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19+ Best wordpress Form Builder Apps in 2024

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    Sam Thomas

19+ Best Shopify Form Builder Apps from hundreds of the Form Builder reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Form Builder does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Form Builder app collection is ranked and result in July 23, 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Form Builder apps or alternatives to Form Builder also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Form Builder Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
Ninja FormsNinja Forms0
WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms BuilderWP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder33
Calculated Fields FormCalculated Fields Form0
Formidable Forms Builder for WordPressFormidable Forms Builder for WordPress0
Visual Form BuilderVisual Form Builder0
Super FormsSuper Forms36

#1 Quform by ThemeCatcher


Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin, which enables you to quickly and easily build multiple forms with total control. With a few clicks, you can get a fully functional form as this plugin is made with drag-and-drop and one-click functionality and many other options and settings for the users as well.

First of all, this plugin includes the new 19 element types like Text, Textarea, Email, Select menu, Checkboxes and so on. Furthermore, you are able to view submitted form entries inside the WordPress admin and also get the submitted form data via an email on Quform. If you want to get rid of spam, this plugin totally supports you with its 3 CAPTCHA options: honeypot, image, and reCAPTCHA for you to choose from. Not only that, this plugin is made to ensure that you will get a great outlook for your form. If you are an advanced user, I'm pretty sure that you will not be disappointed with the flexibility of the Quform’s styling features as you can have total control of your form design and plenty of layout options so you can take it as far as you like.

Just feel free to give this plugin a try because if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can contact us within 7 days of your purchase and we will send your money back. Your request will be honored by us and we are always willing to hear responses from you to bring you the most pleasing experience on Quform.

Features Highlights

  • Provide 19 elements types
  • Able viewing submitted form entries and get submitted form data
  • Support with 3 Captcha options
  • Give the total control of your form design
  • 6 optional filters to strip unwanted submitted data
Price: 29
Rating: 4 / 5

#2 FormCraft by NCrafts


The FormCraft plugin is considered to be the most complete, flexible & customizable Drag & Drop Form Builder tool for WordPress on the market with its familiar drag & drop style of editing and many other features.

For starters, this FormCraft is absolutely a breeze-to-use plugin as it allows you to work in a clean GUI environment by just simply dragging the item you need from the menu and dropping it in place on the form you have chosen. Everything is Drag and Drop, and even building items at the top, text fields in the nav to the right are totally possible. Also, you can extend functionality beyond the basic, or take your existing Payment Gateways and integrate them with your forms with a long list of Addons available and free including MailChimp, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor. This plugin is among the latest fourth generation form builder platform, it will give you the ability to embed forms to ‘popup’ on any page or trigger a form using an existing element on a page. In addition to that, the conditional logic will allow you to show or hide fields, send emails, trigger integrations or use math expressions to update a live shopping cart and many more.

Under circumstances that you aren’t satisfied with our product, we will offer a 10-day refund for you so that just feel free to hit the Purchase button and enjoy our incredible Premium WordPress Form Builder - FormCraft.

Features Highlights

  • Allow to work in clean GUI environment
  • Able to extend functionality beyond the basic in Add-Ons Galore
  • Support with efficient Conditional Logic system
  • Multiple layers of customization available
  • Support real-time web form analytics with form views and submissions
Price: 36
Rating: 4 / 5

#3 Ninja Forms by The WP Ninjas

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is an absolutely ultimate and free Contact Form for creation tools on WordPress. Thanks to this plugin, building forms within minutes using our simple, yet powerful, drag-and-drop form creator is just a piece of cake, even for beginners and experienced developers.

To begin with, when you complete a form on Ninja Forms, it will give you some extra information with a success message or redirect them elsewhere. Then, when the form is processed, it will email the form data to administrators or users. While making a form, it's your privilege to manage, edit, and export form user submissions from the convenience of the WordPress dashboard, without any limitations on the number of forms, fields, emails, actions, or submissions. Also, this plugin will solve your worrying problem about some spamming matters, because this plugin provides anti-spam field options such as Google reCaptcha, Akismet, question/response fields, and honeypot fields by default.

In conclusion, this Ninja Forms plugin is a great choice in making forms on Wordpress as it requires no coding knowledge to get the quick and easy steps in designing complex forms and also the opportunities to utilize built-in hooks, filters, and even custom field templates to do whatever you need at any step.

