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38+ Best wordpress Contact Form Apps in 2024

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    Sam Thomas

38+ Best Shopify Contact Form Apps from hundreds of the Contact Form reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Contact Form does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Contact Form app collection is ranked and result in July 23, 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Contact Form apps or alternatives to Contact Form also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Contact Form Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
Contact FormContact Form0
Contact Form 7Contact Form 70
FormCraft ProFormCraft Pro36
Form MakerForm Maker0
Caldera FormsCaldera Forms0
Contact Form BuilderContact Form Builder0
Contact FormContact Form0
Invisible reCaptcha for WordPressInvisible reCaptcha for WordPress0
Contact Form 7 – Conditional FieldsContact Form 7 – Conditional Fields0

#1 Contact Form by WPForms

Contact Form

Contact Form is a great solution that will help you create beautiful contact forms, feedback forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and another type of forms for your site in just minutes.

To begin with, this Contact Form plugin is highly optimized for web and server performance. Honestly, we believe this one to be one of the fastest WordPress contact form builder plugins in the world. Moreover, you are able to embed your contact form on any page with the optimized title and description. Also, you will be provided the Drag and Drop online form builder to add custom form fields easily, reorder them, and basically create a complete contact form in just several minutes. Along with contact form, you can also utilize WPForms to create surveys and polls; more specifically, you can freely integrate your contact forms with an email marketing service or collect payments for bookings and orders. As consequences, we have thousands of businesses that love our WPForms surveys while creating customer feedback form, employee feedback form, online petition form, and many more.

That's not all, we are all proud of our SEO friendly features, the Paypal forms to easily collect payments, donations, and online orders, and many more features support for your website-creating mission. After reading this feature list, I believe that you now probably imagine why WPForms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins in the market.

Features Highlights

  • Payment Form
  • Donation Form
  • Booking Form are all supported
  • Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder always come in handy
  • Use WPForms to create surveys and polls
  • SEO Friendly and Optimized for Speed
  • Provide many pre-built Form Templates
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#2 Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a plugin which supports you in contact forms management as well as allows form and mail content customization.

First and foremost, Contact Form 7 supports you with markup. You can use the markup to customize content in your mail as well as its form in a simple way. Contact Form 7 emphasizes user privacy protection in its default configuration. The plugin does not use cookies or confidentially track users. The personal data of users is safe when no recording is written into the database. Contact Form 7 supports the information security when this plugin does not spontaneously send data to outside servers. Since the data of contact form submitter may be sent to the service provider when you turn on certain features of Contact Form 7, the suggested privacy policy is fully recommended. The policy includes some main features such as reCAPTCHA by Google, spam filtering of Akismet, and Constant Contact provided by Endurance International Group.

If you are looking for a plugin that can satisfy your very basic needs about contact form, Contact Form 7 is absolutely a great solution. Friendly with simple usage and installed by millions of users, do not hesitate and get Contact Form 7 for free right now!

Features Highlights

  • Simple markup to customize form and mail contents
  • Do not invisibly track users
  • Do not use cookies
  • Do not record or send data to outsiders
  • Support tools for privacy protection
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#3 FormCraft Pro by NCrafts

FormCraft Pro

FormCraft is known as one of the most complete, flexible & customizable Drag & Drop Form Builder tools for WordPress on the market so far. It ensures to bring you your own familiar Drag & Drop style of editing and breeze using experience. Not only that, but it's also your privilege to do so many other things with FormCraft's features.

First of all, you have a clean GUI supported behind the scenes to allow you to drag the item you want from the menu and drop it in place on the form you have chosen. Then, we had created a completely familiar WordPress Dashboard to make sure that once when you activated, you can see a new menu item to build forms easily. As we have designed this form based on the real-time web form analytics, which will help you view form views and submissions, check conversion rates and payment conversion rates – weekly, monthly, yearly or by custom periods. Plus, the code has been optimized to be lightweight and validated HTML5, at the same time, sitting on a full AJAX framework so that there are no page reloads necessary and creates simply beautiful forms on every device. The Conditional Logic is also one of FormCraft strength that enables you to send emails or trigger integrations, show/hide fields or use math expressions to update a live shopping cart at your disposal.

That's not all, there are still so many awesome features on FormCraft that are still waiting for you to figure out. Hit the "Purchase" button and let us finish the rest.

Features Highlights

  • Offer multiple layers of customization
  • Designed to be based on the real-time web form analytics
  • Provide completely familiar Wordpress Dashboard
  • Support qualified Conditional logic
  • Include a clean GUI supported in behind the scenes
Price: 36
Rating: 4 / 5

#4 Form Maker by 10Web Form Builder Team

Form Maker

The Form Maker plugin is the leading drag & drop option for various building forms of any complexity in just a few clicks, with the help of so many efficient features.

For starters, you will be impressive by the intuitive Drag and Drop interface that help you creating responsive contact forms easily and in a timely manner. As this plugin allows you to add modern and functional questionnaires to your website with a few clicks, you will get better communication with your own visitors. Plus, you can utilize this plugin to create forms for almost all purposes, from simple email form, contact form to multi-pages applications, registration surveys, as well as questionnaires with conditional fields, captcha protection, multiple-choice questions and more. And of course, you just have to spend a few clicks to create your email form and customize it with 15 available themes, styling and display options.

This Form Maker plugin is totally a power-packed yet user-friendly form builder plugin that also has 4 display options in the plugin that has its own set of settings for customizing, the available payment options, namely, PayPal and Stripe and many more awesome features.

Features Highlights

  • 15 Customizable themes provided
  • Choose one of the available PayPal and Stripe for payment options
  • Four display options available: Embedded
  • Pop-Up
  • Scroll-box
  • and Top-bar
  • Well-designed Contact form available
  • Allow adding modern and functional questionnaires in just a few clicks
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#5 Caldera Forms by Caldera Labs

Caldera Forms

The Caldera Forms plugin is well-known as a free and also powerful WordPress plugin that helps users create responsive forms with a simple Drag and Drop editor. Besides, it also has many other free user-friendly add-ons for both beginners and web developers.

To begin with, Caldera Forms provides you the simplified Visual Editor on WordPress, like setting up your form with multiple columns, or adding additional pages with the help of our powerful grid-based form builder, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and also the relevant information from your customers and site visitors. Additionally, you will get quickly configure the email notification to let you know when a form has been submitted. At the same time, you can add one or more auto-responder processors to your forms to send emails to your lead. In case you are annoyed by the Spam messages and notifications, then this plugin will solve that problem via the anti-spam system using a highly-effective honey pot that will repel spam. Especially, it does not require configuration or adding a Captcha that will hurt your conversions.

