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51+ Best Shopify Free Apps in 2023

51+ Best Shopify Free Apps from hundreds of the Free reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Free does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Free app collection is ranked and result in February 6, 2023, the price from $0. You find free, paid Free apps or alternatives to Free also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

$1 for 3 months Shopify free trial AVADA Commerce

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Free Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
AVADA Marketing AutomationAVADA Marketing AutomationStart from $0/month
Joy: Rewards, Loyalty ProgramJoy: Rewards, Loyalty ProgramFree
AVADA Size ChartAVADA Size ChartFree
AVADA Google Tag ManagerAVADA Google Tag Manager0
AVADA Abandoned Cart EmailAVADA Abandoned Cart EmailFree
SEO Suite: Image OptimizerSEO Suite: Image OptimizerFree
Order tracking, Free shipping barOrder tracking, Free shipping barFree
Easy Free Shipping BarEasy Free Shipping BarFree
Conversion Plus - Free countdown timerConversion Plus - Free countdown timerFree
Popup ‑ Free Email PopupPopup ‑ Free Email PopupFree

#1 AVADA Marketing Automation by AVADA Commerce

AVADA Marketing Automation

Among many email marketing app, AVADA Email Marketing is the most outstanding and reasonable solution for any Shopify merchant that aim to convert their customers and build long-life customer relationships. Designed to optimize Abandoned Cart cammpaigns, AVADA Email Marketing follows up your visitors and reminds them to continue their purchase quickly.

With an user-friendly interface, AVADA Email Marketing is simple to use for even non-technical people. And for who have no ideas on designing, the app does support email templates that are proven to work well and ready-to-run right away.

Moreover, you can easily manage your contacts with automatic data synced from your Shopify store. Segment them and target specific segments for your emails will help you get the best results possible. Install AVADA Email Marketing for fee, why not?

Features Highlights

  • Cover lost sales with Abandoned Cart Email automation
  • Welcome emails to new customers
  • new subscribes
  • unsubscribers
  • Drag and drop email builders for non-tech people
  • Ready-to-use email templates
  • Stunning Spin-to-win & Popup to collect leads easily
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#2 Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program by Joy Loyalty

Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program

With Joy: Rewards, Loyalty app, sellers can instantly create their loyalty program to retain existing customers and attract thousands of new ones. This app is a powerful tool to do everything at once, super easy to use and trusted by thousands of sellers worldwide. And above all, it is totally free!

You can discover numerous functions in this app that can be definitely useful for growing your business such as an automatic and powerful rewards point system, customer management, brand customization, etc. These tools are best for your store if you want to boost sales and gain more money from customers.

Besides, this app also allows you to sync your data with other rewards and social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to maximize your customer engagement and revenue.

Features Highlights

  • An automatic and powerful rewards point system
  • Redeeming condition and points expiration period
  • Customer management
  • Brand design customization
  • Rewards for leaving a review
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#3 AVADA Size Chart by AVADA Commerce

AVADA Size Chart

AVADA Size Chart is an application from AVADA Commerce, which helps online stores reduce the returning rate with effective size guides.

AVADA Size Chart provides stores with 6 ready-to-use templates that they can apply instantly to their sites. And these templates are suitable for various types of products from Men's Shoes, Women's Top, to Men's Bottom, etc. In addition, the display of the size chart is fully customizable. You can upload images or videos to make the chart more eye-catching. You can also add icon, background color, Text color or even Overlay color to the chart without any difficulty. Besides, Floating or Inline-link size chart is available to display the size chart button. To make you even easier to make customization, AVADA Size Chart enables you to preview the setting of the size chart right at the backend. Thanks to this, you can easily decide whether you should apply Size chart to all products or just a few of them.

With Shopify Size Chart app, you can now solve one of the biggest questions of customers: "What size Am I?" What a great app! Plus, this app is totally free. So why don't you give it a try?

Features Highlights

  • Offer 6 ready-to-use templates
  • Size chart display can be customized easily
  • Provide 3 options to apply to your products
  • Allow previewing all size chart settings
  • Floating/ Inline-link size chart available
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#4 AVADA Google Tag Manager by AVADA Commerce

AVADA Google Tag Manager

AVADA Google Tag Manager is one of the best free tools by AVADA Commerce to help you to implement Google Tag Manager into your site to track and collect the data of visitors quickly and also conveniently. More specifically, it supports more than 70 tags templates, which allows you to add tags to your store within just a few clicks.

Besides the main function which is connecting your store with Google Tag Manager, AVADA Google Tag Manager also supports other Google and Facebook tools. In detail, after the information is tracked and collected, Google Analytics will support you analyze all the shopper's behaviors and different stages. In the end, you will be able to find out why they abandon the carts. Then, you can have the proper remarketing campaigns to bring your customers back, build leads, as well as increase sales.

There are also numerous upcoming features that you can experience such as Add to cart on AJAX cart, Clear from cart, Remove from cart, etc. Let's install now, and I'm sure you won't regret it!

Features Highlights

  • Enhanced Ecommerce with Google and Facebook tools
  • Trank and analyze customer's shopping behaviors
  • More than 70 tags are supported
  • Improve the site performance and reduce errors
  • Build leads and sales with dynamic remarketing
Price: 0
Rating: 4.4 / 5

#5 AVADA Abandoned Cart Email by AVADA Commerce

AVADA Abandoned Cart Email

Among many email marketing app, is the most outstanding and reasonable solution for any Shopify merchant that aim to convert their customers and build long-life customer relationships. Designed to optimize Abandoned Cart campaigns, AVADA Abandoned Cart Email follows up your visitors and reminds them to continue their purchase quickly.

With a user-friendly interface, AVADA Abandoned Cart Email is simple to use for even non-technical people. And for those who have no ideas on designing, the app does support email templates that are proven to work well and ready-to-run right away.

Moreover, you can easily manage your contacts with automatic data synced from your Shopify store. Segmenting them and targeting specific segments for your emails will help you get the best results possible. Install AVADA Abandoned Cart Recovery for a fee, why not?

