36+ Best Wordpress Directory Themes 2020

Are you looking for Wordpress Directory Themes? You are in the right place! 36+ Best Wordpress Directory Themes have been reviewed and manually picked up by our Avada Commerce team from website, marketplace such as: Themeforest, Wordpress Themes or TemplateMonster. Directory Themes have been collected based on the following criteria: number of sales, reviews, ratings and social metrics. The best Directory themes collection is ranked and updated in August 2020.

Directory Themes for Wordpress

Listify Directory theme by Astoundify

Listify Wordpress Directory theme by Astoundify

Theme features

  • Support Locate Me Technolody
  • Integrations to the Industry’s best booking services
  • Provide WooCommerce payment gateways and extensions
  • Drag and Drop Wordpress editor Supported
  • One click Demo Import

As some of you might have already known, many of the websites you visit are powered by directories. For instance, you need a real estate sites show listing when you buy a house, you need car sites show listings when you buy a car – car sites show listings, or you need rating sites to show listings when you pick a restaurant. Your site will become a thing of beauty. However, the problem with most of those sites, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty. That’s what we’ve created Listify for you.

For starters, you can get started in a fast way with Listify because it will have you covered with integrations to the industry’s best booking services. Listify supports Open Table, Resurva, WooCommerce Bookings currently, which means when your account information is plugged in, the theme will link up the systems. The fastest and best-looking reservation site you’ve ever built will be the result. Listify helps you by coding the theme to support and style the integration with those plugins so that all the functionality you like can be added, while still looking great. Plus, it’s your privilege to customize your homepage and listing page layout with the live Drag and Drop Wordpress editor and also help the users see the listings locations that make sense as Listify works with geolocation technology. There are still some more features like Demo Import, Money Making, Style Kits, etc that you can get from Listify.

In conclusion, this is not just a pretty theme. It’s also more than just a highly functional one. It’s incredibly easy for end users to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Let’s build the directory site of your dreams!

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Directory Directory theme by Ait

Directory Wordpress Directory theme by Ait

Theme features

  • Fresh and modern design
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • SEO Ready
  • Focus on Security

Directory, which was first released in January 2013 as an absolutely unique theme concept. For the first time, you will be able to set up an online directory portal listing categorized items of numerous type such as companies, shops, websites easily. There were several times of changing on Directory for quite a long time in order to make the right version today. However, through time, Directory is still a good choice with its stunning features.

First of all, Directory appeared in a fresh and modern design that you can browse all pages and take a brand new look for your beautiful website, also custom your post types with all details and advanced tools that you can use right inside your Wordpress admin. Because the AIT Language plugin which has 26 language translations of front-end and back-end is supported in Directory, so all you have to do is just fill in content in your language and let the Directory theme does its job. As its Multilingual Ready feature, there is no theme translations or other plugins needed here. Do you know that the Drag and Drop feature is always available from the right-hand side to your page? Just build your content and adjust the sidebars’ height, everything will come from one place. As you might have already known, AIT Theme Framework was developed with the best security practices in mind. You totally can trust in the robust core and stability while using this theme. Moreover, the SEO Ready feature, the WooCommerce Support, and other features are also worth-trying elements of this Directory theme.

This Directory theme was getting better and better by being continuously updated with new features. So, don’t you miss it out!

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ListingPro Directory theme by Cridiostudio

ListingPro Wordpress Directory theme by Cridiostudio

Theme features

  • Provide users with the finding of the right business with Google Map API
  • Reduce search files and give quick search result thanks to Smart Search 2.0
  • Offer coupons and payments with or without Tax
  • Let users approach business chances by spreading out deals and coupons to visitors
  • Allow users to receive and reply messages directly in their user-dashboard

ListingPro, designed by CridioStudio, is a WordPress directory theme. ListingPro WordPress theme is the industry-leader keeping innovating as well as giving the best-advanced directory solution on the market nowadays.

ListingPro is amazing since it packs with many options to help create a unique listing site. What makes ListingPro special is its top pain-killer features. Besides being set up quickly and easily with just one click, ListingPro offers you the auto-pilot submit. With this feature, you can type your business name in the title, choose your right type of business from the drop-down list and fill in the contact details by using Google Maps API. Thanks to the smart search 2.0, ListingPro users do not need to possess many files for searching. This feature can find out quick search results for tags, title, categories, and many more. Don’t forget that you can narrow the search result with the advanced filter 2.0. In addition, a new built-in checkout system is also designed for scratch and any user can take everything to next level by promoting the future events on their business listing. Thanks to deals and coupons, you can help yourself drive more chances by sending unlimited coupons and deals to your visitors. One more thing is any businessmen are able to receive messages and reply them directly in their user-dashboard.

After using for a while, you will see that the rest you need to take care is to build, scale as well as monetize your directory; followed by the support of ListingPro interesting tools, including translation, bulk import, AdSense Ready, spam protection, invoices, location or email management.

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LISTABLE Directory theme by Pixelgrade

LISTABLE Wordpress Directory theme by Pixelgrade

Theme features

  • Simple on the surface
  • Designed to adapt your specific needs
  • Allow charging for a listing submission
  • Usability Tests For a Greater Experience
  • Easy Layout Control

Listable is known as a listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. If you would like to get your favorite spots listed online, just feel free to set your own goal and use Listable. It’s all about: offering the right thing, in the right place, right when you need it, and you definitely have to use it due to its great features below.

First of all, Listable is simple and easy-to-use on the surface but its powerful listing cards system has everything you need to put your plan into action. You can have listing or event to an activity even anything that included can be anything from a place services. Secondly, this theme is elaborately designed to adapt your specific needs which will help you to offer more without cluttering things to everyone. For more functionality, we’re providing FREE plugins that you can install. You want to make money, don’t you? There are always ways for you on Listable as you will be able to charge for a listing submission, take a fee from a reservation or a service offered through your website via the famous WooCommerce support and seamless integration of their extensions. Plus, by doing usability studies, Pixelgrade gained qualitative feedback and valuable insights. Consequently, this helped us iterate and polish the design, to make sure that the users will have a great experience on your website. There are so many helpful features that are included in this awesome listing theme, like the Easy Layout Control, the Advanced Filtering System, the Personalization to match your style and so on.

