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28+ Best wordpress Shortcodes Apps in 2023

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    Sam Thomas

28+ Best Shopify Shortcodes Apps from hundreds of the Shortcodes reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Shortcodes does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Shortcodes app collection is ranked and result in November 20, 2023, the price from $0. You find free, paid Shortcodes apps or alternatives to Shortcodes also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Shortcodes Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
WPBakery Page Builder for WordPressWPBakery Page Builder for WordPress64
Shortcodes UltimateShortcodes Ultimate0
Mega Main MenuMega Main Menu16
Custom Content ShortcodeCustom Content Shortcode0
Accordion ShortcodesAccordion Shortcodes0
Widget ShortcodeWidget Shortcode0
Advanced Text Widget ProAdvanced Text Widget Pro16

#1 WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress by Wpbakery

WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

WPBakery WordPress Page Builder is one of the most popular Wordpress Page Builder plugins with the Drag and Drop Page Builder feature that will help you to create any layout you can imagine in a fast and easy way.

To go more in detail, this plugin provides the users with the Access Frontend and Backend Editor at any time. As there are 2 types of editors on WPBakery Page Builder, which allow you to choose your preferred view. Consequently, you are able to create your WordPress website with a backend schematic editor or also move the page building process to the frontend and see your results live. Not only that, but WPBakery Page Builder also gives you full control over responsiveness and customization. For example, you can add rows and columns to your page, or choose from over 50 predefined content elements from a professionally designed template, or even drag elements around your page and so on.

That's not all, this powerful plugin also supports you with some many incredible features like the Multi-language Support, the Full Width, and Height Rows and so many more that requires no more trial and error with shortcodes or CSS. And you don’t have to be a developer or a designer to create a page, with WPBakery Page Builder, now you have everything it takes to design anything and for any page.

Features Highlights

  • Give you the full control over reponsiveness and customization
  • Provide the fully access Frontend or Backend editor
  • Allow to create full width and height rows
  • Enable to build multi-language websites
  • Able to add parallax style background to rows and columns
Price: 64
Rating: 4 / 5

#2 Shortcodes Ultimate by Vladimir Anokhin

Shortcodes Ultimate

With over 800000 active installations and excellent average rating, Shortcodes Ultimate has done perfect work and has contributed many amazing additional functions to WordPress. Developed by Vladimir Anokhin, Shortcodes Ultimate, with its outstanding performance, has been one of the most helpful and powerful plugins for Wordpress.

Let's find out its exceptional functionality. Shortcodes Ultimate is a broad collection of different visual and functional elements that help users in the post editor, text widgets or even template files. The plugin enables users to easily create Shortcodes Ultimate, tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders, carousels, responsive videos and many others. It also provides a 1-click shortcode insertion with live preview. Besides, it functions perfectly with any theme and it has over 50 beautiful shortcodes. Not only that, there is a modern responsive design.

But that's not enough with this fantastic plugin. Its interface is also very developer-friendly, translation-ready and Gutenberg-ready. Besides, it has RTL support, documentation, Custom CSS editor and Custom widget. This open-source software is 100% FREE, so why not download it right now?

Features Highlights

  • Offer 50+ beautiful shortcodes
  • Enable users to create tabs
  • buttons
  • boxes
  • etc.
  • One-click shortcode insertion with live preview
  • Support custom CSS editor
  • Modern responsive design
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#3 UberMenu by Sevenspark


UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin by sevenspark is a user-friendly, highly customizable and responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin that is designed to help you add a powerful and eye-catching mega menu on your WordPress site.

The plugin comes with a WordPress 3 Menu System, which makes it simple enough for beginners to get started yet powerful enough to give you full authority to create creative and fully customized mega menu configurations. With UberMenu, adding, and customizing images has never been easier. More than that, you could also create advanced content with custom HTML, shortcodes, widgets, and more. Further than that, its dynamic item generation allows you to build sub menu content automatically from posts and terms. The plugin also provides beautiful menu layouts with full grid system with individual layout controls.

What's more? UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin also allows you to customize over 50 style settings, from background colors, font styles, font colors, font weights, headers, spacing, arrow colors and more with its Live Preview feature. With a 4.68 star review and roughly 80,000 active installations for absolutely free of charge, what is holding you back from giving UberMenu a try?

Features Highlights

  • Beautiful menu layouts with full grid system
  • Add and customize images easily
  • Advanced content with custom HTML
  • shortcodes
  • widgets and more
  • Customize over 50 style settings with a Live Preview
  • Dynamic Items generation
Price: 25
Rating: 4 / 5

#4 Mega Main Menu by MegaMain

Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu is considered to be one of the most outstanding WordPress Menu Plugin for not only its awesome responsive menu plugin but also many other incredible features like icons, sticky, mega dropdowns variations.

