24+ Best Wordpress cook Themes 2020

Are you looking for Wordpress cook Themes? You are in the right place! 24+ Best Wordpress cook Themes have been reviewed and manually picked up by our Avada Commerce team from website, marketplace such as: Themeforest, Wordpress Themes or TemplateMonster. cook Themes have been collected based on the following criteria: number of sales, reviews, ratings and social metrics. The best cook themes collection is ranked and updated in August 2020.

cook Themes for Wordpress

Soledad cook theme by Pencidesign

Soledad Wordpress cook theme by Pencidesign

Theme features

  • Supply more than 5000 homepage demos
  • Provide over 1000 combinations of sliders and blog/magazine layouts
  • Support 4 Body’s styles and multiple article layouts
  • Available to set up a video background
  • Include lightbox image for stunning view

If you want to find a WordPress theme which suits for blog and magazine, Soledad is the one that you should consider. With its features, this theme is trusted by more than 18 thousand users and is rated 4.86 over a five-star-rating.

In particular, this theme provides you with over 5000 premade homepage designs that you can check for the preview first then decide to use it later. Additionally, you are supplied with 1000+ combinations of sliders and layouts, hence, it can present your content in a beautiful way regardless of your types of blog/magazine. In other words, even though you run a blog or magazine on traveling, fashion, food or else, you can still find the gorgeous layout matches your purpose.

Besides, there are four styles of Body (Body full width, body boxed color, body boxed image, and body boxed pattern) and multiple article layouts that can create the diversification for your posts and make it more attractive to visitors. Moreover, Soledad is featured with lightbox images which not only make photos fast to load but also bring back a stunning view. You can also set up a video as your background to impress viewers.

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Food and Cook cook theme by Dahz

Food and Cook Wordpress cook theme by Dahz

Theme features

  • Offer users’ favorite layouts
  • Let users build their own online stores and select their custom backgrounds
  • Be able to change layout systems and get users’ dish submitted
  • Allow users to create their online shops and sell products online
  • Provide users with custom page templates and support AdSense support

Like its name, Food and Cook theme is known as one of the most powerful Food Blog WordPress themes that allow you to share your cooking tips and recipes to the rest of the world. With a clean and beautiful design, Food and Cook is perfectly shown for all of your food catalogs.

Like another WordPress theme, Food and Cook theme lets you select your favorite layouts, including 3 recipe layouts and 6 home layouts. Besides its appearance, Food and Cook WordPress theme helps you take care of the flexibility. In addition, the WordPress theme aids you in building your own online store, choose your custom backgrounds or modify your layout system, your 404 page. In addition, this theme allows your customers to get their dish submitted and build the recipe database.

Besides being fully responsive, Food and theme makes everything look perfect on any mobile devices. Thanks to WooCommerce integration, you can easily generate your shop in just a minute and sell your products online. Page layouts are something you should not miss out since Food and Cook provides you with stunning page layouts to help you attract your customers. Besides, this WordPress theme offers custom page templates, custom post type flex sliders, over 50 theme short-codes, and AdSense support.

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foodrecipes cook theme by Inspirythemes

foodrecipes Wordpress cook theme by Inspirythemes

Theme features

  • Home page with 5 sliders variations
  • Recipes listing page with nice pagination
  • Recipe submit page template
  • 25 famous social icons
  • Full localisation support

Food recipes is an highly responsive, beautiful and rich designed by Inspirethemes. This theme is perfect for website related to recipes, professional chef, cooking experts. By this colorful theme, they also easily share cooking recipes, knowledge and completed information or any video supported.

Going details into the features, this theme is coded base on HTML which allow your sites in a good ranking on search engines. This theme has good utilization of h1, h2, h3 tags. By keeping micro-formats in mind, recipes are managed properly. Food recipes is quite easy and extensive theme option which is variety of colors, layouts and arrangements for personal using. Font end recipe submit allow customer present their ideals and knowledge properly and logically. Ten custom widgets also customizes any devices. This theme, absolutely have rich feature recipe detail with two beautiful design variations. they generate feature images slider or recipe video and sidebar. Furthermore, they have full width video template with video on top and contents after it which is suitable for any chef in sharing their own methods and cooking secrets.