Try to use Listable for your listings and you will find out that this is exactly the type of directory/blog that you have been searching for.

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MyListing Directory theme by 27collective

MyListing Wordpress Directory theme by 27collective

Theme features

  • Use Elementor page builder for fast growing WordPress page builder
  • Offer user advanced listing type builder
  • Allow users to take advantage of pre-made files and make custom fields
  • Create explore page templates with over 10 Google map skins
  • Be able to monetize listing submission and promote users listing

MyListing, developed by 27collective, is one of the best WordPress themes that help you generate any kind of directory or any list site designing for your page. The theme uses its strong front-end page builder as well as elementor. Over 50 elements can be dragged and dropped to aid you in easily using and customizing without any coding knowledge.

Take note that whenever you create your own business, your events or any type of directory, you want it to look good, different and feature for each of them. You can opt for over 20 pre-made files as well as make unlimited custom fields. Each listing will include its own products for host events, forms, sale, reviews or custom tags. With MyListing theme, users can make as well as customize their explore pages. You can develop advanced search forms with their custom filters. In addition, users are able to select among three pre-made explore page templates, along with over 10 Google map skins. MyListing allows you to make money by letting you monetize your listing submission and promote your listings.

Besides those above features, MyListing offers you instant search on the header and listing quick view. MyListing can be well translated to every language; however, it is not considered as multi-language or WPML compatible.

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JobCareer Directory theme by Chimpstudio

JobCareer Wordpress Directory theme by Chimpstudio

Theme features

  • Unique and fully Responsive Demo Layouts
  • Powerful and Easy to use page builder
  • Safe and Advanced Demo Importer
  • Geo Location Search Supported
  • Woo Commerce Payment Included

JobCareer - a Job Board WordPress theme designed by Chimp Studio is a complete theme that enables you to create a useful and easy to use job listings website. Using JobCareer, you can create a complete & fully Responsive job portal, career platform to run human resource management, recruitment, or job posting website. If you want your website’s visitors to have the most convenient experience while looking for a job, take a look over this JobCareer’s description, and you will find the answer more easily.

This theme totally has the unique and fully responsive Demo layouts that will present employment agencies and recruiters the clearest overview for seeking out talented applicants. Especially, there is no coding knowledge required when you are on the process of building this website because it is supported by a system that makes it a Powerful and Easy to use page builder. In addition to its features, JobCareer is not just a job board theme, it’s the best WordPress job portal template choice for those who want a simple job script that makes money. Due to the WooCommerce extensions, you could charge for many other things like selling through your website and earn commissions and so on. Moreover, you can also utilize the Geo Location Search function on JobCareer that tracks by IP address and connected to a range of data which aids in targeting ads specific to a customer’s location. Worry about the thing that JobCareer has limited features? You should not. Because there are so many wonderful features included in this Job Board Wordpress theme, such as the Job Tags, WC Paid Listings, Auto Resume Suggest, and etc.

I believe this theme is the most economical in the market for job listings tasks and committed to deliver and maintain worthy relations with its clients. Choose to use it and you won’t be regretful.

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ClassiAds Directory theme by Designinvento

ClassiAds Wordpress Directory theme by Designinvento

Theme features

  • Support Free Visual page builder
  • WooCommerce plugin shopping cart
  • Easily set up discussion forums inside website with bbPress
  • Full WPML compatible and RTL support
  • Support Google map integration

ClassiAds, one of Designinvento’s products, is an all-time top 1 recommended template for business. ClassiAds comes with a collection of stunning and brilliant ready-designed plugins and features that can be modified to fit your business needs, which can be listed as HTML5 and CSS3, and three kinds of plugins chosen yourself. Besides, the theme is based on Visual Composer, a very convenient drag and drop PageBuilder for WordPress with hundreds of elements. Accordingly, it is easy for users to save tons of time working on the site content.

With regards to website performance and experience, ClassiAds allows people to add products to the shopping cart via WooCommerce 3X integration plugin. What is more, by utilizing Revolution Slider, users will find it easy to promote all special offers on the website. After shopping, your customers can take payment via WooCommerce payment gateway integration for listings enabled within the theme. Moreover, the ClassiAds theme is set up with bbPress in order to help people easily set up discussion forums right inside their website.

There is not only full multi-language but also RTL language supported in ClassiAds theme so it will eable you to convert your entire website, not just the text but also the layout, into a specific language and RTL format, respectively. Additionally, there is Google map integration to give direction for both the shop owner and customers. For companies or sellers who are looking to attract prospective customers to their local stores, opting for the Google Map integration will significantly help them to steer ahead of their competitors. It is also helpful in shipping and locating the shop by the way.

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Directory Directory theme by Chimpstudio

Directory Wordpress Directory theme by Chimpstudio

Theme features

  • Unlimited Directory Types
  • Front End Listing/Campaigns Creations Included
  • Location Based Searches Supported
  • Complete Review System
  • Multiple Payment Gateways

Directory - the Multi-purpose WordPress Theme is a totally unique WordPress theme. It is the result of a hardworking development team and also constant feedback collected from numerous users as well as buyers.

With this theme, your users will never have access to the WordPress dashboard to do stuff because everything is done at the front-end. You can do everything like register, login, edit profile, submit listings, filter and sor search results, and much more from the front-end without having to visit the WordPress dashboard. Just make a few clicks and all done! Furthermore, Directory Wordpress theme offers unlimited directory types so that you can add as many types as you want. There is a complete package for a perfect demonstration of online business. If you are monetizing via your website, don’t worry about the Payment gateways as Directory themes come with four payment options: Paypal, Skrill of Money Bookers, Authorized.net & Bank Transfer, etc. Users can be charged with either of the payment gateways with ease and the fewest possible clicks. Plus, the Review system is added in Directory WordPress Theme. Consequently, the questions of users can be cleared and the provides can also have the chance to explain every bit and bite of products. There are still a lot more features in Directory theme that you can utilize like the Sort listings by different criteria, the Location Based Searches, and etc.

In conclusion, this smooth and easy theme is totally a great choice. With this theme, it takes a little effort of you to solve every problem! Experience now and see it happening.