First of all, this plugin can offer you its amazing capabilities in providing a sticky menu, icons, dropdowns, logo, and search – may be present in one menu that will all look great on any website. Plus, it is designed with unlimited Colors Variations so that you can change color for any menu element with ease, at the same time, utilize flat colors, gradients and background images to customize the colors used on your website the best. What is more, there are about 10 combinations of the Dropdowns to bring you easy experience with Mega Main Menu. Then, about more than 1600 Vector Icons that forms in sharp graphics to be used in your menu and website and approximately 600 Google Fonts available to choose from for your menu that is ready to be changed easily from your admin dashboard.

Moreover, our support team would be happy to help you solve any issues and listens to your wishes. Hence, in case you have any problems, inform us and we usually come back to you in less than 24 hours.

Features Highlights

  • Provide sticky menu
  • dropdowns
  • icons
  • logo and search
  • Able to easily change color for any menu element
  • More than 10 combinations of the Dropdowns available
  • Compatible with multilingual sites and RTL supported
  • Allow using 600 google fonts for your menu
Price: 16
Rating: 4 / 5

#5 Shortcoder by Aakash Chakravarthy


Are you looking for a plugin that does virtually everything for you? Thanks to Aakash Chakravarthy, you can stop searching for it. Shortcoder, which is his invention, enables the creation of a custom shortcode and storage of HTML, Javascript, and other snippets. Non-developers will also find this plugin a great tool to add some of the more complicated code into their pages with a simple click of a button.

Its features are multiple and worth mentioning. Firstly, with Shortcoder, you can easily generate and use "custom shortcodes" within WordPress. Secondly, you can use any kind of HTML as Shortcode content. Moreover, this well-crafted plugin can deactivate shortcode worldwide if not necessary. It could disable the shortcode to admins, too. Not only that, the plugin also can function as a visual editor for adding shortcode contents.

What's more, you can insert custom or WordPress parameters in the shortcode. This open-source software has over 60000 active installations and has earned an excellent average rating (4.9/5.0). This helps guarantees your perfect choice when you download this simple but effective plugin. So hit the download button above, and you will never regret it.

Features Highlights

  • Create and use `custom shortcodes` within WordPress
  • Freely use any kind of HTML as Shortcode content
  • Globally disable the shortcode when not needed
  • Can disable the shortcode to admins
  • Visual editor for adding shortcode contents
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#6 Custom Content Shortcode by Eliot Akira

Custom Content Shortcode

Having been regarded as one of the most convenient and indispensable shortcode plugins for Wordpress, Custom Content Shortcode is a list of commands to view content where you need to go from a single field to whole pages. Even though it is a free plugin, there are so many wonderful use-cases you can fulfill with this highly flexible plugin.

Let's explore its endless possibilities of the mighty and powerful plugin. Firstly, there is a broad spectrum of page content query parameters. Also, the conditional content is dependent on the field value, login status, etc and there is an overview of the content framework of your website. Besides, every link and image has a relative URL. It can store a query's result, too. What's more, it functions well with all forms of custom post and taxonomy and you can use it in conjunction with other plugin shortcodes.

Whatever page you create, this plugin is a time saver and a must-have! With over 10000 active installations and a fifth star, Custom Content Shortcode is a perfect choice for you!

Features Highlights

  • Broad range of query parameters to display site content
  • Conditional content reliant on field value
  • login status
  • etc
  • Overview of your site's content structure
  • Relative URLs for links and images
  • Cache the result of a query
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#7 Accordion Shortcodes by Phil Buchanan

Accordion Shortcodes

If you are looking for a versatile plugin, Accordion Shortcodes is a perfect choice for you. Created by Phil Buchanan, Shortcodes Accordion is a lightweight plugin that includes a few shortcodes to insert drop-downs of accordion to your websites. The accordions must fit with your theme seamlessly. You might also want to edit the main style sheet of your template, to embed some customized design.

There are many outstanding features that this plugin can offer. Firstly, it can embed two shortcodes for adding accordions to your site. Secondly, there will be no default CSS added with this open-source software. Besides, two buttons in the TinyMCE editor enable the shortcodes of the accordion to be easily embedded and customized. Also, it aids item IDs and direct links. What's more, it only embeds JavaScript to sites that use shortcodes.