In conclusion, this Caldera Forms plugin is an ideal plugin that has numerous field types to create a great form that will help your website succeed for you. While using this plugin, it's totally your possibility to set field defaults just by using the power of Caldera Forms magic tags to impress your site’s visitors. Hit the Download button and you will see the magic!

Features Highlights

  • Able to set up multiple columns and add additional pages
  • Designed with effective Anti-spam system
  • Allow to track all of your form submission data
  • Include Visual Editor for conditional logic
  • Send email notification quickly and allow to add auto-responder processors to your forms
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#6 Contact Form Builder by WebDorado

Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder is considered as one of the best tools for a quick arrangement of a form for your clients and visitors. As your form has nearly all of the form field types that are necessary to create a complete contact form, including activating and deactivating, as well as rearranging process. With all of its features available for using various gadgets, I assume that you will soon love this plugin.

First of all, with the support of CSS files of the themes, you will be able to get the design of the form as you wish by applying changes in colors, dimensions and other features on them. Moreover, you can create your own new forms based on the default templates, and also change the labels, content, and options for each and every form. Plus, we have the Captch and ReCaptcha word verifications, which will help you a lot in avoiding spam. Even more, for some specific IPs, you will be able to utilize blocking IPs feature. When you need to display the location of your office, just freely use Google Maps as this form has already been integrated with it.

For the very last step of submitting the form, you will also get a custom text and receive an email copy of the submissions just to inform you of the results of your works, which is really necessary. If you want to get more features, just update to the Pro version of this plugin to see 37 themes based on various color schemes or the possibility of exporting the data both in CSV and XML formats and many more.

Features Highlights

  • Integrate with Google Maps to display your location
  • Embed Captch and ReCaptcha options
  • Support CSS files to bring the best design of the form
  • Ability to change the labels
  • content and options for each form
  • Able to get Emailing option to the administrator upon submitting a form
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#7 Contact Form by WebDorado Form Builder Team

Contact Form

The WordPress Contact Form Maker plugin is a simple form creator plugin, which was designed to allow the user to create and edit many different types of responsive website forms even they have no knowledge of programming. Especially, this Wordpress Contact Form Maker plugin is a perfect place to build advanced forms with various field types like Date, Time, Single choice, Multiple choices, and many more.

For starters, the number of fields for the WordPress Forms Builder plugin is unlimited at all times. Like, you are able to add different types of fields, including email, password, text area, or Captcha, custom and standard buttons, as well as Map field. Plus, this plugin also uses its own simple and easy-to-manage Backend Interface in case many users don't know much about making code-level changes. What is more, the Drag and Drop form builder is available on this plugin just to help you re-order fields and choose from a number of options to get just the features you need. Then, you are also allowed to view and manage all form submissions with the dynamic web form builder. The submissions will be stored in your database for later use.

On the whole, this is an efficient plugin for both newbie and experienced developers and designers. It is a perfect match for any kind of website, from the simple one-line form to a more complex email form for the site or conditional mailing form and many more.

Features Highlights

  • Equipped with Drag and Drop feature to re-order fields
  • Enable Custom email messages for admin and users
  • Designed with Unlimited number of fields
  • Serve with simple and easy-to-manage backend interface
  • Provide many pre-built Form Templates
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#8 Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress by Mihai Chelaru

Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress

Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress sheds light on creating a more convenient customer journey. The plugin automatically displays reCaptcha for your WordPress platform and helps customers to trust you more. It enables your website to work well with Google and protects your website from information leak.

What is Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress? The plugin is a highly powerful plugin integrating the new Invisible reCaptcha to your WordPress. The plugin has a lot of advantages. First of all, Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress supports the protection for your content and login on WordPress. Managers and customers can log in, register, comment and forget password with protection. Moreover, these functions are also applied to the WooCommerce platform. These features include login from protection, product review and reset password protection. Second, Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress connects and shields Buddy Press which is installed on WordPress to transform it into a social network platform. Managers are able to activate that network on a single site. Last but not least, website developers can extend invisible reCaptcha by inserting this sample code: google_invre_render_widget_action

Besides these noticeable features, the plugin also adds Invisible reCaptcha into any form by coding do_action('google_invre_render_widget_action') anywhere before form closing tag.

Features Highlights

  • Register from ultimate protection
  • Protect Contact Form 7 with Invisible reCaptcha
  • Shield Buddy Press registration
  • Activate network on one site
  • Extend invisible reCaptcha
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#9 Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields by Jules Colle

Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields

If you are curious about the "Conditional fields Group" tag in Contact Form 7 while editing, let Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields helps you discover the use of this tag.

Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields adds conditional logic to the famous plugin Contact Form 7. You can see a tag called "Conditional fields Group" in the editing process and everything put inside the tag will not be shown by default. To make the groups appear, Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields will help you create one or some conditions in the "Conditional fields" tab. The plugin allows required fields to work inside the hidden group. There is no validation problem that will happen during the process. Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields also supports conditional groups to be added to the emails. Just use the recommended tags then you can hide or show any information in your emails. Besides, the nesting function for groups is available with Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields. This function can work on both contact form and email. When you become an advanced user, Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields gives you the right to code up the conditions. Now you can use plain text to code instead of select boxes or import/export feature.

Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields supports you in taking advantage of "Conditional fields Group" tag in Contact Form 7. By handling this tag, you can add conditional groups in your form and email as well. Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields is free to install, get it right now!

Features Highlights

  • Add conditional logic to Contact Form 7
  • Allow required fields usage in hidden group
  • Adjust appearance of information in email
  • Enable group nesting
  • Allow coding up conditions
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 HappyForm by The Theme Foundry


The HappyForms plugin is a great solution for those who are managed to respond to conversations with their website visitors. The Theme Foundry team has their 10-year experience of hearing feedbacks from a million businesses that need from a form builder, incluing the wasted time trying to set up tricky forms; the frustration of emails not being delivered; and the let down of not hearing from leads. Subsequently, we came out this HappyForms with a view to solving all these problems.