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MyHome Real Estate WordPress Directory theme by Tangibledesign

MyHome Real Estate WordPress Wordpress Directory theme by Tangibledesign

Theme features

  • Offer lots of images and videos at no extra cost
  • Provide your website with globally adaptable capability
  • Include Intuitive Page Builder with various modules
  • Allow you to create unlimited custom search fields
  • Add Google Maps to your website with additional filters

MyHome released by TangibleDesign is not only one of the most appealing Wordpress theme but also a powerful supporter for you to build an amazing real estate website.

With its special widgets, MyHome becomes a great choice for users nowadays. This theme offers lots of images and videos which are all at no extra cost. Besides, there are six flexible demos, 14 homepages and a large number of pre-set pages available for you to make use. Especially, MyHome provides you website with globally adaptable capability. To be more clear, it can translate your website into any other language and change currency also. Furthermore, this theme includes Intuitive Page Builder which has 18 more drag and drop modules than WPBakery Page Builder. MyHome allows you to create unlimited custom search fields. This theme can add Google Maps to your website with additional filters, which is comfortable and simple for users to search for the information they want.

Above all, this theme lets you add many types of files to a property to draw visitors’ attention and inspire them. Get this theme if you’re interested.

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Superlist Directory theme by Aviators

Superlist Wordpress Directory theme by Aviators

Theme features

  • Allows the users to publish their listings
  • Create Flags/Report easily
  • Provide stripe payments
  • Support advanced Statistics
  • Cover Video and Image

After many years working in the online market, the aviator’s team has developed the Superlist theme which was known as the effective tool for the users to boost the customer’s satisfaction. As a result of the high-tech and updated template, the store owners will have the best website to increase their trust and revenue. Moreover, this theme is working perfectly in WordPress so that the online merchants just need a click to install this theme without any coding requirement. In addition, this is also considered as a directory solution for payment issues.

In these several years, the Superlist has been used by thousands of people because of their effective features. With this theme, it is possible for the store owners to public their listings. Moreover, they can create flags or reports. In addition, this theme also supports advanced statistic. Especially, the visitors will be covered with all types of data such as video, or images. There are multiple plugins in this theme such as Boxes, Claims, Coupons, Currencies, etc.

Such as a strong tool, this theme allows the users to access to front end dashboard. In addition, this theme is essential for the WordPress admins to manage all activities in the stores such as listings, the transactions, print invoices, etc.

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ListGo Directory theme by Wiloke

ListGo Wordpress Directory theme by Wiloke

Theme features

  • Paid Claim Listing Inclued
  • Auto Location by Google Supported
  • Unique Design Provided
  • Mega Menu Included
  • UI/UX Design for mobile Available

ListGo is a directory and listing a specialized WordPress theme. You will get the support and numerous specialized tools from its creators. This theme is made for all kinds of websites and topics so that anyone is able to utilize it, along with its incredible features.

The first impression of ListGo is that it has a Unique Design. The theme comes up with more than 16 unique homepages demos so that you can import all of the themes by using the “One Click Demo Install” feature as all plugins and demos will be automatically installed with just one click. It’s also your privilege to create your own demo from this theme. Unlike most of these other listing websites, Paid Claim Listing is included in ListGo as a customer visits a listing that actual listing as theirs, they will send a request to you. Once the request has started the customer will choose their claimable package and complete the checkout process. Additionally, Mega Menu is one of ListGo’s supportive feature as it will help you with large menus. You are able to set up rows and columns, use icons and select posts, categories, locations in an easy way. Plus, Auto Location by Google is integrated into this theme when the users will see a list full of useful queries as they start typing in the search box. There are so many awesome features on ListGo that are waiting for you to figure it out, namely, the UI/UX Design for mobile, the Half Map layout, the Listing Feature and so on.

Have you got a clearer overview of this excellent directory and listing theme on Wordpress? It’s worth spending time exploring ListGo to have the most convenient experience in building a website on Wordpress.

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couponxl Directory theme by Pebas

couponxl Wordpress Directory theme by Pebas

Theme features

  • Different types of coupons
  • Allow all members to advertise products, submit offers,...
  • Random code generator on purchase
  • Ajax prediction search for better customer experience
  • Profile dashboard for members to track their deals and coupons

CouponXL, designed by Pebas, is one of the most complete WordPress theme specialized in helping you selling coupons, deals and discounts online. Also, the theme is optimized with perfect performance for affiliate websites.

Not only is the theme fully responsive on all types of device, SEO optimized, using the latest web technology with Bootstrap framework, offering clean code and super fast loading speed, CouponXL also provides beautiful premium PSD design for coupons, discount and deals.

Some of its other outstanding features include: Different types of coupons, Allow all members to advertise products, submit offers, Random code generator on purchase, Ajax prediction search for better customer experience, and Profile dashboard for members to track their deals and coupons.

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KUPON Directory theme by Marketing-automation

KUPON Wordpress Directory theme by Marketing-automation

Theme features

  • Provide wide range of sales coutdown
  • Include Visual CSS Style Editor
  • Implement custom widgets via Visual Composer
  • Support all the payment gateways in WooCommerce
  • Increase conversion with Facebook Live Chat

The online sellers totally enable increasing their benefit with the super helpful theme called KUPON. This WordPress Coupon Theme is the best tool for multiple purposed stores to maximize their sales with effective features. For the online sellers, the coupons are the best motivation for them to make the final decision to buy an item. This KUPON theme creates deals and coupons easily without any codes. Therefore, it is easy for the users to solve the problems with customer’s satisfaction.

The WooCommerce online sellers can be supported with the highest quality features. The store owners create with a wide range of sales countdown. Including Visual CSS Style Editor, it is easy for the users to make their website more stunning. With Visual Composer, they also enable implementing a custom widget. This theme allows the store owners to make the transition through all the types of payment gateways. Especially, Facebook Live Chat will be an effective tool to increase the conversion of any online shops.

To create more competitive advantages, this theme also provides many additional features. One of the best functionalities of this theme is manual refunds for failed deals without any paid plugins. Moreover, the classic style with physical products or downloadable products will be one of the options for WooCommerce users. Last but not least, the store owners can use PDF Vouchers such as gift certificates shop.