That's not enough with Shortcodes Accordion. This responsive plugin also helps reinforce numerous accordions with single-page settings. There are many more optional features you will discover after you download this incredible plugin. It is 100% FREE for everyone to get access to it.

Features Highlights

  • Adds two shortcodes for adding accordions
  • Easily to add and configure accordion shortcodes
  • No default CSS added
  • Support for item IDs and direct links
  • Only adds JavaScript on pages using shortcodes
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#8 Cornerstone by THEMECO


Cornerstone plugin is totally a true front-end WordPress page builder that will help you get out of clicking back and forth between the admin panel and your site.

First of all, the production team of this plugin always makes sure to keep the code clean with the focus on extensibility and customizability. More specififcally, new elements, templates, and 3rd party tools are continually updated to make your Cornerstone experience become predictable and enjoyable. At the same time, it's your privilege to bring any design-vision to your website. Plus, Cornerstone is absolutely an enjoyable and productive endeavor for those who want to edit your work like editing text and the content on your page, for instance, you will be able to use the standard text input or a button to go fullscreen for an even larger canvas. Also, this Cornerstone plugin is developed with dozens of potential interfaces equipped in order to bring the best possible experience for you.

On the whole, many incredible features included, this Cornerstone plugin is absolutely an ideal solution for you to build the page and bring the fun back into the creative work in your website creating process.

Features Highlights

  • Able to bring any design-vision to your website
  • Multiple options for editing text and content available
  • Provide the clean code with a focus on extensibility and customizability
  • Support perfect front-end WordPress page builder
  • Incredible app-like Interface Included
Price: 39
Rating: 4 / 5

#9 Widget Shortcode by Hassan Derakhshandeh

Widget Shortcode

Do you need to customize your site? If the answer is yes, Widget Shortcode is a must-have. This super handy plugin was developed by Hassan Derakhshandeh, it got off to a good start with over 90000 active installations. Let's discover why it has been considered a flawless plugin.

The shortcode requires the ID of the widget, but fortunately, Widget Shortcode will generate the code for you. It works with Gutenberg, inserting widgets in the content from a drop-down, no copy-pasting of shortcodes, and there is a preview inside the block editor. With the help of this plugin, you can put the post grid in any page you wanted; therefore, it can save you hours of doing custom PHP code. There is a button in the TinyMCE Toolbox, where you can find all the widgets from the "Widget Shortcode" widget area – it's a great shortcut. This plugin can make your widgets appear almost anywhere and it is so much easier.

Nevertheless, this plugin still has some room for improvement. Few issues need to be dealt with to help it earn the fifth star. To sum up, downloading this simple but powerful open-source software is always an excellent choice.

Features Highlights

  • Generates the ID of the widget
  • Works well with Gutenberg
  • A preview inside the block editor
  • Put the post grid in any page you want
  • Make your widgets appear almost anywhere
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 Advanced Text Widget Pro by SimpleRealty

Advanced Text Widget Pro

Do you know the advantages of code widget? Have you ever explore benefits when having an Advanced Text Widget Pro tool to customize your website's sidebar.

This plugin provides versatile widget visibility conditions for every contraption on your website, including core and third party widgets provided by other plugins. Advanced Text Widget Pro requires no coding skills necessary. You simply will have plugin comes with 10 default conditions with more than 20 application possibilities. If PHP is your friend you'll add unlimited custom widget visibility conditions. These conditions can use multiple arguments, strings, and arrays of values for all your needs. Moreover, the plugin also provides an "Advanced Text" widget, which supports raw PHP code, as well as shortcodes. Shortcode practicality is going to be activated on the native "Text" widget further. Besides, not only you can import your visibility conditions to re-use on other sites, but also you can export it. The flexibility is endless; therefore, you'll manipulate any content visibility in any method and fashion like section-specific navigation, promotional content, advertising, content that's relevant to a particular section of your website or specific pages, etc.

Hence with a bunch of benefit features, you will get a deal when buying this plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Have more than 20 application possibilities
  • Add unlimited custom conditions
  • Can apply visibility conditions to every widget
  • Import/Export your visibility conditions
  • Can support and shortcodes execution
Price: 16
Rating: 4 / 5

#11 Shortcode Widget by Gagan Deep Singh

Shortcode Widget

Created by Gagan Deep Singh, the Shortcode Widget helps you when theme developers push you into a corner where you can only use a shortcode in a widget. It may be a real lifesaver for users to improve their site.