Features Highlights

  • Cover lost sales with Abandoned Cart Email automation
  • Welcome emails to new customers
  • new subscribes
  • unsubscribers
  • Drag and drop email builders for non-tech people
  • Ready-to-use email templates
  • Stunning popup to collect leads easily
Price: Free
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#6 SEO Suite: Image Optimizer by AVADA

SEO Suite: Image Optimizer

Looking for an app to leverage customer experience with Blog and optimize your store SEO? Definitely, you should take a closer look at AVADA SEO Suite, one of the most necessary apps to build your Blog and boost SEO.

Thanks to the image optimization function, your Blog image weight is reduced significantly while the image quality stays unchanged. Furthermore, the app also supports you to create an HTML page, where you can display all blog links in one place to help your readers find them within a few seconds. Faster loading speed and easy navigation are critical elements to enhance customers' experience on your site. Together with meta description, which creates attention-grabbing titles for your Blog pages on search engines, other useful functions like Google Structure Data, Site Verification, Instant Page, etc., boosts your site ranking and Blog page particularly.

With AVADA SEO Suite, you can speed up your store on all devices and optimize your google search console and SEO manager performance via multiple tools. The app is an all-in-one SEO doctor for fresher-to-advanced SEO users.

Features Highlights

  • Optimizes all Blog images included
  • Helps users navigate through your Blog pages easily with HTML Sitemap
  • Earn more traffic to Blog pages with outstanding meta descriptions
  • Boost the search ranking
  • One click and auto run
Price: Free
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#7 Order tracking, Free shipping bar by AVADA Commerce

Order tracking, Free shipping bar

Shopify Free Shipping Bar app by AVADA is one of the most highly appreciated app on the market. With unlimited Free Shipping Bar including Announcement Bar, Hello Bar, as well as Promotion Bar, this application will surely help you increase your sales and revenue.

More specifically, AVADA Free Shipping Bar allows you to change the motivating message based on the total cart value of customers. This encourages customers to add more items to their carts to earn the free shipping offers, which would increase your sales significantly. Besides, there are numerous pre-made and ready-to-use templates available. Thanks to the diversity of background images, colors in the templates, you can easily apply them for various campaigns and occasions. Noticeably, all the elements of templates are customizable, which means that you can freely change the templates as you wish.

AVADA Free Shipping Bar will surely be a blast to increase the performance of your store promotion bar. So, what are you hesitating for? Install it now for free and start boosting your sales.

Features Highlights

  • Offer unlimited Free Shipping Bar
  • Allow applying ready-to-use Free Shipping Bar templates
  • Change motivating messages according to cart value
  • Enable adding link and button to the bar
  • Provide 5 preset positions to display the bar
Price: Free
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#8 Easy Free Shipping Bar by Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

Easy Free Shipping Bar

If the online traders want to boost the sales and the customer’s conversion, it is necessary for them to integrate more useful Shopify apps in their stores. Moreover, this app are helpful with many available themes which help your store more outstanding. In addition, the users enable installing this app with a very simple process. Besides, this Easy free shipping app is also a solution for you to have the shipping method for the customers by giving them the specific buttons like Free Shipping. Last but not least, by Discount Offers, it is easy to inform your audience about the promotion and the total cart amount.

Features Highlights

  • Easy to install and use
  • Fully customizable shipping bar
  • Enable showing the total amount cart
  • Provide the user-friendly buttons
  • Provide available themes
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#9 Conversion Plus - Free countdown timer by Varinode, Inc.

Conversion Plus - Free countdown timer

Conversion Plus, which was developed by the Varinode, Inc. team, is a beneficial app that shows a countdown on product pages to create a sense of urgency which can help increase stores' sales. With no fees paid for installation and usage, this app plays as an active supporter of every store to make a bigger profit. Store owners not only are allowed to set the countdown timer of every online cart but also flexibly adjust happenings to customers after time expiration. This system makes customers to raise level of certainty of their wanted product and give a clearer commitment to their orders during checkout flow. Furthurmore, linguistic settings are required in this app with many different languages, which becomes suitable for even international users. Last but not least, compatible with all types of electronic devices, Conversion Plus app will make its theme automatically consistent with stores' branding, giving the best experience to every user.

Features Highlights

  • No fees paid for installation and usage
  • Set the countdown of every online product cart
  • Allow store owners to set up happenings after time expiration
  • Have the linguistic setting suitable for every user
  • Compatible with any smart devices
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

Popup ‑ Free Email Popup

Email Collection Popup Window, which is provided by the Chated.io team, is an outstanding assistant marketing supporter for store owners to gather many contacts from customers by showing popup window of email collection. With Email Collection Popup Window, you are enabled to create many popups of newsletter registration. By that way, your customers will be suggested to fulfill the blanks with their email, which can gradually lead to your contact list increasing without annoying them. Regarding its design, this application provides highly responsive pop-ups, which means it can be compatible with any devices. Only one click to get this smart and useful tool. Please note that Email Collection Popup Window is provided without any costs, get the chance now!

Features Highlights

  • Display email subscription popups
  • Grow your email list without annoying customers
  • Compatible with various types of device
  • Easy to install without touching codes
  • No fees to charge
Price: Free
Rating: 3.6 / 5

#11 Free Call by Free Call inc.

Free Call

As any merchants, you already know that one of the easiest ways to help improve your service and sales are free calls. The app Free Call is here to help you with that by allowing your visitors to call you for free. With the app, you can get visitors or customers’ calls to your phone and the app enables to opt for your availability if you are not available by setting the Do Not Disturb sections. In addition, the app lets your customers and visitors connect with you by message or phone and apply the call recording so you will never miss things. Additionally, Free Call app aims at keeping your customers to first get in touch with you and starting free call with you immediately from any part of the world.