First of all, you can feel free and also convenient while utilizing the Drag and Drop form builder for creating contact forms, lead generation forms, feedback forms, quote forms, survey forms and many more other kinds of form in the fastest way without using any coding knowledge. Plus, this plugin is also optimized to increase conversations with your website visitors in the way of knowing messages to-and-from are getting delivered and also avoiding the hassle of spam. The process will be set up and going in 5 minutes or less. Additionally, this HappyForms plugin includes many other useful forms parts such as the Short Text, Long Text, Email, the Multiple Choice, also Single Choice, the Dropdown and even many more detailed parts when you upgrade this plugin to the premium version.

What is more, there are still many other incredible features on this HappyForms plugin waiting for you to figure out, namely, the Live preview forms section, the ability to have a Confirmation email sent to the recipient and so on. So what are you waiting for? This plugin is ready to serve you now!

Features Highlights

  • Display Live preview forms as you create them
  • Able to skip the hassle of spam messages
  • Include various form parts to create your form
  • Support Confirmation email sent to recipients
  • Drag and Drop Field Ordering provided
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#11 Contact Form by Supsystic.com

Contact Form

The Contact Form plugin, which is well-designed by the Supsystic team, is an ultimate form builder plugin for WordPress that lets you create contact forms in just a couple of minutes. With this plugin, you will be able to create beautiful custom forms and manage submissions in the WordPress way.

More specifically, you can view the live previews of your forms while you build them right away without any struggles. Then, you will easily capture more business opportunities on your website and get real-time mobile notifications for new leads. We can not forget about the Drag and Drop Contact Form Builder, which is available for you to build up responsive, mobile-ready contact forms without any coding knowledge. Plus, having understood the requirement of the quality of site life, also the statistics and income, this plugin is equipped with the latest version of Contact Form that uses reCaptcha feature to increase the percentage of real users of your site contacts; consequently, you will avoid mistakes in Contact Form filling task. Then, you also get a useful brand new feature that is new Conditional Logic modification in the Contact Form to help you reach your goal in the fastest way.

Moreover, the Contact Form plugin still has some more features like the Embed Popup Forms, Contact Form Plugin Support or the Translations in Your Language Contact Form Plugin, and many more. I'm sure that you will find your best ways to understand your growth, to analyze the target audience of your business and so much more than that.

Features Highlights

  • Drag-and-Drop Contact Form Builder Provided
  • Google reCaptcha Available
  • Popup Forms Embeded
  • Designed with the Conditional Logic modification
  • Serve Translations in your Language Contact Form
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#12 Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension by Chris Mavricos and SevenSpark

Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension

It is popular that Contact Form 7 is a wonderful plugin. However, it can be more remarkable if you try Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension.

Besides the static values in Contact Form 7, now you can add dynamic content by using Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension. The plugin provides a new tag type which allows generating dynamic content for an input box of text. Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension bases on other values to help you create pre-populated fields such as auto-filling URLs, post ID, title or populating with post and user information. Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension supplies you two basic shortcodes to use, but it also allows custom shortcodes. If there is not a shortcode that you need in the list, just write a new one. Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension accepts any shortcodes returning a string value. You can also use shortcodes to retrieve information from your form. Just change the shortcode, you can retrieve information of blog, post, current URL, or custom fields.

In addition, Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension supports you to use PHP GET and PHP POST variables as well as to get data about current user and referrer URL. Get Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension for free and have your Contact Form 7 awesome now!

Features Highlights

  • Add dynamic content by providing a new tag
  • Create pre-populated fields
  • Accept any shortcode returning a string value
  • Include two basic shortcodes
  • Allow information retrieving by using shortcodes
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#13 Contact Form 7 Honeypot by Nocean

Contact Form 7 Honeypot

If you are struggling from spam sent to your contact form, try Contact Form 7 Honeypot for a simple and useful solution.

Contact Form 7 Honeypot adds the functionality of anti-spam into your Contact Form 7. The very basic honeypot anti-spam helps you prevent spambots without using a captcha. The plugin follows a simple principle that distinguishes bots spamming. Since most of the spam is submitted by bots on a wide scale, all the fields are blindly filled in even they should be or not. In accordance, Contact Form 7 Honeypot creates an additional field in your form to catch out on the action of bots. Once the additional field is filled in, it will cause the form invalid. By this way, Contact Form 7 Honeypot cannot stop all the spam sent to your contact form, but it can reduce the spam remarkably that you do not need extra spam challenges such as CAPTCHA or math questions. As a result, it becomes more friendly to the user when not facing difficult spam testing. Contact Form 7 Honeypot requires for the latest version of Contact Form 7 but still provides another version responsive to the older version of Contact Form 7.

No more unfriendly captcha or logic question challenges, grab Contact Form 7 Honeypot for free and enjoy the optimal honeypot anti-spam!

Features Highlights

  • Add basic honeypot anti-spam to Contact Form 7
  • Operate based on a simple principle about bots
  • Add an additional field to catch bots’ action
  • Reduce spam until additional spam challenges are unnecessary
  • Support version for Contact Form 7 older than 3.6+
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#14 Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on by Scott Paterson

Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on

For any sellers or business concerning about payment method integrated with a contact form, Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on would definitely meet all of your demand and requirement.

As the name of the plugin, PayPal and Stripe are integrated with Contact Form 7. PayPal and Stripe settings are available for each contact form. When users submit the form enabled with PayPal or Stripe, an email is sent as usual and the payment page of PayPal or Stripe is automatically redirected. The user can also set names, price and SKU/ID for items in a contact form to attach more details into the form. Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on supports 25 different currencies like PayPal, which allows you to widen your network over the world. The plugin also uses SandBox for PayPal testing in order to enhance finance protection. Last but not least, Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on let you choose URL that allows changing payment action. URLs for successful or cancel payment are completely available to attach into a contact form.

Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on supports 18 languages, is responsive to any Contact Form 7 interface and just requires one of two payment systems above. There is also a Pro version of Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on with functions of conditionally email sending, tax and shipping charging, and so on. Choose a version of Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on that is fit on you and enjoy useful features of this plugin!

Features Highlights

  • Auto redirect to PayPal and Stripe
  • Allow items' information setup
  • Support 25 different currencies
  • Use SandBox for PayPal testing
  • Support cancel and successful payment URL
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#15 Form Builder by Web-Settler

Form Builder

Form Builder plugin is absolutely a perfect plugin used for creating beautiful and responsive forms with advanced capabilities, the integrations support with other services and the form submissions.