The plugin comes in handy and works like magic and it is a simple but very effective way to use shortcodes in a widget. It adds a text-like widget that enables you to write shortcode in it. This plugin securely adds custom fields from posts automatically into the sidebar. It resolves the issue of embedding shortcodes in just a few minutes. WordPress added your old friend to the widgets: Visual/Text editor, and it is super easy to add the default visual or text functionality as a widget. You can embed the widget and utilize the shortcode [shortcode_widget_test] to test the widget, it will show It works on the frontend and this will verify the good functionality of the widget. The interface is also very friendly for users and the plugin is very responsive if users have any questions, comments or concerns. What's more, it's 100% free for you!

This stupendous plugin has an excellent average rating (4.9/5.0). You can easily install and put this in a widget. Then, you can add whatever shortcode you want. It works beautifully. This should be the way WordPress works with widgets.

Features Highlights

  • Enable adding a text-like widget
  • Responsiveness to users'questions
  • Allow testing if shortcodes work
  • Display testing notification on frontend
  • Allow writing shortcode in widget
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#12 Shortcodes by Angie Makes by Chris Baldelomar

Shortcodes by Angie Makes

Are you looking for a plugin that has been consistently great and always produces accurate shortcode results with a simple design? Well, the Angie Makes Shortcodes plugin can be your dream plugin. With every necessary option, it adds to your WordPress theme a selection of easy-to-fill-in shortcodes.

When it comes to functionality, there may be no other shortcode plugin for WordPress that is better than this. You can use tabs, accordions, columns, social icons, etc. and they all work. Besides, this plugin has some very unique shortcodes, that saves you tons of time. More importantly, it works on every theme. In other words, it does not conflict with any themes or plugins and the absolute best is that you don't need any support, everything is always simple. If any issues arise, it will always give a detailed and quick answer to your question. Plus, it has multisite support.

But the plugin offers more than those, the developer has a regular update on this excellent plugin. You should download and activate this feature-rich and bug-free open-source software right now.

Features Highlights

  • Add a family of shortcodes to your theme
  • Easy to use shortcodes
  • Very responsive to users
  • Works with every theme
  • Multi site support
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#13 Fruitful Shortcodes by Fruitfulcode

Fruitful Shortcodes

With the hard work in producing a great plugin, Fruitfulcode should be given appraisal feedback. Fruitful Shortcodes- their fantastic plugin, has provided many advantages for users worldwide. It has become a great addition to the free Fruitful theme.

Concerning its great functionality, its shortcodes work best with Fruitful theme. This great plugin is a perfect find for a need to render a lot of info and details. It works where ordinal plugins break. It also works beautifully with easy configuration and a very attractive display. Besides, it is so easy to use and well documented. Not only that, the plugin also has great support at any time of the day and has provided detailed and fast responses to resolve user's issues. Whenever you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can just leave a comment and everything is dealt with immediately. A bonus point is that this unique plugin is 100% FREE for any users. You can gain such a lot of benefits after you download and activate this plugin.

Fruitful Shortcodes is indeed a very versatile tool that can help you improve your site significantly. Therefore, you should not ignore the download button above; otherwise, you'll regret it.

Features Highlights

  • Display 4 types of alerts using alert shortcodes
  • Support buttons with different sizes
  • colors and types
  • Display your site beautifully with post sliders
  • Very responsive to users'questions
  • Various tupe of progress bars provided
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#14 Shortcake (Shortcode UI) by Fusion Engineering and community

Shortcake (Shortcode UI)

With over 30000 active installations, Shortcake (Shortcode UI) is a fantastic open-source software with many great features. Developed by Fusion Engineering and community, it has provided users with a lot of benefits.

Let's discover its amazing functionality. Firstly, it maintains the normal WordPress Shortcode features where developers can regulate the output adequately and end-users can use shortcode more intuitively. Moreover, used in conjunction with add_shortcode, Shortcake provides a client-friendly interface to add a shortcode to a post and view and edit it via the content editor. You will need to register the UI for your shortcodes once you have installed the plugin. You would need to sign up for the UI for your shortcodes once you have activated the plugin. Please make use of Github issues to report problems or request for features. Regarding running tests, there is test coverage for PHP using PHPunit, and JavaScript using Jasmine.

Even though this plugin comes with very detailed instructions for you to follow and it is super simple and it got off to a good start, future improvements are still expected. Anyway, it is still a very brilliant and handy tool to help you enhance the performance of your site. So why not hit the download button and get yourself a lot of benefits from it?

