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33+ Best wordpress Optimize Apps in 2024

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    Sam Thomas

33+ Best Shopify Optimize Apps from hundreds of the Optimize reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Optimize does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Optimize app collection is ranked and result in July 23, 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Optimize apps or alternatives to Optimize also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Optimize Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
Smush Image Compression and OptimizationSmush Image Compression and Optimization0
WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, CacheWP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache0
LiteSpeed CacheLiteSpeed Cache0
ShortPixel Image OptimizerShortPixel Image Optimizer0
EWWW Image OptimizerEWWW Image Optimizer0
SG OptimizerSG Optimizer0

#1 Smush Image Compression and Optimization by WPMU DEV

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush Image Compression and Optimization is a must to try if you are looking for a plugin that helps optimize images.

To begin with, Smush Image Compression and Optimization removes unused data of the photo without influencing its quality. The lossless compression of Smush Image Compression and Optimization keeps the quality maintained the same as the original one. You can set size for the compression with customizable width and height. The result comes out is the images that scale down as you wish. Smush Image Compression and Optimization also detects images which have incorrect size. These images slow down your site's loading speed, so being aware of them helps you have a timely solution. Moreover, even images outside the media library can also be optimized. Smush Image Compression and Optimization also supports automated optimization to speed up the compression on upload. Your attachments will be asynchronously auto-smushed by the plugin.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization allows lazy loader, bulk smush, Gutenberg block integration, and supports super server with Smush API. Smush Image Compression and Optimization won an award for the number one speed and quality, so do not hesitate to get it for free now!

Features Highlights

  • Remove unused data without influencing image quality
  • Allow image resizing
  • Support detection to incorrect size of images
  • Allow optimization for images outside the media library
  • Support automated optimization for fast compression
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#2 WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache by Team Updraft

WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache

WP-Optimize is an all-in-one and innovative plugin that cleans your server, compresses pictures and caches your page. This simple, popular and highly effective software has all you need to ensure that your page is configured easily and completely.

WP-Optimize eliminates all this useless information, replenishes the tables and even gets wasted storage from data fragmentation. Large pictures are often the main reason for slowing the loading time on your website. WP-Optimize has an image compression tool that utilizes cutting-edgeloss compression methods to transform large images into small files that are stored in your image library and that are loadable instantly. The PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and TIF files can be compressed to a scale of 5MG. Moreover, this simple yet powerful plugin would generate cache preloading to ensure the cache is always ready and loaded when a user visits any pages or posts on your site. WP-Optimize show database statistics and potential savings. You can control the optimization by excluding files you want and scheduling the optimization to be automatic or once every period of time.

The free version of WP-Optimize is fantastic, but the development team also has an even more powerful premium version with additional features that give you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility, including lazy loading images or pre-optimization data and records.

Features Highlights

  • Remove unnecessary data from your site
  • Offer option to compress your images
  • Automatically trigger pre-optimize backup
  • Control and schedule optimization
  • Display database statistics and potential savings
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#3 LiteSpeed Cache by LiteSpeed Technologies

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is absolutely an all-in-one site acceleration plugin, which contains an exclusive server-level cache. Apart from the ability that supports WordPress Multisite and the compatibility with most popular plugins, LiteSpeed Cache will bring you a collection of optimization features.

First of all, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin is designed with the PageSpeed score optimization that will increase the speed and performance of the website, no matter how much speed your internet might have. Plus, there is the perfect Image Optimization, including Lossless and Lossy on LiteSpeed Cache. Also, the Database is cleaner and optimizer that reduces the processes on the server, which is totally helpful for those on limited hosting plans. Importantly, there is a smart preload crawler with support for SEO-friendly sitemap, which will affect site speed and then the SEO, your site will have a better ranking in Google by this.

On the whole, with the LiteSpeed Cache, your site can employ the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score as well as an exceptional user experience. What are you waiting for? Hit the Download button and enjoy your experience with us.

Features Highlights

  • Designed with PageSpeed score Optimization
  • Pefect Image Optimization included
  • Cleaner and optimizer Database supported
  • Provide smart preload crawler
  • Offer Multiple CDN support
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#4 Autoptimize by Frank Goossens


If you are looking for a bundle to automatically optimize your Wordpress performance as well as cleaning up the obsolete data, Autoptimize is a perfect tool for you. The ease of use and efficient features make this WordPress plugin a perfect choice for both beginners and website gurus.

Automatically, all the scripts and styles on your website will be aggregated, minified and cached. At the same time, the HTML and CSS injections on the page heading can also be aggregated, moved, and deferred. Another way that you can do to optimize your website is to lazy load images. The images would be loaded asynchronously - which means that the image at the bottom wouldn't be loaded until the users scroll to it. This helps to improve the page loading time as well as reducing the page size. Some other features from this plugin that you can expect are asyncing non aggregate JavaScript, clearing up emoji cruft and optimizing the fonts from Google.

Autoptimize makes optimizing your site really easy. Autoptimize conducts a variety of tests before optimization and works without any warranties. If you configure it right, it will generally work flawlessly.