Features Highlights

  • Receive visitor's call immediately from any part of the world
  • Opt for users' availability if he is not available
  • Allow visitors or customers to connect with users by messages or phones
  • Perform call recording
  • Enable to keep customers in their browsers on users's site
Price: Free
Rating: 4.6 / 5

#12 Free Exit Popup, Coupon Popups by Poptin

Free Exit Popup, Coupon Popups

Let's say you have a wonderful store page with the considerable investment, time and effort to build it. However, you still struggle to find a way to increase the low conversion rate. So, why don't you let Free Exit Popup, Coupon Popups to be a factor to make your store become more effective or boost your sale? The main function of this app is showing the right message of a special offer at the right time so as to convert a visitor to a very potential customer. Apart from that, the customers could easily ask questions to your store by Facebook or Whatsapp chat widget and interact with store fan page as well. Moreover, the pop-up could receive personal emails from customers, which is very valuable to work on email-marketing campaigns or CRM. There is a very fancy feature of this app with the aim to prevent customers from leaving store's page with nothing: Exit intent pop-up. Furthermore, you could decide a time for a pop-up display depend on how customers scrolling and clicking on your page. On the other hand, Poptin offers users with a full statistical dashboard which records the information about visitors, views, conversions, etc. Finally, you would never be worried about an interface of pop-ups because a variety of completely responsive and well-designed templates are prepared to make your store look really dynamic! Hurry up! With just 1 minute to install, you will be able to experience our very cool application on free plan with 1,000 popup views per month.

Features Highlights

  • Broaden Email list
  • Engage customers by recent chat and social media
  • Create an exit intent pop-up
  • Full statistical dashboard
  • Simple to customize and install
Price: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#13 Free Form Builder by Hulk Code, Inc.

Free Form Builder

There is an app that makes your store more collective than any shops named Form Builder. This app includes many kinds of powerful tools to build unlimited forms for Shopify stores. In addition, this app also supports the store owners by getting an email for each response. The users enable to customize your stores on your own by the Form Builder layouts. Moreover, because of the fully responsive feature, all your products will be displayed with the best performances on all devices. The shoppers are allowed to sign up anytime they want and they will be satisfied by giving the feedbacks for all they want and this app will collect and analyze feedbacks for you. Last but not least, this app supports many languages for international trades.

Features Highlights

  • Integrate with Poerful CRM tools
  • Allow to online payment
  • Provide useful pop-up forms such as surveys
  • orders
  • etc
  • Support any languages
  • Fully responsive for any devices
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#14 Free Gifts by Secomapp

Free Gifts

Free Gifts by Secomapp developed by Secomapp aims at increasing your sales with many offers. This app can offer you solutions of giving discounts, up-selling, gifts or cross-selling to your customers on your Shopify stores. Your store will look more lively and vibrant. The app can cover many hottest discounts and gifts offers. For example, with “Buy One – Get One” which is known as an effective promotion, as your customers can purchase a product, they can be offered another product as a present. There will be some offers on specific products also and your customers can have free presents or any discounts when they buy certain products. Besides offers, Free Gifts app can offer on the carts, which means that shoppers can get presents or any discounts on the shopping carts. Moreover, users can generate many rules for offers and have an opportunity to attract customers’ attention to products on your Shopify store by upselling and cross-sell. When installing the app, you can see that the app provides you with Promotion Message and Banner on the cart page and it enables you to advertise and get customers to know how close they are about to get a promotion.

Features Highlights

  • Retain loyal customers to boost sales and revenue
  • Provide customers with offers on specific products and carts
  • Promote banners to help customers know when they get promotion
  • Allow users to generate multiple offers with many rules
  • Enable users to advertise and encourage customers to purchase more
Price: From $29.99/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#15 Free Persistent Cart App by Collect

Free Persistent Cart App

Free Persistent Cart App by Collect is an app which can help you increase your sales and revenue by reducing the number of carts that were abandoned. This app has several useful features which be highly beneficial for you. Firstly, this app can encourage customers to complete their orders across devices. To be specific, when customers log in across multiple devices, for example, a customer has logged in and started shopping on his or her mobile and then logs into your store on his or her laptop later, they will find their cart waiting for them and ready to complete their order. Also, if a customer adds new items to a cart before logging in, they will be offered the option to merge their new cart with their previous one when logging in. Secondly, this app is fully automatic. Just simply install this app, and it will work automatically works in your background, and it will give you information about how many carts were abandoned right after setting up. Install now and starts to experience these features for free.

Features Highlights

  • Enlarge revenue by increasing orders
  • Easily and automatically install
  • Install without any fees
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Keep customers' cart staying persistent on any devices whenever logging in
Price: Free
Rating: 4.3 / 5

#16 Free Plus Shipping by Swank Apps, LLC

Free Plus Shipping

Free Plus Shipping by Swank Apps, LLC is an app which allows you to assign the shipping rates to products for free plus shipping deals. More specifically, using this app, you can offer your customers a free product, which means customers will only have to pay for shipping based on the number of products that they purchase. As a result, you can increase the customers’ satisfaction significantly. In addition, you can set the shipping rates based on the price and weight of the product. Besides, you can also integrate these rates with your Free + Shipping products, which allows you to manage all the rates across all regions from this app. Not yet, you can also create multiple Free + Shipping rates, which can make each of your product to have unique shipping costs. So what are you waiting? Install now to earn a fully functional free + shipping product on your store.

Features Highlights

  • Set rates based on the price and weight of the product
  • Charge shipping based on the number of products sold
  • Create the ultimate free just pay shipping deals
  • Serves up one rate with all shipping charges
  • Assign shipping rates directly to each product
Price: From $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#17 FREE pop up by TK Digital Ltd

FREE pop up

Would you want to attract more customers? Would you like to capture customers’ interest when visiting your store? Do you want to multiply the types of marketing forms? These questions are solved when your business chooses Free pop up, which is created by TK Digital. This is the company specializing in app development for marketing, hence Free pop up is likely to get a lot of store admins’ trust. Free pop up provides many great features. First, store managers are able to customize the pop-ups. This means that you can change the design, the content of pop-ups as well as add some animations namely a wheel-shape selection tool to increase customers’ engagement. Second, the app helps you to deal with language barriers. You can set some popular language on the pop up such as English, Spanish, Chinese to let visitors choose so that they do not feel strange when looking to your pop-ups. Last but not least, these pop-ups made the app are automatically updated necessary information for purchasers like the discounts, time remain for a sale-off. The app is free to install so, download it now to run a marketing campaign.