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Wilcity Directory theme by

Wilcity Wordpress Directory theme by

Theme features

  • Design Single Listing Page
  • Advanced Rating and Reviews
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Allow uploading images via WordPress Media
  • Customize Listing Location

Wilcity is a customizable Listing and Directory Wordpress theme which helps you build any type of directory in an easy and fast way. With Wilcity, you can add unlimited Directory Types to your website and also easily customize your Directory Slug, Directory Name, Directory Color and Directory Icon.

There are some incredible features of this Directory Listing Wordpress Theme that might inspire you. For starters, Wilcity is designed with Single Listing Page as the What Sections you want to display on the Single Listing Content, and Single Listing Sidebar. Plus, the owner of the listing can inherit your design as well as re-design in his own way. You can also turn on/off the Review feature at ease with the Advanced Rating and Reviews. Especially, you can add Multiple Rating categories yourself to your own site. As a default, there will be 3 payment gateways supported by Wiloke Submission: PayPal, Stripe, and Direct Bank Transfer. Also, you are able to integrate Woo Commerce to Wilcity Customer as users will buy Claim listing plan via WooCommerce/Listing Plan Promotion Plan instead of Wiloke Submission, the plan can as well. It means the plan can be understood like a product now. Moreover, you can easily earn money from your site in various ways via Wilcity. First, you can make money through Paid Listings as listing owners will pay to get their places listed on your site. Second, you can choose a promotion plan, listing owners will have directories that appeared at special spots on your site at the top of the search result. Third, you can create a listing on your site and allow the business owner to claim it. There are some no less awesome features that Wilcity provides us like the Google Map, the Perfect Dashboard, the Page Builders, and etc.

On the whole, if you are searching for a Directory Listing theme, this is the perfect answer for you. All of the most powerful features are all here. So, what are you waiting for?

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InJob Directory theme by Inwavethemes

InJob Wordpress Directory theme by Inwavethemes

Theme features

  • Social Network Login Supported
  • Frontend Submission Included
  • Company review system Integrated
  • Email notifications Available
  • Widget-ready Provided

InJob, a Job Board WordPress Theme, which is fully functional for a job listings website and also a complete solution for recruiting agencies and human resources. It is loaded with options and so many different features that are used both for recruiter and for candidates.

As front end submission forms are included in the Job Board theme, the registration, job posting, as well as application processes will take place using custom forms, instead of via the WordPress backend. Consequently, the employer can submit and edit the job directly in fronted following submission steps and the admin then can review to approve or reject a job. This supports create a consistent user experience for anyone interacting with your site. This theme is also a great place for Social Network Plugin that users can log in to your website by social network providers like facebook, twitter, google without creating a new account specifically for your website. Via social login, the number of registrations to your site will gradually increase. Also, using the Job Board WordPress theme also enables you to create a complete and fully responsive WordPress job portal, career platform in order to run human resource management. This theme also has its homepage set in widget-ready, which will give you numerous options on how visitors are greeted when they access your website. There are also some features like Email notifications, Company review system, Job search worldwide, etc on InJob that are waiting for you to figure out.

In conclusion, this theme provides your job listing WordPress website the easiest way to use from both the perspective of administrators and visitors.

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engine Directory theme by Industrialthemes

engine Wordpress Directory theme by Industrialthemes

Theme features

  • Smart sidebars that stay with site visitors wherever they go
  • Create unlimited minisites within your main site
  • Fully drag-and-drop anabled magazine theme
  • Bona fide customizable mega menu
  • Full comparison system of posts, articles or products within your site

Engine, designed by IndustrialThemes, is a WordPress blog, news, and magazine theme for the next generation, perfect for sites about gaming, gadgets, gear, news, technology, video, or anything else you could think of. With 1408 product sales and an overall star rating of 5, this theme is totally worth a try.

Some of the outstanding features the theme offers include: First, the smart sidebars that stay with site visitors wherever they go. Second, the unlimited number of minisites that you could create within your main site. Third, the fully drag-and-drop anabled magazine theme. Fourth, the bonda fide customizable mega menu that scales down to mobile phone gracefully. Last, the full comparison system of posts, articles or products within your site.

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Findeo Directory theme by Purethemes

Findeo Wordpress Directory theme by Purethemes

Theme features

  • Simple to set up automatic email notification for page users
  • Available to import .xml or .csv files of properties
  • Support location autocomplete for faster searching
  • Provide over 2000 icons in 53 different categories
  • Easy to compare features among properties

If you own a real estate business, property holding company or housing agent and you want to promote your products and related services online, you might want to find a theme that is modern and beautiful yet simple in use. Hence, Findeo is the one can meet these requirements.

When you use this theme, you are provided with more than 2000 icons in 53 different categories which can help decorate your site with stunning and interesting symbols. Moreover, you can easily set up the automatic email notification for your page users which will inform them when the property listing status.

For updating properties, this theme allows you to import .xml or .csv files for quick information adding, therefore, help you save your time and effort. Besides, the location autocomplete is included that when the viewers enter the location, suggestions will appear and users can click on that for faster searching. They can easily compare features among the properties to make a suitable decision.

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Listingo Directory theme by Themographics

Listingo Wordpress Directory theme by Themographics

Theme features

  • Articles management for providers
  • Google Map Clustering and Spiderfy Supported
  • Easy Online Appointments
  • Reviews system multi ratings Included
  • Jobs Managements Provided

Listingo, a Service Providers and Business Directory WordPress Theme, which is an ultimate directory theme for service providers. Listingo WordPress Directory Theme could be used as a service provider directory, professional directory, engineers directory, business and service finder directory, lawyer directory, business listing, or a directory for other professionals because it has various features a directory website may need.

This Listingo theme is a user based directory theme with excellent features and design. The first feature is the Articles management for providers, which is Service Provider, along with built-in article extension. Owing to Listinggo, the professionals can create their articles on the site and any visitor can read articles. The next feature, Google Map Clustering, and Spiderfy, is also promising. From the Search page, you can easily hide or show Google maps to list providers on map. Plus, Listingo allows users to set up Online Appointments as providers can create time slots and a number of seats for each slot and any customer can book an appointment for a specific time. Moreover, you can post a job and anyone can apply. Using this way, providers can get hired for a job. The Reviews system multi-ratings theme on Listingo is also an outstanding feature which would allow the users to give a detailed service review they would receive from professional. The admin can define custom criteria’s in reviews and each category can have options to enable or disable reviews. There are more amazing features that you should try on Listingo like the Jobs Managements, the Team Management, the Reviews system multi ratings and so on.