Features Highlights

  • Include forms
  • fields
  • emails
  • actions
  • or submissions
  • Include additional information with a success message or redirect option
  • Email the form data to administrators or users after the form is processed
  • Provide many anti-spam field options
  • Include various dedicated fields for emails
  • phone numbers
  • addresses
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#4 WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder by Loopus

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

The WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder is a unique solution for selling any type of service or product including applications, websites, graphics, SEO, pets, lunar fragments or many things else with so many awesome features.

To begin with, this plugin works with the WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads that allows you to create a gift creator or a smart product pack generator with ease. Also, your selected products can be automatically added to the cart at the end of the form. In addition to that, the powerful booking system provided on this plugin also helps managing your calendars, events, and reminders right from the backend. Just assign a specific calendar to a date picker of your form then it will help you to register new events automatically. What is more, WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder is also can do distance calculations as well as complex custom calculations, using powerful and intuitive visual tools so that your customers can get a precise estimate of their request or directly do payment using Paypal, Razorpay or Stripe. One of the special things in this plugin is that it allows hiding all prices from the form and emails so that it can be used as a classical form.

On the whole, with so many incredible features included, the WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder plugin deserves to be the five-star plugin for most Wordpress users.

Features Highlights

  • Allow to make Paypal
  • Razorpay and Stripe payments
  • Work well with the WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads
  • Help managing calendars
  • events and reminders directly
  • Allow hiding all prices from the form
  • Enable the Google analytics support
Price: 33
Rating: 4 / 5

#5 eForm by WPQuark


This eForm plugin is known as a premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin for complete form management solution, quizzes, surveys, data collection, payment or cost estimation and user feedback of all kinds. I believe that this advanced and flexible form builder can be integrated well into your existing WordPress site.

To begin with, this plugin is designed with the quick and easy drag and drop form builder so that you can build unlimited forms and manage them from your admin dashboard. With the help of eForm v3.6, you can let your user login, register, update metadata and/or submit guest blogging from eForm. Then, all submissions you made are stored in your eForm database, to be viewed, tracked, analyzed and acted on the data you have captured at your disposal. What is more, the mathematical tools are also well-supported on this plugin, which will help you estimate cost and finalize payments. For example, when you look at the quizzes, you have a separate scoring system, you will be able to collect payment before you calculate and show the scoring certificate to users.

On the whole, this eForm plugin is a perfect combination of style and functionality that is packed with all the elements you need, clean and elegant elements to serve you the best.

Features Highlights

  • Provide Multi-Criteria Conditional Logic
  • Easily control your forms with the help of eFrom v3.6
  • Provide all the previous made submissions in your eForm database
  • Support mathematical tools to estimate cost and finalize payments
  • Able to view and configure detailed statistics
  • charts
  • graphs and graphics
Price: 39
Rating: 4 / 5

#6 Calculated Fields Form by CodePeople

Calculated Fields Form

The Calculated Fields Form plugin is a great solution for those who want to create forms with dynamically calculated fields to show the calculated values.

First of all, this plugin can bring you an Easy and Visual Calculator Interface, which includes a form builder for adding or editing different field types, and also one or more automatically calculated fields according to the data entered in other fields. Then, both single and complex calculations are allowed to be calculated on this plugin, from the general calculators, ideal weight calculators to calorie calculators, or date calculators like pregnancy calculators, and so on. Furthermore, you are supported by a wide range of field types, namely, drop-down, checkboxes, radio buttons, dates, and numbers. If you want to mix text and numbers into a field, that is totally possible when it has a separate visual “text” and a hidden “value” linked to each test.

Lately, there are still many other awesome features added to this Calculated Fields Form plugin, like the Dependent fields, the Multi-page calculated forms, or the new validations, fields types and features in the form builder and many more. I believe that once you utilized this plugin, you will not regret downloading it.

Features Highlights

  • Designed with Easy and Visual Calculator Interface
  • Allow both single and complex calculations
  • Supported by a wide range of field types
  • Able to mix text and numbers into a fields
  • Enable smart automatic number and prices identification
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#7 Formidable Forms Builder for WordPress by Strategy11

Formidable Forms Builder for WordPress

The Formidable Forms plugin, which is built to offer you the solutions-focused WordPress form plugin on the market. Not only that we have our drag & drop WordPress form builder plugin to create contact forms, surveys, quiz forms, registration forms, payment forms, purchase forms, email marketing forms, calculator forms, but also many other features that you will be overwhelmed while using.

