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42+ Best wordpress Security Apps in 2024

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    Sam Thomas

42+ Best Shopify Security Apps from hundreds of the Security reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Security does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Security app collection is ranked and result in July 22, 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Security apps or alternatives to Security also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Security Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
iThemes SecurityiThemes Security0
Wordfence SecurityWordfence Security0
All In One WP Security & FirewallAll In One WP Security & Firewall0
Shield SecurityShield Security0
Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force FirewallAnti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall0
BulletProof SecurityBulletProof Security0
Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware ScanCerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan0
Sucuri SecuritySucuri Security0
Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)0

#1 iThemes Security by IThemes

iThemes Security

Believe it or not, 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. Wordpress sites can be an easy target due to the plugin vulnerabilities, weak password and obsolete software. No worries, iThemes Security is here to help you to protect your sites against attacks

One of the fundamental features of iThemes Security is the tools to prevent brute force attacks. With this plugin installed into your site, you can easily limit the maximum number of login attempts. At the same time, you are able to easily detect and ban hosts and users with too many invalid login retries. iThemes Security protects common security weaknesses for WordPress, stopping hackers from knowing too much about your website, and from vital areas such as your domain account, admin, etc. In fact, iThemes Protection also backs up your WordPress server on a regular basis, helping you to get offline again in case of an attack easily. To build and email backups on a customizable timeline, use iThemes Privacy.

iThemes Security aims to lock down WordPress, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials. Make website securitizing an easy thing with this plugin today.

Features Highlights

  • Prevent brute force attacks
  • Ban troublesome user agents
  • Detect bots and other attempts
  • Obscure security vulnerabilities from attackers
  • Makes regular backups of database
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#2 Wordfence Security by Wordfence

Wordfence Security

Wordfence provides a firewall endpoint and malware scanner designed from the ground to secure WordPress. Wordfence, a plugin with the new firewall guidelines, malware signatures and malicious IPs, aims to keep your website safe.

This plugin works as an all-in-one shield that would protect your website from all types of attacks. The plugin builds up a firewall to identify and block malicious traffic into your site. Any IP range with suspicious activities would be automatically blocked, which would help to prevent brute force attacks. Moreover, by installing Wordfence, you are given a global scanner that will check on fundamental files, themes and plugins to detect malwares, SEO spam, bad URL as well as code injections. Any potential security issues will be automatically sent to you after the issue has been abandoned. Ultimately, you are able to efficiently assess the security status of all your websites in one view. Just find detailed security findings without leaving Wordfence Central.

Wordfence is considered as the most comprehensive WordPress security solution available, so let's install it now.

Features Highlights

  • Identify and block malicious traffic
  • Malware scanner available to check files
  • themes
  • plugins
  • Alerts potential security issues
  • Assess the security status
  • Block attackers by IP
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#3 Jetpack by Automattic


Jetpack is a security and performance management for your Wordpress site. Apart from guarding you against multiple security risks such as brute force attacks, it would also optimize the performance on your website.

Jetpack is the security guard of your website, which protects you from attacks. Fundamental coverage is available, although subscriptions add extended backups and automated solutions. The full suite of Jetpack website security tools contains limiting login attempts to prevent brute force attack as well as scanning malware, code and automated threats. Moreover, you can also filter your comments and remove spam with this plugin. Apart from the security functions, Jetpack even lets you optimize the loading of your media content such as images and videos, thus speed up your site. Beyond that, it would also provide statistics on your audience to provide you insights into their behavior.

The installation of Jetpack is totally free, fast and very easy. However, even the free features are powerful enough, you can compare several affordable plans for more advanced functions to manage your site.

Features Highlights

  • Secure login from brute force attack
  • Scan malware
  • code and automated threat
  • Filter and remove spam
  • Optimize content and speed up website
  • Provide statistics on audience
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#4 All In One WP Security & Firewall by Tips and Tricks HQ

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Although Wordpress is already secure, your site still needs additional good safety practices to add some extra protection and firewall. Your security page will be taken to a whole new level by the All-In-One WordPress Security plugin.

This plugin works perfect for multiple purposes, even if it is login, user registration or database security. Users with a specific IP address or IP range are locked out of the network with the login lockout function for a predetermined time depending on the configuration setting. Moreover, you are able to force logout of all users after a configurable period of time. To protect your website from malwares and bots, easily enable approval of user account manually. As for file system security, you may also protect your PHP code by preventing people from editing from the admin panel. Apart from this, this plugin lets you schedule automatic backup within several clicks so that you can restore instantly whenever you want.

This plugin has been developed, written and easily understood by experts. It will eliminate security risk by tracking bugs and adopting and applying the current recommended safety practices and strategies from WordPress.

Features Highlights

  • Provide Login Lockdown
  • Force logout of all users
  • Approve user accounts manually
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Protect your PHP code
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#5 Shield Security by One Dollar Plugin

Shield Security

If you want to save your time or your money for freelancers, Shield Security is the answer for you. With this plugin, security for a Wordpress site doesn't have to be that hard.

Shield Security is very easy to install use since all you have to do is to activate and the plugin will perform the tasks automatically. The key feature that Shield Security delivers to you is the limit login attempts option. It means that the plugin will automatically keep track of login retries and restrict if the user makes too many invalid attempts. By this monitoring feature, it can block brute force bots instantly to protect you from attacks. Also, with a powerful file scanner, Shield Security is able to automatically detect malicious file changes and hacks that are very hard to be seen. This plugin comes with the pro edition which provides you two-factor authentication to verify users. Another cool premium feature is the ability to block all automated spammed comments to keep your sites clean.

Shield security, by far, is the Wordpress plugin with the highest average rating score. Install this website today and enjoy the powerful features that it brings you.

Features Highlights

  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Block Automatic Brute-Force Bots
  • Automatically detect malicious file changes
  • Provide 2-Factor Authentication
  • Block 100% Automated spammed Comment
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#6 Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall by Eli Scheetz

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall is one of the plugins with the highest score in the market of Wordpress security plugins. Users love this plugin for the smooth performance as well as its effectiveness in securitizing your website from different threats.