Features Highlights

  • Push email subscriptions automatically to Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo
  • Srt schedule for pop-ups
  • Adjust the design of pop-ups
  • Improve the quality of marketing
  • Be friendly with mobile phone
  • Spin and Jackpot
Price: Free
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#18 FREE Product page Tabs by TK Digital Ltd

FREE Product page Tabs

There is an effective app for the multiple-purpose Shopify store owners to manage and customize their store is the Product page Tabs. This Product Tabs app is easy for the users to fully customize the product page such as product descriptions, shipping information. With the sleek new professional UI/UX, the store owners can maximize the sales and impress their customers. Moreover, all the text, headings will be configured to make the store tab content beautiful. In addition, the online sellers also can edit the layouts by changing the text colors, background colors, borders, etc. Then this app allows the users to preview the customized layouts before displaying. Especially, all the product images are shown in the best performances with the responsive tool. Finally, this app integrates with many other functions such as Shopify Reviews, Kudobuzz Reviews, Judge.Me, etc.

Features Highlights

  • Enable adding products tabs using the headings
  • Provide one click installation
  • Customize the styles and functionality of the tabs easily
  • Integrate with new professional UI/UX
  • Support the Gallery and videos tabs
Price: Free
Rating: 4.6 / 5

#19 FREE Responsive web by TK Digital Ltd

FREE Responsive web

As the information technology industry is developing, along with the advantages, there still might be some really irritating moments when your website can not run smoothly or keep its size when operated in other devices. Now with TK Digital Ltd's FREE Responsive web, that problem is solved. With FREE Responsive web, you can make responsive websites, as known as websites that can run beautifully in every devices. It can be Youtube videos, Google Maps or even your online store, as long as it is about web ratio, FREE Responsive web is here to solve. By allowing every dimensions available to be chosen, you have many choices for your videos and maps which will also allow your chosen content to run smoothly on every devices. Install FREE Responsive web now and got all your problems solved for free.

Features Highlights

  • Make responsive websites which look good in every devices
  • Manage Youtube videos sizes
  • Improve experience on Google Map by making responsive maps that will look good with every ratio
  • Allow content to run smoothly through all of the devices
  • Every dimensions are available for you to choose
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#20 Free Shipping & Hello Bar by SpurIT

Free Shipping & Hello Bar

Free Shipping & Hello Bar App by SpurIT is voted as the number 1 Notification app by over 6,000 Shopify merchants. Here is how the app works: When a user enters your store for the first time, an initial message (welcome bar) will show up to tell them about a promotion your store is running (for example, buy 3 get 2 free, spend over $50 to receive a gift or free shipping, ect.). When the customer adds some products to their cart, the information shown on the bar will change, reflecting their payment and reminding them what else they will need to add to the cart in order to receive the rewards. When the customer adds enough products, a final message will pop up, informing that they are now qualified for the rewards.

Features Highlights

  • Create a beautiful notification bar
  • Keep your customers informed with changing messages
  • Set up conditions of when and how you show the bar to store visitors
  • Customizable design for notification bar
  • Unlimited number of visitors and offers
Price: $8.95/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#21 Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Free Shipping Bar

An important notice for every online store owners, a recent research had claimed that 88% online shoppers would prefer to buy their products in a store where offers free shipping service. Not only save money but free shipping also brings customers comfortable feelings and attracts them to add more and more products into the cart. With the aim to support business, Hextom had developed Free Shipping Bar to both promote your delivery and boost your sale. The main function of this app is showing a progressive message to encourage customers to put enough items into their cart to get a free shipping offer. Moreover, users could choose different cart goals for different countries, decide which page or collection to display a bar so as to pick up an optimal offer. One more good news, a performance of every bar is recorded and consequently, you could easily assess each campaign. Finally, Free Shipping Bar allows users to freely custom the bar to fit their store style with emojis or background themes which are related to holidays. If you are ready to boost your sale, just with a click to install and experience a free plan today!

Features Highlights

  • Boost sale by displaying a progressive message
  • Decide an optimal free shipping offer
  • Record performance of every bar
  • Free to customize and fully responsive
  • Easy peasy installation
Price: $9.99/month
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#22 Free Shipping Bar by Itigic

Free Shipping Bar

It is widely known that customers are often willing to buy more in order to reach the free shipping threshold. In other words, free shipping is one of the best incentive for customers' extra purchases, and thus, one of the best motivation for sales maximization. Free Shipping Bar by itigic is an app designed to make the best use out of this advantage. Here is how it works: When customers visit your online store, a free shipping offer demo will be shown. Later, as they add items in their shopping cart, a message will pop up letting customers know how much more order values they will need to add in order to get a free shipping offer. When the cart value is qualified for free shipping, customers will also see the success message.

Features Highlights

  • Make your shipping promotion as attractive as possible with live demo
  • Fully customizable messages
  • goal value
  • currency
  • font style
  • background
  • bar position and so on
  • Inform customers how much more value they need to reach free shipping
  • Advanced options in targeting for GEO
  • page
  • device and visitors
  • Schedule
  • set duration
  • or delay your shipping bar
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#23 Free shipping promotions by LaraLancer

Free shipping promotions

FREE Shipping Calculator by LaraLancer is an app designed to help you create fully customized shipping boxes on your Shopify store, which maximizes cart value and increases sales by making customers want to add more products to their cart to get free shipping. The shipping box can be placed anywhere on your Shopify store. It will show messages informing customers how much more products value they will need in order to reach the free shipping threshold. In addition, not only is the app offered for free, the fact that it takes only one click to install the app means that it requires no coding skills to install the app.

Features Highlights

  • Promote free shipping
  • Maximize cart value
  • Inform customers how much cart value left to reach free shipping
  • Create fully customizable messages
  • Watch live preview to see how the messages look to users
Price: Free
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#24 FREE Tabs ‑ Accordions & FAQ by TK Digital Ltd

FREE Tabs ‑ Accordions & FAQ

How can online store improve store design and customer support? Which app can be the best choice for stores’ budget and strategies? Don’t worry, Free tabs will stand by your side to help you overcome challenges in creating an impressive website. First, the app allows a store’s admins to add tabs for product description. The long and informative text would appear in a separate page so that buyers can have much of information about items. Moreover, each text is equipped automatically with Heading 5 for key features to highlight the distinction of each goods. Second, Free tabs provide decoration tools such as color and themes for admins to self-design tabs to fit with shop’s messages. Besides, the design is also applied for whole collections. Last but not least, the app optimizes new professional UI/ UX which helps to organize item description, shipping information on smart slides. Amazingly, the app is free of charge so, don’t hesitate, download the app now and attract more customers.