In summary, food recipes create great and tasty work for display the recipes that appeal and attract any visitors at firts look.Thus, they are worth trying

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Neptune cook theme by Osetin

Neptune Wordpress cook theme by Osetin

Theme features

  • Help users add nutrition information to their recipes and set labels
  • Being a huge SEO booster thanks to Google rich snippets build-in
  • Allow users to manage every aspect of themes with help of theme settings panel
  • Provide related recipes block using same ingredients from same categories
  • Let users set times or alarm online to know when to stop cooking

Neptune, developed by Osetin, is an engaging WordPress theme for anyone who spends most of their time cooking and sharing recipes with the rest of the world.

Neptune has everything you might need in a recipe blog from searchable recipe ingredients to recipe nutritional information. You are able to add your nutrition information to your own recipe, set labels you really want and search each ingredient. Neptune is a huge SEO booster thanks to Google rich snippets built-in. In addition, with the help of theme settings panel, you are able to manage any aspect of themes, including background images, layout types and so many more. Also, Neptune is packed with strong social share features since it has links to your networks and social sharing functionality. With steps and smart folding, you can easily separate your recipe preparation into many small steps with their images as well as step duration. If you want to draw more customers’ attention, don’t forget to show off related recipes using the same ingredients from the same category. Besides, with just a click, your users can focus on your reading cooking mode that allows them to remove things from pages. You can even set times or alarm online to help you know exactly when you can stop your cooking.

In addition to those above-mentioned features, Neptune also supports over 700 fonts or instant recipe search

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Sprout and Spoon cook theme by Solopine

Sprout and Spoon Wordpress cook theme by Solopine

Theme features

  • Comes with a solo pine recipe plugin and different blog layouts
  • Allow users to choose full-width and standard blog layouts
  • Locate widget areas to help users with newsletter and ads
  • Include custom styling for MailChimp to display newsletter widgets
  • Provide users with tons of customizable color options and social media icons

Here comes good news for any food blogger. Sprout and Spoon theme is here for you. Its amazing features can aid you in sharing your taste with masses.

Developed by SoloPine, Sprout and spoon theme has an eye-catching feature area and a responsive design. In addition, you will see that the theme comes with a solo pine recipe plugin including powerful custom to make recipe cards with the help of recipe rich snippet and flexible recipe index. Sprout and spoon theme provides you with different blog layouts containing the full-width version of each layout. You are able to select full-width and standard post layouts on your post-by post basis. Besides, a widget will be located under post content to help you with newsletter and ads. A widget area located under sliders to help you with newsletter and ads too. As you might not know about, this WordPress theme is packed with custom styling for MailChimp to assist you in showing a beautiful newsletter widget.

Another interesting features of Sprout and Spoon theme include contact form 7, hide or show most elements, and sticky navigation support. Furthermore, you should take note that this theme also provides you with tons of customizable color options and social media icons located in both header and footer.

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Basil cook theme by Boxystudio

Basil Wordpress cook theme by Boxystudio

Theme features

  • Include an exclusive recipe slider
  • Allow audiences to rate and review
  • Add cooking timers, galleries and sharing buttons
  • Add nutrition information to each recipe
  • Support Cooked Pro page builder

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that help create a website that is relevant to cooking so here is the thing for you. Basil is published by BoxyStudio to be a the best template for whom want to build an online recipe community such as chief, cook, or homemom, etc.

The theme is power by Cooked and Cooked Pro plugin which instead of $50 cost as before, are now can be used freely within a year. These plugins comes with features like ajax pagination, more styles and so much more. Besides, Cooked goes along with drag and drop recipe builder so that you will find no difficulty in creating your recipes. Just add ingredients, directors, photos and customize your recipe layout to get your pages done in your desired look.

By applying Basil, apart from building recipe slider to the top of any page with title and description, it is within the capability of people to insert cooking timers, galleries and social sharing buttons, from which your recipe can be widely spress to a huge number of people caring about cooking, to make your site become more robust, along with the previous adding ingredient and direction features. What is more, there comes the nutrition facts label, which can be embedded on each of your recipes displayed in the sidebar of the recipe template. With this label, your audiences may feel trustful and have the careful consideration about the size, value and calories before selecting each dish to carry out. Last but not least, after experiencing your cooking guidance, the audiences are able to comment, review and rate therefore your page may turn out to be a well interactive cooking community for everybody.

