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9+ Best wordpress Force Regenerate Thumbnails Apps in 2024

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    Sam Thomas

9+ Best Shopify Force Regenerate Thumbnails Apps from hundreds of the Force Regenerate Thumbnails reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Force Regenerate Thumbnails does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Force Regenerate Thumbnails app collection is ranked and result in July 22, 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Force Regenerate Thumbnails apps or alternatives to Force Regenerate Thumbnails also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Force Regenerate Thumbnails Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
Regenerate ThumbnailsRegenerate Thumbnails0
AJAX Thumbnail RebuildAJAX Thumbnail Rebuild0
Thumb Fixer for FacebookThumb Fixer for Facebook0
reGenerate Thumbnails AdvancedreGenerate Thumbnails Advanced0
WordPress Real Thumbnail GeneratorWordPress Real Thumbnail Generator16
UpdraftPlus BackupsUpdraftPlus Backups0
Thumbnail EditorThumbnail Editor0
Regenerate thumbnails and delete unused thumbnailsRegenerate thumbnails and delete unused thumbnails0
Wprecreate ThumbnailsWprecreate Thumbnails0

#1 Regenerate Thumbnails by Alex Mills

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails is an amazing plugin that was developed by Alex Mills, which enables users to regenerate all your image thumbnails automatically.

More specifically, this plugin supports store owners to recreate all thumbnail sizes for one or many images uploaded to your Media Library. This will become particularly helpful in some particular instances. Firstly, when users add a new thumbnail size, and they would like past uploads to have a thumbnail in that size, they can regenerate all the thumbnail sizes. Moreover, users can recreate the thumbnail size even after they have modified the dimensions of existing thumbnail size, for instance, via Settings to Media. Not yet, it is also very useful when they have switched to a new WordPress theme using featured images of a different size. Besides the outstanding features mentioned above, it also provides users with the ability to remove old, unused thumbnails so that they could free up server space.

This open-source software is a fantastic invention, so please do not hesitate to hit the Download button and be a smart user.

Features Highlights

  • Enables users to recreate all thumbnail sizes
  • Removes old
  • unused thumbnails
  • Recreate thumbnail sizes when changing size's dimensions
  • Regenerate thumbnail sizes when pasting uploads
  • Recreate thumbnail sizes after switching to new theme
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#2 AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild by Junkcoder, ristoniinemets

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

With over three hundred thousand active installations, AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild is an amazing plugin for users to restore all of their site's thumbnails. Compared to other plugins which are available for this, it provides consumers with more optimal solutions with the following excellent functions.

Firstly, AJAX Thumbnail Restore helps users to restore all of their site's thumbnails. Other plugins have one thing in common: all thumbnails are rebuilt in one stage. This works just fine when there are not so many images on the website, but when there are a lot of full-size photos, it takes a lot of time to run the script on the server-side. Sadly, the time permitted to run a script is limited, setting an upper limit to the number of thumbnails they can restore. This figure relies on the specification of the server and the computing power accessible to their server. It is impossible to restore their thumbnails unless they are below this limit. Secondly, WordPress helps users to change the thumbnail dimensions easily. This can lead to a fit of the thumbnail size in their website's layout. If users adjust the size to fit a new theme, they will have this new size for all subsequent images they will upload. It's not going to resize their old thumbnails. Users can recreate all thumbnails after altering the image dimensions, but they are regenerated one after the other instead of telling the server to rebuild all thumbnails simultaneously. It won't take too long to restore thumbnails for one image, so users won't encounter any troubles concerning timeouts of scripts, but they still have to wait for all the thumbnails to be reconstructed. They have to restart all over if they exit the page before the process is accomplished. They can also choose the thumbnail dimensions they want to recreate, so if they've only modified one thumbnail size, rebuilding all images is unnecessary.

Besides the features mentioned above, with AJAX Thumbnail, users can also have a choice to reconstruct only post thumbnails (pictures featured). This plugin includes integrating JavaScript. This plugin requires activation of JavaScript, please do not forget to equip yourself with this great tool of regenerating all of your site's thumbnails.

Features Highlights

  • Rebuild all thumbnails on site
  • Change the size of thumbnails
  • Old thumbnails won't be resized
  • Select thumbnail sizes you want to rebuild
  • Choose only to rebuild post thumbnails
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#3 Thumb Fixer for Facebook by Michael Ott

Thumb Fixer for Facebook

Developed by Michael Ott, Thumb Fixer For Social Media is a simple yet effective plugin that helps resolve the Facebook default image issue. It has been regarded as one of the most convenient plugins for users to deal with the issue of sharing a post on Facebook that indicates the wrong or no thumbnail image.