Features Highlights

  • Add tabs for product description
  • Design color and style of added tabs
  • Assign tab theme to whole collections
  • Establish Heading 5 in product information
  • Optimize new professional UI/UX
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#25 FREE Traffic and Ads by Sixads

FREE Traffic and Ads

FREE Traffic and Ads by Sixads, which is is created and introduced by bitREC, is an app that help online store owners to make more profits by getting more traffic through product ads exchange. This app allows you to display your product ads in partner stores in exchange for their product ads to be displayed on your store site, which helps attract more users to visit your store, gaining more traffic and increasing conversion rate. When you display your product ads on your partner store site, customers may be curious about the products and visit your store, becoming your potential customers who can make a purchase and help increase your store sales. Additionally, you can see your store progress and monitor ads performance with detailed analytics, which is a precursor to optimizing your advertising campaigns. So why don't get this app installed right away and enjoy a dramatic increase in your store revenue!

Features Highlights

  • Attract new customers by displaying products ads in partner stores
  • Increase conversion rate with more traffic
  • Keep track of ads campaigns with ads performance analytics
  • Boost sales by displaying ads that fit business strategy
  • Fine tune partner product ads to suit your store style
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#26 Free Trust Badge by Hektor Commerce

Free Trust Badge

Free Trust Badge by Hektor Commerce used amongst over 17,500 stores on Shopify is an app designed to display a set of payments processor badges to your Shopify store. Visitors to your store will feel more assured and confident in the legitimacy of your store and thus, be more likely to reach the purchase decision. This is the easiest way to boost conversion rates because it is said that, in e-commerce, a store has fewer than three seconds to gain trust from their potential buyers. In addition, the badges you choose to display could be fully customized, from font, size, to color, to match the design of your store perfectly. With its FREE wonderful features, no wonder the app is rated 4.9 over 5 stars by Shopify store owners. It's time you caught up and gave it a try!

Features Highlights

  • Beautiful payment badges to convert more sales
  • Build customers' trust with legitimate trust badges
  • Increase conversion rates by ensuring customers of secured payment method
  • Display your payment processing parners' logo on cart page
  • Fully customizable badges
  • Modern and custom design that totally blend in to your store's native design
Price: Free
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#27 FREE Web Push Notification by Intelli AiTrillion Technologies Private Limited

FREE Web Push Notification

If you are worrying that sending too much spam push notifications would irritate visitors and make them opt out of your store site, then Push ‑ Web Push Notification is created for you. Designed by Intelli AiTrillion Technologies Private Limited, Push ‑ Web Push Notification is a solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs to boost store sales and increase customer engagement by sending push notifications. Requiring no email or other contact details, this app helps create a comfortable feeling for visitors to subscribe to your website and makes it easier for you to gain more reach and subscribers, which helps create a recurring revenue stream. Additionally, you can increase customer engagement by sending an automatic welcome push or notify them of discount on your products by pushing them a message when you lower products' price, which helps improve customer shopping experience, increase satisfaction and motivate them to make a purchase. And Push ‑ Web Push Notification also offers a lot of other amazing features you will want to explore. Install it right now and see your business growing!

Features Highlights

  • Reach unknown visitors and unreachable customers without contact details
  • Schedule and send relevant notifications based on customers' buying pattern and history
  • Drive sales with stock availability notification
  • Boost conversion rate and ROI with automated sales marketing
  • Increase customer engagement with various types of notifications
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#28 FREE Web Push Notifications by Pushflew

FREE Web Push Notifications

FREE Web Push Notifications, which is designed by Pushflew, is one of the best app for effective sales increasing and customers retention with many notable features. This app offers you a huge variety of automated push notifications for abandoned cart, order, delivery updates, cross-sell and upsell, which helps boost store sales dramatically and increase customer engagement rate effectively. You can also grow your email subscription list faster using stunning email capture popups as well. Especially, FREE Web Push Notifications generates campaign and subscriber analytics that enable you to measure upselling and cross-selling campaigns' performance and gather information about subscribers, helping target and segment potential customers effectively. Install it now and experience its amazing features.

Features Highlights

  • A wide variety of notifications available
  • Grow email list with email capture popups
  • Drive sales with upselling and cross-selling campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns with detailed analytics
  • Increase engagement rate with automated push notifications
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 5 / 5

#29 Leadslide Free Shipping Bar by Leadslide

Leadslide Free Shipping Bar

Leadslide Free Shipping Bar run by Leadslide focuses on creating free notification, announcement, and promotion bars in some minutes on your footer and header. As you might not know about, a notification bar is known as a bar which can go at the top and bottom of your site and help you showcase information and announcements to make your customers feel easy to visit your sites. With the app, a coupon notification bar will be replaced to display the coupon code or promotion you are launching to show products discounts or deals. In addition, the app is mobile responsive and works well on devices such as laptop, desktop, android, mobile and IOS. In addition, users can write a text of notification as well as allow visitors to know the announcements you want to create. With the social media bars, you can show off social media links on your site or footer to engage with your customers. Regarding free shipping bars, a shipping message is shown for your visitors to boost up sales and profits for your Shopify stores.

Features Highlights

  • Inform customers free shipping costs
  • Customize messages to tell customers on Shopify stores
  • Develop social channels and boost users' following
  • Show free messages to customers to boost sales
  • Work perfectly on devices
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#30 PreOrder Hero ‑FREE Pre Order by Booster Apps

PreOrder Hero ‑FREE Pre Order

The number of visitors coming to the online shops a day may be thousands or even millions as the big brand name like Amazon. Therefore, it is necessary for the shop owners to solve a lot of orders at once. It is such a challenging issue that the most experienced merchants cannot deal with all of them. The Pre‑Order Hero will be one of the most effective tools for the Shopify store owners to deal with their order's problems as well as improve their sales.

By allowing clients to pre-order items, this app enables to increase the numbers of successful orders as well as the sales. There are 3 main functionalities in this app that the store owners can choose such as Enabled, Disabled or Stop Selling. Moreover, without any codes, it is easy for Shopify beginners to launch their campaign easily. On the dashboard, online sellers can manage all the multiple-purposed stores. The store owners enable customer minimizing the lost sales from the abandoned carts.