Features Highlights

  • Used alongside add_shortcode
  • User-friendly interface
  • Add a shortcode to a post
  • View it from within content editor
  • Edit it from within content editor
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#15 Arconix Shortcodes by Tyche Softwares

Arconix Shortcodes

Have you been tired of running into a problem with tabs, toggles and accordions and dreamt of smartening up your website? You will find the solution in Arconix Shortcodes - a very comprehensive and very simple to use the plugin. Thanks to Arconix Shortcodes, you can easily embed different types of styled boxes, buttons, tabs, accordions, unordered lists, columns and more with this plugin. There should be great appreciation for Tyche Softwares for making this brilliant plugin freely available.

The plugin contains 6 style shortcodes (accordions, boxes, tabs, toggles, etc.) and 6 utility shortcodes (login-logout, highlight, etc.). Its Shortcodes are even up to 5-column display. With FontAwesome, the plugin helps aid boxes, buttons, lists, and tabs give additional pop to your interactive features. New in version 2.0, the shortcodes box, button, list and tab support custom icons are for adaptable presentation. It also does not interfere with any other plugins. Not only that, its responsive shortcode design can help match any screen too. Its support threads and the excellent and timely advice from the author can help users a great deal. With its compatibility (Compatibility Mode) and ease of use, you can prevent shortcode name conflicts.

Overall, by using very effective and easy to use shortcodes, you can enhance your site's performance. It will help your site look sharper and save space. Click on the download button, otherwise you'll regret it.

Features Highlights

  • Easily add various types of styled boxes
  • buttons
  • tabs
  • Responsive shortcode design to fit any screen
  • Prevent shortcode name conflicts
  • Shortcodes for up to 5 column display
  • 6 style and 6 utility shortcodes
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#16 Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes by Matt Lowe

Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

Do you have the desire to enhance your website performance? If you are endlessly working to find a way to do that, Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes may assist you a great deal.

This open-soft software is a useful plugin that generates shortcodes to bring trendy Web 2.0 accordions and tabs to your WordPress site: horizontal, vertical and tabs. You can easily use shortcodes on any page or post to insert tabs or accordions after the installation. To strengthen your website, tabs and accordions can aid this aim in several ways. Firstly, You can utilize the unused space on the page better with collapsible accordions and tabs. Secondly, tabs and accordions will contribute to a more professional and more attractive look than others. Moreover, they can save a great deal of space on the page to make the website appear less cramped. Not only that, it only displays the content when necessary, whereas the remaining stays invisible, segregating the content into sections.

All in all, if you like to bring more interactivity to your WordPress website with Tabs, Vertical and Horizontal Agreements, Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes is a perfect choice. Don't hesitate to download and install it now!

Features Highlights

  • Add interactivity to your website
  • Add style to your website
  • Save space on the page
  • Show content only when required
  • Provides shortcodes for adding accordions and tabs
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#17 Woo Shortcodes Kit by Alberto G

Woo Shortcodes Kit

Have you had a bear of a time trying only to display certain images from specific categories on your page? Or have you worked with code for days to no available? Now, there is a great way to remove headaches and time wasted looking for code workarounds. The answer lies in Woo Shortcodes Kit. You can find many useful Woocommerce functions from the plugin and the interface is very easy to use.

Alberto G., the developer of Woo Shortcodes Kit, has done great work in helping users to have a more convenient journey in WooCommerce. In other words, this plugin is perfect for everyone who wants to make WooCommerce work for their niche! Besides customizing WooCommerce's stores, the plugin also helps bring a simple and easy way to set up your own endpoints in the way that your site visitors expect! Not only that, the plugin is very responsive as there is a detailed and fast response to a question. You will be impressed with the level of support. Moreover, it adapts to the new law of data protection. It should be more than a fifth star because it is 100% FREE.

Overall, after downloading and installing this open-source software, you will find yourself way better off.

Features Highlights

  • Offer 60 functions and shortcodes
  • Customize your WooCommerce store easily
  • Adaptation to the new law of data protection
  • Support various language translations
  • Bring responsiveness to users
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#18 Shortcode Variables by YeKen

Shortcode Variables

Would you like to use the same text or HTML snippet all over your site, but you are only allowed to modify the value in one place? If so, perhaps just what you require is this fantastic plugin. Developed by YeKen, Shortcode Variables generates and adds content to your shortcodes. It provides users with multiple advantages.

With Shortcode Variables, you can add text, HTML, JavaScript, images or other features to your WordPress installation and plugins by using the default WP editor. It marvelously offers you the incredible ability to build and re-use a shortcode anywhere on your page. You can also generate a shortcode once and put it in numerous places. Plus, there are also techniques for multiplying the shortcodes. Not only that, Free and Premium Shortcodes help in making life more convenient. The plugin also uses shortcodes in the names of the WordPress app. It also has the fantastic function of multisite support.