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Savory cook theme by Elated-themes

Savory Wordpress cook theme by Elated-themes

Theme features

  • Extensive typography options Included
  • OpenTable plugin Provided
  • Twitter and Instagram Feed Widget Integrated
  • Online booking system Included
  • One Click Demo Import for your site

Savory - a perfect Restaurant theme that allows you to show off just about any aspect of your restaurant business. No matter it is an Italian restaurant, a barbeque place, a diner, or even a coffee shop, a bar, this modern and responsive WordPress theme will help you all the way together with its incredible features.

As you can see from the demos of Savory, this theme lets you show the restaurant menu in a stylish way, share the recipes with the crowd, or the blog about healthy food, and so many more. To go more in detail, Savory is absolutely an exquisite restaurant WordPress theme as it helps the booking-a-table job become a piece of cake via OpenTable plugin and the Online booking system. As a consequence, within some simple clicks, you are able to get a reservation for a perfect meal! Plus, Savory gives users many extensive typography options so that you can use the unlimited Google-Webfonts list and change all of the typographic details of the design by defining the fonts and features of elements such as body. Especially, thanks to the Twitter and Instagram Feed Widget Integration, your websites now can easily bring all the great social media content you create to one place so that creating a branded social media feed and embedding it on your website has never been that simple.

On the whole, Savory, along with its amazing restaurant features and options that will help you smoothly launch a remarkable restaurant website. If you are looking for the supreme restaurant WordPress theme, you have already found the answer here!

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Recipe cook theme by Djmimi

Recipe Wordpress cook theme by Djmimi

Theme features

  • Offer users recipe features
  • Provide users with member fetures"
  • Come with search features by cusine, category, ingredients or custom value
  • Allow users to take advantafes of blog featues
  • Let users use page features and include widgets into websites

When it comes to the most complete solution for recipe management, Recipe WordPress theme is among one of them. Recipe WordPress theme is loaded with all of the features that are a must to help provide you with great experience for members who want to submit their recipes and for those who want to read them.

Recipe theme has all of the amazing features to help you deal with problems you are facing. For example, recipe features are the ones we need to talk about. It provides you with recipe ratings, recipe ingredients with the checkboxes, recipe description, recipe video, feature images, gallery images or details metadata. Besides recipe features, this theme provides you with member features, such as member recipe submit, advanced recipe email notifications, member levels, member registration, member password recovery or member profile page with a recipe management system. In addition, some search features are introduced for you, including advanced searches or advance orders. Also, you are able to search by ingredients, custom value or category. You are also given blog features. For example, you can be supported 8 post formats with multiple variations to help you get more than that. Some other blog featues are post social share and so many more. Regarding page features, you will be given many page templates from page full width, 404-page or page contact.

Several widgets will be added into your websites like custom recent posts, custom recent comments, top authors, social links or shortcode texts.

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NovaBlog cook theme by Hercules_design

NovaBlog Wordpress cook theme by Hercules_design

Theme features

  • Being equipped with a powerful option panel to get your theme customized
  • Provide users with 18 unique demos and 3 mage menu styles
  • Allow users’ visitors to show off their recent posts and multi-column menus
  • Let users add widgets into your menus and versatile header styles
  • Offer users 5 header layouts and set them as sticky and normal headers

If you are looking for a magazine or blog theme, let’s take a closer look at NovaBlog WordPress theme. Developed by Hercules_Design, NovaBlog is perfectly designed for any blog or magazine websites.

NovaBlog WordPress theme is packed with powerful features. Having responsive designs, this WordPress theme provides your own users with intuitive site experiences on all of the web-browsing devices no matter what kind of devices you are using. With a strong option panel, NovaBlog is highly customized, along with over 555 options for countless possibilities. In addition, it is easy for you to install 18 unique demos with just a single click. Being packed with 3 mega menu styles, the WordPress theme allows their users to show off their recent posts and multi-column menus. Besides, you are able to include widgets into your menus. NovaBlog is also loaded with versatile header styles for you to choose from. You can choose among 5 header layouts and set them as a sticky and normal header. Now, with the built-in post custom signature feature, you can easily show off your message as well as pictures of your signature automatically.

