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16+ Best wordpress Amazon Affiliates Apps in 2024

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    Sam Thomas

16+ Best Shopify Amazon Affiliates Apps from hundreds of the Amazon Affiliates reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Amazon Affiliates does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Amazon Affiliates app collection is ranked and result in July 23, 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Amazon Affiliates apps or alternatives to Amazon Affiliates also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Amazon Affiliates Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
WooCommerce Amazon AffiliatesWooCommerce Amazon Affiliates49
Amazon Associates Link BuilderAmazon Associates Link Builder0
Amazon Product in a Post PluginAmazon Product in a Post Plugin0
Amazon Auto LinksAmazon Auto Links0
Amazon Link EngineAmazon Link Engine0
Amazon JSAmazon JS0

#1 WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates by AA-Team

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin is a great tool for being an affiliate with amazon.ae and importing products into your websites and earning commissions in the simplest way.

More specifically, this plugin will allow you to search by keyword and import any product from Amazon. Also, you are able to browse through departments, and sort by featured, new items, sort by price and etc. What is more, there will be a Quick Menu on the right bottom of the page that enables you to make some simple operations. For example, you can just select all products on the page, delete them from import queue or scroll to top or bottom. When you are done with the selecting product to import, you will be able to see some new options to adjust like the number of images or the number of threads to simultaneously run at the same time. Furthermore, there will have an Import Log with the products imported into your website, along with some status like the "Processing" option, the "Valid" option or "Invalid" to see how much that one product take to import.

In conclusion, this WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin has everything it needs for Amazon affiliate sites. Along with its awesome features, all you have to do is to focus on importing products and earn commissions, then we will do the rest!

Features Highlights

  • Allow to search by keyword and import any product from Amazon
  • Able to browse through departments
  • and sort by featured
  • new items
  • sort by price
  • Quick Menu available to make some simple operations
  • Able to adjust the number of images
  • Designed with the Import Log with the products imported into your website
Price: 49
Rating: 4 / 5

Amazon Associates Link Builder

This Amazon Associates Program plugin is considered to be one of the original affiliate marketing programs available in geographies across the globe. Sice 1996, this Amazon Associates Program has been initially published by the content creators with a view to helping them monetize their passions.

Having developed through times, this plugin Amazon Associates Program plugin for WordPress has served the official free Link Builder that enables you to search for products in the Amazon catalog, at the same time, access real-time price and also the availability information. Plus, it's also your privilege to create links in your posts to products on Amazon.com at your disposal. What is more, you can get the text links will be ready to be generated at any time, or the customizable ad units can be, or even the out-of-the-box widgets that are easily taken advantage of.

On the whole, all the good points we have learned from the mistakes that we’ve made from our previous design will be fully included in this plugin. So, are you ready to enjoy what this Amazon Associates Program plugin can do to you? A few moments of clicking and make miracle happens.

Features Highlights

  • Able to access real-time price
  • Show the availability information of your product
  • Provide the Amazone catalog to search for your products
  • Allow to embed links in your posts to products on Amazon.come
  • Make use of the out-of-the-box-widget
Price: 0
Rating: 2 / 5

#3 Amazon Product in a Post Plugin by Don Fischer - Fischer Creative Media, LLC.

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

The Amazon Product In a Post plugin is the quick solution for adding formatted Amazon Products/Items to any page or post by using just the Amazon product ASIN.

To begin with, you will get the chance to create various Pages/Posts from ASINs with Amazon product data auto-populated without inserting the separate products. Then, you will be able to monetize your blog posts with your very own custom Amazon Product. Specifically, it allows you to add to your own Reviews, descriptions or any other thing that a post normally includes, of course, the Amazon product is still there. Additionally, thanks to the Product Grid Layouts, Single Product Layouts or Individual Product Elements, you will also be able to adjust the position of the product to the TOP of the post content, the BOTTOM of the post content, or even make the post content become part of your product layout.

That's not all, you should not also miss out on some of the no less stunning features like the Custom styling options, the Lightbox functionality for larger image popups and additional images and many more. All of them are just waiting for you on this Amazon Product In a Post plugin to be figured out.