What's more, it enables you to update the shortcode at one specific place and it will alter all over your site. So amazing, isn't it? Now don't hesitate to download this well-crafted plugin! It is 100% free for you!

Features Highlights

  • Create and place shortcode in multiple locations
  • Update shortcodes for multisite
  • Parameters to extend your shortcodes
  • Free and Premium helper shortcodes
  • Process shortcodes within WordPress menu titles
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#19 User Shortcodes Plus by Kyle B. Johnson

User Shortcodes Plus

Are you interested in a useful plugin that adds simple user shortcodes to WordPress for showing information, containing custom meta and avatars, for any user? You should take into account User Shortcodes. Created by Kyle B. Johnson, it has been one of the most helpful plugins for users to improve their site.

With User Shortcodes Plus, you can just go to any page to edit, and you’ll see a button to pick the code you want! It is also very simple, straight forward and very useful for welcome pages after registration and other personalized notices. In addition to that, it is a time-saver, for instance, when it comes to a quick way to create a link to the current user’s BuddyPress profile editing page, without having to dig into code. This works perfectly to return the username and include it within a link. There will be plenty of other ways to put this little but effective plugin to use. Besides, it is very easy to use and straight to the point. You can just install, activate and then put the shortcodes wherever you like to view the user metadata. It also has regular update status for the latest WordPress.

This extremely helpful can do more than those mentioned above. It also allows for other features, such as showing the User’s ID number, and much more. You can easily activate the plugin and it is 100% FREE for everyone.

Features Highlights

  • Displaying information for any user
  • Add simple user shortcodes to WordPress
  • Regular update status for latest WordPress
  • Responsiveness to users'queries
  • Return and include username within a link
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#20 Mailchimp Campaigns by MatthieuScarset

Mailchimp Campaigns

Would you like to sync the content of MailChimp and Wordpress? Would you like to improve the quality of your email marketing? MailChimp Campaign is your answer. The plugin is an open software source which runs smoothly on Wordpress platform.

MailChimp campaign has three main advantages. First of all, the plugin imports and displays your MailChimp campaign in your Wordpress site with simple content. You can import custom posts and displays them anywhere you want just by a copy and paste of the internal URL. Moreover, the plugin allows you to show your campaigns as HTML in any posts, widgets, page or custom post type. Second, you are provided with statistics reports so that you can control the number of subscribers. The report also assists you in assuring the quality of email marketing. Last but not least, the plugin has two versions for your demand. Free version simply requires a free MailChimp API key while premium one registers for free on online platform.

In addition, the MailChimp campaign also requires a free MailChimp API key. You can get this API key easily by logging into your MailChimp account, going to your account then clicking on the extra tab and you will find your key. The plugin is installed quickly, so don't hesitate to download Mailchimp Campaigns now.

Features Highlights

  • Import emails in Wordpress
  • List all your campaigns with their statistics
  • Display your newsletter as HTML
  • Require a free MailChimp API key
  • Provide free online platform for the premium version
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#21 Grid Shortcodes by WP Darko

Grid Shortcodes

Are you in search of a simple, lightweight and responsive plugin? So easy to use and works very well? You can start taking into consideration Grid Shortcodes. With ample documentation and examples, it has been considered a brilliant open-source software.

The plugin has always been responsive and easy-to-use in your posts/pages to divide your content. This unique plugin enables you to place your content in different width columns. Sometimes all you need is simply divide the content area and that's what this plugin does. Besides that, with Grid Shortcodes, you can just press a button, select style and then it populates with code and displays where to add your comments. There are no conflicts at all. This very simple little plugin also allows you to pop a quick editable grid-style homepage onto any theme without completely changing theme or starting over. It would be even more brilliant if you add parameters to set the background color and the text color. What's more, if you run through the tenon.io accessibility analyzer and it will come out with zero errors, so that's a bonus.

Sometimes, simplicity is difficult to find, so let's activate the plugin and you will be way better off. Plus, it's 100% FREE.

Features Highlights

  • Various type of sizes available
  • Enable dividing content in posts/pages
  • Allow creating rows using simple shortcodes
  • Help put content in columns of different widths
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to use
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#22 WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

WP Shortcode

Are you fed up with using a built-in shortcode theme, changing themes and then losing all of your beautiful styles? Now with WP Shortcode, you don't have to worry anymore. The plugin created by MyThemeShop has been an indispensable tool for users to improve their site.