First of all, this Form Builder plugin is designed with the user interface to maximize time efficiency so that you will easily complete your job in an efficient way. Additionally, with the help of the old shortcode supported Contact form 7, you are able to start using form builder right way, which can make your form usage improve and speed up the process. When you want to save your form entries in a database or get an email notification about new entries, it will allow you to do so at your disposal like deleting, modifying entries easily with entry manager. Also, it's your privilege to view your entries with form entry manager and even print your entries or download your form entries in the .csv format.

Apart from the features above, the Form Builder plugin is also able to make fields required or block duplication or make any of the form fields required or not and many more. All of that will open for you the easiest way to build any responsive form for your website, with any type of forms with contact form plugin it was built for multi-purpose forms.

Features Highlights

  • Able to View
  • Edit or delete entries/submissions
  • Make fields required or block duplication
  • Form submitted data available to get sort
  • filter
  • analyze or export as CSV or print
  • Allow to add or remove additional fields easily and label any Form fields
  • Make any of the form fields required or not
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#16 Material Design for Contact Form 7 by Addons for Contact Form 7

Material Design for Contact Form 7

Finding a way to enhance the responsivity and interaction of Contact Form 7 forms? Just let Material Design for Contact Form 7 helps you with interesting customization.

First and foremost, Material Design for Contact Form 7 allows you to put text input and select field into a box and outline. Text, URL, email, telephone number or date now are all put in boxed and outlined variants. Textarea of your form is automatically resized by using Material Design for Contact Form 7. The plugin also provides an inner label into text areas. With version 2 of Material Design for Contact Form 7, new button variants are added which include default, unelevated, and outlined modes. Besides, Material Design for Contact Form 7 supports syntax highlighting in CSS. You can find it easier to catch important points with different colors. Last but not least, the plugin gives you material to make your form look more intuitive. Users would find the field labels float when focusing the field, radios, and checkboxes animate when clicking or ripple effect on submit buttons.

Material Design for Contact Form 7 also supports theme brightness adjustment, boxed and outlined variants for menu, field for file upload or quiz and ReCaptcha. Update to Pro version is available with more customization including fonts and color adjustment, column arrangement, icon addition, and so on. Get Material Design for Contact Form 7 and enjoy the interactive configuration of your form!

Features Highlights

  • Provide boxed text input and select field
  • Support inner label and auto-resizing for textareas
  • Add new button variants
  • Support syntax highlighting in CSS
  • Make Contact Form 7 more intuitive
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#17 Simple Basic Contact Form by WPKube

Simple Basic Contact Form

Simple Basic Contact Form is considered as a clean, secure, plug-and-play contact form for WordPress as it is designed with minimal and flexible, clean code for your solid performance, and your ease of use. Consequently, you will be able to set up and customize your contact form easily without any frills or gimmicks.

To begin with, this plugin is built with the WP API for optimal security and performance so that it can do well in both security and performance tasks. More specifically, it is designed with the clean source code and also with the proper formatting, alignment, and spacing to help you complete your website’s overall look and feel. Via the settings screen using custom CSS, you also are able to style the form with a myriad of field options to let you create high performing, blazing-fast, well-optimized one. Moreover, you utilize the best in Anti-spam and Security section with this Simple Basic Contact Form plugin. As it helps you optionally display anti-spam captcha to visitors, also protect your form against bad bots, malicious input, and many more other threats. Also, all error messages will be cleared after that to help users complete their required fields.

For some more options, you can do with is its allowance of specifying a specific time offset for your time zone, or reset default settings, or even hide the Message field to make a simple opt-in form and many more.

Features Highlights

  • Able styling the form via the settings screen using custom CSS
  • Designed with proper formatting
  • alignment and spacing
  • Built with the WP API for optimal security and performance
  • Allow specifying a specific time offset for your time zone
  • Able to optionally display anti-spam captcha to visitors
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#18 Contact Form 7 – reCaptcha v2 by IQComputing

Contact Form 7 – reCaptcha v2

The latest version of Contact Form 7 discarding the reCaptcha version 2 may raise up concern in many users. If you are also struggling, do not hesitate to use ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7 for the best solution.

The objective of ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7 is to bring the reCaptcha v2 back to Contact Form 7. As the support for reCaptcha v2 was stopped since the end of last year, this plugin will make reCaptcha v2 activate again on Contact Form 7. ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7 also adds the tag for reCaptcha valid again in your form. Now you can simply use reCaptcha tag in your contact form as before. Keys of version 2 API is required but the plugin can also work with reCaptcha version 3 API. You just need to set the plugin into default mode then it will use the inherit reCaptcha version 3 API in Contact Form 7. Besides, the jQuery reCaptcha submission check is converted to vanilla JavaScript in the latest version of this plugin. ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7 now is available in 9 different languages. You can choose the language that you are familiar with for the best experience.

No more worry that reCaptcha v2 is not working, grab ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7 for free and enjoy the best solution ever!

Features Highlights

  • Bring back reCaptcha support in Contact form 7
  • Add the reCaptcha back to Contact Form 7
  • Be able to work with reCaptcha version 3 API
  • jQuery reCaptcha submission check is converted to vanilla JavaScript
  • Available in 9 languages
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#19 Gator Forms by Gator Forms

Gator Forms

Gator Forms is a great plugin that allows you to create your own great contact forms to place them inside Posts and Pages, also inside many other areas of your site.

First of all, your contact form can be set to locate in a fixed position on the edge of your site or automatically slide from above or below and even appear in a lightbox, inside an accordion. This Gator Forms plugin has done its jobs really outstandingly with its layout options. Additionally, there are various field types included in this plugin. For example, for the list, you can get the select list or multiple select lists; for the checkbox, you can get the single checkbox or checkboxes group, radios group; and some other elements like date picker with calendar, password, text, name, email, textarea and phone number in your contact form. Plus, you also are able to do a lot with your fields, like sorting them with the drag-and-drop features to create your contact form easily and also organize them into columns to make your contact form more useful. Remember that each field can have a tooltip or validation rule and it can be required or not.

What is more, you don't have to worry about spam because we created the Advanced spam protection to make your contact form safer without any codes. At the same time, you can select the option for multiple email recipients, BCC, or reply to email, WordPress Admin as a recipient.