On the whole, this is totally a perfect theme that has a clean and contemporary design, awesome features and also its excellent, semantic and validated code with strong search ability and good loading time.

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Classify Directory theme by Joinwebs

Classify Wordpress Directory theme by Joinwebs

Theme features

  • Simple to create video ads
  • Provide Advanced search widget with custom fields
  • Include geolocation tagging on Google Map
  • Allow customers to sign-in using Google, Facebook, Twitter account
  • Easy to add Ads Pricing Plan with WooCommerce

Classify is another theme provided by JoinWebs that can help you build any type of website you want. The default color is set as green which brings a fresh look for your site. However, if you do not like it, you can change to other colors to express your characteristics or to fit your purposes.

Once you install Classify, you are able to generate video ads for your page. In addition, this theme supplies you with an advanced search widget which you can use custom fields to easily find the objects you want. This feature is useful for your visitors also that it can help to save their searching time and increase the chance that they will stay longer at your site.

Moreover, this theme is integrated with Google Map that you can add the geolocation tagging on the map. This helps your viewers get a clearer view of the scale of your business and can benefit them in finding your store easier. Another interesting point is that this theme lets your consumers to sign-in your site using social media, like Google+, Facebook or Twitter account. You can simply add Ads Pricing Plan for your site with WooCommerce.

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CouponXxL Directory theme by Pebas

CouponXxL Wordpress Directory theme by Pebas

Theme features

  • Offer Flexible Creadit System
  • Smart Search Optimization
  • Worldwide Payment Methods Provided
  • Combine with free WP All Import plugin
  • Easy location search for visitors

CouponXxL - the most complete WordPress theme on the market for deals and coupons websites, is absolutely a self-hosted solution to start a business simply just by selling discounts.

For starters, this Coupon Xxl theme provides you with its credits and buying credits options which will help you submit deals and coupons as they are unique and awesome credits feature on any coupon websites. Plus, CouponXxL is a perfect place for the Smart Search Optimization as when you start typing your text in the search bar, consequently, all desired discounts and stores will appear in a second. Additionally, some of the most worldwide payment methods like Paypal, Skrill, Stripe, PayU and also wire/bank transfer are all included in CouponXxL for you. Consequently, you are able to pay out all the earnings to your customers with just one simple click. Moreover, only by typing or marker select on the map that you can show your visitors their wanted location while searching. They also can have a quick look to deals directly on the map.

On the whole, no matter it is local or global, CouponXxL is the perfect theme for any kind of coupon, deals & discounts related site. So what are you waiting for? Just make your process easier by choosing this CouponXxL theme!

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Citybook Directory theme by Cththemes

Citybook Wordpress Directory theme by Cththemes

Theme features

  • Review, like/unlike and rate Available
  • Easy Appointment and Booking
  • Custom Shortcode Support
  • Flexible Listing Category
  • Translation Ready

CityBook, a Directory & Listing WordPress Theme, which is totally perfect for those who like a clean and modern design. It is a listing directory theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. It is famous for the service providers which has a clean and contemporary design and awesome features.

The first feature that should be mentioned is Review, like/unlike and rate. This is an outstanding feature which would enable the users to give a detailed review of service they would receive from professional. More specifically, the admin can define custom criteria’s in reviews and each category can have options to enable or disable reviews. Plus, you can easily control the appointment and booking when the providers can create time slots and a number of seats for each slot and any customer can book an appointment for a specific time/slot. If you worry about the shortcode complexity, you should not. Because this theme provides custom shortcode support that is a very useful way to customize your site and add new features. You can do every coding thing without having to code anything yourself. Moreover, you can also experience more features while using CityBook, namely, its Flexible Listing Category, its Translation Ready, its SEO Optimized and so on.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a theme that provides all the essential information any directory business would need, you found the answers here. Choose to use CityBook and you will have your own worthwhile experience.

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DWT Directory theme by Scriptsbundle

DWT Wordpress Directory theme by Scriptsbundle

Theme features

  • Come with new and improved dashboard, along with Ads filtering
  • Being equipped with 11 stunning pre-made websites
  • Allow users to drag and drop the listing details page sections
  • Let users charge their users when they are making listings
  • Help users create listing search pages in downtown

DWT Listing is known as one of the most powerful WordPress themes to provide you with freedom in order to generate any types of listing and directory websites. Developed by scriptsbundle, DWT is packed with many impressive features that will amaze you.

DWT contains new and improved dashboard, along with filtering Ads by the locations entirely. In addition, being equipped with 11 stunning pre-made websites, DWT allows you to opt for sites you like and customize it to your own sites. With DWT, you are able to drag and drop your listing detail page sections. Also, DWT lets you disable any kind of sections from your pages. Besides, the site’s admin feels free to charge his users to make a listing on his websites. WooCommerce integration helps you create your packages, let users buy as well as post listing with further details. This WordPress theme can make your listing search pages in the downtown. You can easily search by using categories, keywords, custom location, amenities and many more. If you are worried about payment methods, you should not worry now since DWT assists your users in paying what they like by giving them countless different payment methods, then making your revenue double. You will be given a DWT review system so that your systems can post their comments on your created listings.

Another DWT’s amazing features include its responsive designs from mobiles and desktops, and geolocation autocomplete to apply on the fly geographic predictions in your location search fields.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Knowhere Pro Directory theme by Monkeysan

Knowhere Pro Wordpress Directory theme by Monkeysan

Theme features

  • Based on Bootstrap 3 grid
  • Display the hours of operation and the current status
  • Support automated payment via Stripe and PayPal
  • Allow you to insert reviews and comparison tables
  • Provide an advanced map with easy search places

Knowhere Pro created by Monkeysan is known as a multi-purpose Wordpress theme. You can take advantage of it to create any type of directory page such as job listing, restaurants, hotels, sightseeing, galleries, etc.