Features Highlights

  • Create multiple Pages/Posts from ASINs
  • Add Amazon product or item to an existing post
  • page or custom Post Type.
  • Provide Shortcodes for Adding Products
  • Product Elements
  • Product Grids
  • Custom styling options Available
  • Support the Lightbox functionality for larger image popups and additional images
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#4 EasyAzon by EasyAzon


EasyAzon is known as one of the quickest ways to create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor. With this, you will be able to create text affiliate links directly for any product that is available for sale on Amazon.com. What's more, you can skip the tedious parts that require you to go through manually creating links from within the Amazon.com website to save your time.

To begin with, this EasyAzon plugin set up is simple. It is supported at every location that has an Amazon Associates affiliate program, like the United States, Canada, China, France, and so on. Not only that, but you are also capable of creating text affiliate links in an optional way to open in your new windows and have the nofollow attribute applied. By this, you can totally control your sitewide via the plugin setting page defaults or via the individual control on a per-link basis. In case you have any difficulties while using EasyAzon, don't be worried because you will be provided the access right to the Amazon Affiliate Training. Consequently, you will figure out some helpful information, like the tips to maximize your Amazon commissions, the backlinking techniques that work, keyword research method, and so many more.

In conclusion, this EasyAzon plugin is totally an ideal solution for providing additional support with various affiliate link types and affiliate link options all designed. It would help you save time and generate more affiliate commissions.

Features Highlights

  • Support every location which has an Amazon Associates affiliate program
  • Able to create text affiliate links optionally
  • Provide the access right to the Amazon Affiliate Training
  • Able to control sitewide via the plugin setting page defaults or individually control
  • Allow skipping the tedious steps of manually creating links
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links is a great solution for solving outdated problems while manually searching products and pasting affiliate links in WordPress posts. With this, all you need to do is to pick categories that suit your site and Amazon Auto Links will automatically display the links of decent products.

For starters, this plugin supports 14 Amazon Associates Locales globally including Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, US, France, Canada, Australia, India, China, Mexico, and Brazil, along with the links tagged with your Amazon Associate ID. In case you are good at HTML and CSS coding, meanwhile, know a little about PHP, you are able to either create your own template or design the layout. If you don't, we still provide the PHP code insert the ads in the specific theme template. In some cases, some visitors of your site usually turn off JavaScript in their browsers for security reason, as a result, most ads including Google Adsense will not show up to them. However, JavaScript disabled browsers here so that you are able to insert your ads as widget or put generated shortcode or PHP code where you want the links to be appear.

On the whole, this is a functional plugin with so many more various Unit Options like specifying the Image Size, opting for the Sort Order, or URL cloaking and more. Don't miss out on this wonderful plugin to get your very own beautiful and powerful site!

Features Highlights

  • Support 14 Amazon Associates Locales
  • Easily Work without JavaScript
  • Able to display affiliate links with your posts easily
  • Allow to Filter Unwanted Products
  • Include Auto Link Conversion
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#6 AmazonSimpleAdmin by Timo Reith


AmazonSimpleAdmin, which is shorted for ASA1, is a plugin that makes it easier for you to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages. You are able to present the products in different styles on different pages by using the template feature and also the provided simple shortcodes.

In detail, this plugin is widely supported over the world with all Amazon stores activated for the API web service, including Australia, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, USA, and many more. For the version in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, we support the available Product Preview layers to give you the clearest details of how your product will be seen on your website after being published. Plus, to all versions of this plugin, it's your privilege to define and manage sets of products as one specific collection by just simply showing them on a page with only one BBCode tag or just the latest added product in your sidebar. Furthermore, in case you want to make money, just simply utilize your Amazon Associate ID. Or even if you want to take advantage of the Amazon Product Advertising API to receive product data, this plugin will totally let you do so.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the solution for your Amazon products Integration on your Wordpress page, this plugin is the perfect match for you. Just download it, and then we will take care of the rest.

Features Highlights

  • Support Amazon Associate ID to make money
  • Widely supported with all Amazon stores activated for the API web service
  • Able to manage sets of products as one specific collection
  • Allow you to take advantage of the Amazon Product Advertising API to receive product data
  • Include WP capabilities to manage the permissions to subpages
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

Amazon Link Engine

This Amazon Link Engine plugin is trusted by thousands of Amazon associates who have been using it to maximize their revenue for years will be exactly the answer that you've been looking for to boost sales and affiliate commissions by transferring all your Amazon links into localized links which bring each shopper to the best Amazon store and product for their region in the world.