By installing Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall to your website, you are now no longer worried about the security attacks, backdoor scripts as well as database injections thanks to the automatic scanner. The outstanding feature of this plugin is that it is continuously updated with new definitions of the latest attacks and scripts. The plugin will automatically download updates when running the scan. Moreover, you are able to block malwares from exploiting the known vulnerabilities on your website. Even when these free features are powerful enough to protect your site, you may want to upgrade to the premium version which you can patch your Wordpress login and XMLRPC to block Brute-Force and DDoS attacks. At the same time, you would have the option to check the integrity of the core files on your websites.

As the security attacks are still essentially increasing and they may cause your sites to tremendous problems to your site, it is necessary to be aware of the latest threats. Get yourself protected with Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall.

Features Highlights

  • Run a Complete Scan automatically
  • Block malwares with firewall
  • Patch wp-login and XMLRPC
  • Check integrity of core files
  • Automatically download new definition updates
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#7 BulletProof Security by AITpro Website Security

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is an all-in-one security plugin that any users would desire for a better secured Wordpress site. It is a protection system designed to add to the current security environment.

Easily install this plugin with the one-click setup wizard and see how powerful this plugin is. Firstly, BulletProof Security would run through your website and automatically scan bots and malwares to protect your Wordpress database. You can also schedule the scanner; however, it is a premium feature only. BulletProof Security is also developed to cope with login security issues. With this plugin, you can set the limit for login attempts or force users to log out to keep yourself safe from brute force attacks. In addition, The HPF Cron from this plugin checks the WordPress plugins and folder for hidden or empty plugin folders and any non-standard WP files or altered files. Protect your database with frequent backup of which files would be sent to you via email. Therefore, you can restore your database in case of any attack. In addition, BulletProof Security can also perform cleanup tasks such as detecting and removing spam for your more optimized site.

BulletProof Security provides you with free powerful features to improve your website's security. However, if you seek more advanced features like scheduled scans or locking read-only files, you may consider investing in this plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Automatically scan bots and malwares
  • Monitor login security
  • Check hidden plugin folders
  • Backup database and email zip backups
  • Detect and remove spam
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#8 Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan by Cerber Tech Inc.

Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

Defend against hacker attacks, spam, trojans and malware from WordPress with Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan. Mitigate brute force attacks by restricting the number of attempts to login through the login form, requests, or using auth cookies.

WordPress allows free login attempts via the login form, XML-RPC or by submitting special cookies as a standard. It makes for fairly quick breaking of passwords by the attack of brute force. WP Cerber prohibits IP and subnet intruders from attempting further when a specified limit is reached on tests, making it impossible to target brute force or to spread brute forces on the botnets. It will monitor logins made by login forms, XML-RPC requests, including WooCommerce forms. You can easily Permit or restrict access by White IP Access list and Black IP Access List with a single IP, IP range or subnet. Moreover, this plugin also works automatically to detect and delete spam on your sites and verity files, plugins and themes to make sure your site is malware-free.

Cerber Security Scanner is a sophisticated and powerful tool that scans each directory thoroughly and inspect each file on a website for signs of malware, trojans, backdoors, modified files and new ones that secure your website for you when you're sleeping.

Features Highlights

  • Limit login attempts to prevent hacker
  • Monitors logins made by login forms
  • Permit or restrict access
  • Automatically detects and removes spam comments
  • Verify files
  • plugins and themes
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#9 Sucuri Security by Sucuri Inc.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is an internationally recognized expert specialized in WordPress protection in all website security matters. The Sucuri security plugin delivers free options as well as paid versions. However, most users are happy with the free plugin.

The plugin provides a safety operation auditing to see how well the plugin supports your website for free. Besides, it offers you file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, and security notifications. With the file integrity monitoring, you are able to internally control the act of validating the operating system integrity and application files. In the case that there are any suspicious activities on your website, they will be instantly detected and the IP addresses will be monitored in the blacklist which you have full control ability. Ultimately, these issues will be reported to you via security notifications so that you can always stay aware of your site's security.

Instant chat and email and more frequent scans open up customer service channels for premium plans. In case you may want a test every 12 hours to be done, that's about $17 a month that you would be charged.

Features Highlights

  • Security Activity Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Security Notifications
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft

Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

Google reCAPTCHA, in which CAPTCHA standing for 'Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart', has been getting more popular since the day of its announcement. Let's see the outstanding features of this plugin.

The plugin via Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) is considered to be an effective way to deal with the security issues, due to the fact that users are always required to confirm that they are not a robot before submitting the form. For that reason, this is likely to help users protect their WordPress website forms from spams while letting real people pass through easily. Such CAPTCHA test encompassing reCAPTCHA Version 3, Version 2, Invisible can be used for manifold types such as login, registration, password recovery, comments, popular contact forms, testimonials, custom form, and so on.

Google reCAPTCHA provides users with numerous other free features. As an illustration, users can hide Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) for the whitelisted IP addresses, disable the submit button and validity check of keys in admin panel and so on. Furthermore, the plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress version as well as provides detailed documentation and videos to guide users. Google reCAPTCHA is such an awesome and must-try program for users of Wordpress.

Features Highlights

  • Protect WordPress site from spam
  • Provide reCaptcha version 3
  • version 2 and Invisible
  • Add reCaptcha to a lot of forms
  • Hide reCaptcha for the whitelisted IP addresses
  • Be multilingual and RTL ready
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#11 WP Security Audit Log by WP White Security

WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log is among the most comprehensive real-time user activity and monitoring log plugin. It helps thousands of WordPress administrators and security professionals keep an eye on what is happening on their websites.

With this plugin installed on your website, you can ensure that all of your users are under high security with strong passwords. Moreover, WP Security Audit Log would keep track of what your users are doing on your website such as creating, deleting or adding to the site as well as with their profile such as changing password and display name. Other changes to your website including themes, plugins and settings are also recorded by WP Security Audit Log. It is even compatible with commerce sites like WooCommerce Stores and Yoast SEO. This will help to detect any suspicious ones and allows the plugin to ease troubleshooting automatically.

The plugin is one of the most highly rated WordPress activity log plugins and has been featured on popular sites with positive feedback on its smooth performance.