Features Highlights

  • Aggregate and minify cache scripts and styles
  • Optimize and lazy load images
  • Optimize Google fonts
  • Async non-aggregated JavaScript
  • Remove WordPress core emoji cruft
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#5 Imagify by Imagify


There are too many unoptimized images on your site and you are worried about the page performance? Try Imagify to solve your problem with just one click.

To begin with, Imagify supplies you with three levels of compression: normal, aggressive, and ultra with the upward compression strength, respectively. The plugin supports the backup for original images so you can restore them any time if you change your mind after the compression has done. Additionally, you can get the WebP version of the image if you enable the function in the setting. The result will come out not only full-sized optimized images and optimized thumbnails but also full-sized WebP images and WebP thumbnails. Furthermore, if you have already compressed your image with another tool, you still can compress it once more with Imagify. Even re-optimization for an optimized image is allowed with Imagify, too.

Imagify includes bulk options to optimize all of your existing images with the format of JPG, PNG, and GIF, whether they are animated or not. The option to keep EXIF data is also available. Imagify is compatible with WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, and supports installation for multiple websites. Grab Imagify for free and get light images for faster website!

Features Highlights

  • Support 3 levels of image compression
  • Support WebP version of optimized images
  • Allow optimization for already compressed images
  • Allow re-optimize images
  • Support backup for original images
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#6 Hummingbird by WPMU DEV


Hummingbird works and speeds up the running of your page. Get new ways to boost file compression, minification and world class encryption with smooth power.

Hummingbird provides you with reports on your page's performance together with pro tips to increase the speed. This plugin will scan through your website detect files that slow it down and gives you advice and corrections to make the site work at high speed. You'll get a world-class, full-page, browser and Gravatar web cache. Are you aware of the faster the more files you connect to your website header? The load position of the Html, JavaScript and other files you can conveniently configure with Hummingbird to speed up your section. Hummingbird's minification function easily reordered, compressed and repositioned files. Moreover, Hummingbird has GZIP features for more effective website sharing. Zipped files are shipped more easily and can save you hosting time.

Better search ratings, higher website rate scores and faster loading pages are what users get with Hummingbird's performance optimization for WordPress.

Features Highlights

  • Scan and Fix errors
  • Fully cache Gravatar and browser
  • Report performance with tips
  • Position
  • minify and combine fines
  • Transfer data with Gzip
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#7 ShortPixel Image Optimizer by ShortPixel

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Want to increase SEO ranking and number of visitors? Optimizing files on your site is a must, let's try ShortPixel Image Optimizer for the best experience.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer helps compress PDF documents and the three most popular image formats. JPG, PNG and even GIF files can be compressed, the function is available for still and animated GIF files as well. ShortPixel Image Optimizer will automatically convert the file format to suit with the size adjusting. The PNG file will be converted to JPG file to come up with a smaller image. Additionally, all files in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats can be converted to WebP format. As a result, your site's SEO ranking is definitely supported. With ShortPixel Image Optimizer, your thumbnails and featured images are also optimized. If you want to exclude any thumbnails from optimization, just simply select individual ones. Last but not least, the plugin provides options to EXIF data of your images. This function might serve great experience when it allows you to keep or remove EXIF data, ensuring lossless option to compress images.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer does not limit file size upload, allows generated WebP images inclusion on pages, supports several sources of image and uses CMYK to RGB conversion. ShortPixel Image Optimizer is easy to use, stable and compatible with multiple plugins. Get ShortPixel Image Optimizer for free and have great experience of image optimization!

Features Highlights

  • Allow several file formats compressed
  • Automatically convert file format responding to resize purpose
  • Support converting file format to WebP
  • Optimize thumbnails and featured images
  • Provide options toward EXIF data of your images
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#8 EWWW Image Optimizer by Exactly WWW

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is a plugin that helps increase your page speed through optimizing images on your site.

To begin with, EWWW Image Optimizer allows you to speed up your site with no limitation. You can also freely upload files to your website without worrying about the size. EWWW Image Optimizer supports high torque that provides the best compression and quality ratio to your images. The function is available with lossy options for several file formats including JPG, PNG and PDF. The plugin also supports intelligent conversion options. Hence, the decision of image format is definitely based on your customization. EWWW Image Optimizer optimizes everything on your site that no image is left behind. Not only newly posted images but also the previous uploaded ones are all optimized by the plugin. Last but not least, EWWW Image Optimizer provides a backup pack of your images. The pack is free to be used in the time of 30 days.

EWWW Image Optimizer supports pixel optimization and secures all communications by using SSL encryption. No more worry about image quality, just get EWWW Image Optimizer for free and enjoy your site speed up!

Features Highlights

  • No limit for loading speed and file size
  • Best compression and quality ratio are available
  • Support intelligent conversion options
  • Optimize all images on your site
  • 30-day free image backup is available
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#9 SG Optimizer by SiteGround

SG Optimizer

With over 700,000 active installations and 4.5/5.0 score, SG optimizer is among the most popular plugin to optimize the performance of your Wordpress site and save your time and money on the website.