Besides those impressive features above, NovaBlog gives you live search with AJAX to support your search results when you type.

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Cinnamon Restaurant cook theme by Imaginem

Cinnamon Restaurant Wordpress cook theme by Imaginem

Theme features

  • OpenTable Integrated
  • Powerful Theme Options Provided
  • Event Management Supported
  • Page Builder Equipped
  • Compatible with the Wordpress Multilingual

Cinnamon Restaurant is a typical theme on Wordpress as it is a responsive and also multi-purpose theme. Apart from that basic elements, Cinnamon Restaurant is designed especially for all types of food business related websites such as eatery, food joint, barbecues, small to large restaurants, bakery, cafe, coffee, grill-houses, fast-food, and pizzerias.

First of all, Cinnamon Restaurant is integrated with the OpenTable plugins so that it will make your restaurant reservation easier than ever. Also, you will be given the access right for the visitor either as a modal slide window with forms or linkable to a dedicated page. Additionally, this theme is equipped with the custom Page Builder as it will support the making page building process really fast and smooth for you. Furthermore, if you are working for an international restaurant instead of the single-language one, or vice versa, then the Cinnamon Restaurant theme is Wordpress Multilingual ready for your translation jobs.

Besides, there are still many more stunning features on this theme like the Powerful Theme Options, the Event Management or the WooCommerce Support that are waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Hit the purchase button and we will do the rest for you.

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Gastro cook theme by Twisttheme

Gastro Wordpress cook theme by Twisttheme

Theme features

  • Advanced Customizer Included
  • Lifetime Update and Great Support Team Provided
  • Maximise the creating website possibilities
  • OpenTable supported
  • SEO Optimized

Gastro - a multi-purpose WordPress theme, which is specially designed to fit every aspect of the cafe, restaurant, and food-blog website. Apart from its fully responsive features or the unlimited customization, Gastro also comes with restaurant-feature elements, for instance, the online reservation, food menu, and recipe template for food blogging.

To go more in detail, this Gastro theme maximizes the possibilities of creating a website as it provides you more than 40 basic elements that are the foundation of any website. Consequently, it will be all your privilege to control every single element, templates, and layout. And also, creating, modifying, and saving your own template has never been that easy for you on Gastro. Moreover, Gastro is provided with the world’s most popular service for a reservation: OpenTable so that your visitors can find a table easily with just an OpenTable ID. Besides, Gastro supports you with our lifetime update with a view to improving our quality every day. Also, we always want to ensure that your website would function well and serve the best for its purpose by providing you our five-star support team. Furthermore, the Advanced Customizer that helps you monitor a ton of theme options in every move, the SEO Optimization, the Live Customizer and so on are also outstanding features on Gastro that you should try out.

In conclusion, this Gastro theme is the best for any food-related website. No matter you own a Michelin-star restaurant, fast food stall, or cocktail bar, you can always find Gastro theme fit to your requirement!

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Talisa cook theme by Progressionstudios

Talisa Wordpress cook theme by Progressionstudios

Theme features

  • Allow users to mark their recipe favorites
  • Let users post their recipes online
  • Help users rate recipe with a 5-star review system
  • Customize unlimited color schemes
  • Come with Retina support

Talisa, designed by Progression House is a multi-concept modular WordPress theme that works beautifully for Recipe blog. If you are looking for a theme to help you show off your work and easily edit your recipe, this is definitely the best choice. Talisa theme will provide you with additional features like Recipe Favorites allowing users to use favorite/bookmark recipes and save them to their profile page. Additionally, with the Front End Recipe Posting Form, users can easily post their recipe online in a few minutes. They also can rate the recipe with a 5-star system via Recipe Rating.