For starters, what we do is to focus solely on building Contact Forms so that we try to enable our users to push the limits and create complex forms quickly with our optimized for speed and maximum server performance. From building a contact form on your own site to an advanced form for your client, this plugin will nail the task easily. Plus, you are able to view all your Contact Form and survey entries right from your Wordpress Dashboard as this plugin automatically stores their response in your WordPress database. Then, you can get the complete leads to other services like MailChimp, or configure unlimited form email notifications and autoresponders and so on. About payment, we did offer flawless integration with PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net, for you to create order forms and purchase forms with our Drag & Drop form builder, so don't worry about that.

Besides, there are still so many other incredible features that this Formidable Forms plugin can do for you. Like the Advanced Form Styler that it has, the Smart Surveys and Beautiful Reports that it provides, the Powerful Quiz Forms & Calculators that it includes in contact forms and many more.

Features Highlights

  • Optimized for speed and maximum server performance
  • Provide Complete Entry Management for Contact Forms and Surveys
  • Designed to be a Form Maker Plugin with an Advanced Form Styler
  • Built with Smart Surveys and Beautiful Reports
  • Accept Credit Cards and Easily Collect Payments
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#8 ARForms by Reputeinfosystems


The ARForms is known as one of the top-selling WordPress form builder plugins that will help you build your own finest WordPress forms within just minutes without any coding experience needed. It is capable of creating any type of form, not only just limited to the Wordpress contact form only.

For starters, the new UI is equipped in this plugin, with a view to give users a real-time experience and also lightning speed in processing your forms. Additionally, this ARForms plugin comes with the fully-featured multi-column facility, which includes the option to resize any column by just simply dragging the border between fields on your website. Not only that, this plugin is among one of the very few form builder plugins that offer a true material style forms, for example, the rounded and standard style forms and many more. If you are finding your way in making multi-step or survey style forms, ARForms is totally a sophisticated solution that gives you complete flexibility to create forms that suit your needs.

That's not all, the powerful capability that allows you to set conditions on form fields to show or hide, enable/disable, or prepopulate a set value, based on the input values of other fields is also one of this plugin's strength. So, try to use this plugin and you will find yourself more and more incredible features ahead.

Features Highlights

  • Allows you to set conditions on form fields
  • Equipped with the new UI
  • Able to resize any column by simply dragging the border between fields
  • Bring the true material style forms for users
  • Supports 09 of the most popular email marketing systems
Price: 39
Rating: 4 / 5

#9 Visual Form Builder by Matthew Muro

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder is exactly an ideal plugin that enables you to build and manage all types of forms for your website in a single place. With the help of this plugin, I'm pretty sure that building a fully functional contact form just only takes a few minutes from you, at the same time, you don’t have to write one bit of PHP, CSS, or HTML!

For starters. this is a simple, yet effective, a logic-based plugin with the qualified anti-SPAM system. As it automatically equips Spam Protection on every form and utilizes a simple and accessible, yet effective, text CAPTCHA in the verification system. Specifically, this plugin will send a customized email to the user after a user submits a form, which automatically includes a copy of the user’s entry. Plus, it provides multiple Field Types like the Fieldset, Section, Text input, Textarea, Checkbox, Radio, Select dropdown and so many more. For the field layout options, this plugin also provides you multiple ones that you can arrange your fields in two, three, or a mixture of columns. Also, with the one-click form duplication, it's never been that easy for you to copy a form you’ve already built to save time. When you are done with your form entries, they will be automatically stored in your WordPress database.

On the whole, there is hardly a flaw that you can find on this wonderful Visual Form Builder plugin in building and managing forms on your website. Let's hit the "Download" button and enjoy your time without paying any cost.

Features Highlights

  • Designed with logic-based plugin and qualified anti-SPAM system
  • Notification Emails are always available
  • Provide multiple field options
  • Enable One-click form duplicatiom
  • Manage form entries in the WordPress dashboard
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 Super Forms by Feeling4design

Super Forms

The Super Forms plugin is considered to be the one and only user-friendly plugin that you will ever need for your contact forms. Apart from the unlimited options provided, I believe that you will be able to create any kind of forms with other awesome features, namely, conditional logic, Multipart elements and customizable options and settings and many more.