Features Highlights

  • Ensure user security
  • Ease troubleshooting automatically
  • Keep track of user activities
  • Record changes in posts
  • themes and settings
  • Spot suspicious behaviors
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#12 WP Limit Login Attempts by Arshid

WP Limit Login Attempts

Brute Force Attack appears to be the fastest way to gain access to a page: it attempts usernames and passwords again and again until it gets in. WP Limit Password Extension attempts to limit password attempts and temporarily block IP.

This is how the plugin is going to work on your website: it will restrict the number of login attempts that one user can have to prevent the risk of Brute Force attack. Any suspicious login attempts will be tracked and blocked IP temporarily. Captcha verification provides additional security for the WP Limit Login Attempts feature. The captcha verification would be required and if one failed to login for more than seven times, the website would be redirected to the home page and completely avoid your account from intruders. This will stop hacking tools and help to remove bots. This plugin generates GDPR compliant, which means when this feature is enabled, all logged IPs get obfuscated.

Brute Force attack may be a tool for criminals to crack encrypted data. So let's protect your account now with WP Limit Login Attempts. This lightweight plugin would act to protect your website without slowing down it.

Features Highlights

  • Track user login attempts
  • Provide Captcha Verification
  • Remove malwares and bots
  • Redirect to home page
  • Generate GDPR compliant
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#13 WP Hide & Security Enhancer by Nsp Code

WP Hide & Security Enhancer

If you are looking for an easy way to hide core files, login page, theme and plugin paths, just come to WP Hide & Security Enhancer to get help.

Firstly, WP Hide & Security Enhancer protects your admin area with actions onto the URL. The plugin allows you to customize the admin URL as well as create a block over it. In this way, your admin URL will not be displayed on the front side. With WP Hide & Security Enhancer, you can change the filename of wp-login.php into anything you want. It also blocks any effort to access your wp-login.php and wp-signup.php. WP Hide & Security Enhancer even secure themes and plugins on your site. You can change the URL and filenames of your theme as well as customize and create block over your plugin URL. The plugin makes the protection more complete when it blocks access toward the meta generator.

In addition, WP Hide & Security Enhancer customizes your wp-include with paths and content, removes WordPress version, pingback tag, WLW manifest meta, wp-emoji and disables them as well. WP Hide & Security Enhancer provides several supports toward different aspects of your site for a full solution of security. Hence, it is worth to install the plugin right now and discover more powerful details over the site protection.

Features Highlights

  • Allow admin URL customization and block
  • Allow wp-login.php filename customization
  • Customize theme URL and filename
  • Allow changing plugins URLs
  • Create block over meta generator
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#14 Hide My WP Ghost by WPPlugins - WordPress Security Plugins

Hide My WP Ghost

The security for WordPress is now one of the most concern issues with web developers. Hence, obscurity for security is a solution that Hide My WP Ghost provides to protect your site.

To begin with, Hide My WP Ghost helps you hide paths of authentication in your WordPress site. Not only WordPress wp-login.php and wp-admin URL, but Hide My WP Ghost also hides your HTML comments, DNS prefetch WordPress link, generator meta, RDS header and even emojicons that are unused. Besides, Hide My WP Ghost can change several common WordPress as well. You can choose to change URLs of the wp-admin, wp-login, lost password, register, logout, admin-ajax, wp-includes, wp-content, comments, author, plugin names, theme names, category and tags. With Hide My WP Ghost, you are allowed to make multiple paths disable. XML-RPC access, embed scripts, DB-debug and WLW manifest scripts will be changed into disable if you want. Hide My WP Ghost provides brute force protection and URLs fixing for better service.

Furthermore, Hide My WP Ghost is featured with settings backup and restoration, classes changing as well as CSS, JS and images caching. The plugin checks the security every week and sends you reports for better management. With all of these amazing features, Hide My WP Ghost definitely exceeds your expectations about a free plugin, so do not hesitate to make the installation now!

Features Highlights

  • Support hiding authentication paths
  • Help change common WordPress paths
  • Allow making paths disable
  • Support fixing relative URLs
  • Provide brute force protection
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#15 NinjaFirewall by The Ninja Technologies Network


NinjaFirewall is an efficient Web Application Firewall to secure your site. Although this plugin can be installed and set up like a Wordpress plugin, it acts as a standalone WordPress firewall.

File Check helps you to track the quality of your files hourly and weekly by searching the website. All changes made to a folder are to be recorded. Beyond that, you can view the Live Log in real-time on your website. It shows a similar format to that used with just one command. You will get email alerts from NinjaFirewall about specific events in your blog. Some of these warnings are triggered by default and should be kept active. Using an optional shared configuration directory, you can prepend your own PHP code to the firewall. This is a very powerful feature, and you can add your own security rules, manipulate HTTP requests, variables and more. NinjaFirewall is compliant with a multi-site firewall that will shield the network from all of your websites.

This plugin is useful for both website experts and beginners. Even if you are not a tech-savvy one, it's not a problem since the auto fixer module will resolve any issues detected automatically.

Features Highlights

  • Monitor file integrity
  • Watch real-time website traffic
  • Send event notifications
  • Prepend PHP code to the firewall
  • Support multiple sites
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#16 SecuPress Free by SecuPress

SecuPress Free

Keep your WordPress site safe through malware scans, block bots & suspicious IPs and even more with SecuPress. You would get a full WordPress security toolkit free of charge or as a paid plugin. Automatically, this plugin does everything for you.

SecuPress is the complete scanner plugin that can solve your problems. And it will ask you before proceeding when it requires a decision from you. Once you have done this, you will get a security report that gives you a clear idea of your level of safety. This report can be distributed to customers or colleagues in PDF format. You can limit the number of bad login attempts, ban non-existing login attempts and set a non-login time-slot with User & Login feature. SecuPress means that double logins can be prevented and the sessions monitored. SecuPress also adds a Two Authentication Factor because, in terms of WordPress security, it's nearly a mandatory feature. SecuPress lets you identify insecure or malicious code-implemented themes and plugins. You will get an email alert and notify you in WordPress once you download one of these modules.

SecuPress retains information on your website regarding significant safety events and reported incidents from clients or service providers. This helps you always to be aware of what's happening in your WordPress.