Talisa theme gives you Unlimited Color Schemes that are easy to customize from a front-end color picker. By using this feature, you will surely make your website become vivid and impressive to any visitors. Lastly, do not forget to try Video Documentation function to upload your cooking time and share on your homepage.

Besides those above-mentioned features, you can see that thanks to Translation Ready features, you are able to translate your sites into any languages with ease. Take note that the theme is built with HTML5 Boilerplate to help you with a fast and robust sites. One more thing is that the theme includes photoshop files as well.

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Dina cook theme by Matchthemes

Dina Wordpress cook theme by Matchthemes

Theme features

  • Theme Live Customizer Available
  • Elementor Page Builder Supported
  • Compatible with Gutenberg
  • 9 Food Menu Layouts Provided
  • OpenTable plugin Included

Dina, which is a modern, clean restaurant WordPress theme, is absolutely the best solution for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, bakeries, bistros, pizzas and any food, drink restaurant related businesses.

First of all, Dina is either an easy-to-use theme and also equipped with everything you need to launch and manage your restaurant website. For example, the food menu templates, the reservation OpenTable other built-in forms, galleries, blog page layouts, team templates, unlimited color options and more. Not only this Dina theme has everything you need to open a online restaurant, but also it still provides you incredible features that a Wordpress theme should have. Specifically, the Theme Live Customizer feature on Dina allows you to choose the elements such as colors, typography, logo. Also, there are 09 different menu variations and elegant page galleries ready to display your food menus with images, price, and categories.

Moreover, you should not miss out on some more incredible features on Dina like the Gutenberg Compatibility, the Elementor Page Builder, etc, which all help you to get the most comfortable experience on building a website. Choose to use Dina and this fully responsive theme will transform your website into something more creative than you ever imagined!

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Good Food cook theme by Cmsmasters

Good Food Wordpress cook theme by Cmsmasters

Theme features

  • Let users add recipes into their food magazines thanks to custom recipe post type
  • Bring chances to create users’ online shop to sell kitchen products or magazines
  • Allow users to schedule their culinary events, workshops, and degustation
  • Equip users’ site both breathtaking and functionality effects
  • Support advanced SEO through code structure optimization

Good Food WordPress theme is known as one of the most ultimate food magazine as well as culinary blogging WordPress packed with powerful recipes functionality and custom recipe post types. Good Food theme can help you generate recipe magazines and food blogs.

Good Food theme contains custom recipe post type allows you to include interactive recipes into your own food magazines. Also, three blog layouts are perfect to aid in creating a cooking blog to display your media content. With full WooCommerce integration, you are able to make your own online shop to sell your kitchen staff, printed editions of your own magazines. Through the events calendar, you will schedule well your culinary events, degustation, and workshops. You should bear in mind that Good Food theme is packed with instant support thanks to personal tickets. Also, detailed documentation with many screenshots is available. Being equipped with layer sliders and revolution sliders, your site will have both breathtaking and functionality effects. One more thing is that this cooking theme has a code and structure optimization, along with SEO options for every post and page. You are allowed to add SEO metadata to all of your website content.

Besides those above-mentioned features, Good Food brings you custom page backgrounds and countless menu colors. Other interesting features include Retina Ready theme for WordPress, Google fonts, custom form builder tools, and over 99 custom short-codes.

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Attika cook theme by Mikado-themes

Attika Wordpress cook theme by Mikado-themes

Theme features

  • Provide Highly Customizable System
  • Support Extensive Admin Interface
  • Wide range of shortcodes Inserted
  • Open Table plugin supported
  • Various beautiful inner pages Available

Attika is totally an Elegant Restaurant Wordpress Theme that comes with a variety of highly malleable elements that are great for presentational purposes and for showcasing every aspect of your business. In case you have no idea any line of code is, don’t worry because you absolutely can bring out your elegant theme that will induce your visitors!

First of all, Attika will serve you a spectacular web presentation for your delicious meals. We have the beautiful, predesigned home and also inner pages for every type of the restaurant business, from fine dining, haute cuisine, seafood restaurants to bistros, chefs. Plus, you will be either provided the stunning designed or the highly customizable system on Attika. To go more in detail, you can control everything like preloader, goto top logo, menu, colors, the general layout of the theme, footer, page structures and sidebar on the inner pages and so on. Especially, Attika brings you the OpenTable plugin Making online reservations has been made easier since we have included the OpenTable plugin that includes the Reservation Popup, the Pricing table, the Reservation Form and many more on the Restaurant page.