It functions by ensuring that the thumbnail is from your post's featured photo. When your post has no featured image, a fall-back image you can specify will be utilized. The plugin inserts the open graph meta properties that, when someone shares your page, Facebook and other social services will be in search. These properties include details such as the title, the description (content), and the image you indicate for sure. Unfortunately, this plugin will not be maintained soon. You must switch to the Open Graphite plugin free (and better). The author's building and testing of Open Graphite took over 12 months; therefore it is more convenient and helpful.

Currently, with over 20000 active installations and a fifth star, it is without any doubt is a perfect choice for smart users. Plus, it is 100% free and you would be better off.

Features Highlights

  • Making sure thumbnail is from featured image of your post
  • Use a fall-back image if posts have no featured images
  • Inserts open graph meta properties
  • Contain title
  • description
  • and image you specify
  • Recommended switching to Open Graphite plugin
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#4 reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced by ShortPixel

reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced

Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced (RTA) plugin developed by ShortPixel works great when users install a new WordPress theme on their platform with various image dimensions. To be more specific, while being cropped and resized, the newly uploaded images will match their new theme, the current thumbnails will remain unaffected. Besides, the thumbnails can be regenerated for all current images using RTA. It is also very helpful if there are a lot of useless things which need to be removed while ensuring all the necessary thumbnails are produced.

Firstly, with RTA, store owners could select the quality of the regenerated thumbs. They would also be able to delete thumbnails that are not used anymore. Also, they could delete metadata for missing images and thumbnails. There is also a choice for users to increase as many additional thumbnail sizes as they want. Moreover, the interface is clear and easy for users to see with a progress bar that demonstrates the proportion of regenerated objects.

Besides the aforementioned features, RTA is also fully integrated with ShortPixel Image Optimizer. RTA provides users with the ability to choose the thumbnail size of pictures that are featured and not featured. It also has a resume feature – if users mistakenly close the processing tab in their app, the recovery process will continue from where it was left. Last but not least, users can have a selection of intervals (last day, week, month, all) for regenerated thumbs. To sum up, this awesome open-soft software with many outstanding features may be a perfect choice for store owners or users.

Features Highlights

  • Choose the quality of the regenerated thumbs
  • Option to remove old
  • unused thumbnails
  • Remove metadata for missing images and thumbnails
  • Option to clear away extra thumbnail sizes
  • Clean and simple interface
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#5 WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator by MatthiasWeb

WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator

Generated by MatthiasWeb, RTG (Real Thumbnail Generator) has earned the complete trust and confidence of hundreds of users worldwide through unmatched performance in improving websites for users. It is such a time-saver and a must-have.

There are many outstanding features of this special plugin. Firstly, RTG makes an effort to rapidly regenerate all of your (current) media library thumbnails. Secondly, it enables you to recreate single or bulk images and build a customized thumbnail upload layout. Thirdly, thanks to this innovative plugin, thumbnail regeneration can be up to 33% significantly quicker than other plugins. It transforms your thumbnails of WordPress media to the next standard with accelerated regeneration. Besides, it is possible to track and eliminate redundant image sizes, for instance, when you changed the WordPress theme.

Not only does it have those wonderful features above, but it also serves users with other benefits. You can simply install this plugin and all your image and media work perfectly. Another useful feature of this open-software is that it supports multisite. So why not spend just $16 to get yourself this unique plugin? It will live up to your expectation!

Features Highlights

  • Easily regenerate all your thumbnails
  • Regenerate a single or bulk images
  • Create a custom upload structure for thumbnails
  • Custom thumbnail upload structure
  • Detect and delete unused image sizes
Price: 16
Rating: 5 / 5

#6 UpdraftPlus Backups by Dream-Encode

UpdraftPlus Backups

Dream-Encode - the inventor of Exclude Image Thumbnails From UpdraftPlus Backups, has made a significant contribution to the open-source software industry. With over 2000 active installations and a fifth star, this plugin is without any doubt a must-have for users who want to improve their websites.

When it comes to its functionality, there are multiple benefits that users can gain after they simply install and activate the plugin. Exclude Image Thumbnails From UpdraftPlus Backup is a simple but powerful plugin for ruling out thumbnails from Updraft backups created by WordPress, sparing space. Besides, backups contain the original full-size image; therefore, you can utilize the plugin to regenerate thumbnails using the original full-size images if a backup restoration is required. It also performs perfectly for all image forms and contains not only native image sizes but also customized ones that are added by themes and plugins. What's more, it is 100% FREE; hence, you will surely be better off!