First of all, you are totally able to pick which Geniuslink group this plugin syncs to by setting up the plugin on multiple WordPress sites and tracking clicks separately or just simply setting up a specific group just for your WordPress site traffic. With just only the one-time configuration, you will be able to install the plugin after setting up your Geniuslink account. After that, all you have to do is to connect the two with an API key, and the rest will be taken care of by the plugin. What is more, the Amazon Link Engine plugin also provides you the Automatic localization and translation of all Amazon product links, which is based on a visitor’s location. Plus, your globalized links can also be branded with your own custom domain.

TOn the whole, this Amazon Link Engine plugin will contribute a great help in improving conversions, commissions, as well as the user experience. So download it to see the magic happens!

Features Highlights

  • Support Automatic localization and translation of all Amazon product links
  • Able to pick which Geniuslink group this plugin syncs
  • Provide one-time configuration
  • Allow you to brand your globalized links with your own custom domain
  • Does not require Amazon Developer account
  • Amazon’s APIs or web tools
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#8 Amazon JS by Makoto_kw

Amazon JS

AmazonJS is designed by the makoto_kw team to display Amazon products on your WordPress posts and pages. It is well supported in most of Amazon domains, namely the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy and Spain.

From you Wordpress post form, AmazonJS adds a search form so that you are able to search Amazon products using keyword, ASIN or URL. Also, it will add shortcode or html to your post from search results. Additionally, this AmazonJS plugin uses the amazonjs shortcode and jQuery template to display Amazon products that help to view the work data at runtime and also various representations. Moreover, there is some template available to Amazon products for each Product Group so that it can display many different Amazon products, like books and music. Also, you are totally able to utilize the Amazon Product Advertising API with a view to getting Amazon product information from ASIN or keyword.

On the whole, you can hardly find any plugin better than this Amazon JS to display your Amazon products on your WordPress posts and pages. So what are you waiting for? Choose to use it and enjoy what you deserve.

Features Highlights

  • Search Amazon product by keyword
  • ASIN or URL
  • Use amazonjs shortcode and jQuery template to display products
  • Available template to Amazon products for each Product Group
  • Receive the HTTPS Support
  • Able to utilize Amazon Product Advertising API
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#9 Amazomatic by CodeRevolution


This Amazomatic plugin, or the Amazon Affiliate Money Generator Plugin, is considered to be a breaking edge referral affiliate autoblogging plugin that takes advantage of the Amazon Market API to turn your website into a money-making machine.

To go more in detail, you will be able to automatically create a post with your referral links that are based on a set of predefined rules, which is based on the market searches from many countries, the ASIN Import item, and the Import similar items to a specific item. What is more, there will have the Text Spinner support that enables to you automatically modify generated text, at the same time, change words with their synonyms. What a great SEO value, right? Not only that, the featured image for your post can be automatically generated. Meanwhile, you can totally enable or disable the comments for your generated post. About the languages, you can get the support from Google Translate support on this plugin so that it will let you select the language in which you want to post your articles.

In conclusion, there is no time to waste on finding the appropriate plugin for your business website on Wordpress because you have already found this amazing Amazon Affiliate plugin - Amazomatic here.

Features Highlights

  • Offer the support from Google Translate
  • Able to automatically create a post with referral links
  • Designed with the Text Spinner
  • Automatically generate the featured image
  • Allow you to enable and disable comments for you generated post
Price: 49
Rating: 5 / 5

#10 GutenSearch by AA-Team


This GutenSearch Amazon Affiliates plugin will be a perfect match for those who want to insert useful extra block elements in order to extend the WordPress block editor functionality. Consequently, you will able to Start Making Money with Amazon’s Affiliate Programs effortlessly.

To go more in detail, by using this amazing GutenSearch block, you totally can display any type of your product from Amazon into any WordPress page or post just simply by searching it via just a few clicks. Also, your customers will be allowed to search for products on Amazon by themselves via your website. Moreover, you will be provided with the Direct Checkout or Add to cart feature. Specifically, you will get the 90 days cookie of the Add to cart course. We are totally confident in our collection of fully-customizable template available for you. Plus, we take care of most of the color pickers for the titles, ratings, and text so as to avoid improper design or color conflict.

Furthermore, you still can Setup the number of products to Display per Column or per Page and if you wish to Display a Custom Pagination or not. What are you waiting for? Choose to purchase this promising GutenSearch plugin and you will not regret it!