Features Highlights

  • Run whole-site security Audit
  • Limit the number of bad login attempts
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Detect vulnerable themes and plugins
  • Send email alert on security module
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#17 No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA by MailOptin Team


No Captcha reCaptcha brings users to a new level of ultimate protection. No Captcha reCaptcha supports WordPress platform to shield login forms, registration forms from spams.

The plugin has three main advantages. Firstly, No Captcha reCaptcha provides you with options to activate Captcha in login, registration, comment and BuddyPress registration forms. The feature helps you to shield your information and customers' personal data. Moreover, the plugin also protects BuddyPress from spams. Second, No Captcha reCaptcha supports BuddyPress protection. A shortcode is given to you, and this shortcode comes from WordPress form builder which makes custom login, registration and password reset form safer. Last but not least, MailOptin is handy for you. You can use WordPress email optin forms, email automation and newsletter plugin in the market.

In addition, the plugin is installed effortlessly. The first step is to click "Search Plugins". Then you select No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA and click either "Details" or "Install Now". After the installation, click "Activate". Regarding these benefits, the plugin is such a useful one that shields your website and sign-in forms ultimately. Why don't you download it now?

Features Highlights

  • Add recaptcha to WordPress login form
  • registration
  • Protect BuddyPress from spam
  • Activate captcha in login form
  • Choose a theme for the reCaptcha
  • Detect users language automatically
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#18 The GDPR Framework by Data443

The GDPR Framework

The GDPR framework is a WordPress plugin that helps users to manage, track and protect personal data. All it does is to make sure that you are not collecting users data illegally.

Firstly, your users don't need an account to check, export and delete their personal data on the website. The plugin will do it itself, delete or turn data into incognito mode, which helps to protect the privacy of users. Otherwise, it will notify users to do it themselves. It also makes sure to track, manage and, if it is necessary, withdraw the consent. Users can save a lot of time since this plugin will summarize and consolidate the DSAR work, which allows them to be care-free. After that, it will report the DSAT status, volume and data requirements for users. Besides, this plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce version 3.4.0 or later - an e-commerce platform so that users can utilize the plugin on both sites with only one-time setting.

If you are building up your own website and still unsure of how to protect your site and your users, the GDPR framework is recommended to you to do that. It prevents you from getting into trouble with GDPR.

Features Highlights

  • Allow DSAR on one page
  • Automatically delete or anonymize personal data
  • Provide consent tracking
  • managing and withdrawing
  • Summarize and consolidate DSAR work
  • Integrate with WooCommerce
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#19 Security & Malware scan by CleanTalk Security

Security & Malware scan

Security & Malware scan is a free plugin that works to protect your website from online threats and provides you great security instruments to control your website security.

Beyond performing as a scanner that detects and sweeps the malwares and bots from your website, this Wordpress plugin also brings you a list of other security guarding features. The security firewall can be used to filter specific IP ranges, networks and countries to your site, which means you can block access from groups of users that seem to have suspicious activities. Protect your Wordpress site with the two-factor authentication in the login form to verify your users. Another feature to securitize your website is to restrict the login attempts after maximum login retries. The system will check the safety log once per hour and will block certain IP's for the next 24 hours if certain IP's have 10 and more attempts at login per hour. This would help to prevent brute force attacks by logging with random passwords. Ultimately, CleanTalk security Traffic Control will track every single visitor no matter if they are using JavaScript or not and provides many valuable traffic parameters.

For all our security features, this plugin will be providing comprehensive security information to have full security power. All of the security logs will be stored 45 days in the database.

Features Highlights

  • Security FireWall to filter access
  • Provide Security Malware scanner
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Support Two Factor Authentication
  • Real-time traffic monitor
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#20 Security & Firewall - MalCare Security by MalCare Security

Security & Firewall - MalCare Security

Detect and clean up your malware in less than one minute with MalCare Security. This plugin's safe malware removal technology ensures that your website never breaks. Plus, it is the simplest WordPress Security plugin that doesn't need any technical knowledge.

Malcare Security offers you a list of cool things that assist you in securitizing your site with ease. Major functions would include a malware and bot scanner and a smart firewall. Malcare Security scanner works to scan the whole website for vulnerabilities without slowing down the server. It will detect the malware efficiently before anything went wrong on your website and fixed an attack automatically. Moreover, this plugin cleanup the whole website for you without any additional cost. Another handy tool for website owners is the smart firewall with real-time protection. The login form will be verified by CAPTCHA protection and you can even block IP addresses with invalid login attempts. Beyond that, there's the protection to all upload folders to your database and your site. Everything can be accessed from the dashboard, which brings you and your team a full ability to control theme and plugin updates.

Malcare Software is a great security solution for programmers and organizations, as it is packed with all the software you need to manage multiple websites.

Features Highlights

  • Scan bots and malwares
  • Fix a hacked website
  • Real-time protection with smart firewall
  • Protect upload folders
  • Inclusive control from dashboard
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#21 Defender Security, Monitoring, and Hack Protection by WPMU DEV

Defender Security, Monitoring, and Hack Protection

Defender connects your website with only a few clicks to the latest of WordPress security. Prevent brute attacks, SQL injections, XSS and other Vulnerabilities for WordPress with the strong tools provided by this plugin.

Defender comes with a set of one-click strategies that apply protective layers to your site immediately. You can run free malware scans that search for malicious software in WordPress with this plugin. The Defender scan tool compares the WordPress code with the directory detects modifications and helps you to switch back to the original file. With 2-Step Password Verification Google and Phone Verification, you can easily join the millions of users who find their accounts more secure. The WordPress security firewall defends the site by banning certain IPs, exporting a prohibited IP list and setting automatic, planned and permanent lockouts. Defender makes moving your link screen to a personalized URL simple. It not only improves the security of your login screen but also enables you to white-label your login experience and improve branding. The plugin tracks and sends notes with relevant information.

In case of confidentiality, security, uptime and trust are important when running a business website or e-commerce store. Defender is here to help: it's a kind of WordPress security plugin that enables free web security for everyone.

Features Highlights

  • Automatically run security scan
  • Provide two-factor authentication
  • Mask login screen
  • Offer WordPress Security Firewall
  • Send notifications and reports
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#22 Login LockDown by Michael VanDeMar

Login LockDown

If you are looking for a limit login attempts to enhance the security on your Wordpress site, Login LockDown is a recommendation for you. It is lightweight, simple yet works just fine to protect your website from any brute force attack.