WP Shortcode offers more than 24 useful shortcodes, so when you change your theme, you'll never run the risk of losing anything. You can now add buttons, highlights, boxes, toggles, tabs, pricing tables, among other amazing things, and take them with you whatever theme you choose to use. Compared to some free shortcode plugins, they either contain only a few shortcodes, they're too complicated, not well-coded, not styled to your particular taste or they require you some money to install. The plugin is100% GPL so you can use it on all your sites or client projects – and of course it's very simple to use and moderately styled, so you can match most sites right out of the box and easily customize them.

With just a simple click of a button, you can save tons of time. Therefore, the plugin is a good option for you. Everyone can get access to this fantastic plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Shortcodes include Buttons
  • Videos
  • Alerts
  • Toggle
  • etc
  • Never lose anything when changing theme
  • Works with any theme
  • Fit with most sites right out of the box
  • Easy to use and minimally styled
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#23 Meks Flexible Shortcodes by Meks

Meks Flexible Shortcodes

Meks Shortcodes, which was developed by Meks, is a fantastic plugin for those who want the content of their post/page to include some good elements. With over 30000 active installations and a fifth star, the plugin has been an indispensable instrument for users to improve their sites.

Meks Shortcodes has many features that are convenient for users. It provides many formatting options for your pages. More specifically, to add some good elements inside their post/page content, you can easily insert all of those elements via the shortcode generator panel of the user interface. There are also several options for smart design for each shortcode tag. Whether your theme is yellow, white or green, it doesn't make much difference as these shortcodes can suit any design style. Not only that, it is very easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Overall, this simple but powerful open-source software has helped users a great deal in their attempt to enhance the performance of their sites. Download this amazing plugin right now and you will never regret it.

Features Highlights

  • Add nice elements inside your post/page content
  • Quickly insert all of the elements
  • Provide smart styling options for each shortcode tag
  • The shortcodes can fit any style and design.
  • Support various shortcode: Social Icons
  • Pull Quotes
  • etc
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#24 Art Decoration Shortcode by Artem Abramovich

Art Decoration Shortcode

Would you like a versatile plugin that helps you improve the performance of your site? Art Decoration Shortcode may be a perfect choice for you. Developed by Artem Abramovich, it has been one of the most convenient plugins for WordPress.

It inserts an excellent set of shortcodes to the exclusive design of your articles. Don't ignore this flawless open-source software. With Art Decoration Shortcode, you can easily add shortcodes to a particular design of your items, even without coding knowledge! Moreover, it is so easy to use and well documented. Not only that, the plugin also has great support at any time of the day and has provided a detailed and fast response to resolve user's issues. Should any questions, comments or concerns arise, you can just leave a comment and everything is dealt with immediately. A bonus point is that this unique plugin is 100% FREE for any users. You can gain such benefits once you download and activate this plugin.

Overall, there should be a great appreciation for Artem Abramovich's hard work in creating this well-crafted plugin. Store owners would find a brilliant way to enhance their site's performance.

Features Highlights

  • Set of shortcodes to exclusive design of your articles
  • Contain the most commonly used shortcodes
  • Provide Infoblocks section for highlighting text
  • Allow applying different hover effects to buttons
  • Allow visually separate one part of the text from another
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#25 WooCommerce Shortcodes for Gutenberg by Codestar

WooCommerce Shortcodes for Gutenberg

WooCommerce Shortcodes for Gutenberg, which is created by Codestar, offers you a very convenient customer journey and makes you a much more efficient user. This is an excellent mechanism for you to add shortcodes to Gutenberg.

First of all, let's take into consideration the definition of Gutenberg. As part of WordPress 5.0 and later, Gutenberg is readily accessible. The project is presently concentrated on creating the new WordPress editor, but it does not stop there as it has many excellent functions rather than just be just an editor. It lays the foundation for a new WordPress Core model that will eventually have an effect on the platform's overall publishing experience. Concerning WooCommerce shortcode, it brings about a lot of advantages for users. Adding any WooCommerce shortcode quickly and simply to the New Gutenberg Editor is quick and simple. Not only that, looking for groups, product ids with the autocomplete select box is also very convenient.

With this very reasonable price, you will get yourself a helpful tool to work more efficiently and effectively. WooCommerce shortcode is an ideal solution for productivity and achievement. Adding this to your cart, there is no doubt you are making such a wise consumer decision, it is absolutely worth buying and using.