Features Highlights

  • Support to Search and Embed any Amazon products
  • Allow customers to search products on Amazon by themselves via your website
  • Provide Add to cart feature for 90 days cookie of course
  • Able to setup the number of products to be diplayed per column or per page
  • Color pickers added for titles
  • ratings and text available
Price: 15
Rating: 2 / 5

#11 Amazon Affiliates Addon by AA-Team

Amazon Affiliates Addon

Amazon Affiliates Addon is a plugin designed by the AA-Team that allows you to add Amazon products into your Website. By using this Amazon Affiliates Addon plugin, you will be able to browse through Amazon Departments and Showcase Products into any WordPress page without the concern for coding requirement or API keys.

Firstly, Amazon’s Major Affiliate Programs work with this plugin, namely, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Japan. With the Geo-Targeting feature, your client’s location, country will be automatically detected. After that, this plugin will redirect the user to the closest Amazon Website. For instance, when a client from Canada clicks on any Amazon Product, he will be redirected to Amazon.ca. What is more, there are two options for the Azon Addons. The first one is the Custom ASIN List that enables you to display the products with the create ASIN list. The second is the Search Box that allows you to search for products on any Amazon Website and showcase those product search results into any WordPress page.

Even more, you can have the privilege to utilize the Layout Setup, or the Checkout options on this Amazon Affiliates Addon plugin to start Making Money with no effort!

Features Highlights

  • Geo-Targeting Option Available
  • Able to Add Amazon Products into any page
  • Decide how many products to display per column / per page
  • Provide two options for the Azon Addons
  • Support the Checkout options ready to be use
Price: 25
Rating: 4 / 5

#12 Azonberg by AA-Team


This AzonBerg Amazon Affiliates plugin is a perfect solution for extending the WordPress block editor functionality by adding useful extra block element to it. Apart from not requiring any coding knowledge or Amazon API keys, the plugin can bring so many more awesome features for you to start making money with Amazon’s Affiliate Programs.

For starters, this plugin works with Amazon’s Major Affiliate Programs virtually all around the globe including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Japan. What is more, you can get the Layout Setup with a view to setting up the number of products to display per column or per page. Especially, it enables you to embed Amazon Products into any page or post. And for each product, you can create the Image, Title, Category, Price, and Rating option depending on your Amazon Affiliate Website. Luckily, all of these things are very absolutely easy to customize.

In conclusion, just by paying 15 dollars, you are able to utilize a perfect plugin with so many stunning features to extend the Wordpress block editor functionality. Hence, just choose to use it and enjoy the Amazon Affiliate privilege that you have, and we will take care of the rest!

Features Highlights

  • Provide the Checkout options
  • Able to embed Amazon Products into any page or post
  • Work with Amazon’s Major Affiliate Programs
  • Support Customizable Products
  • Set up how many products to display per column or per page
Price: 15
Rating: 4 / 5

#13 Better Buttons by Thomas Adam

Better Buttons

As you might have already known, adding buttons to your WordPress website or blog’s posts, pages and sidebars can be a good way to encourage a higher level of user engagement with your content, which would drive your audience or customers to sign up, buy now, read more, and follow. So, this Better Buttons plugin is published to be a great tool for creating ordinary affiliate links into pretty buttons and Call to Action boxes.

In detail, while using this plugin, the link and button will be automatically created via this plugin with the help of a given simple Amazon Product ID. After that, there will be an automatical update of your product price and pictures every single day when you insert them into a post. In addition to that, you are able to create ordinary affiliate links into pretty buttons and Call to Action boxes on this Better Buttons plugin. If you want this plugin to work, you must meet two requirements that are an Amazon Associate ID/Tag and the Amazon Product Advertising API. Especially, when you sign up for the Amazon Product Advertising API, this plugin will let you become an Amazon Associate create an account that uses the URL globally in many countries like Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and so on.

On the whole, this Better Buttons plugin can do more than common plugins normally do. We are sure that it will help your website's Click-Through Rate increase considerably. Just try and you will not regret it.

Features Highlights

  • Automatically create the link and button via Amazon Product ID
  • Able to create ordinary affiliate links into pretty buttons
  • Serve Amazon Product Advertising API service
  • Able to increase your website's Click-Through Rate considerably
  • Call to Action boxes available
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#14 Compare Affiliated Products by Sébastien SERRE

Compare Affiliated Products

Compare Affiliated Products is absolutely a free plugin that allows you to display products from Amazon and earn money through their affiliates program. It is a perfect match for those who are running a business, eCommerce, news, or other critical websites.

