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301 redirects

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The 301 Redirects plugin will contribute a great help on managing and creating 301 & 302 redirects for your WordPress website to improve SEO and visitor experience. Based on a user-friendly interface, 301 Redirects is so easy a plugin to be installed and configured.

Go more in detail, this plugin is best for replacing an old site design with new site design and overhauling or re-organizing your existing WordPress content. You will be given the right to choose from Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Archives, and Term Archives from the dropdown menu. Also, the custom destination URL can be set by you. With the super-fast redirection, you can retain query strings across this redirect action. Furthermore, the Import and Export feature for bulk redirects management is also one of this plugin’s strength. After that, a simple redirect stats will be provided so that you can know how much a redirection is used on your site.

In short, this 301 Redirects plugin is a perfect choice for new sites or repairing links after your existing WordPress content is re-organized, or when your site has expired content , and you want to avoid sending visitors to a 404 page.