Developed to work automatically, the plugin is going to optimize the hosting environment and the frontend performance of your website. Here, you can force HTTPS for your site, switch between different PHP Versions. SG Optimizer lets you enable or disable minification of your HTML, JS and CSS resources, remove the emoji support and remove the query strings from your static resources. Other than that, you can also enable or disable optimization for your newly uploaded images, bulk optimize your old ones and enable lazy loading for your site images. This will help improve the page loading time and enhancing your site's performance. Ultimately, another highlight feature from this optimizer is the super cacher settings which will automatically cache purse, exclude URLs from the cache and test your pages if they are properly cached. This plugin supports shortcode so that you are able to fix some issues yourself or setting exclusion for optimization.

SG Optimizer is designed to link WordPress with the SiteGround Performance services. So please note that this plugin is not going to work for any other hosting provider.

Features Highlights

  • Enable/disable automatic cache purge
  • Optimize hosting environment
  • Optimize frontend performance
  • Optimize both new and old images
  • Support using shortcode
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 Clearfy by Webcraftic


With Clearfy Plugin, thousands of users have already optimized their WordPress sites. It's a multifunctional and free setup tool. Combine it with other plugins to make WordPress more secure and optimized.

There are more than 50 features that you can expect from this Wordpress optimization plugin. The features will mostly fall to the site cleanup, SEO optimization, and performance boosting. With Clearfy installed on your website, you are no longer worried about the Wordpress vulnerabilities since this plugin will enhance your site's privacy settings. For example, it allows you to remove the HTML comments. Hackers are no longer able to identify versions of themes and plugins through comments on the code. Beyond that, you are able to remove duplicate pages including date archives, author archives and tag archives. Clearfy optimizes your site's SEO by automatically inserting the alt attribute for images and inserting the last modified header. Ultimately, it boosts your site by speeding up the search engine index.

Now you have an excellent opportunity to optimize WordPress with Clarify plugin and not waste your time at specialists or use doubtful solutions. Make your WordPress easier, more convenient and faster.

Features Highlights

  • Eliminate the WordPress vulnerabilities
  • Speed up search engine indexing
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Remove page duplicates
  • Manage and remove comments
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#11 Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions by CAGE Web Design

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

If you are looking for an alternative to spending money with freelancers to optimize your website's performance, Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is your answer. This plugin is a 'One Click' WordPress Database Cleaner / Optimizer that is going to save your time and money.

As the name suggests, the major features from this plugin would handle removing different parts for performance optimization. Easily delete revisions of posts, pages or custom post types. Yet you have the ability to remain a certain number of most recent revisions and select to remove the revisions older than a particular period of time. Other than that, you are able to delete trashed posts, pages, and spammed comments. Also, to clean up your website, you have the option to delete other elements like the unused tags and many more. By default, this plugin can optimize all of your database tables. However, you may definitely exclude any tables or posts/pages from optimization if you want. Control the optimization with this plugin's scheduling feature. It's up to you to set it to run automatically on your site or once hourly, twice daily, once daily or once weekly at a specific time.

The installation of this plugin is very quick and easy with several clicks. All configurations are found at the WP Admin Panel. You will be able to fully clean up and optimize your Wordpress site within a few minutes.

Features Highlights

  • Delete revisions of posts and pages
  • Delete trashed posts
  • pages and spammed comments
  • Delete unused tags
  • Optimize the database tables
  • Schedule optimization frequency
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#12 Image Optimizer, Resizer and CDN – Sirv by Sirv.com

Image Optimizer, Resizer and CDN – Sirv

Seeking for a way to improve SEO of your site? Image Optimizer, Resizer, and CDN – Sirv might be a potential solution that can satisfy what you require.

First and foremost, Sirv allows automatic optimization working on your site. You just need to install the plugin and complete the setup, Sirv will do everything for you. The plugin supports automatic serving of optimal format after the compression. Images are resized to be responsive to users' screen. Sirv also serves you with WebP version automatically when it is available. The proportion of saving is around 30 percent, which definitely helps you a lot. In addition, Sirv allows lazy load for your images. Consequently, your site will speed up dramatically. All meta of images will be removed by Sirv for better optimization.

Sirv has smaller files in comparison with other plugins, full support for WooCommerce and amazingly fast WordPress CDN. The plugin supports automatic backups, so do not worry about data loss. Just get Image Optimizer, Resizer and CDN – Sirv for free and enjoy better SEO performance of your site!

Features Highlights

  • Allow automatic optimization
  • Support automatic optimal image format serving
  • Automatically serve WebP version when possible
  • Allow image lazy loading
  • Support image meta removal
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#13 Kraken.io Image Optimizer by Karim Salman

Kraken.io Image Optimizer

Kraken.io Image Optimizer is a plugin that helps optimize images on your site. It is like many other plugins in the same field and function but also has multiple standing out features.

First and foremost, Kraken.io Image Optimizer optimizes all images that are uploaded through the media uploader. The plugin also provides optimization for your generated thumbnails. You can freely set the width and height for the image resizing. It results in the prevention of unnecessary large dimensions uploaded on your site and downsamples artifacts as well as the production of a sharper image. Kraken.io Image Optimizer provides options to preserve the data of a photo. Copyright, date, geotag, orientation, and EXIF data can be preserved as your wish. You do not need to rotate the image manually with Kraken.io Image Optimizer. All images are automatically oriented based on EXIF orientation value of the photo. Besides, Kraken.io API key and secret are free to use on any websites.