For starters, with the enhanced Conditional Logic provided, you will be able to set conditions on form fields such as show or hide, enable or disable, or prepopulate a set value, based on the input values of other fields, and of course, no technical knowledge needed to build sophisticated forms. Plus, there are a wide variety of elements, customizable options and settings to adjust any color of any element to fit your needs on this Super Forms plugin. No matter what theme you have installed, Super Forms will fit with its color scheme functionality right away. If you are stuck with the ideas of how your work will be performed, don't worry because we have already included more than 57 ready-to-use forms and examples for you. About the Translation Ready, this plugin is set in multi-language that will translate to any other language from both Front and Backed.

What is more, there are many other stunning features that are waiting for you to figure out, namely, the Column and Grid System, the Hidden Fields, the Email Auto Responder and etc. Just hit the Purchase button and you will not regret it.

Features Highlights

  • Provide enhanced Conditional Logic system
  • Include more than 57 ready-to-use demos
  • Support various elements
  • customizable options and settings
  • Translation Ready available
  • Able to get Email Auto Responder
Price: 36
Rating: 4 / 5

#11 Smart Forms by RedNao

Smart Forms

The appearance of Smart Forms plugin is for helping to make the process of creating your forms easier so that you can add formulas to calculate totals or even show the fields that you need at your disposal.

For starters, with the Conditional Logic, Smart Forms can easily show and hide fields depending on values in other fields and even allows you to have an all-in-one form all in one place, instead of in multiple pages, of course, it will prevent forms from overwhelming users. Also, this Smart Forms provides you the customizable forms emails that will send the email notification with the information and also format that you want to you. If you want to create stunning and awesome forms, there are tons of icons ready for you to decorate your form. Even more, the Smart donations feature is compatible with this plugin, some options like creating Paypal forms with this plugin.

Hence, with this Smart Forms plugin, you can totally create a beautiful form even when you are not a web designer or javascript programmer as the forms can be added to any post or page only using a shortcode or block.

Features Highlights

  • Able to easily show and hide fields with the Conditional Logic
  • Provide customizable forms emails
  • Tons of icons available to create stunning forms
  • Enable calculations with Calculated forms fields
  • Support Smart Dontions with the Paypal forms compatibility
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#12 Forms by Captainform


CaptainForm is widely known as a user-friendly form builder plugin, which provides advanced functionality in an easy-to-use Drag and Drop interface. Plus, the plugin also requires no add-ons from you, and also all of the features are built-in. This is also an ideal solution for building any type of responsive form or survey such as: order forms, payment forms, registration forms, request forms, application forms, job applications, appointment forms, and more.

For starters, this CaptainForm plugin is well integrated with many apps and payment processors including Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, Active Campaign, SalesForce, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, Sage Pay and some other more. This means that you are freely allowed to create any type of upload form to receive file attachments through your forms and also utilize the form builder to send collected data automatically to a wide range of external services. Additionally, this form is initially built to be fully customizable forms and surveys with more than 25 field types, from the name, email to some other elements like star rating, terms of service and so on. Even more, you still can secure your web forms and submissions best with the advanced security features, which are CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, SSL Encryption, data encryption, IP and country filters available on all plans within the form builder.

When you finish your work with the forms or surveys, you can publish then in multiple ways, such as in posts, in pages, as popups, in widgets or even using the function call. Everything is made sure to serve you in the finest condition.

Features Highlights

  • Well-integrated with many apps and payment processors
  • Designed with more than 25 fields types available
  • Able to secure your web forms and submissions
  • Allow to set up multiple recipients at the same time
  • Allow your customers to save their progress for later
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#13 DHVC Form by SiteSao


The powerful DHVC form plugin is a great tool for Visual Composer, which enables you to create and manage your form with ease. Literally, you are able to build complicated forms within minutes, from the Booking form or just a simple Contact form or Login/Register form with drag and drop form element without the help of a single line of code.