Features Highlights

  • Advanced spam protection equipped
  • Designed with multiple field types
  • Various layout options provided
  • Provide many options as recipient
  • Able to sort and organize fields flexibly
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#20 Forminator Contact Form, Poll & Quiz Builder by WPMU DEV

Forminator Contact Form, Poll & Quiz Builder

Forminator is famous for being completely free and expandable form builder plugin for WordPress users. It is absolutely an ideal choice to create any kind of form such as contact forms and feedback widgets, interactive polls with real-time results, quizzes, service estimators, or even the registration forms with payment options including PayPal and Stripe.

To go more in detail, this plugin is first designed with the Drag and Drop visual builder to help you set up and add forms to your Wordpress website easily. Moreover, the way it helps you collect information, make your content interactive and generate more conversions with Forminator is one feature on this plugin that you should not miss. Specifically, it provides you the Forminator Forms that have custom forms for all your needs with as many fields as you like, the Quizzes with many fun or challenging quizzes for your visitors, the Polls to collect users opinions, or the Payments. Hence, this plugin is literally equipped with thousands of combinations for adding value to your site with Calculations to run your business well.

Even more, you can help your visitors to submit post ideas from the front end of your site so you can easily read and publish their thoughts, or utilize the Google Captcha to save your inbox from being flooded with a wide range of form spam, or even get the integrations or custom apps and sell them or give them away free on WordPress.org via the developer API and the included hooks and filters, etc.

Features Highlights

  • Inlude User Front End Post Submittions
  • Able to help you collect more information
  • Provide Forminator Forms
  • Support Google Captcha to prevent form spams
  • Use the developer API to build integrations or custom apps
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#21 Drop Uploader for CF7 by Borisolhor

Drop Uploader for CF7

Seeking for a plugin supporting Drag&Drop File upload? Drop Uploader for CF7 is what you need that helps power up your file upload area in your Contact Form 7.

Drop Uploader for CF7 adds the Drag&Drop file upload area to your form. It helps power up your file upload area while still maintaining the default file browse. The plugin has no limitation in file size. You can receive extremely big files by using Drop Uploader for CF7. The validation for type and size of the file is customizable as well. Which file type can be upload and how maximal the size limitation for a single file now can be adjusted. You can also limit the number of files to be uploaded on your site. Drop Uploader for CF7 allows options for your style customization. Color change is available for border in state, uploader and file icons. Last but not least, you can set time for auto-deleting files. Received files after the time that has been set will be considered as old and automatically deleted.

Drop Uploader for CF7 allows you to receive uploaded file to your Dropbox, supports you in receiving files as links or mail attachments as well as get attachments in a zip file. You can also select thumbnails, layouts for lists, browse link style, and set up the translation for the form. Get Drop Uploader for CF7 and enjoy the powerful Drag&Drop file upload in your form!

Features Highlights

  • Drag&Drop and File browse
  • No limitation for file size
  • Validation for file size
  • type and amount is available
  • Optional style is supported
  • Option to delete files after time
Price: 17
Rating: 4 / 5

#22 W8 Contact Form by Pantherius

W8 Contact Form

The pantherius team has designed the W8 Contact Form plugin for WordPress users with multiple recipients, unlimited forms, different styles, animations, auto-reply option and also a huge variety of additional customization options.

In detail, this plugin will always make sure that its professional system works well in getting in touch with customers easily. As a consequence, you can highly customize the entire form with optional image, description and even social links in your form. Furthermore, it's also your privilege to send different auto-reply messages for each recipient and set it globally. If you worry about losing some messages, just don't because this plugin supports you to save emails when you turn the logging option to on, then you can read them directly on your WordPress admin area. About the appearance, this plugin will offer you with its different skins and styles combinations. Its default design is the sliding or floating view; however, it still can be embedded to any page to create a flat type form. Then, the flat type also customized by the predefined styles and skins. Also, the additional style and skin customization will be possible for you with the help of editing the CSS file of the plugin.

On the whole, with all these amazing features above from the W8 Contact Form plugin, I believe that you have already found your answers for your very own Contact Form.

Features Highlights

  • Add optional image
  • description and social links
  • Enable Global and Individual Auto-Reply
  • Offer many different skins and styles combinations
  • Able to embed default sliding or floating view design
  • Support 4 different captcha modes
Price: 20
Rating: 4 / 5

#23 Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms by Webhead LLC

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms

If you are looking for a plugin that helps span your contact across several pages, then Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms can absolutely meet your satisfaction.

In Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms, multiple pages need to be created responding to the number of steps in your process. Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms supports you in spanning your contact form across pages but only works when forms are separated on different pages. At the last step creates, Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms helps you to send an email. All related tags should be included in the last form before the mail is sent. You can upload files into your form but remember to make the upload at the last step since Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms does not support file attached on every form. If you need to submit a large amount of data in your form, then try the Pro version of Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms. It supports handling 1000 times more data which approximately 5MB.

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms gives you the option to display a field from the previous step in the current step by supplying additional tags function. Try Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms and its Pro version for great experience of several-page contact forms!

Features Highlights

  • Allow a contact form to span across pages
  • Send an email at the final step
  • Do not allow file uploads on every form
  • Work with forms on separated pages
  • Pro version handles a large amount of data
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#24 Advanced Contact form 7 DB by Vsourz Digital

Advanced Contact form 7 DB

With Advanced Contact form 7 DB, you can easily store enquiry through Contact Form 7 forms and in wp-admin. The plugin will capture every form submitted in the website into the database.

First and foremost, CSV format is available to export and import. You can apply a filter to export data in CSV file. Additionally, Excel and PDF are also supported to export data. Advanced Contact form 7 DB allows the customization of the tabular structure. You can enable or disable columns in this plugin. Besides, Advanced Contact form 7 DB also provides tools for searching and filtering form details and enquiries. You can use keywords to arrange form details and set the date-range filter to search enquiries. The plugin allows drag and drop in personalized tabular view. Hence, you can find it easier to view data. Last but not least, Advanced Contact form 7 DB supplies you with a filter to exclude data from being recorded in Contact Form 7 database. The plugin also helps modify form data before a record is created in the database of Contact Form 7.

Besides, Advanced Contact form 7 DB supports listing forms received through Contact Form 7 and stores details in the database. The plugin provides pagination which allows jumping to any page, gives the option to select several entries and supports easy renaming. There are three more plugins based on Advanced Contact form 7 DB with multiple features add-on. Let’s start with Advanced Contact form 7 DB first and get more experience with further versions.