Kraken.io Image Optimizer supports lossless and intelligent optimization for JPEG, PNG, and GIF, with both new upload and existing files. The plugin is compatible with several websites and does not require installation of binaries. Get Kraken.io Image Optimizer for free and enjoy large size image optimization up to 32MB now!

Features Highlights

  • Optimize images uploaded through media uploader
  • Allow optional resizing with customizable dimensions
  • Allow optional data preservation
  • Provide automatic image orientation
  • Allow multisite usage of Kraken.io API key and secret
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#14 WP Clean Up Optimizer by Tech Banker

WP Clean Up Optimizer

In addition to optimizing your WordPress sites and blogs, Clean Up Optimizer will also remove obsolete data from the database. It is an effective tool to clean your database automatically and to make it run as efficiently as possible.

WP Clean Up Optimizer brings to its users make a long list of handy features in both standard and premium edition. In the standard version, the plugin lets you manually remove all of the data on your Wordpress sites. You are also able to optimize the database tables and preview them manually. This makes it easy for you to verify if your data is complete and valid or check what columns are connected with each other. Clean Up Optimizer allows you to manage trackbacks and comments as well as removing spam comments, if any. One powerful feature from this plugin is the ability to restrict login attempts to increase your website's security from brute force attacks. The plugin itself will detect IP addresses with suspicious login retries and block them for you.

Clean Up Optimizer is an effective tool to clean up data and databases that helps to optimize or minimize WordPress data and load Websites fast. Without going to phpMyAdmin, you can plan your clean, optimize, delete and repair your website and data. 

Features Highlights

  • Manually clean up WordPress Data
  • Manually Optimize Database Tables
  • Preview Database Tables
  • Manage Trackbacks and Comments
  • Limit login attempts
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#15 reSmush.it Image Optimizer by ReSmush.it

reSmush.it Image Optimizer

reSmush.it Image Optimizer is plugin that provides a very basic solution for image optimization that helps save space and improve your site loading speed.

reSmush.it Image Optimizer optimizes images based on reSmush.it API and advanced algorithms. This API allows you to optimize JPG, PNG and GIF files. The plugin supports the optimization toward heavy-weight images. It accepts the files up to 5MB with no payment required. With reSmush.it Image Optimizer, you can change the level of optimization as wish. The default level is set at 92, but you can change it to fit with your need. You can also exclude pictures that you do not want to optimize just by changing the option. The reversion of already optimized images is supported as well to get back your original images. This function is due to the copy that reSmush.it Image Optimizer creates for the optimization. The plugin only performs optimizations on copies of your original images.

reSmush.it Image Optimizer includes a bulk operation to shorten the operation procedure. With the trust from multiple websites toward the plugin, reSmush.it Image Optimizer is worth to try and experience.

Features Highlights

  • Reduce image size of JPG
  • PNG and GIF
  • Accept file size up to 5MB
  • Customizable image optimization level is supported
  • Allow exclusion and reversion of images from optimization
  • Create copies of original to optimize
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#16 Optimus by KeyCDN


If you want to enhance website performance by saving kilobytes from images, try Optimus for a potential solution.

First and foremost, Optimus helps reduce the file size to save the capacity of your page. Optimus sends uploading images to the Optimus server to process into optimized form. Thus, your media library will receive a reduced file size afterward. Optimus will optimize all previews of a photo on your site. The whole process is conducted outside the user’s view and returns in result the image compression. You do not need to make any changes into codes. Optimus will do the whole process without requiring the code adjustment. Besides, the information which is saved by processing programs and not necessary for the display will be extracted. Hence, the image quality maintains the same while the sized is remarkably reduced. Furthermore, the adjustment toward EXIF and copyright info of the photo is optional. You can choose to keep all of this information, or just remove them all.

Optimus also supports bulk optimization, WooCommerce and progressive JPEGs. The plugin gives you options toward using HTTPS connection in transferring images, converting to the WebP or deactivating the automatic mode of optimization during uploading. No files are stored after the process, so do not worry about your privacy. Just get Optimus for free and enjoy your page load performing well!

Features Highlights

  • Reduce file size during upload
  • Optimize all preview images
  • Do not require code adjustment
  • Extract superfluous information from image files
  • Provide options to keep EXIF data of your images
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#17 Robin image optimizer by Webcraftic

Robin image optimizer

You are struggling with plodding website and seeking for professional support? Robin image optimizer might become your light at the end of tunnel with useful support.

To begin with, Robin image optimizer uses Cron in image optimizing. There is no wait for the incomplete optimizing image, several images will be optimized in the background. The plugin also provides manual mass optimization where you can choose a number of images to optimize and wait until the process is ended. Before the optimization starts, Robin image optimizer will create a backup your original images. After the optimization, you can restore lost images from the backup, or optimize them again with different options. Besides, there are three modes of compression, including normal, regular and high. The higher the compression is, the more quality impact and the lighter weight the image has. Hence, you can consider the mode to be fit with your requirement. Last but not least, Robin image optimizer supplies you with detailed statistics for better-optimized image management.