For starters, this plugin requires the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to work with so that it will come with some elements that found in WPBakery Page Builder plugin including Drag and drop form, Easy custom form element templates, responsive and mobile-ready and many more. Plus, the Conditional Logic is also one of DHVC's strength as it allows you to automatically make decisions based on a condition or action that occurred. Additionally, there are about 17 form elements on DHVC Form, such as the Form Text, the Form Email, the Form Color, the Form File and so on, which gives you the freedom in choosing your most suitable one. When you submit your form, you will get the email notification for your form data, also you can have the chance to customize the email body for these notifications too. For security, this plugin supports creating Login, Register, Lost password Form for your account in general and even for the WooCommerce in particular.

That's not all, you can find more incredible features on this DHVC form plugin. So now that you can probably imagine why this plugin is one of the most advanced WordPress form plugins on the market, designed for far more than just contact forms.

Features Highlights

  • Able to choose among more than 17 form elements
  • Support Login
  • Register
  • Lost password Form
  • Send email notifications when submit a form
  • Allow to view submitted form entries inside the WordPress admin
  • Provide Conditional Logic elements
Price: 20
Rating: 4 / 5

#14 BuddyForms by ThemeKraft


This BuddyForms plugin is considered to be an invaluable plugin for communities and networks. Thanks to its simple forms, this plugin makes things easier to encourage members, users, and the community to contribute and engage with your website.

First of all, this BuddyForms plugin is totally approved to be GDPR compliant that the production team has improved our data protection with the Consent Checkbox, the Right to access & to be forgotten and the Privacy by Design. Then, you are able to choose from between over 20 field types, like text, numbers, checkboxes, buttons, media files, comments, post status, taxonomies, CAPTCHA and so on. Plus, the full moderation control of the submitted content is given to you, it is divided into 3 status: pending, draft, published. Moreover, the 404 error messages are prevented in all cases as you are allowed to control who can create, edit and delete content that is created from a form when a published post is set back to draft mode. Subsequently, the set-up email notifications to notify users will be sent to you on BuddyForms whenever your content gets published or changes status.

On the whole, this BuddyForms is a perfect match for both beginners, it serves the drag and drop, ready-to-use form templates and full control over user-submitted content, and for developers & advanced level, it serves the filters and fully customizable forms that enable you to do whatever you need.

Features Highlights

  • 20 field types available
  • Give you the full moderation control of the submitted content
  • Prevent the 404 error messages effectively
  • Email notifications are set up well
  • Able to create registration funnels and password
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#15 Everest Forms by WPEverest

Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a plugin, which is built to bring to people their easy ways to create any kind of form, especially contact forms. The plugin is specially designed to keep the usability, simplicity in mind for users.

To go more in detail, Everest Forms first serves people with all commonly used form fields including radio, dropdowns, checkboxes, date and more. In the form settings, the provided admin panels are designed in a clean way and also highly intuitive. With the support of Drag and Drop fields, ordering and creating forms have never been that simple to you that even a beginner to WordPress can create beautiful forms within minutes. In addition to that, this plugin also provides you with multiple column forms that can be designed with just a few clicks. If you are worried about the outlook of your site, then calm down because we are confident to build beautiful ones for you with our pre-built templates and design layouts that enable you creating forms that look different yet beautiful.

Not only that, this Everest Forms plugin is supported by Google Recaptcha for dealing with spam problems. We always make sure that we can handle all the elements to bring you the best experience on Wordpress.

Features Highlights

  • Google Recaptcha Supported
  • Provide multiple column forms that can be designed with just a few clicks
  • Support all commonly used form fields
  • Pre-built templates and design layouts available to utilize
  • Include Smart Tags for dynamic email message
  • subject
  • etc
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#16 weForms by WeDevs


As its initial release, weForms has been undoubtedly considered as one of the most easy-to-use form builders for WordPress. Apart from being a form builder, this plugin can do a lot more than you can imagine.

To begin with, this plugin provides more than 20 custom fields for you to build contact forms freely, leads generating forms, the user or event registration forms or any customized form in the simplest way possible without any pause. Then, you can instantly check the outlook for its users via the preview of the form you have created. As you are able to easily add your forms in Gutenberg editor with the weForms block, then if you want to publish them on a page, just simply select it from the drop-down present and it will automatically render within the editor as well as on-page. For when you are building your form, customizable fields are always available to create forms that are suitable for every occasion and purpose. You can edit the check-box to image upload fields or radio buttons to the signature field or choosing in the field option that serves its users in the best & easiest way possible.