On the whole, this is literally the theme that simply has all the things you need for a restaurant. Let’s get it today and turn your restaurant website into the one that it deserves!

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Boiler cook theme by Osetin

Boiler Wordpress cook theme by Osetin

Theme features

  • Powerful Management for Recipe Added
  • Front-end submission form Available
  • Social Login with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  • Powerful theme customizer Supported
  • SEO rankings Boosted

Boiler - a Personal Food Blog Theme on WordPress that helps you display your cooking blog with simple and clean layout along with sliding featured recipes and many more.

First of all, the Powerful Management for Recipe is highly-implemented on Boiler. This Boiler theme allows you to connect recipes to the ingredients. Consequently, the users are able to search for them based on the ingredients that they have to cook a dish. Also, it is possible for the visitors to adjust servings and get an automatic caculation for how much ingredients needed for new ones. Additionally, you can also allow your visitors to submit their own recipes using a simple Frontend Submission form. As a consequence, after having submitted the visitors’ recipes, you are able to read them and decide which ones you want to approve. Also, the users can also edit their submitted recipes and list them in a directory author. They even are capable of bookmarking other people recipes and engaging in conversations using comments and recipe reviews. Plus, your SEO rankings will be boosted via the fully-utilized Google Rich snippet meta-data that is provided on Boiler.

On the whole, all of these super easy-to-use ingredients builder, nutritional data box and informative steps with photos and many more features on the Boiler theme should not be missed out by any food bloggers. Choose to purchase this theme and I’m sure that it will make things easier for your followers to cook your recipes.

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Cuisine cook theme by Lucidthemes

Cuisine Wordpress cook theme by Lucidthemes

Theme features

  • Offer Custom Recipe Plugin
  • Recipe Card plugin Included
  • Unlimited color schemes Provided
  • Specifically-Designed Custom widgets
  • Provide well-documented system

Cuisine - a WordPress Blog & Recipe Theme, which is designed especially for food bloggers and recipe creators. Apart from different layout styles, header styles, page variations, and color schemes, which allow you to customize the theme the way you like, this Cuisine theme can help you more than just creating the perfect looks for your recipe website.

For starters, Cuisine is absolutely a fully custom recipe plugin, as it allows you to create and show off your recipes on your food blog sites. More specifically, the custom plugin provides you with the dedicated recipe section that features everything you need to create recipes including timings, ingredient groups, instruction groups, and notes. Especially, after creating a recipe, each will have its own dedicated recipe card that can be placed onto multiple pages or posts. Even more, you are able to display recipe cards in different places if you use our custom shortcode included with the plugin. Also, we provide you with the custom widgets for recipes and posts that allow you to show off your latest content.

Even you can not understand all these incredible features provided, don’t worry because our extensive documentation that covers every page and explains in detail how to use the theme is already provided for you on Cuisine!

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Alanzo cook theme by Ancorathemes

Alanzo Wordpress cook theme by Ancorathemes

Theme features

  • Provide 2 header designs and over 750 customizer options
  • Support multiple Blog styles
  • Supply 3 layouts for displaying Gallery
  • Include more than 20 Post animations
  • Back-to-top button is featured for easy navigation

Alanzo by AncoraThemes is a Personal Chef and Catering WordPress theme which is created with beautiful, clean and responsive design. If you want to find a useful with reasonable charge theme, you should not skip out this theme.

When you apply this theme, it supplies you with 2 header designs and over 750 customizer options that you can freely edit the presentation and other contents on your site. For the Gallery page, there are three layouts which are predefined for you that you can easily choose the one you like and change between them.

Besides, this theme supports multiple Blog styles and more than 20 Post animations, hence, all of your content will be displayed stunningly and attractively. Another interesting point of this theme is that it includes a back-to-top button, therefore, it helps your visitors simply come back to the beginning of the page and move to other sections on your site. Other features like SEO optimization, Ajax Search, etc. are also supported that you can check out more information on its product link.