Robin image optimizer supports no limitation in optimization, optimization on boot and weight reduction for a pre-optimization image. With all features of Robin image optimizer, it is hoped that you can speed up your page load with lighter images.

Features Highlights

  • Use Cron in automatic optimization
  • Provide manual mass optimization
  • Support image backup before optimizing process
  • Three modes of compression are available
  • Provide statistics in detail
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#18 JCH Optimize by Samuel Marshall

JCH Optimize

With JCH Optimize, boost the WordPress website instantly! The plugin provides all improvements on the front end to boost the download speed of your website.

The fundamental features from JCH Optimize are the webcode combination and minification, as well as optimizing the web load time to improve your site's performance. The HTML, Javascript and CSS files are able to be aggregated and minified. You can also generate sprite to combine background images. You will have an option to load combined javascript files asynchronously which means that the content is loaded only when it's in the browser's viewpoint. Lazy loading images also works in the same way but for pictures. By doing this, the site's load time will be improved to avoid letting your users await. Moreover, another method to enhance your page speed is to optimize CSS Delivery to prevent render blocking.

The optimizations are applied by the plugin automatically by means of configuration, reducing both the size of your webpage and the number of HTTP queries to load your webpages faster and reduce your server load and bandwidth.

Features Highlights

  • Combine and minify HTML
  • javascript
  • CSS files
  • Generate sprite to combine background images
  • Load combined javascript file asynchronously
  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Lazy load images supported
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#19 Image Optimizer by 10Web

Image Optimizer

If you are worry about plentiful of high quality images on your site making the load speed slow down, then do not hesitate to get Image Optimizer to have better page performance.

Image Optimizer allows you to resize, compress and optimize multiple formats of image file. The function is applied for PNG, JPG, GIF and even PDF if you are ready to pay more. The quality is maintained after the whole process to keep the best visual performance. There are three methods of compression being supported by Image Optimizer. Lossless method helps you resize images while maintain the quality while Lossy method minimizes the loss during compression process. The Maximum Lossy compression is available for paid version with the best result in return. Image Optimizer can apparently optimize newly upload images and existing ones. The bulk optimization option is available to allow you to optimize several images at one click. Image Optimizer also provides three modes of compression including conservative, balanced and extreme. The statistics of Image Optimizer helps you in manage the number of optimized images, time of last optimization and the saved space afterwards.

If you are ready to pay, Image Optimizer can give you more features such as schedule optimization, larger number of optimized images and Extreme compression. Otherwise, Image Optimizer still gives you the best support of image optimization for better page performance with a free version.

Features Highlights

  • Resize
  • compress and optimize several file formats
  • Three different methods of compression are available
  • Optimize both new and existing images
  • Provide three modes of compression
  • Provide statistics for image management
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#20 WP Compress | Image Optimizer for WordPress by WP Compress

WP Compress | Image Optimizer for WordPress

If you are looking for an effortless plugin to use in image optimization field, then try WP Compress for the great support of automation.

First and foremost, WP Compress is standing out with its Autopilot mode. Once you install WP Compress, no maintenance is required after the setup is done. The Autopilot mode will automatically check and optimize your images. No matter how many thumbnails are generated, WP Compress will optimize them all for free. Full-sized images as well as alternative sizes are all accepted in this plugin. WP Compress supports cloud backup for all of your original photos unlimitedly. There is no limitation for file size and expiration date. With just one click, you can restore your original images any when you want. Besides, WP Compress supplies you with three levels of compression including lossless, intelligent and ultra. Consequently, you can save up to 70 percent of space on your site and increase loading speed. Last but not least, WP Compress sends you detailed compression reports for management action. You can take the credit for a faster loading website.

WP Compress provides you a full solution for management with monthly quotas, centralized management portal and remote configuration in addition. Like many other plugins, WP Compress support bulk optimization and restore, EXIF data preservation and agency image optimization. Get WP Compress for free and enjoy not only image optimization but a great solution for management!

Features Highlights

  • Support autopilot mode for optimization
  • Optimize thumbnails for free
  • Support cloud backup and restore with no limitation
  • Provide compression reports in detail
  • Provide 3 levels of compression
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#21 Hakros Images Optimizer by Hakros

Hakros Images Optimizer

Image size reduction is definitely the concern of web builders when it can affect page performance. Hakros Images Optimizer is a suggestion for anyone who is looking for a powerful plugin.

Hakros Images Optimizer is specially built to compress the two popular formats of images which are JPG and PNG. The format of photo and picture will be maintained as the origin after the optimization process is done. Hakros Images Optimizer supplies you with incredible ratio to compress your images as well. The compression can result in your image lighter up to 95 percent of file size. A lot of space on your site will be saved by this way and helps speed up the page load. Along with the compression process, you can choose to change the resolution of images. It is available to make your image sharper or just maintain the original resolution as you wish. Last but not least, multiple images can be optimized at once by using batch process. Just one click and you can enjoy the mass compression applied to your images.

Hakros Images Optimizer sets no limitation for file size, so you do not need to use another to scale down your images at first. Just get Hakros Images Optimizer and experience the great support in image size reduction.