This plugin uses a very simple method to protect your site from net bots or brute force attacks. Login LockDown tracks any unsuccessful login attempt's IP address and timeline. If more than a few attempts are detected from the same IP address within a short time, all requests from that range are blocked by the login feature. Therefore, it helps prevent the password detection of brute force attacks. The plugin by default, locks an IP address for 1 hour after 3 failed login attempts inside 5 minutes. However, these settings can be customized through the Options panel. Manual locked IP ranges from the panel may be unlocked by administrators.

Login LockDown works perfectly on multiple sites. The plugin is being continuously updated with new features for its best performance as your site's guardian.

Features Highlights

  • Record login attempts from IP addresses
  • Detect suspicious login attempts
  • Block login for a certain period of time
  • Release locked IP ranges
  • Customize block options in options panel
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#23 Keep Backup Daily by Fahad Mahmood

Keep Backup Daily

Finding relax for all of your database backups? Come with Keep Backup Daily and get your database run backups regularly.

As what is shown in the name of the plugin, Keep Backup Daily helps you run backups every day just as your settings. You can change the setting and have backup weekly, monthly or even yearly as well. Keep Backup Daily provides you with the default cron schedule available on from the website of the author if you want to take the convenience. With Keep Backup Daily, you can see which activity is happening on your database. It would be useful to manage your database. Moreover, the plugin supports the MySQL database export to store them in a secure place. Keep Backup Daily allows you to save the backup on your computer as you wish. To protect your backup, Keep Backup Daily will immediately delete the temporary backup file once the process is done. It also hides the path of the temporary backup file for better security. Keep Backup Daily sends you emails to report about the backup. If you do not receive any email, the support from the author is always available.

The free version of Keep Backup Daily neither let you choose the spot of schedule nor run the file backup. Hence, the paid version is positively developed with further add-ons for those who are in demand. Safe and free, just install Keep Backup Daily and have the peace in your mind of whatever happens to your site.

Features Highlights

  • Allow regular backups
  • Show database performance
  • Support mysql database export
  • Provide secure for backup files
  • Send backup emails
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#24 Limit Login Attempts Reloaded by WPChef

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is one of the most popular Wordpress plugins to limit the number of login attempts allowed on your page, via both usual login or using authorization cookies. This plugin is developed for your site's security.

As the name suggests, the plugin would restrict the number of login attempts on your website when it reaches the predefined limit. This number is totally customizable from the option panel. Your users will be informed about the number of possible retries or the lockout time in case they are temporarily blocked from logging in. The plugin is available for all kinds of login forms including Woocommerce login page protection. It also provides protection for XML-RPC gateway which is somehow like a portal to your website contact. For more advanced features to increase your website's security, consider the custom IP origins to set up Cloudflare and Sucuri.

The plugin has been translated to a lot of languages making it easier to use for your users. Besides English, it is currently available in Czech, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Persian Romanian, Ukrainian, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), and Russian.

Features Highlights

  • Limit the number of retry attempts
  • Inform about the remaining retries
  • Custom IP origins support
  • Woocommerce login page protection
  • XML-RPC gateway protection
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#25 WPS Limit Login by WPServeur

WPS Limit Login

By default, Wordpress lets your users have an unlimited number of login attempts to your account on your website. However, this leaves a serious breach of security from which hackers can attack your site. Install WPS Limit Login to protect the website and your users from these attacks.

Fundamentally, this plugin works as a shield for your website. It will restrict the number of login attempts and retries on your website for each IP address by using authorization cookies. At the same time, the plugin also displays the number of remaining retries that users are allowed to make. If this number exceeds the limit, the login page will be unavailable for a certain amount of time. All of the IPs with suspicious attempts are added into a blacklist, or you can create a whitelist as well. This plugin protects your server behind the reverse proxy and even works for payment gateways like Woocommerce. So you are all safe from the bad intense.

WPS Limit Login makes sure that no further attempts can be made, making brute force attacks, botnet and malware impossible. It is currently available in English and French versions.

Features Highlights

  • Limit the number of retry attempts
  • Informs about the remaining retries
  • Add IPs to blacklist/whitelist
  • Woocommerce login page protection
  • Handle server behind the reverse proxy
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#26 Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA by Robert Peake

Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA

Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA paves your wave in creating a more convenient customer journey. The plugin automatically provides protection to your website and customers' personal information. It also enables your website to work well with the Google search engine.

Why should you install Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA? Many WordPress sites are overwhelmed with automated scripts that try to log in to the admin over and over. Besides, the No Captcha is an easy-to-use plugin because Google-supported test denies access to automated scripts quickly. It is perfect by itself to instantly turn your WordPress site become more secure or can be used with other plugins such as Google Authenticator, Limit Login Attempts and so on as part of a defense-in-depth strategy. Moreover, the customer journey becomes more convenient because this plugin supports the custom login page. The standard login_form action hook from their login forms is not called by many custom login form plugins, making it impossible to render the captcha after the password prompt correctly. As a result, this plugin is only compatible with the default wp-login.php and WooCommerce forms.

Besides these noticeable features, the plugin also adds a Google No Captcha ReCaptcha checkbox to your WordPress and Woocommerce login, forgot password, and user registration pages.

Features Highlights

  • Add a ReCaptcha checkbox to your WordPress
  • Support custom WooCommerce login
  • Deny access to automated scripts
  • Log in by checking a box
  • Support spam prevention methods
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#27 WP-SpamShield by RedSandMediaGroup


The WP-SpamShield plugin is absolutely a powerful and user-friendly WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin WordPress to prevent spam on blog comments, contact forms, registrations, and everything else. It's is widely favored by users thanks to the ability to leading-edge WordPress spam defense, without any captchas, challenge questions or other inconvenience to site visitors. Just quietly works in the background, and it can make WordPress spam disappear.