Features Highlights

  • Export and import data in CSV format
  • Column adjustment with customized tabular structure
  • Support keyword search and date-range filter
  • Drag and drop to view data
  • Optional data recording in CF7 database
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#25 Post My CF7 Form by Aurovrata V.

Post My CF7 Form

Messy map of form field and post field? Then try Post My CF7 Form for better management of submitted forms in your dashboard.

First and foremost, Post My CF7 Form allows you to set the default for elements of your post. Field, title, author, content and excerpt can be set up in default. The plugin also provides filters to a specific field. Hence, you can customize the field fill in the post created for your form. Images are supported to be featured with Post My CF7 Form. They can be submitted as a file and saved as an attachment in your post. Post My CF7 Form supplies you with taxonomies as well. Select, checkbox and radio input fields can be mapped into taxonomies and are auto-populated. Last but not least, Post My CF7 Form provides form key to identify forms of Contact Form 7. Form ID changes when server changes, so using the key form would make your development more portable. You can bring your form from a local machine to the production server if you want.

Post My CF7 Form supports unlimited meta-field creating, functionality auto-creating in meta-field mapping for large forms, multiple draft management and links addition of newly saved posts in the confirmation email. A new shortcode is generated for Post My CF7 Form while the old one still works. Do not hesitate to get Post My CF7 Form for free and enjoy the mapping between your posts and fields!

Features Highlights

  • Set the default for post element
  • Provide filters for fields
  • Allow saving a submitted file as an attachment
  • Auto-populate field items in taxonomies
  • Add form key to identify Contact Form 7 forms
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#26 Contact Form Builder, Contact Widget by Wpdevart

Contact Form Builder, Contact Widget

The Contact Form Builder plugin is known as one of the most important plugins of any WordPress website to allow everyone to see the approach the stunning and functional Contact us page on your website. Hence, hit a click on the title of this plugin to see more details of the super easy-to-use and friendly plugin that we create for users.

While building your website, you will have the ability to add some of the elements like the Text, Email, URL, Telephone number, Date/Calendar, even for the Password, Text Area, Radio Button, CheckBox, Dropdown List, Heading, Separator/Divider and reCaptcha fields to your site. Also, with the appearance of 16 different field types, this plugin will bring you the free use of finding the design as you wish for. Plus, not only have various choice of field, this plugin allows you to add unlimited fields to your page and flexibly moving your field positions to meet your desire. Then, you should not also miss out on the Simple Captcha that you can get while using this Contact Form Builder plugin. As the results, you can protect the Registration Forms in Websites, prevent Spam Comments, and also make the Online Shopping more secure.

There is also the Pro version of this Contact Form Builder plugin with so many more added features like the Animation effects, many different Font styles or the Fully Import/Export possibilities. But I believe that you will love both versions of this incredible plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Add Unlimited fields
  • 16 different field types available
  • Easily move fields positions
  • Able to add many detailed elements of your site
  • Provide Simple Captcha
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#27 Contact Form by Elfsight

Contact Form

The Contact Form plugin, which is designed by the Elfsight, is a simple, at the same time, also the richest customization options tool provided. Hence, you will be able to display a clear and encouraging form, where your visitors can write their messages to you.

As we created this Contact Form plugin to meet your need for receiving feedback and staying in touch with your customers, so we brought you our customizable fields that allows setting them in any order you want, change labels, add placeholders and choose which ones will be required to submit a message and which one that you would like to hide so that your clients will find it easier to fill in. Plus, you are also able to set the email address on which you would like to receive the messages and even utilize the feedback to develop your business in the most profitable inclination. Also, we equipped our Contact Form with spam and bot protection technology, seamless message submission and customizable “Thank you” message to ensure the submission process is smooth for your visitors and the most secure for you.

That's not all, you deserve more than that. This plugin still has so many other great features like the ability to create inviting titles, write the informative text for caption, even add pictures and many more. Hit the "Purchase" button and you will not regret.

Features Highlights

  • Customizable fields are always available
  • Equipped with spam and bot protection technology
  • Able to set the email address to receive massages
  • Provide flexible layout to suit your needs
  • Support creating inviting titles
Price: 24
Rating: 5 / 5

#28 Contact Form 7 Skins by Neil Murray

Contact Form 7 Skins

Struggling with IT skills to create a contact form? Looking for a simple plugin for beginners? Then try Contact Form Seven 7 Skins as a potential solution.

With Contact Form Seven 7 Skins, you can build your Contact Form Seven 7 a drag and drop visual editor. The plugin supports you with all tags and options of Contact Form 7 through this editor. Contact Form Seven 7 Skins also provides you a list of templates that is ready to use. Each template works as a guide that you can adapt to your requirement. Additionally, there is a range of styles that look professional. Each style covers all elements of a form created by Contact Form Seven 7. With all of the add-ons above, Contact Form Seven 7 Skins does not require understanding about CSS and HTML. Even when you do not have knowledge in CSS and HTML, u still can design a professional look for your contact form. Furthermore, there are different versions for you to enjoy additional add-ons, including extra templates, styles, options, and conditional logic.

With Contact Form Seven 7 Skins, you will find it is easier to create a form in Contact Form Seven 7 without facing the lack of CSS and HTML skills. It is even greater if you try the 4 different versions of Contact Form Seven 7 Skins, multiple features are ready to be discovered!

Features Highlights

  • Create forms using a drag and drop visual edition
  • A list of ready-to-use templates is available
  • Include a range of professional styles
  • Do not require HTML and CSS skills
  • 4 different versions for multiple add-ons
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#29 Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro by Rednumber

Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro

Seeking for a wonderful plugin and ready to pay for adding several steps into your contact form? Do not hesitate to use Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro, the plugin will even exceed your expectation.

Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro brings a professional look to your contact form. The plugin supports both horizontal and vertical orientations, which are responsive to several devices. Your users would definitely have great experience of the friendliness of the contact form. Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro also allows customization into background, color, and text. With custom visual setting, you can express your style right on the contact form, or make the most optimal style to your users. The 6 styles multi-step will wrap up the visual customization of your form with the most stunning configuration. The plugin supports multiple checkout steps combination for your form. Last but not least, Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro allows you to add the validation into any step you want.

Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro is compatible with WPML and cross browsers, has a responsive layout and all themes can work on this plugin. The confirmation at the last step and multiple styles are also available. Easy to use with awesome outcomes, get Contact Form Seven 7 Multi-Step Pro now for more features discovery!