Features Highlights

  • Accept JPG and PNG image formats
  • Provide great compression ratio
  • Support remarkable compression
  • Allow to change original image resolution
  • Provide batch optimization process
Price: 10
Rating: 4 / 5

#22 A2 Optimized WP by A2 Hosting

A2 Optimized WP

A2 Optimized is designed to speed up and secure your website quickly and easily by downloading and setting up several well-known stable plugins by clicking on a few keys. Achieve your website higher load rates and happy clients.

A2 Optimized splits it down to the most useful optimizations and configures W3 Full Cache for the most common hosting environments automatically. With W3 Total Cache, it will enable page, object and database caching with copies of common database queries on disk to speed up page rendering. The plugin will automatically remove excess white space and comments from HTML pages to compress their size. At the same time, it also condenses CSS and JS files into non readable compressed files for a single download. With A2 Optimized WP, You are able to compress files before transferring them to reduce the bandwidth required to load the web pages. Ultimately, you have the option to deny direct access to sensitive files like comment forms so that bots cannot submit them.

Any server which supports WordPress will work for A2 Optimized. However, this plugin offers a number of other useful resources to speed up the loading of your website if it is hosted on an A2 Hosting server.

Features Highlights

  • Cache with W3 Total Cache
  • Minify HTML Pages
  • CSS and JS files
  • Compress Gzip and reduce bandwidth
  • Deny direct access to comment forms
  • Lock editing of plugins and themes
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#23 CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer by CheetahO

CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer

CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer is just as like its name with the lighting fast service and support.

To begin with, CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer uses CheetahO server to optimize images. All optimizations are sent to CheetahO and pulled back to your site after the process is done. Every image uploaded through media uploader will be optimized as well as its generated thumbnails. The plugin optimizes not only newly upload images but also the existing ones. You can choose to optimize them individually, or use bulk optimization provided by CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer to mass optimization. The maximum value of width and height is customizable when you can change them in the setting. CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer will use algorithm and fast server to speed up the compression and optimization. The images will be compressed into two modes of optimization, you can select lossless or lossy in detail.

CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer accepts JPEG, PNG and GIF formats as well as requires a CheetahO key which can be obtained from CheetahO panel. This key is supported to be used on multiple blogs and websites without per-site license. More than just optimizing images, CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer helps your site like by search engines, get the plugin for free and enjoy better SEO performance!

Features Highlights

  • Send images to CheetahO to optimize
  • Support uploaded images and generated thumbnails optimization
  • Support bulk optimization
  • Allow maximum dimension specification
  • Provide 2 optimization modes
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#24 Clean Up Booster by Tech Banker

Clean Up Booster

Clean Up Booster is an outstanding high-quality plugin for WordPress, helping you to clean out the obsolete server information. Clean Up Booster is a lossless method for improving the backend of WordPress fast and easily and reducing the loading time.

As you provide information on your posts to your users, there are comments meta or post meta becoming orphan and not belonging in any post or comments. They are not useful at all, and you should clean them with Clean Up Booster. Clean Up Booster can view, delete, drop, optimize, repair the data in tables which is stored in Databases without using phpMyAdmin access. The same thing should be done with pingbacks, trackbacks and transient options. This plugin is available with the premium version with several handy tools to securitize your website. For instance, you can limit the maximum number of login attempts for each user to avoid the brute force attack. Moreover, you are able to block IP address with suspicious activities or keeping track of your users, both logged in or trying to.

In a nutshell, Clean Up booster is a great plugin to invest in if looking to improve site speed and protect your site from attack threats. Also, With Clean Up Booster, you can let go of the outworn and also unused data from the database.

Features Highlights

  • Clean orphan comments meta and posts meta
  • Remove pingbacks
  • trackbacks and transient options
  • Limit login attempts for each user
  • Automatically block IP
  • Keep track of users
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#25 SEO Image Optimizer by Weblizar

SEO Image Optimizer

Being worry about the low SEO rank of your site? The reason may lie in images on your site, try SEO Image Optimizer for the better page performance.

First and foremost, SEO Image Optimizer compresses and resizes images on your site. With lighter images, the page load speed would definitely be improved in a remarkable way. The plugin also supports to display optimized images on your posts. After being resized, optimized images will be used in your post instead of the original ones which are heavyweight. During the compression process, SEO Image Optimizer will send you messages tooltips for better user support. Regarding the SEO crawling, SEO Image Optimizer replaces the title and alt tag of images. With new title and tag, your images will be more SEO friendly and help your site frequently appear on the search engine. SEO Image Optimizer also provides Bootstrap-based responsive plugin settings panel for better experience toward users.

SEO Image Optimizer supports multisite, responsive design for dashboard and complete plugin documentation. The plugin is compatible with major browsers and WordPress theme with user-friendly guidance and interface. Do not hesitate to try SEO Image Optimizer and experience SEO rank support!

Features Highlights

  • Insert title and tag for SEO-friendly image
  • Support resized images for post
  • Support message tooltips
  • Boost up load speed by compressing images
  • Provide Bootstrap based setting panel
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#26 Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress by Lanacodes

Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress

If you are seeking for a solution to save storage space of your site, then try Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress for a better experience in image optimization.