First of all, this plugin will provide the anti-spam layer that uses a dynamic combination of JavaScript and cookies to weed out the humans from spambots, preventing absolute automated spam from ever getting to your site. Also, with an Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer provided, it will help utilize multiple randomly generated keys and ensure that spambots won't beat it. Over 100 advanced filters, and eliminate trackback spam and most human spam will nail it all for you without hindering legitimate comments, trackbacks, contact forms, or registrations. Additionally, all works will be done invisibly in the background, with no inconveniences so that you won't have to waste valuable time sifting through a spam queue any more, because it blocks spam at the front door of your site and doesn't allow it into the WordPress database at all.

That's not all, there are also other awesome features on WP-SpamShield that you should also give it a try, like the ZERO False Positives function, the help to Improve Overall Website Performance or the 100 percent Pingback, Trackback Validation and Anti-Spam for your website. Hit the Purchase button and enjoy what you deserve.

Features Highlights

  • Work invisibly in the background without any inconveniences
  • Provide 100 advanced filters
  • and eliminate trackback spam
  • Help to keep your WordPress database slimmer and more efficient
  • Nail the task without any false positives
  • Compares the client IP address with IP address of the server
Price: 39
Rating: 4 / 5

#28 Easy Hide Login by Arshid

Easy Hide Login

When there are many guys with bad purposes of stealing your login page data, the appearance of Easy Hide Login will definitely useful.

To begin with, Easy Hide Login will protect your login form page and other data by hiding all files of wp-login.php. The access to these files is blocked if there is no responsive slug. This is how Easy Hide Login creates a block on your wp-login.php. The plugin requires slug in URL tag to open the access to the wp-login.php files. Of course, you are the only one who knows the slug to get access. The slug text is customizable. Easy Hide Login lets you make changes to it to fit with your demand. Besides, the plugin also gives you the right to redirect your URL. You have the choice to redirect it with slug URL if you want.

The page of Easy Hide Login provides a link to the demo of the plugin. You can check it up by going direct to the link. Since Easy Hide Login is a new plugin, the author promises further amazing features in the future. If you want to try Easy Hide Login and leave feedback for upcoming development, just install the plugin for free right now!

Features Highlights

  • Create block to the wp-login.php
  • Allow changing slug text
  • Make requirement of slug in URL tag
  • Allow URL redirecting
  • Hide wp-login.php files
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#29 Security Ninja by WP Security Ninja

Security Ninja

If you are looking for a security plugin for your Wordpress site, Security Ninja may be one of your considerations. For over eight years, Security Ninja has helped thousands of site owners like you to feel safe. Help yourself now with Ninja's simplicity and ease of use.

Essentially, Security Ninja looks for potential problems and vulnerabilities which you didn't even think to have existed through more than 50 security tests. The tests also cover Wordpress themes and plugins updates as well as PHP and MySQL versions. For the detected issues, this app would suggest you with the instructions to fix these problems. That Security Ninja doesn't modify your setup is the key distinction between this plugin and other ones, which means that you can configure everything yourself, making sure that you can determine what steps you want to take to fix the problems you have found. At the same time with trying to detect the issues, protect your site with preventive measures against potential attacks with Security Ninja. Finally, as what several other plugins, Security Ninja lets you optimize and speed up your database for better performance.

What Security Ninja love from this plugin is that it does not actually change or tweak files on your installation so that you are in full control. Therefore it will work best for site owners who are familiar with the technical issues.

Features Highlights

  • Perform more than 50 security tests
  • Check security vulnerabilities
  • issues & holes
  • Provide instructions to fix problems
  • Take preventive security-ninja against attacks
  • Optimize and speed up database
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#30 Plugin Security Scanner by Glen Scott

Plugin Security Scanner

Plugin Security Scanner determines whether any of your plugins or themes have security vulnerabilities. It does this by looking up details in the WPScan Vulnerability Database.

The fundamental feature that this plugin brings you is the daily malware scanner that would run malware scanner daily on your website. Moreover, this plugin also creates a menu in the admin panel called "Plugin Security Scanner" which would run a scan when you click this. If the scan finds any problems, it shows you a list of plugins or themes that have vulnerabilities, along with a description of the issue. Plugin Security Scanner would send you an email when there are threats found. Also, you can register a webhook for notifications. The webhook will trigger daily, even if no vulnerabilities found. The webhook is a post request, with JSON payload containing the vulnerabilities. You can turn on the webhook under the settings tab. This plugin supports multiple sites including commercial sites. However, a license is required for the purpose of commencing.

Although Plugin Security Scanner is not one of the most popular security plugins out there, this is definitely an effective highly-rated guard with plenty of functions to make sure that your Wordpress site is protected against malicious threats.

Features Highlights

  • Scan malware manually or as scheduled
  • Send email alert on vulnerabilities
  • Show description of the issue
  • Set notification with webhook
  • Compatible with multiple sites
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#31 WPBruiserPro by MihChe


WPBruiserPro, which is known as an anti-spam and security plugin based on algorithms, will help you identify spam bots without requiring the use of any annoying and tedious Captcha schemes. As being built with state of the art technology, this plugin is confident in staying at the forefront of spam and abuse-fighting protection methods.

For starters, this WPBruiser plugin prevents the bots from leaving spam in the first place while other plugins only detect spam comments and signups after they use up your website's resources. Consequently, you will get a spam-free and also faster, more secure plugin. Also, WPBruiser is absolutely self-contained and does not require you to connect to any outside service, your logins will remain yours and WPBruiser will prevent your site from brute force attacks and eliminates spambots on comments, signup pages, and login and password reset pages. What is more, you will be given the ability to set the maximum number of characters for each comment field, the ability to block form submissions by Country or even ability to hide WordPress version and many more.

To sum up, at the click of a button, you can decide which forms to protect whether it is Comments or Login, Registration, and Lost Password forms. Then, WPBruiser will completely eliminate spam bot signups, spam comments and brute force attacks, from the second you install it on your WordPress website.

Features Highlights

  • Protect the bots against leaving spam in the first place
  • Does not require you to connect to any outside service
  • Able to set the maximum number of characters for each comment field
  • Allow deciding which forms to protect
  • Support blocking form submissions by Country
Price: 20
Rating: 4 / 5

#32 WebDefender Security by CobWeb Security Ltd.

WebDefender Security

The WebDefender has been developed by a team with security experts and provides the best tools for defending and stopping attacks on your WordPress website.