Features Highlights

  • Support horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Allow background
  • color and text customization
  • Provide 6 styles multi-step
  • Support different checkout steps combination
  • Support validation for any step
Price: 21
Rating: 3 / 5

#30 Contact Form 7 Google Analytics by Andrew Minion

Contact Form 7 Google Analytics

For anyone who wants to track event in your contact forms, Contact Form 7 Google Analytics will give the most optimal solution to your concern.

Contact Form 7 Google Analytics helps add Google Analytics Event Tracking to all Contact Form 7 forms. Now you can use the contact form as an event category, use the Contact Form 7 as an event action and the form name can work as the event label. Contact Form 7 Google Analytics supports you with the most popular plugins of Google Analytics. Six of them include Google Analytics by MonsterInsights, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, Google Analytics by Kevin Sylvestre, Google Analytics by Praveen Chauhan, Analytics Tracker by Valeriu Tihai and Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin also copies the default Google Analytics code from the Analytics admin panel. Both the newer tag and the older universal one are copied by Contact Form 7 Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager is also supported in this plugin. Last but not least, Contact Form 7 Google Analytics does not record or send your personal information or submissions of form to Google Analytics. Google Analytics can only receive the form name and the result of the submission.

With Contact Form 7 Google Analytics, certain tags used by other plugins are considered as the Javascript function and setting for event shown is also available. Get Contact Form 7 Google Analytics for free and enjoy tracking event in your Contact Form 7 forms!

Features Highlights

  • Add Google Analytics Event Tracking to contact form
  • Support the six most popular Google Analytics plugins
  • Copy the default code from Analytics admin panel
  • Support Google Tag Manager
  • Only send form-related information to Google Analytics
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#31 FluentForm by WPManageNinja


The WordPress Fluent Form is absolutely an ultimate user-friendly, which is designed with a customizable drag-and-drop WordPress Contact Form Plugin, with the purpose to provide you with all the premium features and many more unique ones.

First of all, the powerful Drag & Drop contact form builder in this theme will bring you the experience of creating your contact and other online forms in just a few minutes without using any code. For some long forms that might make you freak out when looking at it, then you are now possible to display your own form that has several input fields in it without worrying about the thing that it can not be any longer fluent, intuitive and easy-to-use. In many Form Plugins available, the Conditional Logic and Conditional Confirmation are the Premium features that can only be used when you pay a certain amount of money, but for this Fluent Form plugin, you can enjoy this feature in our free version. Consequently, you will be able to show and hide specific fields based on your users’ behavior and help them avoid being bothered with unnecessary fields; they do not need to fill up. Also, the Conditional Confirmation feature helps you remind your users of when they went wrong and how to fix it while filling the form.

Besides, there are still many other effective features to make this Fluent Form to be a perfect WordPress Form builder plugin. In conclusion, this is a smart choice to help you get rid of having to code every time you integrate a form in your website in minutes. Choose to use this free plugin and you will soon love it.

Features Highlights

  • Reusable Form Templates Provided
  • Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder Supported
  • Support the Spam Protection with Google Recaptcha
  • Conditonal Logic and Conditional Confirmation available
  • Designed with Multi-column Form Layout option
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#32 Contact Form 7 Polylang Module by Aurovrata V.

Contact Form 7 Polylang Module

If you are looking for a way to use Polylang plugin in managing multilingual forms in Contact Form 7, then try Contact Form 7 Polylang Module for a potential solution.

Contact Form 7 Polylang Module let Polylang plugin work in your form management. But to ensure the operation runs well, remember to install Polylang, Contact Form 7 Smart Grid-layout and Contact Form 7 at first. When all installation is done, Contact Form 7 Polylang Module introduces your keys for each of your forms. Keys for each form, unlike IDs, do not change when the server changes. The plugin also maps your key to the ID for efficiency. The shortcode of translated form is used to load the right language. Check for the status of translation on Contact Form 7 to make sure your language is available. Regarding the privacy issue, Contact Form 7 Polylang Module does not track users and your cookies are not used, either. Your personal data are safe since the plugin does not take any record into the database. Also, it never sends data to the outsiders.

There are 5 more extensions version for extra features such as creating forms in multiple languages, using a slider to build multistep form, adding grid layout to Contact Form 7 designs and so on. Get Contact Form 7 Polylang Module for free and experience not only Polylang working on your form but also further useful features!

Features Highlights

  • Allow using Polylang plugin in multilingual form management
  • Introduce unique keys for each forms
  • Allow using contact form shortcode for all translations
  • Do not use cookies and invisibly track users
  • Do not record or send data to outsiders
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#33 Contact Form 7 Custom validation by Aiyaz and Maheshpatel

Contact Form 7 Custom validation

Want to add validation messages into the contact form? Need a plugin to make your form more interactive? Try Contact Form 7 Custom validation for a direct solution.

Contact Form 7 Custom validation helps add custom messages of validation in fields of your contact form individually. Each field can have an independent validation message now. The plugin also allows adding validation messages to several fields in Contact Form 7. Text, text area, URL, email, phone number, or even radio now can be validated as well. You can add messages to notify users about the error in each field according to your requirement. With Contact Form 7 Custom validation, you can create custom validation messages for multiple forms. By this way, the plugin helps your form become more interactive with notification of validation issues when users fill in your form.

After a few updates, Contact Form 7 Custom validation is fixed all the bug and is compatible with any version of Contact Form 7. Using Contact Form 7 Custom validation, you can see your users experience the improvement in the interaction of the form as well as filter for checking information.

Features Highlights

  • Add custom validation messages to individual fields
  • Field can be validated for text and so on
  • Create error messages for individual fields
  • Allow custom validation with multiple forms
  • Enhance the interaction of the contact form
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#34 Google Map for Contact Form 7 by Aurovrata V.

Google Map for Contact Form 7

Want a map integrated into your form with several functions in addition? Try Google Map for Contact Form 7 for the most optimal solution.

Google Map for Contact Form 7 helps insert Google Maps into Contact Form 7 as an input field. The plugin configures the zoom level and default location in the edit page of the form. Hence, you can set different zoom levels and pin location for different forms created. The plugin provides a search field integrated into the form. Users now can search for any addresses on the map. Google Map for Contact Form 7 also supports address field enabled from tags of Contact Form 7. The purpose of this function is to show the reverse-geocode of address in text format. An add-on called Airplane Mode is available as well. When you activate this add-on, Google Maps is disabled and you can develop the map without using Internet access.