On the whole, creating a form in your head has never been that easy with a few clicks with weForms. So what are you waiting for? Hit the Download button and enjoy your experience with weForms.

Features Highlights

  • Provide more than 20 custom fields to choose from
  • Support Preview Option
  • Easily add forms in Gutenberg editor
  • Able to redirect with a custom link or a page
  • Enable customizable email notifications for admins
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#17 Ultimate Form Builder by AccessKeys

Ultimate Form Builder

The Ultimate Form Builder is a premium WordPress Plugin that allows you to create unlimited responsive forms from the single step to multi-steps with any type of form from Contact us, Opt-in, Call-to-Action, Survey, Quotation, Enquiry or anything.

To begin with, there are 10 beautiful pre-designed form templates for you to choose from for your site flexibly. Then, the Preview option is also available for you every time when you want to preview the form before using it on the site. Also, the forms built via this plugin will be super secure by using various captcha options, such as Mathematical Captcha and Google Captcha. The available HTML Fields are also various including Single Line Text, Multiple Line Text, Checkbox, Radio Button, Select Option and so on. What is more, there are many other new features on this plugin, like the Country, States and City Fields and even import in the backend, the Excludability for empty fields in the email and many more.

On the whole, when you first create, customize and build beautiful forms, then apply existing form templates for design on this plugin. Subsequently, you can receive form submission data via email and store the data in the database which can be exported to CSV via plugin’s backend. All can be handled nicely through this wonderful Ultimate Form Builder plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Able to get the Preview Option
  • Provide various Captcha Options
  • Designed with multiple HTML fields available
  • Automatically exclude empty fields in the email
  • Offer various Conditional Logic Suppor types
Price: 32
Rating: 4 / 5

#18 Advanced Forms by Fabian Lindfors

Advanced Forms

The Advanced Forms plugin, which is designed to let you build flexible forms using the power of its features, a wide variety of helper functions and customization hooks.

Go more in detail, all the fields provided by ACF, including repeaters and flexible content fields are freely used in this plugin. Then, you are able to freely use the define forms and fields, which is fully programmatical for integration with your theme or plugin. Plus, no matter when you utilize the provided hooks to process form submissions, but if you wish to let the plugin automatically save them as entries, this plugin can totally do that for you. Also, the maximum number of entries can be adjusted, it's your privilege to limit a form to only logged-in users, or schedule a form to only display during certain times. By hooking into a simple filter, the custom restrictions can be applied at any time. Additionally, the automatical emails with form submissions can be optionally set up to your recipients.

On the whole, this Advanced Forms plugin is a first and foremost plugin for both beginners and developers. That's the reason why you should hit the Download button and have a great experience with our five-star plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Able to use all the fields provided by ACF
  • Define fully programmatically forms and fields
  • Provide hooks to process form submissions
  • Set up emails to be sent automatically
  • Allow to set a maximum number of entries created
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#19 Quform Mailchimp by ThemeCatcher

Quform Mailchimp

Quform Mailchimp paves the way for your email marketing campaign. If you want to increase the number of subscribers, the plugin certainly helps you get what you want. Invented by ThemeCatcher, Quform Mailchimp is born for marketers, marketing agencies, and those taking charge of email marketing.

The plugin provides users with three outstanding merits. First of all, Quform Mailchimp sends the contact an opt-in confirmation email when they subscribe to your list. Moreover, the plugin creates an unlimited number of forms that integrate Quform to MailChimp. Admins are able to save additional form data about the contact. Second, you can set rules to determine whether or not to run the integrations based on the value of form fields. This function allows you to create your own regulations of integration management. Last but not least, the plugin is friendly with GDPR. Quform Mailchimp uses conditional logic to add contact to MailChimp if they have given consent.

In addition to these above advantages, Quform MailChimp is a free add-on for the Quform Premium Wordpress Form Builder plugin. Users can also support when joining the support forum. Regarding these features, why don't you download the plugin now?

Features Highlights

  • Send an opt-in confirmation email
  • Save additional form data about the contact
  • Select groups to add contact to
  • Create rules to run the integration
  • Provide GDPR friendly
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

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Top 19+ wordpress Form Builder Apps

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