There are two versions for this Compare Affiliated Products plugin: the Free and Pro one. When you come to the free version, you will get the chance to display products from the Amazon Associates Program simply by using shortcodes and the ASIN Amazon code. Plus, you are able to make different layout via these shortcodes. When it comes to the Pro one, it will allow you to display your products from some affiliation platforms such as Awin, Effiliation, ManoMano. Consequently, this plugin can offer safety and security for you by ensuring the highest regulatory standards and more than 200 000 active affiliates. Not only that, Compare Affiliated Products will bring you the support from GetAAWP Plugin, which is a must-have tool for anyone running Amazon affiliate websites.

On the whole, either the free or pro version is still worthy for you to try out. So what are you waiting for? I believe that you have already found the answer here for your Product displaying tasks for your sites.

Features Highlights

  • Allow displaying products from the Amazon Associates Program
  • Able to provide different layouts to make
  • Support product displaying from Awin
  • Effiliation
  • ManoMano affiliation platforms
  • Offer the support from GetAAWP plugin
  • Enable to earn money through affiliates program
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#15 Amazo Linkenator by Rick Hellewell / CellarWeb.com

Amazo Linkenator

AmazoLinkenator is a plugin that will support you all the way to automatically add your Amazon Affiliate code to any Amazon URLs for your pages, posts, and comments. This AmazoLinkenator is great for sites with lots of authors due to the fact that the affiliate a URL don't require any special element.

The process to utilize this plugin is as easy as pie. Because you don't have to use extra steps while adding your affiliate code. All you have to do is to paste the Amazon link in the page/post/comment and then Publish it. As a result, your Amazon Affiliate link will be added to the product URL in an automatical way. What is more, you are totally able to use different Affiliate codes at any time and then the new code will only affect the newly-saved content. Also, in case there is anyone includes a link in their comment, which has their Amazon Affiliate code, that comment will be replaced with your affiliate code in an automatical way. After that, a counter will be kept on the Settings screen to keep track of Affiliate code insertions.

Apart from all the incredible features above, this AmazoLinkenator plugin is totally free with no hidden or premium features. Have you found the plugin that you need for your sites? The answer has been already here.

Features Highlights

  • Automatically add Amazon Affiliate link to the product URL
  • Work on content and comments
  • The URL can be automatically shortened
  • Offer a simple setup while entering your Amazon affiliate code
  • Provide a counter kept to keep track of Affiliate code insertions
Price: 0
Rating: 0 / 5

#16 Amazon affiliate lite Plugin by Linkkos México

Amazon affiliate lite Plugin

Amazon affiliate Lite Plugin is an essential key to ensure your Amazon affiliate items up-to-date in the easiest way. It is commonly considered as a totally developer-friendly and helpful plugin.

To go more in detail, when you generate the affiliate links with your products, prices, or discounts, if there are any changes, it will refresh automatically to make sure about the up-to-date criterion. Moreover, this plugin also comes with an effective system of shortcode use as the functionality and output from your site can be adjusted generally via the plugin settings or just individually by enhancing the shortcodes. Even more, it's your privilege to choose between different designs by adding custom styles or creating new templates to adapt the layout of your website.

That's not all, with the Premium version, you will be given extra features, which are all great, such as the Creating link URL ability, the Automatic Offer listing or Automatic post creating and many more. In the course of working with this Amazon affiliate Lite plugin, I am pretty sure that you will find that choosing to download it is a smart choice.

Features Highlights

  • Support with unlimited Amazon Items
  • Provide an effective system of Shortcode use
  • Come with Automatic Update
  • Offer normal items
  • Able to choose different designs
Price: 0
Rating: 0 / 5

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How AVADA Commerce ranks 16 wordpress Amazon Affiliates apps list

These above 16 Amazon Affiliates apps for wordpress are ranked based on following criteria:

  • The ratings on $wordpress store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by AVADA.io

Top 16+ wordpress Amazon Affiliates Apps

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 16 Shopify Amazon Affiliates apps. We honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. We create Shopify apps review series with the aim of helping Shopify online stores find the best Amazon Affiliates for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the 16 best Shopify Amazon Affiliates apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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