Pre-Order Hero works effectively in Shopify market because of the compatible functionality. In addition, this app is free to update so that the users do not need to pay any cost to have the latest version. It is also very user-friendly, which allows even the beginners can use it easily.

Features Highlights

  • Generate Sales using the Power of PreOrders
  • Organize Pre-Orders by using the app
  • Launch your campaigns quickly
  • Set up Pre-order functionalities such as Enabled
  • Disabled or Stop Selling
  • Reach all customers quickly
  • Minimize the lost sales
Price: From $14.99/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#31 Sitejabber Free Store Reviews by Sitejabber

Sitejabber Free Store Reviews

Sitejabber Free Store Reviews, which is provided by the Sitejaber team, is an important tool for all Shopify e-commerce administrators to raise traffic and customer leads rates by offering reviews and reputation for entirely free. With Sitejabber Free Store Review, you are able to effectively and quickly collect a ton of reviews from the customers. In details, you can send a specific link, which can redirect the recipients to the review page on your own to them, or, more conveniently, you can use the provided automatic tools to automate the email process. As a consequence, you are enabled to extend your conversion rates and get more sales gradually with Sitejabber’s trust seals and review widgets. Then, your business’s review page will be displayed at the top of Google search results right as soon as you get a couple of reviews. Let Sitejabber be one of your most powerful assistants now with a few seconds to install!

Features Highlights

  • Use a given link or automated tools to collect reviews
  • Provide your store with trust seals and review widgets
  • Make your business's review page visible in Google search
  • Allow users to upload reviews in bulk
  • Provide community question and answer
Price: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.3 / 5

#32 Zillafy Free Exit Intent Popup by Kampung Marketer

Zillafy Free Exit Intent Popup

Zillafy Free Exit Intent Popup designed by Kampung Marketer is an app which helps you boost your sales by using the exit-intent popup. This app has some great features. Firstly, this app helps increase your sales conversions by displaying promotional popups when customers about to leave your store. It is an effective way to hold your customers when they want to leave before purchasing at your store. Secondly, with WYSIWYG design, you can easily create your own attractive campaign. You can set your popup contents including edit its font, title, message, coupon code, add images or even video to make it more appealing. Besides, there are various themes for you to choose from. You can select one according to the event or big day that will happen in the near future, such as New Year’s, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Black Friday, etc. Also, you can set the primary color of your exit intent popup so that the colors can match with the theme of your online store. Install now and start to increase your sales.

Features Highlights

  • Create attractive campaigns using the WYSIWYG design
  • Allows you to choose popup theme based on special events
  • Display promotional popups to hold your customers
  • Provides customizable popups
  • Ensure the designs are always updated with the latest technology
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#33 SMS + FREE Web Push messages by Firepush

SMS + FREE Web Push messages

SMS + FREE Web Push messages designed by Firepush is believed to be a must-have app in your online store. It not only sends your clients the SMS to inform them about the orders they've made but also encourage them to make more purchases. Moreover, it drives many traffics to your shop so that your store seems to be hustle and bustle all the time. You still gain profit when you are sleeping. This app displays automated push notifications and SMS messages to attract clients. They can be wanderers, your customers, or prospects. When they catch sight of these charming things, they will click on it to view and probably to buy your products right away. It reduces abandoned cart made by your clients hesitate to fulfill their orders thanks to sending them price drop and back in stock messages to encourage them to complete these orders. In addition, your customers well aware of what's news in your store by the notifications from this app. If you do interested in this app, get it now.

Features Highlights

  • Display automated push notifications and SMS messages to attract clients
  • Reduce abandoned cart by sending clients price drop and back in stock messages
  • Send your customers a reminder or a special offer to encourage them buy items
  • Make your clients aware of what's news in your online store
  • Offer your customers discount codes or promotions to inspire them
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.7 / 5

#34 Smartsupp free live chat by Smartsupp

Smartsupp free live chat

You want to increase your customer’s satisfaction, your store sales without paying anything. The Smartsupp app is the free tool that helps you boost your sales. With some very simple steps, you can download a FREE live chat with visitor recording. With a combination of live chat and visitor recording, Smartsupp is making you understand your visitors and answer any of their questions on your website. You will have all the information about your visitors such as their name, email, etc. Moreover, the store owners enable customize your store with different designs. Furthermore, it can support your store with multi-language live chat, the record the screens of your visitors. The powerful combination of live chat and visitor recordings lets you know customers’ needs even before they make a final decision. Smartsupp is an effective way to right track to the customers.

Features Highlights

  • Fully customizable chat box
  • Record Visitor history
  • Support automatic messages and offline hours
  • Support Multi-language
  • Canned replies
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 3 / 5

#35 SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger by LaraLancer

SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger

To provide the best solution for the Shopify store owners, the SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger was invented with the most useful features. With totally Free and user-friendly tool, this app allows the users to download and use with very simple steps. Moreover, it is an fully automated and customizable app, so the store owners can design their own stores with the best themes. Besides, the SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger app also integrates with multiple tools such as Facebook messenger and SMS notifications on Shopify. Therefore, it can empower your store and attract more customers in different countries. In addition, by recovering abandoned carts, this app is so helpful to increase your sales as well as remind your customers. Finally, it is totally useful for you when you want to send promotions to your customers.

Features Highlights

  • Fully automated design with SMS and FB Messager
  • Send SMS and Messenger notifications to customers when they abandon their cart
  • Customize the menu on Messenger easily
  • Enable sending the discounts through messages and SMS
  • Provide countdown bar
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.7 / 5

#36 Trust Hero ‑ FREE Trust Badges by Booster Apps

Trust Hero ‑ FREE Trust Badges

Trust Hero by Booster Apps is designed to help your store gain more store visitors trust and thus, boost sales. By displaying trust badges on your store, the app helps you become more legitimate in visitors' eyes. In other words, these visitors who have trust in your store's legitimacy are more likely to be converted into customers as they feel more secured and confident in buying your products. Plus, all of these badges on display are fully customizable to best fit your store design. Lastly, installing the app is very easy, costs no money and takes no time or web developers at all and it works immediately after installed. This perhaps is one of the several reasons why Trust Hero is trusted with a rating of 4.9 star by over 1500 users.