Features Highlights

  • Easily and quickly add WooCommerce shortcode
  • Easily find category
  • products ids
  • Part of WordPress 5.0 and later
  • Provide more than one editor
  • Lays groundwork for a new model for WordPress Core
Price: 15
Rating: 4 / 5

#26 Rescue Shortcodes by Rescue Themes

Rescue Shortcodes

Rescue Shortcodes is an open-source software that comes with a wide array of possibilities. Developed by Rescue Themes, Rescue Shortcodes has been a great tool to add a button to the WordPress text editor so that users can easily insert shortcodes to the posts or pages. With such outstanding features below, it deserves more than a fifth star.

With Rescue Shortcodes, you can add shortcodes to your posts or pages easily. Thanks to a group of easy-to-use shortcodes, you can save tons of time. Should you have any queries, you can leave a question there. It is very responsive as it provides a detailed and quick response to every question. Besides that, its interface is very user-friendly. Everything works like magic with just a simple click of a button. Plus, it is 100% free, so you can easily download and activate the plugin.

With such benefits you can gain from this excellent plugin, there is no need to hesitate to download it. It will give you such a comfortable journey if you are in use of it.

Features Highlights

  • Help insert shortcodes to your posts or pages
  • Display a map using Google Map shortcodes
  • Wrap anything with the animation shortcode
  • Content toggle shortcodes for FAQ page
  • Including unlimited colors and icons
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#27 ShortcodeHub by Surror


ShortcodeHub, whose creator is Surror, is a new plugin for WordPress to build your group of shortcodes. You can construct a simple grid, masonry grid, slider, carousel, glossary, timeline and more with our powerful query builder. ShortcodeHub is not just a creator of shortcodes. It's more than that.

Let's see why it is. Firstly, you can easily add the content from the front end with the aid of placeholders. Besides, it has an optimized query builder with all options intuitively categorized to allow you to work more efficiently. The shortcodes are classified into three categories which are basic, core and post query. Regarding Basic Shortcodes Widget, you can utilize shortcodes to add your text content to the TinyMCE or Text Editor and display it anywhere or quickly select the front-end hook to present that content. If you have a custom code snippet needed to show with a shortcode or if you are a developer with some custom PHP code for shortcode display, you can simply create a shortcode by inserting tho custom code with "Code Editor." and display it anywhere with the aid of shortcode. Considering Core Shortcodes Widget, if you have a custom widget, then just pick it from the dropdown and use shortcode to display it. To display somewhere, the custom menu is necessary. Shortcode support in the ShortcodeHub to meet this criterion is applied. You can simply pick the menu with shortcode that you want to view and then use it anywhere. For Post Shortcodes, some custom post types and categories, tags and custom taxonomies are formed. In these types of posts, the content is inserted and the theme is viewed on individual pages as per our criteria. You can just pick the sort of shortcode (Simple Grid, Masonry, Glossary, Inbox View, etc.) and simply copy and use the shortcode anywhere.

Besides those dominant features, a lot of useful shortcodes consisting of post, author, theme, plugin, date & time etc. are also created. This all in one shortcode builder for multiple purposes should never be ignored, don't miss the golden chance to become a smart user.

Features Highlights

  • Create your own shortcode group
  • Create simple grid
  • masonry grid
  • slider
  • etc
  • Easily add content from front end
  • Show content anywhere
  • Simply create a shortcode
Price: 21
Rating: 4 / 5

#28 TJ Shortcodes by Theme Junkie

TJ Shortcodes

Are you interested in a well-crafted plugin that helps you enhance the performance of your site? Now with TJ Shortcodes, you may stop looking for the dream plugin. Developed by Theme Junkie, it has been one of the most simple but powerful plugins for WordPress. This plugin inserts a family of shortcodes to improve your site a great deal. Don't ignore this flawless open-source software.

With TJ Shortcodes, you can easily add buttons, alerts, columns and more without coding knowledge! Moreover, it is so easy to use and well documented. Not only that, the plugin also has great support at any time of the day and has provided detailed and fast responses to resolve user's issues. Should any questions, comments or concerns arise, you can just leave a comment, and everything is dealt with immediately. A bonus point is that this unique plugin is completely FREE for any users. You can gain such benefits once you download and activate this plugin.

Thank Theme Junkie for their hard work in creating this marvelous plugin. Now, store owners would find a useful way to enhance their site's performance. With just a simple click on the Download button above, you will be closer to success.

Features Highlights

  • Add pack of shortcodes to enhance your site
  • Support different types of collums
  • Easily add buttons
  • alerts
  • columns and more
  • Allow changing buttons' color before displaying
  • Toggle titles and tabs are supported
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

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Top 28+ wordpress Shortcodes Apps

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The list of the 28 best Shopify Shortcodes apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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