my interior design shop. Dany with his team has been worked with me a number of occasions. I extremely pleased with the quality and aesthetics of this beautiful theme. I have Kindle with this theme of how it compliment with my business. The plugin is o easy to handle so that the technical device also have regular update.

It is aesthetics and user friendly and i couldnt be more happy with my decision to purchase it.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Nimbo Simple theme by Birdwpthemes

Nimbo Wordpress Simple theme by Birdwpthemes

Theme features

  • Offer live switching between different styles
  • Allow users to choose color schemes and enhance site’s usability
  • Be able to show latest comments on archive pages and configure theme easily
  • Show popup windows and related posts
  • Include XML files with demo date and support child theme

Nimbo is known as a WordPress theme for your own blogs, which contains a clean and minimal design with many different layouts, including two menu types in your header, two different header styles, three layouts for the single pages, three different blog layouts, and three areas for widgets in your footer.

Nimbo includes amazing features. As you can see, live switching among two different styles, including dark and light. Every visitor is able to select your color schemes and this theme will record the selection of visitors to help enhance the site’s usability. Moreover, Nimbo WordPress can show latest comments located under each post on archive pages and you can configure this feature in your theme settings with ease. Additionally, Nimbo can show off popup windows with video/audio players, images, and galleries. Being built with Bootstrap 3, Nimbo supports related post and theme options are powered by the WordPress customizer. Take note that this WordPress theme can support all WordPress post formats and contact form 7. With Translation ready, your site can be translated into different languages. There are also over 1400 icons and drop-down menus with sticky headers.

Besides above interesting features, Nimbo includes XML files with the demo data and offers child themes for customization. Step-by-step documentation is also available as well.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Boiler Simple theme by Osetin

Boiler Wordpress Simple theme by Osetin

Theme features

  • Powerful Management for Recipe Added
  • Front-end submission form Available
  • Social Login with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  • Powerful theme customizer Supported
  • SEO rankings Boosted

Boiler - a Personal Food Blog Theme on WordPress that helps you display your cooking blog with simple and clean layout along with sliding featured recipes and many more.

First of all, the Powerful Management for Recipe is highly-implemented on Boiler. This Boiler theme allows you to connect recipes to the ingredients. Consequently, the users are able to search for them based on the ingredients that they have to cook a dish. Also, it is possible for the visitors to adjust servings and get an automatic caculation for how much ingredients needed for new ones. Additionally, you can also allow your visitors to submit their own recipes using a simple Frontend Submission form. As a consequence, after having submitted the visitors’ recipes, you are able to read them and decide which ones you want to approve. Also, the users can also edit their submitted recipes and list them in a directory author. They even are capable of bookmarking other people recipes and engaging in conversations using comments and recipe reviews. Plus, your SEO rankings will be boosted via the fully-utilized Google Rich snippet meta-data that is provided on Boiler.

On the whole, all of these super easy-to-use ingredients builder, nutritional data box and informative steps with photos and many more features on the Boiler theme should not be missed out by any food bloggers. Choose to purchase this theme and I’m sure that it will make things easier for your followers to cook your recipes.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Laurie Simple theme by Danyduchaine

Laurie Wordpress Simple theme by Danyduchaine

Theme features

  • Display your content with 4 demos
  • Customize your site with animations, color, fonts
  • 4 different blog article styles
  • Front style editor include yellow pencil
  • Sidebar with various options

Laurie is a beautiful designed by DanyDuchaine_ one of the well-know designer in WordPress communication. Laurie is a creative, elegant, and carefully produced. This theme was created with the mobile-first banner, which means this theme perfectly suitable for smartphone from the beginning and then was larger to adapt with huge screen afterward. They normally fit with any designer, creative maker, interior designer, furniture maker, travel blogger, and more. With 4 different demos and visual style editors make it perfect for an artist portfolio or photography site.

This theme is an awesome WordPress blog and shops theme dashboard with an elegant, carefully crafted design. They look just above amazing on browsers of all sizes from your personal iPhone to a large desktop monitor and everything in between which absolutely provides improved user experience for visitors of any age.

This is a fantastic theme that can be customized in lots of ways. It has been a dream to use. Support is very good and any problems I have had, normally my issue rather than the themes, are sorted generally within 24 hours. I have bought a lot of theme over the years- and this is my favorite so far.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Zahara Simple theme by Danyduchaine

Zahara Wordpress Simple theme by Danyduchaine

Theme features

  • Look exactly the demo in less than 1 minute
  • Customize your site in real time, color, fonts, animations
  • Change your blog layout from customizer
  • Subscribe to newsletter custom widget
  • Categories custom widget

Zahara is very elegant, interesting and creative WordPress theme product with very eye-catching and crafted design. Especially, this theme absolutely suitable with any blogger: travel, beauty blogger, personal channel, lifestyle, girl.

They were created by the minimal style blog with multipurpose utilization. They are adapted with mobile screen, and afterward, they are suitable for a bigger screen in the tablet or laptop. This theme creates a very beautiful and worthy experience for the first time on all different devices. They provide one-click demo which is also suitable for import demo version in less than one minute. Furthermore, you could customize your site, color, animations, fonts in real-time. Thus The blog layout could be easily changed by the customizer, which allows you to attract customer to your product that you want to sell.