Features Highlights

  • More Trust
  • Security and Sales! 100% Free Trust Badges
  • Display visible proof of trust and security to gain customers trust
  • Easily set up different icons and badges
  • Customize your badges in however you want
  • Assure customers with creditable badges from payment processing's partners upon checking out
  • Desktop and mobile friendly
Price: Free
Rating: 4.4 / 5

#37 Gift Box – Free Gift Motivator by Digismoothie

Gift Box – Free Gift Motivator

The Gift Box app allows Shopify store owners to easily add free gifts with purchase. It includes pre-defined templates to choose from (free product, free product choice, free shipping, free gift wrapping, and free extended warranty), as well as the option to create a custom offer.

Once you create a free gift offer, your store visitors will see a pop-up informing them about the conditions to qualify for the gift (you can set a spending threshold or other conditions). The pop-up is not intrusive and looks great on any device, motivating customers to spend more in order to get a gift. The set-up is really easy, and everything is fully customizable.

Plus, Gift Box provides you with analytics: you can track how your free gift offers to perform and how many conversions you get from them. You can create an unlimited number of offers in any app's plan.

Features Highlights

  • Customizable pop-ups based on pre-defined templates
  • Simple offer set-up that takes a few clicks
  • Possibility to preview any created offer before going live with it
  • Pop-ups easily adapt to any screen resolution
Price: From $29.99/month. 3-day free trial
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#38 FREE Traffic & Ads by Sixads

FREE Traffic & Ads

Sixads is a must-have app for any Shopify merchant. It takes the stress out of numerous marketing efforts and helps sellers generate quality traffic for free. While trusted by more than 60000 merchants, Sixads leverages the partner ad exchange model that enables sellers to attract interested people. Another beautiful thing about this app is that it simplifies running targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, or Instagram. In a few clicks, you can launch a promotional campaign across the largest social networks with a flexible budget that starts from $2/day.

Features Highlights

  • High-quality traffic for free. Sixads algorithms are tailored to provide your store with visitors who are interested in buying similar products
  • Boost sales with free ads. The app invites you to join an ad exchange program with other sellers in your niche. They show their product on your page
  • while you display your products on their stores
  • Cost-effective paid plans enabling you to opt-out from displaying partner ads on your store
  • get thousands of additional impressions and achieve higher click probability
  • User-friendly interface and simple installation process. Set up and run the application in a few clicks!
  • Automated ads. Sixads also helps you easily run Facebook
  • Instagram and Google ads without tinkering in technical aspects. Select a product
  • select a budget
  • and let the AI make the magic.
Price: Free. Paid plans start at $9.99/month.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#39 Pure Chat ‑ Free Live Chat by Pure Chat

Pure Chat ‑ Free Live Chat

Developed by Pure Chat, the Pure Chat app is the tool for any Shopify store to be better organized. Moreover, the shop owners also enable boosting the customer conversations with their visitors in real time. In addition, the users can reduce the operator costs and abandoned the cart. With unlimited chat box, the customers will be supported anytime; therefore, it makes more profit for your store. More importantly, this app is totally free and you just need one click to install it without a code. To customize your own store, Pure Chat also the solution you need to have. This Shopify app helps you track your customer’s transactions and improve their satisfaction through chat management in the Pure Chat dashboard.

Features Highlights

  • Support operator availability scheduling
  • Automatical Chat alerts
  • Customizable advanced widget
  • Support Engagement Hub
  • Record unlimited chat history
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#40 Wishpond Free Popup Builder by Wishpond

Wishpond Free Popup Builder

If you are looking for an inexpensive but effective popup builder application, then Wishpond Free Popup Builder is created for you. This app helps engage and interact with your Shopify store customers as soon as they land on your page with easy-to-build custom pop-ups. You can easily create stunning popups with notable features that suit your store without any design or coding skills needed. For instance, you can add a countdown timer to your popup to create a sense of urgency, which helps motivate customers to buy the product if they believe that they are missing out on the best promotional sales. Wishpond Free Popup Builder also provides amazing tools that enables you to turn your store visitors into potential customers or segment your leads into separated groups to keep them organized. So why don't install it now and use it free forever!

Features Highlights

  • Various popup types
  • Stylish pre-made templates
  • Integrate with Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Campaign Monitor
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Super easy to use
  • Free to install
Price: Free
Rating: 4.2 / 5

#41 FREE Email Popup Promotion Bar by SiteKit

FREE Email Popup Promotion Bar

The Marketing campaign is so important for online merchants because it helps their shops approach to more customers. The beginners in Shopify or the Shopify store owners who are looking for a FREE tool but effective for email-marketing. The SiteKit developed a free Shopify app to create an announcement bar to help any online sellers succeed. This email capture tool is called Email Popup Promotion Bato will encourage the visitors to make the purchase.

This SiteKit app is suitable for any Shopify stores to bring exciting information to their customers via emails because of the multiple highlight features. For example, the smart bar such as top bars, promotion bars, free shipping bars, etc which allows the Shopify store owners to deliver messages to the visitors without disrupting the customer's buying process. Moreover, the Email Pop-ups will be utilized in this app to capture customer's attention to increase numbers of potential customers as well as the revenue. All the email are totally customizable.

Other features that this app also provides to the Shopify stores are a gamified popup or beautiful themes. As a highly-converted tool, the SiteKit app gives a gamified popup that enables converting the visitors into subscribers. This Win Wheel which helps reduce numbers of the cart abandonment.

Running promotional campaigns is necessary for any Shopify store owners to boost the sales and email popup tool as SiteKit app is what they should install their shops.

Features Highlights

  • Simplize the marketing campaigns
  • Support to boost the traffic by promotional emails
  • Provide a smart bar to boost the sales without discrupting the customer's buying process
  • Easy to create Email Pop ups
  • Allow to access to Shopify product view
Price: Free
Rating: 4 / 5

FREE > GDPR Cookie Bar ‑ Kooke

This app is for any store/website that sale online. Because it allures Western visitors and brings back loyal customers also. The electronic privacy gesture implies that websites must obtain formerly informed to agree from their European supervisors. They need to be accepted before using any kind of cookies that retrieve data and preferences.