Thanks to its marvelous functions, users can enhance their website's performance to a great extent. Needless to say, it is one of the most useful plugins for Wordpress. It seems to be the perfect option for you!

Features Highlights

  • Exclude WordPress from Updraft backups
  • Include original
  • full-sized image in backups
  • Saving space for your store
  • Includes both native and custom image sizes
  • Regenerate thumbnails using original
  • full-size images
  • Works for all image types
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#7 Thumbnail Editor by Aviplugins.com

Thumbnail Editor

Are you interested in a plugin that helps make your images look great when you use them in your site? If you are, Thumbnail Editor is a good option thanks to its multiple great functions. Created by Aviplugins.com, it makes an effort to resolve the thumbnail issues.

This open-source software provides users with such benefits. Normally, WordPress generates some thumbnails of that image when images are uploaded to the WordPress Media library section. However, these thumbnails may have some serious problems. More specifically, when you upload a photo, WordPress crop or significantly resize these images. It is very likely that when thumbnails are CROPPED, it gets CROPPED from the wrong area of the uploaded image. This may emit some terrible-looking thumbnail images on the site's frontend. This plugin helps you to modify the thumbnail images manually so that they look more attractive. Not only that, the thumbnail image edit interface offered by this plugin is convenient and user-friendly. In your post or page, you can use shortcode to show images. Plus, it is 100% FREE.

Based on the features mentioned above, it should be a must-have plugin. Overall, please hit the Download button above without hesitation.

Features Highlights

  • Add image Borders with different border colors
  • Replace default WordPress image thumbnails
  • Different Text Fonts are available
  • Use shortcode to show images in your post or page
  • Allow reverting back changes you made
Price: 0
Rating: 2 / 5

#8 Regenerate thumbnails and delete unused thumbnails by Wpregenerate

Regenerate thumbnails and delete unused thumbnails

Are you interested in a plugin that can regenerate thumbnails in one click and is 100% FREE? If you are, Regenerate thumbnails and delete unused thumbnails is the answer. Designed by Wpregenerate, it is a very useful open-soft software because it offers users a lot of advantages.

There are many outstanding features of the plugin. If you have modified the theme and a lot of additional thumbs have been added to the new theme, it can help you generate thumbs in one click. The plugin works well with shared hosting as the plugin does not use your server. It can also fix missing thumbnails in a single click. Moreover, with this plugin, it can extract the first image or video in the post content and build the displayed image. If no image is found in the post content, it can use the first image attached as the featured image. Existing featured images will not be altered. It is also possible to provide the default image to use.

Besides those aforementioned features, this plugin also helps create thumbnails from Custom Post Types, external images or import RSS feeds. Also, once you install the software, you will explore many more desirable features of it. So why don't you download it right now? It can live up to your expectation!

Features Highlights

  • Generate thumbs in one click
  • Works well with shared hosting
  • Fix missing thumbnails in one click
  • Extract first Image or Video and creates featured image
  • Ability to provide default featured image to use
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#9 Wprecreate Thumbnails by Yudiz Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Wprecreate Thumbnails

WP Recreate plugin Thumbnails is an open-source software that helps you recreate thumbnails for the images uploaded. Yudiz Solutions Pvt Ltd has developed this marvelous plugin and offers users with lots of conveniences.

After the plugin is downloaded and activated, you will start to feel great discovering its amazing functions. Firstly, the interface is simple and user - friendly. More specifically, by a simple click on the link, you'll find the "Recreate Thumbnails" button. After that, to activate the thumbnail regeneration process, you can just click the button. Also, to regenerate thumbnail for a single image, you could go via media and that specific image. Then, you will notice the "Recreate Thumbnail" button there, you can just click on it and you're great to go. Not only that, in case you have accidentally removed some thumbnails from the uploads tab, this plugin will allow you to rescue yourself from such a tense situation. What's more, even if the image from the uploads folder has been substituted, similar thumbnails will be generated.

Thanks to this helpful plugin, users would be able to make progress on the journey of website improvement. Overall, this is a must-try open-source software.

Features Highlights

  • Recreate thumbnails for the uploaded images.
  • Regenerate thumbnails for one or many images
  • Offer `Recreate Thubmails` button
  • Recreate thumbnails after replacing image from uploads folder
  • Regular update on functionality
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

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