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Tasty Food cook theme by An-themes

Tasty Food Wordpress cook theme by An-themes

Theme features

  • Translation Ready Available
  • Support the Highest-Earning Ad Sizes
  • Font Awesome Icons Provided
  • Compatible with the WordPress Recipe Maker
  • WordPress Live Search functionality Supported

Tasty Food – a Recipes and Food Blog WordPress Theme, which is suitable for either a blogger or a business that wants to share recipes or personal blog posts. Apart from the responsive look on all mobile devices as well as any device, there are a wide variety of stunning features that are waiting for you on Tasty Food.

Based on its primary purpose - showing recipes, Tasty Food is designed to be compatible with the WordPress Recipe Maker so that you can easily add recipes to any post or page. To go more in detail, Tasty Food provides you with many aspects for a recipe like the recipe ratings in the user comments, clean print recipe version for your visitors. Also, any step of the recipe can be illustrated in photos. There is also the WordPress Live Search functionality available on your WordPress site. More specifically, when your visitors type the words into the search box, then the Food theme keeps querying Wordpress and look for search results that match what they have typed. The special thing about Tasty Food is its Highest-Earning Ad Sizes features. For example, some monetization options such as a good selection of advert locations can be made use of via the best location adding on your websites.

Not to mention, some more awesome features that we have here on Tasty Food like the Font Awesome Icons, the Translation Ready or the Front-end Submission. That’s why you’ll need to get started with this incredible food WordPress themes that I present to you: Tasty Food – Recipes & Food Blog WordPress Theme now!

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RecipePress cook theme by Inspirythemes

RecipePress Wordpress cook theme by Inspirythemes

Theme features

  • Let users’ visitors submit their recipes by using front end and recipe submission form
  • Provide users with front-end profile editing to help them change and update details
  • Offer users delicious designs with four unique demos and page independent sections
  • Come with short-codes to assist users in making multiple content
  • Allow users to take advantages of layout settings and options panels

RecipePress is known a Premium WordPress theme which is suitable for food and recipes related sites. It contains multiple home page variations, along with over 15 independent sections.

RecipePress lets your own visitors submit recipes by applying front end and recipe submission forms. Also, users can check their recipes as well as modify them easily. You can try to submit the recipes from the front ends by using your username and password. As you can see, RecipePress is packed with the front-end profile editing to help your users change and update their details on the front-end. In addition, this WordPress provides you with delicious designs with four unique demos and over 15 home page independent sections. Besides, RecipeWordPress is loaded with detailed and easy documentation. You can read as well as learn about all aspects of this WordPress theme. Take note that RecipePress is highly customizable with all of the layout settings and theme options panels because of the Redux Framework plugin. Short-codes are also added to the theme to help you generate multiple contents. You can check the live demos for further details.

Another RecipePress’s amazing features include shopping list management, count down timer, SEO optimization, and responsive designs.

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Fresh cook theme by Themelexus

Fresh Wordpress cook theme by Themelexus

Theme features

  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • SEO Optimized
  • Slider Revolution Included
  • Includes 3 premade unique demos
  • Advanced Theme Control Panel Included

Fresh is known as a Food and Restaurant WooCommerce WordPress Theme, which comes with creative design, ultimate core features and the ease of customization.

For starters, this multi-purpose theme is easy-to-customize based on the intuitive theme control panel that includes lots of useful options to manage your site. Additionally, Fresh is based on the best Wordpress eCommerce platform that you might have already known: Woocommerce. Besides, there are 3 demos included in Fresh with different layouts and styles. So, all required elements for shop pages can be easily added on Fresh to help you build a powerful eCommerce site in the way you want. Plus, the best WordPress Page Builder tool, and at the same time, the best selling plugins: Slider Revolution and KingComposer Page Builder are included on the Fresh theme. Thanks to that, you will be able to build your content and customize the theme easily with the stunning slideshows or the powerful Back-End and Front-End page builder.

Furthermore, not only is the Fresh theme SEO-Optimized theme, but it also has the One-click Installation Support and so many more features. What are still waiting for? Choose to purchase Fresh and enjoy the most convenient for your Food and Restaurant website!