This is my favorite theme ever. I went to Zahara in the first place because this theme for me has personality and conviviality. They make it easy to customize. I have a very flexible theme that I can adapt to any project and website easily from simple to complicated and very beautiful. I love the simplicity and the ability to customize. Furthermore, the team provides very excellent support for any problems.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Loren Simple theme by Matchthemes

Loren Wordpress Simple theme by Matchthemes

Theme features

  • Allow users to create their own websites in a few minutes
  • Let users create stylish post layouts, sliders, colors, and fonts
  • Provide users with countless color options and customize WordPress theme
  • Offer users homepage grid to display best articles
  • Be able to add logos and enhance SEO optimization

If you are looking for another responsive WordPress theme, Loren is the theme that we are talking about. Run by matchthemes, the theme is built for anyone who wants to get started and concentrate more on writing ability.

In fact, Loren comes with a lovely design and selections to help you easily set up for stylish post layouts, sliders, colors, and fonts. In addition, the theme amazes you since you are able to set up your own website in some minutes with full demo data. You can give yourself a try and check the live preview. You will see that Loren will look good on your devices from desktops to smartphones or tables. More amazingly, the theme will provide you with unlimited color options and allow you to customize the WordPress theme, including changing the site titles, logos, typography and many more in several clicks. Moreover, you will be given about 10 layouts for your homepages and archives pages, followed by header variations as well as homepage sliders. Take note that homepage grid to help display your best articles. Loren users can add your own logo and enhance SEO optimization.

Another amazing Loren’s feature includes Google Web Fonts, custom widgets, social media icons or XML demo data. Loren gives you child theme support and translation ready, followed by beautiful typography and sidebar option for some single posts.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Bizi Simple theme by Nanoagency

Bizi Wordpress Simple theme by Nanoagency

Theme features

  • Create your stylish designs thanks to modern style designs
  • Give users speed and SEO optimization
  • Offer popular visual page builders
  • Get ready with multi-language sites thanks to WPML plugin
  • Be able to optimize all slideshows with unlimited color sections and color pickers

Developed by nanoagency, Bizi is known as one of the most powerful themes for food bloggers. No matter you are bloggers or company, you can feel free to share the recipes or your own blog posts to the rest of the world.

Bizi WordPress theme includes amazing features. With modern minimal style designs, you will have more choices to create your own stylish designs to attach your visitors. When it comes to headers, Bizi provides its users with advanced headers to make your header style and header background variation. If you are worried about SEO, Bizi will help you deal with this by giving you speed and SEP optimization, followed by Retina Ready graphics. In addition, Bizi also contains popular visual page builders so that you can choose layouts you think they are easily created without requiring coding knowledge. Besides, if you require a multi-language site, WPML plugin is also available. All slideshows are optimized for mobile devices. Bizi offers you unlimited color selections with color pickers for any color settings.

After using for a while, you can see that Bizi WordPress gives you free lifetime updates and support with contact form 7 support and extensive documentation.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Lami Simple theme by Deothemes

Lami Wordpress Simple theme by Deothemes

Theme features

  • Optimize the best for adding recipes
  • Connect to Instagram account
  • Able to choose grid and layouts
  • Use Contact Form 7 and Mailchimp Plugins to connect subcribers
  • Enable Post Likes feature

Lami - a delicious WordPress theme designed by the DeoThemes, which is for those who love creating blogs about recipes and cooking. This Lami theme provides you with the recipe plugin that can help bloggers to post their favorite recipes. More specifically, Lami will bring you some of Upload recipe images, including ingredients, set rating, set for how many you want to cook and many more features.

For starters, Lami is optimized the best for its initial purpose: adding recipes. Not only the description for Servings, Prep Time, Cook Time, Rating, Instructions, etc are available for you, but also Lami’s customization provides you its native WordPress customizer, change colors, show/hide elements, change fonts, etc. Also, your best recipes will not just be shown from your website, but from your Instagram as Lami allows you to connect to your profile feed and show it on your blog. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about losing contact with your readers as we provide you the MailChimp newsletter and Contact Form 7 so that everything will be well-connected.

Besides, there are still many incredible features like the Grid and layouts options, the One-click Demo Import, and so on. So just start your tasty blog with your beloved recipes with this Lami WordPress theme and we will do the rest!

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Souje Simple theme by Burnhambox

Souje Wordpress Simple theme by Burnhambox

Theme features

  • Directly insert blog post into your own site
  • Header view base on logo position and settings
  • Specific widget with Q2W3 fixed widget
  • Use different sidebar for home, archie pages, pages and post page
  • Trannslation via customizer

Souje is a personal WordPress blog theme. They were customized for any travelers, fashion lover, trend followers, lifestyle influencer, and for the one who fascinated in any other kind of blogging. For me, this WordPress theme is absolutely memorable, and elegant design makes it stand out and different. Souje has been created to catch this purpose.

Souje’s concept is by far attractive in every detail of the theme. It has a modern concept with pink colors. This is a dynamic and aesthetic WordPress blog theme that concentrated on personal utilization. That describes Souje well. Besides, we can concentrate on the sportive view by the thin lines that we have been used to complete the product.

Features of the theme include more than 10 custom widgets and 7 different blog layouts with the integrates of column options and the sidebar. It could be a good choice to prefer a layout without sidebar for an impressive impact. it’s also possible for you to hide the sidebar on post pages. There is no denying that the feature is post based which also means that you would have the luxury to display or hide the sidebar for every single post. Besides, there is a simple setting on the customizer for hiding specific posts or portfolio on the blog homepage. Souje gives the freedom for designer to make decisions to the site owner.

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