Thanks to tons of helpful features Knowhere Pro provides, you will find it has never been easier and faster to build an ideal website before. Firstly, this theme based on Bootstrap 3 grid to ensure everything generates professionally and effortlessly. Secondly, in order to showcase lots of directory page informative, Knowhere Pro has the widget to display the hours of operation and the current status. In addition, the customers will have many choices to choose the mean of payment which suits them the most when this theme supports automated payment via Stripe and PayPal. Thirdly, it also allows you to insert reviews and comparison tables, which helps customers feel comfortable and make a proper decision. Especially, they can search for interesting places with the advanced map provided.

Above all, Knowhere Pro has updated many modern widgets in the latest version such as Multi-vendor compatibility, Radius Filter, the most powerful Subscription plugin, GDRP plugin, custom map style, street layers and so on.

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Listeo Directory theme by Purethemes

Listeo Wordpress Directory theme by Purethemes

Theme features

  • User Dashboard
  • Various Map Providers
  • Private messagging
  • Monetize Your Website
  • Automatic Notifications

Listeo is a theme which is designed especially for booking system like renting when you can choose to check in & out date, guests amount and send a request to the host to book a reservation, like services when you can reserve spots at. The users can choose the date and time slots or specific hours if time slots are not set by the host or like events when you can add event listings on your website as well as sell tickets for those events ticketing system for any type of venue or event.

Listeo is considered as the all-in-one WordPress directory theme with front-end User dashboard where listings, packages, bookings, profile details, and private messages can be managed easily. If you are not good at remembering roads, don’t worry, you can use alternatives like OpenStreetMap, MapBox, Bing Maps, Thunderforest or HERE maps which means that you don’t need to use Google API even for this. Base on the built-in booking system platform, Private messaging is included in Listeo’s feature when this theme comes with a smart private messaging system where users and listing owners can contact each other. This is exclusive to Listeo – not found in other themes! Some of you might have already known, making money from your website isn’t a myth anymore and, with Listeo, you can charge your customers per listing submission, offer packages or monthly subscription at your disposal. Besides, you can set-up Automatic Email Notifications about bookings, payments, listing expiration and others. The content of messages can be easily changed in options. There are still many more gorgeous features that make contribution to this theme’s strength, such as the One Click Demo Install feature, Advanced Booking System, Google reCAPTCHA and so on.

No matter who you are, just feel free to use this professional directory and classifieds like TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Booking.com, Tripping, FlipKey, Yelp, HomeAway or similar in minutes website. Because when it requires just a few moments of paying extensions and no coding knowledge required, you can handle your task easily.

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Medical Directory Directory theme by Directorythemes

Medical Directory Wordpress Directory theme by Directorythemes

Theme features

  • Hospital and Doctor Directory/Listing Provided
  • MailChimp Supported
  • Payment Gateway Available
  • Visual Composer Supported
  • Translation Ready

Pearl, which is designed by StylemixThemes, is also the first true Bundle of Multi-Niche Business WordPress themes on the market. Most people know that every niche demo included with this theme has been carefully fixed, designed, and developed to include various features and functionalites that you could need for your purpose. Consequently, you can create a professional and also functional Business WordPress website even when you are not a coder or you have no idea what a single code line is!

Pearl includes more than 200 custom and time-saving UI modules, which will help you choose the features that you need and build a site that is perfectly suited to your niche. Hence, it’s your privilege to add and move modules around your pages in just a few clicks. Plus, you can also edit, customize and combine them as much as you like. With infinite possibilities as well as outstanding 24/7 Support along with the Live Chat, this Pearl theme is the most multi-functional and easy-to-use theme on Themeforest. Additionally, the Advanced Theme Options panel in WordPress panel with all global settings is very intuitive to use. All you have to do is to choose how you want to display your services, portfolio or case studies for maximum impact. Plus, you are also able to have your website ranked higher on search engines, and also attract more visitors than ever before thanks to the SEO Optimized feature using on Pearl.

This flexible and intuitive theme options and user-friendly interface made a great contribution to building a stunning and high performing website for everyone that uses Pearl theme, even without any coding knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Choose to use the Pearl theme and you won’t be regretful.

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Couponis Directory theme by Spoonthemes

Couponis Wordpress Directory theme by Spoonthemes

Theme features

  • Import coupons using XML/CSV files
  • Encourange smart search
  • Provide visual Drag and Drop Builder
  • Support 3 types of coupons
  • Schedule for coupons

Coupons are one of the most effective motivations for any online sellers to encourage their customers to make the final buying decisions as well as come back to their shops. The spoonthemes theme supplier understood this so that they created the Couponis theme. This theme has developed with the most useful features and updated technology. The Couponis theme will provide users with motivated coupons to boost their sales. Moreover, by this affiliate WordPress tool, it is possible for the store owners to manage all their multiple-purposed shop without a lot of efforts.

Supported by the outstanding features, the shop owners are easy to submit any data as well as import it via XML/CSV files. Furthermore, this helpful affiliate network does not slow down the loading speed of the page so the visitors will impress with the efficiency of the store. The users can import different coupons among three types such as online codes, sales coupons or printable ones by WP All Import plugin with a click. Especially, they can set the schedule for these coupons to apply in their stores. In addition, the smart search which can save a lot of time for the customers to find out their expected products.

Besides, this Couponis also supports the users to optimize SEO which increases their sales and ranking effectively. Last but not least, social sharing functionalities will boost the customer’s loyalty and recognition.

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Lisner Directory theme by Pebas

Lisner Wordpress Directory theme by Pebas

Theme features

  • Beautiful Multiple layouts
  • Ajax based search Supported
  • Woo Commerce Included
  • Review and rating system Provided
  • Full Translation

Lisner - a Modern Directory Listing Wordpress theme, which is designed in a way that it could be used as a service for any kind of directory. Lisner is a combination with modern and trusted plugins due to the latest technology, along with its awesome readable typography and also the least functionality overwhelmed. More specifically, Lisner provides users with so many outstanding features that support your website.

First of all, you will be awed by the stunning multiple layouts of the home page, taxonomies, single listing or search pages that will help you to choose out your favorite layout for your website. And, stay tuned! Because there are still so many layouts preparing to come out soon. Plus, the Ajax-based fast search feature on Lisner is also its plus point. Because when you are searching, the smart suggestion for keywords, categories or listings will show up for you. Besides, you are capable of limiting or allowing whatever number of suggestions on search field to improve click rate from your homepage. If you are intending to get more interacts with your customers, don’t worry because the awesome Review and Rating system with agreeing and disagreeing functionality will do that for you. Also, the Woo Commerce on Lisner supports you with more than 75 payment methods supported, from PayPal to Bank Transfers. Consequently, you will not have to worry much about some financial problems while managing your shop online. Some other features like the Full Translation, the Contact Form 7 and so on are all

In short, Pebas nailed their task to create a theme that helps people to create perfect directory listing websites in the fastest and easiest way.