To begin with, Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress accepts several popular formats of image. JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF files can be all compressed by Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress. Even the PJPEG files are accepted by this plugin. Your images will be compressed and converted into the small size with JPG format. You can enable the automatic mode of Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress save your action in optimization. All your new images will be optimized when you upload them to your site. For existing images, you can use batch compression to shorten the process. Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress allows multiple images to be optimized at once. Besides, you can use the plugin on multiple websites as you wish.

Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress can be considered as a powerful plugin with WordPress and Media Library compatible. Easy to use, Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress is worth to try with comfortable experience.

Features Highlights

  • Accept several popular image formats
  • Convert images uploaded into small size JPG
  • Provide automatic mode
  • Allow batch compression process
  • Support usage on multiple sites
Price: 10
Rating: 5 / 5

#27 Autoclear Autoptimize Cache by Theme Surgeons

Autoclear Autoptimize Cache

The Autoclear Autoptimize Cache plugin is absolutely an ideal plugin that auto-optimizes performances on WordPress. As you might have already known, among other features, Autoptimize creating and building cached versions will decrease page loading times, which all website builders all need.

In detail, this plugin will provide a companion plugin to set the maximum allowable cache file size for your site, which means that when the size is exceeded, it will automatically clear your Autoptimize cache and enable it to rebuild itself. You will be surprised at how simple this plugin can do for you in one process. First and foremost, you just have to navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard, then go to Settings and also the Autoptimize Cache Settings. Subsequently, just simply choose from one of the available Maximum cache file size options which are from the select menu and click on the Save Changes button. That's all. What is more, you will be able to release the initial stable versions of it. In addition, you can also insert a time-based WP_Cron setting that will clear cache every few days, week, month. You should not miss out on the Internationalization improvements that have been added to this plugin.

On the whole, Autoclear Autoptimize Cache is a perfect plugin for those who want to automatically clear Autoptimize cache if it grows larger then the allowed option. Hence, Download this plugin now and you will see how amazing it can be.

Features Highlights

  • Set maximum allowable cache file size
  • Support releasing first stable versions
  • Able to add a time-based WPCron setting
  • Internationalization improvements supported
  • Allow Autoptimize cache to rebuild itself
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#28 Easy Image Optimizer by Exactly WWW

Easy Image Optimizer

The few visitors come to your site, the worse SEO rank is. Since it has become the concern of many people, Easy Image Optimizer will give you a potential solution.

Easy Image Optimizer allows you to optimize all of your images by just one click. The button to activate the function is in the setting, you just need to switch it on, and Easy Image Optimizer will finish the whole process. The plugin supports encoding and resizing images toward the optimization. By this way, the efficiency of the process is enhanced. Easy Image Optimizer also supplies your site with lazy loading to defer offscreen images. It will result in the loading speed of your site be improved. Moreover, Easy Image Optimizer will automatically create the WebP version of all optimized images to increase your site speed further. With the emphasis on speed, Easy Image Optimizer uses the method of replacing image URLs with cloud-based URLs to deliver faster optimization.

Easy Image Optimizer goes beyond your expectation when it not only optimizes images but also enhances the speed of your CSS, JavaScript, and font resources. Install Easy Image Optimizer for free and get the complete optimization for your site!

Features Highlights

  • Provide one-click optimization
  • Support encoding and sizing images
  • Include lazy loading support
  • Provide automatic WebP version of optimized images
  • Replace image URLs with cloud-based URLs
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#29 Image Compressor & Optimizer by ILoveIMG

Image Compressor & Optimizer

Image Compressor & Optimizer by iLoveIMG is a powerful plugin to satisfy all your optimization needs with stunning features.

First and foremost, Image Compressor & Optimizer supplies you with the maximum level of image compression which is lossy method. The result will come out with sharp images as origins but lighter weight. You can turn on the automatic compression function of Image Compressor & Optimizer to enjoy the automation. Every image uploaded to the media folder will be automatically optimized. Moreover, images that are not included in your libraries but on your site will be compressed all. With bulk optimization, you can compress both old and new images within just a few minutes. A batch of images will be optimized at once with this feature. Image Compressor & Optimizer accepts the most popular images formats to be optimized. JPG, PNG, and GIF are all accepted for the best optimization.

Image Compressor & Optimizer is compatible with many other plugins such as Watermarking, WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery. Consequently, the plugin indirectly supports SEO and multiple eCommerce websites in site development. Lighter images for faster page load, just install Image Compressor & Optimizer and enhance customers' experience of your site.

Features Highlights

  • Provide lossy compression method
  • Enable automatic compression in option
  • Support image compression for inside and outside libraries
  • Provide batch compression
  • Accept popular image formats
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#30 RO Marketing PRO by Redolive

RO Marketing PRO

RO Marketing PRO created by redolive is suitable for sale department, marketing department and website developers. The plugin will assist you in managing your system better.