WebDefender Security offers you the Website Hide function that hides your WP site from crawlers spiders and bots. You are able to hide website from bots, hides the core WP website components, plugins and themes as well as receiving the fully automatic encryption of your website components. Automatic bot systems are often used by hackers to brute force the websites. Such bots are identified by the algorithm and login attempts will be stopped. In addition, you have a professional antivirus scanner that scans your page against external threats. The plugin is designed to identify adware and malware, exploits, phishing code, backdoors, trojans and viruses, and includes a built-in malware removal tool. Built-in file viewer and editor is an easy-to-use protection cleaner tool that can be used to delete contaminated keys.

All of these solutions make the WebDefender one of the best all-around security protection tools for your WordPress resource. Also, consider enhancing the security of your website Professional upgrade, which provides clients with additional features such as firewall, hide function and a real-time scanner.

Features Highlights

  • Hides website from bots
  • Automatically encrypt website components
  • Brute force bot attack prevention
  • Antivirus scanner supported
  • Offer malware removal tool
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#33 Limite Login Attempts by Miniorange

Limite Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts is the plugin that is going to protect the site against hacks and malware. Limit Login Attempts provides security for login, protection for Brute Force attacks, strict enforcement of passwords.

In a Brute Force attack, hackers try over and over to break into the website with random usernames and passwords. This plugin will track all of these login attempts and limit the number of login attempts allowed on your page; hence, protect your users' account from these attacks. The number of remaining attempts would be displayed on the login page. An extra protection method you can use with this plugin is the antispam featured by Google reCAPTCHA. It supports Google reCAPTCHA for different forms like RegistrationMagic, WooCommerce, Simplr Registration, Event Registration, and so on. More advanced functions that Limit Login Attempts brings you including the ability to restrict IP or IP range to avoid invalid login attacks.

A Brute Force Attack is the simplest and most popular way to access a website. This plugin provides protection at the company level, defending the Wordpress website from hackers and malware.

Features Highlights

  • Limit and track user login attempts
  • Limit the number of allowed login attempts
  • Protect users from spam with Google reCAPTCHA
  • Restrict IP or IP range
  • Display remaining attempts on Login Page
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#34 Log cleaner for iThemes Security by Michael Ott

Log cleaner for iThemes Security

Are you looking for a truly fast and easy tool to remove all the database logs on your Wordpress site? If the answer is yes, Log cleaner for iThemes Security is here for you.

If you are an iThemes user, you've probably known that in early 2018, iThemes removed the ability to delete the database logs manually. No worries because this plugin gives you that control back. Log cleaner for iThemes Security lets you delete the database logs from your website manually. Just select any logs you want to delete or you may also bulk delete all of your database log files. Everything is super simple and can be done within a few minutes.

Sometimes, removing log file is necessary to save or free space. Log cleaner for iThemes Security makes it easy for you to do this. This plugin is highly recommended to users who are not familiar with technical skills.

Features Highlights

  • Clean database logs manually
  • Delete selected database logs
  • Delete all database logs
  • Allow switching to file-only logging
  • Remove clear log button
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#35 Captcha Plus by Bestwebsoft

Captcha Plus

The Captcha plus plugin is deserved to be one of the best security solutions that protect your WordPress website forms from spam entries. This simple, effective and easy-to-manage plugin will ensure to guard your website forms any time.n

To begin with, you are able to add captcha to any kind of form, such as the Login form, Registration form, Reset password form, Comments form, Contact Form, and your own Custom form. The Captcha type is also freely chosen by you. You got the options for Invisible type, the Simple math actions such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and the Character Recognition. Also, the captcha can be hidden from registered users in the comments form and the account in whitelisted IP addresses. That's not all, it's your privilege to set captcha submission time limit and at the same time, refresh the captcha option at your disposal. The multi-lingual and RTL ready are also waiting for you to figure out on Captcha Plus.

On the whole, not only this Captcha plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress version, but it is also an incredibly simple setting for fast setup without modifying code. I believe you will satisfy while working with this plugin. If there is any trouble occurring, our detailed step-by-step documentation and videos are always there to help you solve your problems.

Features Highlights

  • Able to add captcha to any kind of form
  • Allow opting for the Captcha type
  • Support to hide captcha from registered users
  • Designed with Multi-lingual and RTL ready
  • Support adding custom code via plugin settings page
Price: 16
Rating: 4 / 5

#36 Stop Spammers by Bryan Hadaway

Stop Spammers

The Stop Spammers plugin, which is designed by Bryan Hadaway, is a powerful tool for stopping spam emails, spam comments, spam registration, and spambots in general.

Go more in detail, this plugin firstly checks logins, registrations, and comments for spam users and blocks them when they are detected. There are also numerous well-known spam lists, for example, Spamhaus.org, StopForumSpam.com, Project Honeypot, BotScout included to be checked on this plugin. Fortunately, the way of using this plugin is way too simple as you just have to log in first to your WordPress site as the administrator and hit some simple clicks to get it installed and then activate it. Additionally, these are the options available to be checked with the plugin: the Prevent Lockouts, IP Checking, API Keys, Spam Limits, Header checks, Session timeouts, JavaScript trap, IP check against Akismet DB and many more. Also, from the Settings window, you are able to create your own whitelist, blacklist, and spam word lists or block email domains or TLDs and so on.

On the whole, this Stop Spammers plugin is a great choice to fight against spam kinds of stuff and the results can be shown in the log report. Just hit the Download button to this free, incredible plugin and I know that you will not regret it.

Features Highlights

  • Check numerous well-known spam lists to detect spams
  • Support easy while installing and utilizing
  • Provide various options available to check
  • Allow creating whitelist
  • blacklist and spam word lists
  • Able to Check Your IP button immediately
Price: 0
Rating: 172 / 5

#37 iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin by IRemoteWP

iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin

If you are looking for a management service for multiple WordPress sites, just come to iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin, the solution might be available.