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Lami cook theme by Deothemes

Lami Wordpress cook theme by Deothemes

Theme features

  • Optimize the best for adding recipes
  • Connect to Instagram account
  • Able to choose grid and layouts
  • Use Contact Form 7 and Mailchimp Plugins to connect subcribers
  • Enable Post Likes feature

Lami - a delicious WordPress theme designed by the DeoThemes, which is for those who love creating blogs about recipes and cooking. This Lami theme provides you with the recipe plugin that can help bloggers to post their favorite recipes. More specifically, Lami will bring you some of Upload recipe images, including ingredients, set rating, set for how many you want to cook and many more features.

For starters, Lami is optimized the best for its initial purpose: adding recipes. Not only the description for Servings, Prep Time, Cook Time, Rating, Instructions, etc are available for you, but also Lami’s customization provides you its native WordPress customizer, change colors, show/hide elements, change fonts, etc. Also, your best recipes will not just be shown from your website, but from your Instagram as Lami allows you to connect to your profile feed and show it on your blog. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about losing contact with your readers as we provide you the MailChimp newsletter and Contact Form 7 so that everything will be well-connected.

Besides, there are still many incredible features like the Grid and layouts options, the One-click Demo Import, and so on. So just start your tasty blog with your beloved recipes with this Lami WordPress theme and we will do the rest!

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Luxury cook theme by Progressionstudios

Luxury Wordpress cook theme by Progressionstudios

Theme features

  • Easily Adjust the Font
  • Integrate with the eCommerce
  • Slider Revolution Supported
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Page Builder Included

Luxury is known as one of the Restaurant and Cafe Theme that helps you show off your work with this easy-to-customize and full features provided. It can be used for any kind of restaurant and cafe place like a barbeque place, a diner, or even a bar and so on.

If you are planning for your business, you are going to have the right beginning with this theme as it supports you to sell products with the e-commerce system based on a WordPress infrastructure. And speaking about business, we can not miss out on the Search Engine that is well-optimized in Luxury. As Page Speed and SEO affect to the satisfaction of your website visitors, search engines and the consumption of server resources. Consequently, your site speed and SEO rates will be kept at the top due to our careful optimizing process. About the appearance of your restaurant website, we give you the right to adjust all the most detailed factors like the Font, the Sticky Header and Footer, etc so that you can create the look as you wish for. Besides, you are able to use a slider via the Slider Revolution plugin, which help you display eye-catching animations anywhere on your website or you can use hundreds of ready-made demos.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned features are no lesser reasons to choose Luxury. We believe that it can help you a lot in creating websites for your Restaurant and Cafe business!

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FlyFood cook theme by Flytemplates

FlyFood Wordpress cook theme by Flytemplates

Theme features

  • Flexible Layouts Builder Included
  • Provide fully Customizable Options
  • Offer huge library of Google Fonts
  • Free Drag and Drop page builder supported
  • Embed Advanced Font Styling For Shortcodes

FlyFood is a theme that is highly recommended for food industries and all blog types including the Food, Bakery, Recipes, WooCommerce Shop, Interior Design, Fashion, Personal, Writer, Designer, Business, Non-Profit, Hand-Made, SEO and others. As the basic set of elements and templates that FlyFood offers, everyone can utilize its incredible features with ease.

First of all, this FlyFood theme enables you to create any page you imagine, using the features to Flexible Layouts Builder create Onepage and Multipage page styles. Also, the most powerful & free framework for WordPress - Drag and Drop page builder is here on FlyFood. Consequently, a bunch of built-in extensions that will come out to help you build and also customize your website in the fastest and easiest way. Additionally, we have the full-integrated Google Fonts library on this FlyFood theme so that you will have the access right to more than 818 free fonts of all shapes and serifs. Now it’s only a matter of your choices on finding the perfect font and color combinations for your project.

Furthermore, you can also approach the fully customizable Options, the Advanced Font Styling For Shortcodes, the WooCommerce Ready, or WPML Ready an many more features on FlyFood. All of them are waiting for you to explore!

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  • The theme's design.
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