With Google Map for Contact Form 7, the configured map is displayed in the front end form and the change of location in pinned address is registered. Also, the reverse-geocode is frozen when a user manually changes the address field’s first line. There are 4 more plugin extensions to set up multi-language, multi-step and diverse maps for your form as well as save Contact Form 7 submissions to a post. Get Google Map for Contact Form 7 for free and enjoy maps displayed on your address field now!

Features Highlights

  • Add Google Maps into Contact Form 7
  • Configure the zoom and default location in edit page
  • Support a search field
  • Support address fields enabling from Contact Form 7
  • Allow developing map without Internet connection
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#35 Ultimate Form Builder Lite by AccessPress Themes

Ultimate Form Builder Lite

The Lite version of the Ultimate Form Builder plugin, which is a free WordPress Page Builder, allows you to create various contact forms via the Drag and Drop form builder tool. You can do all things like creating, customizing and building the beautiful forms for your site on your own.

When you first come to this plugin, you will get 06 Pre-designed Form Templates to choose the most suitable one for you. Also with this plugin, your Form entries will be stored in Database that can be exported to CSV with the help of List Form Entries in backend and also the filter form entries. Plus, you will be able to receive the Contact email on any desired email address that you wish for. At the same time, the inbuilt Captcha system also brings you the Spam Prevention to avoid spamming at all times. Moreover, this plugin also provides a wide range of available fields, including the Textfield, the Textarea, the Email, the Dropdown, Radio Button, Checkbox, Password, Number, and even Captcha, Submit and Reset button.

In conclusion, this Ultimate Form Builder Lite is absolutely the right choice to work effectively with every WordPress theme, with the availability of English and Swedish language. I hope that you will soon like it and have your own great experience while building your website.

Features Highlights

  • Able to create Form Entries Store in Database
  • Provide user-friendly and very interactive user interface
  • Support Spam Prevention from inbuilt captcha system
  • 06 Pre-designed Form Templates Available
  • Drag and Drop Field Ordering provided
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#36 Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB by WebsiteXpress

Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB

You are a business and looking for an auto report generating plugin? Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB will do it all for you as soon as the schedule is set. Just remember to install Advanced Contact Form 7 DB at first.

To begin with, Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB helps build schedule for an event. You can set up the time for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. An option to particularly set a weekday for weekly, monthly and yearly is also supported. Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB gives you a list of enquiry forms from Contact Form 7 with stored data in Advanced Contact Form 7 DB plugin. The form you choose will be used to generate a report for the scheduled event. After the enquiry form selection, all data fields of the form will be listed below the form selection. You can decide which field to displayed and which area to place it. Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB supports generating files in three different formats of files. CSV, Excel, and XLS are available. The plugin also supplies you with several filters for the enquiry form data. For instance, you can set the filter in email option to get the user data only and use it for the report.

Once you set the schedule, Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB will send an email with report attachment and automatically delete the records if you need. The plugin supports multiple scheduling events with several reports, allows email management by defining sender, receiver and body content for every event as well as adds and fires the scheduled event on WordPress cron schedule. With Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB, everything is on schedule and save your time for other missions. Get Advanced Contact Form 7 DB first, then let Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB scheduling your work now!

Features Highlights

  • Build schedule for an event
  • Support a selection of enquiry form
  • Support a selection of report column
  • Provide advanced filters
  • Support three different types of file generating
Price: 17
Rating: 4 / 5

#37 Nrio by Nyro009


The Nrio plugin is considered to be a super flexible plugin with fully responsive design and not even require any complex coding knowledge for any type of form. The production team tries to bring the users the easiest and fun experience while customizing and building beautiful forms with drag & drop fields and also applying existing form templates for the design.

Apart from that, you are also allowed to utilize so many great features on Nrio. For starters, it allows you to receive form submission data via email and store them in the database. Plus, this plugin is equipped with the Unlimited color schemes and also Unlimited Forms so that you will be able to create your custom email template for each form. We should not forget about the Google reCaptcha that it helps you avoid inbox flooded with a bunch of form spams. Furthermore, the Encrypt Field Data, which ensures you encrypt data in specific data, is available on Nrio with a view to helping companies avoid field-level encryption on existing databases and instead build it into new systems with sensitive data.

Overall, I believe that you can hardly find any Forms Builder like this Nrio plugin as a lot of thought and care were put into the making process to bring users friendliness and pleasure to use.

Features Highlights

  • Encrypt Field Data Available
  • Work well with Google reCaptcha
  • Provide unlimited color schemes and forms
  • Include the Save Form Entry
  • Allow adjusting multiple sizes for fields
Price: 15
Rating: 4 / 5

#38 Contact Form 7 Mailchimp by CRM Perks

Contact Form 7 Mailchimp

Contact Form 7 Mailchimp absolutely outstands than other mailchimp extensions. The plugin is created by CRM Perks and is added more new features. This plugin shows complete log of data sent to mailchimp.

Contact form 7 mailchimp offers to users with a lot of amazing features. First and foremost, the plugin allows you to connect any contact form 7 to mailchimp by simply entering mailchimp API key. Additionally, you can link multiple mailchimp accounts to contact form 7. Second, you can use filter function to filt contact form 7 submissions sent mailchimp based on user input. For instance, send those customers to Mailchimp who check “subscribe to newsletter” checkbox. The plugin sends contact form 7 submission to mailchimp when someone submits a contact form. Admin can send these forms manually by clicking “Send to mailchimp” button. Last but not least, you are able to create and update contact in Mailchimp. This function helps you to keep up with email address change of customers.

In addition, regarding to the premium version, you are supported with mailchimp tags, mailchimp interest groups and Google Analytics Parameters. Contact Form 7 Mailchimp requires no coding skills, therefore download it now to bring more subscribers to your website.

Features Highlights

  • Connect mailchimp account
  • Filter contact form 7 submissions
  • Send data as mailchimp member note
  • Create and update contact in mailchimp
  • Resend contact form entry to mailchimp
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

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How AVADA Commerce ranks 38 wordpress Contact Form apps list

These above 38 Contact Form apps for wordpress are ranked based on following criteria:

  • The ratings on $wordpress store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
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Top 38+ wordpress Contact Form Apps

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The list of the 38 best Shopify Contact Form apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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