Just the name of the plugin, iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin brings you the solution of backing up files and databases of your site. The backup process with iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin is simplified down to just a single click. Not only backup, but iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin is also featured to clean your data. Unused data will be swept out to optimize the content and speed of your site. Furthermore, protecting your site is not only backup or restoration but also preventing attacking factors from outside. iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin provides the iRemoteWP firewall to minimize the effect of viruses and other elements. You can choose destinations for backups as well. Once you set the schedule for backups, they will be processed automatically to the destination you have chosen. Last but not least, iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin is standing out with the feature of theme and plugin activation. In just one click, you can activate your themes and plugins on your site.

When you use iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin, details about your backups are displayed and tools to manage them are provided fully. No payment is required, just install iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin right now and have all powerful features in your hand!

Features Highlights

  • Clean unused data of your site
  • Provide basic firewall of iRemoteWP
  • Allow freedom to choose backup destinations
  • Support automated backup with schedule
  • Support theme and plugin activation
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#38 WP Security Question by Flippercode

WP Security Question

Wordpress Security Question is a WordPress plugin that enables security question feature on registration, login and forget password screens. You can protect your account even someone hacks the password of your WordPress login by asking security questions on the login screen.

This plugin comes with two versions: the lite version is free of charge and a pro version. With the lite version, you are able to set up an unlimited number of questions using backend. After that, you will have the option to show or hide them on the registration page, login screen or forgot password screen. This is the best way to stop unnecessary password reset requests from anonymous users or hackers. The premium version will offer you more advanced options if you go pro. It lets you ask multiple security questions to protect it in a more advanced way. Also, you can choose the frequency of questions: always, randomly, one-time login failed or two-time login failed. Beyond that, a user may receive a hint on the question in case he totally forgot the answer.

This plugin is perfectly suitable for you if you make use of a security question as a way of accessing an account when your users lost their password. You may also use it to prevent malicious attacks on your website.

Features Highlights

  • Set up any number of questions
  • Show/Hide security question in pages in screens
  • Ask multiple security questions
  • Choose frequency of questions
  • Allow showing answer hint
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#39 WP Guard by Antonov_WEB

WP Guard

WP Guard is a powerful plugin for WordPress security that prevents the site from viruses, attacks and other risks. You will protect the website from XSS vulnerabilities, proxy visitors as well as VPN visitors, spam and malicious files

WP Guard uses intelligent algorithms (similar to the ones used by major industry companies) to detect all known hacker attacks as well as new unknown threats using code recognition and patterns, and automatically takes action. It would auto block attackers such as bad bots and crawlers. Whenever there is an attack or a detected threat, the system will send you notifications via email. WP Guard is directly integrated with WordPress, you can view all logs in the Admin Panel and it is also integrated with Ban System from which can be banned visitors from IP Addresses, Countries, Internet Service Providers (ISP), browsers and operating systems. Moreover, with this plugin, you can track the status of all your websites. This would include tracking and analyzing how people use your website.

WP Guard serves as a strong firewall designed to protect WordPress. It allows any website administrator to benefit from very advanced and powerful security features. It is very fast, optimized and requires very low system resources.

Features Highlights

  • Intelligent pattern recognition
  • Bad bots and crawlers protection
  • Integrated with auto-ban system
  • Email notifications about detected threats
  • Website monitoring and log viewing
Price: 15
Rating: 4 / 5

#40 Modify Login by Mantrabrain

Modify Login

Sometimes just a small change can make your site safer and more secure. Let Modify Login help you with this little change.

Basically, Modify Login blocks any strange access toward you wp-login.php. Outsiders who try to get access to your wp-login.php will be stopped by Modify Login. The plugin makes the change into the endpoint URL to protect your site. You can customize the login endpoint URL to anything you want. Once the endpoint is changed, you cannot access the login page with the default URL. Hence, the new endpoint is required if you want to access your login URL. It is also possible with other URLs when you want to change endpoints. Modify Login makes it easier for you to set up and modify your endpoint URLs. Moreover, Modify Login does not modify your core WordPress file to run all the above functions. Your core WordPress file is maintained the same without any modification.

Easy to install, Modify Login is a lightweight plugin as well. Modify Login provides a simple but useful solution for your secure consideration, just get it for free now and enjoy the protection!

Features Highlights

  • Block default wp-login.php
  • Change login endpoint URL
  • Set up and modify endpoint URL
  • Require endpoint for login URL access
  • Maintain the core WordPress file
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#41 Login Restrict by Skynet Technologies

Login Restrict

The unlimited login attempts via the login page is a possible risk for hackers to use random usernames and passwords to attack your website. Protect your Wordpress site as well as your users now with Login Restrict.

The plugin works with a simple yet effective method that makes the brute force attack difficult or nearly impossible on your website. It will monitor and track the number of login attempts from each IP address. The user would also be informed about the number of allowed attempts. When the number of failed attempts reached the customizable limit, further retries would be blocked for that IP address and the login page would no longer be available. There is an option of sending notifications to website admin and users about these blocks. The plugin works behind a reverse proxy, which will help you to connect without risking your safety behind the firewall. Beyond that, you can create a whitelist of IPs by using filters to allow them to login unlimitedly.

The plugin is designed to make sure that your website is entirely guarded. Note that it does monitor whitelisted IPs as usual. This is for the sake of your awareness of any suspicious attempts.

Features Highlights

  • Limit the number of login attempts
  • Informs about remaining attempts
  • Optional logging
  • optional email notification
  • Handles server behind reverse proxy
  • Whitelist IPs using a filter
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#42 BruteGuard by EverPress


BruteGuard is a Wordpress plugin to protect brute force attacks and shield you from botnets. When BruteGuard is enabled, you will be included in an integrated botnet security network.

The plugin record unsuccessful login attempts across the entire network of its users to find out suspicious activities from IP/IP ranges as hackers usually won't attack one single site. It will track and connect these attempts to protect you from botnet attacks. These IPs/IP ranges would be blocked from logging in to any Wordpress site that is under the protection of Brute Guard. Alternatively, the site admin can create and manage whitelist of IPs that won't be blocked for testing.

The plugin monitors and blocks IPs throughout the network, so the more people that use BruteGuard, the better you get the entire network. BruteGuard supports multiple domains and is a protection layer so that it is fully compatible with any other security plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Track attempts from the whole network
  • Monitor failed login attempts
  • Block IP/IP ranges
  • Create and manage whitelist
  • Protect from botnet attacks
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

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