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Bello Directory theme by Boldthemes

Bello Wordpress Directory theme by Boldthemes

Theme features

  • Able to add Custom fields
  • Sell Subcriptions with WooCommerce Payment
  • Flexible widgets Provided
  • Easy Appointment booking with Resurva, Open Table or Timekit
  • Reviews and Ratings for admin and visitors

Bello, which is known as a WordPress theme exclusively built for directory & listing business. It is suitable for all kinds of companies, organizations or even a single person.

At the very first glance, Bello is a fully responsive, retina-ready website as this theme responds elegantly to multiple screen sizes. Besides, you can also easily customize this theme, especially, it’s no hard trying to Add custom fields for your website. You are able to choose what can be shown on your fields whether it is Free Wifi on the Amenities section or Air conditioner in the Room Amenities section, for example. Also, you can set specific search options for your website and also utilize many flexible widgets. It’s also your chance to make more profits on your own website as Bello provides you with the Sell Subscriptions with WooCommerce Payment, supports you with the Appointment booking with Resurva, Open Table or Timekit. As a consequence, you can gain your product-selling faster, more convenient and more economical. Moreover, this theme also helps you a lot by providing some incredible features like Listing attributes, SEO friendly, Promote booking, and etc.

Now that you have learned what Bello can do and how it will get your business running, give a try for the best experience on your website!

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Cariera Directory theme by Gnodesign

Cariera Wordpress Directory theme by Gnodesign

Theme features

  • Display your content beautifully with Slide Revolution
  • Include plenty of Visual Composer shortcodes
  • Help you sell your own goods with WooCommerce
  • Contain powerful administration panel
  • Have high-performance speed and retina ready

Cariera which is released by gnodesign is considered as a modern and professional Wordpress theme. It is built for the purpose of job seeking and recruitment. A bundle of useful widgets is integrated into the theme to make it effective and powerful.

Firstly, Cariera displays your content beautifully with Slide Revolution. In addition, it provides you with lots of Google fonts, unlimited colors, movable sidebars which are all customizable. Thanks to them, your website will have an incredible effect. Your visitors will be super impressed and gradually engage with your website. Furthermore, it includes plenty of Visual Composer shortcodes to give full control over all of the layout and content. Cariera helps you sell your own goods with WooCommerce integrated. Especially, Cariera has a powerful performance speed and retina ready, which makes it be the most professional one.

Moreover, Cariera has many other outstanding features such as customer support, WPML integrated, light weighted and reCaptcha support. Try it out to create an ideal website.

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Easybook Directory theme by Kwst

Easybook Wordpress Directory theme by Kwst

Theme features

  • Come with four different style homepages
  • Contain a user admin dashboard to help manage sites with ease
  • Provide users with different listings and listings singles pages
  • Allow users to take advantages of strong parallax effects with over 3600 icons
  • Let users make use of AJAX PHP contact forms, AJAX MailChimp subscribe forms or video backgrounds

Developed by kwst, Easybook template is perfectly tailored for anyone who wants a responsive and modern design. This template aids you in creating, managing, and monetizing both local and global directory websites.

Easybook template has many amazing features that will amaze you. This template comes with a creative unique design, followed by four different style homepages, including parallax images, sliders, slideshows, and videos. In addition, Easybook contains a user admin dashboard to help you manage your sites in an easy way. In addition, you will be given five different listings pages, along with four listings single pages. Take note that Easybook also provides you with strong parallax effects and over 3600 icons with awesome fonts. Don’ t forget that this template allows you to take advantages of AJAX PHP contact form, AJAX MailChimp Subscribe forms or video backgrounds.

Easybook users can receive weather widget, Retina ready or touch and swipe support.

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comre Directory theme by Wpmine

comre Wordpress Directory theme by Wpmine

Theme features

  • Wide variety of page templates
  • SEO-optimized
  • Include visual composer (page builder)
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Revolution slider

Comre, designed by wpmine, is the perfect WordPress theme if you are looking to build a website for deals, coupons and promotion codes. The theme comes with a shop that offers online premium coupons. This online shop is integrated with Woocommerce, one of the most popular and flexible eCommerce plugins.

Comre, with its beautiful, clean and responsive interface, comes with two different homepage layouts. The theme includes the two premium WordPress plugins free of charge, which are the Revolution Slider (worth $19) and the Visual Composer plugins (worth $30). In addition, the theme also allows you to publish public form for users to submit their coupons. These submitted coupons will be put through a review process and approved by administrators.

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UrbanGo Directory theme by Edgethemes

UrbanGo Wordpress Directory theme by Edgethemes

Theme features

  • Easy Advanced Search
  • Beautiful Google Map
  • Amazing Blog Templates
  • Listing reports Supported
  • 3 icon font packs

UrbanGo is known as an astonishing directory and also a listing WordPress theme which allows you to build a stunning website without knowing a single line of code. Not only have a collection of beautiful predesigned listing templates, the theme but also has various amazing features. Users can use these feature to create their own listings, reports, wishlists, claim items, and much more.

With the easy Advanced Search feature, UrbanGo will let you look for listings by tags, category, and amenities. As a consequence, all of the listings can be located in a quick and utmost ease way. Also, you can have your Listing reports on UrbanGo with the showcase listing items in utmost style and add amenities for each listing include location, working hours, reviews, ads and more. You can effortlessly customize these pages by viewing, editing, resubmitting for your listings and make them as informative as possible. Besides, this theme can display every listing location you choose to feature. It can be pinned on a map and based on your style preferences, Google Maps can be customized as the way you like it best. Additionally, you will not have to pay any extra fee for other two premium plugins like Slider Revolution and Visual Composer as they are all come bundled for free in this theme. So instead of spending a pretty big amount of money, you can save it by using this UrbanGo Wordpress theme. Moreover, there are also some stunning features that you must try on UrbanGo, namely, its Amazing Blog Templates, its User Dashboard, Admin Panel and so on.