There are a lot of noticeable features of this plugin. RO Marketing PRO adds various types of tags such as Google Analytics tags and Google Optimize tags, Crazy Egg tags, LiveChat tags, LinkedIn Insight tags, and Facebook Conversion tag. These tags will definitely help you to improve the interaction between your website and customers. Second, the creative team takes the brightest team SEOs, CROs, PPCs, Email Specialist, and maps out onsite WordPress needs. The plugin reduces tag setup time from 15 hours to 10 minutes. RO Marketing PRO uses ONE plugin instead of 16+ plugins. The plugin is better than manually adding tags to site code because your tags can't be overwritten. Last but not least, RO Marketing PRO increases security, causes fewer compatibility issues, and saves you time from having to update so many plugins.

In addition, RO Marketing PRO also stops comment spam, provides media library file renaming, clears expired sessions automatically, and opens external links in a new tab. Regarding all good points, why don't you download the plugin now?

Features Highlights

  • Add Google Analytics Tag
  • Add Google Optimize Tag
  • Add Crazy Egg Tag
  • Integrate MailChimp Newsletter Subscription Form
  • Open external tag in new tabs
Price: 100
Rating: 4 / 5

#31 Optimize Scripts & Styles by Seismic Pixels

Optimize Scripts & Styles

Optimize the JavaScript and CSS files on your page, merging, processing and saving them. Optimize Scripts & Styles reduces the number of files you have created and the overall size of these files tends to increase the site's overall performance and experience.

JavaScript (JS) and CSS files may become negatives when it comes to serving your pages. Web servers and browsers can create additional network traffic without providing any functional benefit. So combine and minify all JavaScript and CSS that is enqueued with Optimize Scripts & Styles. All of the optimized files will then be stored in the cache folder for a higher page speed score. What's more, from this plugin, you are even able to enable caching for your logged-in users. As it is suggested from the name, this plugin provides you the option to remove or ignore the scripts and styles. Moreover, you will have the ability to clear the scripts and styles for HTML validation.

This plugin is a great optimization tool for any purpose. For developers, this plugin helps you to keep copies of application topics and plugins uncompressed for clients. For SEO users, this reduces the number of scripts to your site visitors that are included and uploaded or increases your PageSpeed score in particular.

Features Highlights

  • Combine and minify Javascript and CSS
  • Store optimized files in cache folder
  • Enable for logged in users
  • Remove or ignore enqueued scripts and styles
  • Remove script type attributes
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#32 MegaOptim Image Optimizer by MegaOptim

MegaOptim Image Optimizer

When photos with high resolution start to affect your site loading speed and performance, a plugin to optimize images is the solution. MegaOptim Image Optimizer can satisfy all your needs and even give more support.

MegaOptim Image Optimizer provides three different levels of compression, including ultra, intelligent, and lossless. Each level will result in different weight loss of your images so you can consider which is suitable for your requirement. MegaOptim Image Optimizer supports bulk optimization for multiple media libraries such as Media Library, NextGen Libraries, Envira, and so on. With just one click, you can optimize all images in your libraries. The function also works with folders in your hosting account. You can choose which folders to optimize as you wish. The auto-optimization for libraries mentioned above is also supported by MegaOptim Image Optimizer. The plugin will check and optimize your new image in the libraries. With MegaOptim Image Optimizer, statistics for WebP, thumbnail, backup, and subaccount are sent to you. Information of converted WebP images, thumbnail version to choose, module of backup management or client site and so on will be informed in specific reports. Last but not least, MegaOptim Image Optimizer supplies you with option to remove EXIF data of photos. You can also change the option to keep EXIF data if you want.

MegaOptim Image Optimizer supports Cloudflare, WordPress Multisite, sites with password-protected, HTTP with authentication and HTTPS also. The plugin gives you options to enable CMYK to RGB conversion, specify dimensions of optimized images; supports WP Retina 2x integration, and are compatible with many other plugins. Get MegaOptim Image Optimizer for free and experience great support in image optimization now!

Features Highlights

  • Provide 3 different levels of optimization
  • Support bulk optimization for custom folders and libraries
  • Support automatic optimization for several media libraries
  • Provide management for WebP
  • thumbnail
  • backup and subaccount
  • Provide option to keep EXIF data or remove it
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#33 WP htaccess Optimize (beta) by Florian Luce

WP htaccess Optimize (beta)

Each millisecond counts, clients expect a website ever better, with an expected loading time of less than two seconds. They're going to leave if they don't get that from your page. WP htaccess Optimize is here to help you to make your site run super fast.

Typically, WP htaccess Optimize will optimize your Wordpress sites by bringing you options to choose from. You may want to stop folders from indexing without index.php. This will help your site to have better performance. Don't cause an important item of database or operating system data to be attacked. Switch off server signature with this plugin before a hacker targets your server. As you know, WordPress has some sensitive files, which can break the whole website, it's essential to secure such files. With WP htaccess Optimize, you can do it with just a click. Other methods you can do to increase your site's security include protecting author links and protecting against file injections to avoid exposure to attack threats.

With WP htaccess Optimize, you can easily optimize the performance of your site by configuring your htaccess in bit clicks. It is powerful yet simple and works perfectly even on mobile devices.

Features Highlights

  • Prevent indexing of folders
  • Disable server signature
  • Block sensitive files
  • Protect author link
  • Protect against file injections
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

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Top 33+ wordpress Optimize Apps

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