In short, this theme is fully intuitive and enables you to build a remarkable directory and listing website in utmost ease! Let’s take a closer look inside and check out how the users will see your new website! Try out now and explore all the options and functionalities, edit and manage your account and more.

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doo Directory theme by Marketing-automation

doo Wordpress Directory theme by Marketing-automation

Theme features

  • Offer front-end submission and editing
  • Provide you with a custom field, search form
  • Allow you to use field-able item layouts
  • Let you create a contact form with the listing owner
  • Allow users to filter by distance and geolocation

Created by marketing-automation, doo is known as a great Wordpress affiliate marketing theme but it also has all abilities as a multipurpose directory and listing template. You can take advantage of its wonderful features to create an amazing website.

First of all, doo offers front-end submission and editing, which is super beneficial for both you and your customers. They can easily enter their information in the submission and edit that with a few clicks. Secondly, this theme provides you with a custom field, custom search form and custom sorting also. You can customize them to meet your requirement effortlessly and fastly. Furthermore, it allows you to use field-able item layouts so that your clients can simply look for the products they expect according to each field. Beneficially, they can also filter by distance and geolocation. Thirdly, doo lets you create a contact form with the listing owner.

Last but not least, there are lots of other helpful widgets such as a wide range of payment gateways, e-mail notifications, Google maps, textual vouchers generation, voucher check/redeem form and dedicated support.

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Yordy Directory theme by Sanljiljan

Yordy Wordpress Directory theme by Sanljiljan

Theme features

  • Monetize your website
  • Easily open Street map and Google map
  • Multi-language Provided
  • Search forms Customization
  • Easy to customize

Yordy, which is absolutely a Complete Multipurpose All in One Wordpress Directory listings theme for a business directory, real estate, models/actors or any other directory. This theme contributes a great help in creating your own amazing experience website portal like Booking.com, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway with all popular and many more innovative features.

To begin with, this Yordy theme is an easy-to-customize one with Elementor Visual Page Builder that will offer you nicely organized files, with different listing types, many homepages, half screen variation, detailed listing description, few blog versions and many more. Besides, not only you can customize the website, but also can you do the same to the search forms. More specifically, you are able to custom form location and fields in a complete way, and also search by multilevel locations, categories and custom search form based on category. Plus, this theme is fully integrated with both Open Street Maps, Google Maps, and region Map search so that the locations can be shown in a specific way to visitors from your site. You worry about your users’ regions, don’t you? You shouldn’t because Yordy is a multi-language website so that you can select any language you want, which will help getting rid of language hinderance. Moreover, there are also some more awesome features on Yordy, like the Monetize your website, the quick listing submission, the custom admin dashboard and so on.

In short, this theme is totally a great choice with optimized features and no coding knowledge or expensive plugins required, everything intuitive, visual, nice documentation, our support is always welcome to help you.

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Geodeo Directory theme by Premiumlayers

Geodeo Wordpress Directory theme by Premiumlayers

Theme features

  • Page Builder Included
  • Provide wide range of customizable options
  • Compatible with Contact form 7
  • Translation ready
  • Compatible with a lot of plugins

GeoDeo is a minimal, modern and clean Wordpress theme that is specially designed by PremiumLayers for Coupon, Deals and affiliate Websites. Apart from being a clean responsive Wordpress theme, GeoDeo also comes with some of its incredible features below.

First of all, GeoDeo can provide you with a lot of customization options just for you so that you can create the pages with Unlimited Color Options with Backend Color Picker for any kind of gorgeous color settings and especially without touching any files or code. Additionally, Geodeo has a complete system managing deals and coupons along with its Frontend Coupons submission option, Woocommerce store, and Custom Stores and more. All the features above are based on the compatible platform with MyCryd, WPML, Visual Composer, Woocommerce, Social Login, Ultimate Members Pretty Link and more. Also, the integration with Contact form 7 helps you to contact your visitors easily from your sites to create more connections.

In case your business needs a multi-language site, the Wordpress Multilingual Plugin is there for you. In case you need some unique sidebars for each page, there are also unlimited sidebars available for you. On the whole, you can have literally everything necessary for your coupon websites on GeoDeo!

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TheJobs Directory theme by Vergatheme

TheJobs Wordpress Directory theme by Vergatheme

Theme features

  • Include Visual Composer Page Builder
  • Provide you with demo content and unlimited colors
  • Add a resume submission form to your site
  • Output a list of all companies
  • Provide you with a simple set of theme options

TheJobs made by vergatheme is a multi-function Wordpress theme which is specially designed for job listing website. With many outstanding features, TheJobs is believed to be a perfect template to create a community for recruiters and job seekers.

TheJobs makes it easy for you to customize and rearrange your site thanks to the Visual Composer Page Builder along with drag and drop layout. Furthermore, it provides you with demo content and unlimited attractive colors, which helps you create a colorful and high-performance site. This Wordpress theme integrates with Resume Manager which adds a resume submission form to your site. In addition, you are able to manage them all from the Wordpress admin. With company profiles included, it outputs a list of all companies for visitors to view easily and fastly. TheJobs also provides you with a simple set of theme options.

Last but not least, TheJobs is fully responsive and customizable. Get this template now.

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How Avada Commerce ranks 36 Wordpress Directory themes

These 36 Directory themes for Wordpress are ranked based on following criterias:

  • Theme rating review on Themeforest, Wordpress Themes Marketplace, Templatemonster, MOJO Marketplace and more.
  • Themes' reviews and ratings.
  • The theme's design.
  • The vendor's reputation on social networks, and search engine ranking.
  • Social networks metrics such as Facebook, Twititer, Google+.
  • Avada experts' reviews

Top 36+ Wordpress Directory Themes / Templates

Thank to every theme vendor that has made the 36+ best Wordpress Directory themes/templates list! This is the most comprehensive list of best Directory on the internet and we are honoured to have you as part of this!

We would like to give the best commendation for all of vendors who have done the number one of Directory brief! It is appreciated to be the most awesome and exhaustive result from searching on Google. We are pretty proud of your appearance of this task. Many thanks for your benefaction to our lives!

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