This app allows you to obey the laws that enact by the European cookie immediately. After downloading and adjusting, your website will have a professional-looking banner. Whenever a new customer visits to your store, reminding them that you are using cookies. You can manage it together with your cookie policy page. Online customers have to click to accept cookies so that they will be allowed to freely give their informed consent. Moreover, you can set the mode of the banner. The banner still in the same position until the users accept using cookies. Then it will disappear from their view. However, the cookie reminder will appear again if the users reset cookies from their web history.

Edit the background colors, button colors to brighten your store appearance. With the free fee, you should try to download it.

Features Highlights

  • Manage alongside your cookie policy page
  • Fully customizable cookie consent bar
  • Banner pops up automatically
  • Set the mode of the banner
  • Edit the background colors
  • button colors
Price: 0
Rating: 4.9 / 5

Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar

Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar will support you collect information from customers. However you still need their permission, but easier with GDPR.

If your store is found within the EU or has customers based within the EU, you would like to get Coupo immediately. Do you wonder about its functions and features? The EU/GDPR Cookie Bar shows a friendly cookie bar that informs your users that your website uses cookies and allows them to look at your privacy policy. When your visitors agree to your terms, the banner disappears automatically. Manage the banner to fit the theme by changing the content and color to suit your store. Your customer will be allured due to the amazing content. Besides, it is compatible with most of Shopify themes. With the free charge, you can optimize your store better.

After downloading this app, you will find it works on different devices. No more awkward mobile pop-ups that never go away.

Features Highlights

  • Manage the banner to fit the theme
  • Work on all devices smoothly
  • Can track any of customer's data
  • Show privacy policies
  • Compatible with most of Shopify themes
Price: 0
Rating: 0 / 5

#44 AZEXO Free Page Builder by Andrey Soloduhin

AZEXO Free Page Builder

AZEXO Free Page Builder belongs to a Shopify app. This helps customers to land page builder and support page editor.

For 5 features in general, firstly this app compatible with any theme. So it can be used to create beautiful and fluid layouts inside content areas of any size and shape. Imagine when you have the perfect engine, you can go beyond your imagination. AZEXO Builder is such a web page composer app that enables you to create a great Shopify website easily. You can build an excellent professional store with this tool. Because it can attract a large number of customers. This app takes a small room. It accounts for less time than all other tools to create an amazing and functional site. AZEXO Free Page Builder creates a perfect code to ensure a little active time than usual.

So to own a functional app with lots of benefits, you can remake your store and attract more visitors.

Features Highlights

  • Can work with whatever theme
  • Can insert your product data into any shopify page
  • Develop fast site
  • Perfect for any level of user
  • Can create contact for frequent customer
Price: 0
Rating: 0 / 5

#45 Free Trust Badge Master by HulkApps.com

Free Trust Badge Master

Accept as true with Free Badges app help, you're making your customers save with peace of thoughts.

You'll be allowed with vastly decreased jump costs so your customers stay longer, and maintain coming returned. This app provides the simplest way to boom your conversions, with the least amount of attempt. While a web client lands on a website, a substantial quantity of considering wishes to be built to get their sale. In case your web page isn't displaying a belief seal, you lack the possibility to boom accept as true with close more sales. With the unfastened Badge master app, you can display visible cues that reassure customers that the particular shop is deemed valid, relaxed, and sincere. Customize your store layout with beautiful and functional charge badges and consider icons to make your shop stand out. HulkApps icons work immediately for any topics with clean, not unusual symbols to pick out from worldwide transport, high-quality costs assured.

So when installed, you can use these features without any fee. Moreover, this app will help you to optimize your store.

Features Highlights

  • Can custom pitch message
  • Provide dual-color trust badges
  • Provide original logo payment badges
  • Can regularly update library
  • Can custom image upload
Price: 0
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#46 Edit Order by Cleverific by Cleverific, Inc

Edit Order by Cleverific

As suggested by the name of the app, Edit Order allows you to change the information of your customer's order. Particularly, you can customize the shipping speed, shipping address or size, quantity, color of the order. Moreover, this app lets you charge your clients an additional amount if they want to edit the order directly through the online store. Besides, when a new order is placed or the order's shipping address is changed, this software will automatically apply tax rate and calculate tax amount for the order. This tool will cancel the old order and apply the original payment for newly edited order then it will guarantee the paper trail of the order. Another point is that you can create an unlimited number of draft order edits.

Features Highlights

  • Easy to edit orders of consumers
  • Automatically calculate sales tax
  • Let shop owners charge customers additional amount
  • Guarantee the papertrail of the order
  • No limit on the number of draft order edits
Price: $19/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#47 Free eBay Import from esa by Esa Software

Free eBay Import from esa

Free eBay Import app allows customers to save their time on shopping when they can manage their items on the cart.

You can import new products updates quantity and charge. Handles income on each eBay and Shopify. Runs on our server inside the background so that you can build your commercial enterprise while we do all of the heavy lifting. Make sure that your Shopify save has each product indexed on eBay and maintain it that way. You don't need to input matters two times for both sites. In case you sell on eBay, this app will regulate the quantity on Shopify. If you promote on Shopify, the Free eBay alters the quantity on eBay. Via default, the creator can anticipate your restock objects. However, when you have "Delete offered objects" set to "yes", then they can cease the eBay object whilst it sells out, and for Shopify, the host will Delete the bought-out object.

With the invention of Free eBay, now you can freely allow the customer to adjust and manage their products.

Features Highlights

  • Can import products from eBay
  • Provide full-size images
  • Suppot to manage the inventory
  • Just organize Shopify products
  • Can remove eBay template
Price: $49/month
Rating: 0 / 5

#48 Unite Free Traffics by Unite Commerce

Unite Free Traffics

Unite Steps has different app runners (Say Walkers) who hold their well-being with other frame boosting merchandise. Now you can get free traffic with ads due to this app.

You will find it is easy to use when improving your health. This app constantly advocates them with suitable products' listing for discounts. Here you get your danger to provide many well-being offers via it. They get picks, You get traffic. Without a doubt, pick out your product, you still can create its ad, add the category & its Tags. Moreover, you can decide how a whole lot discount you need to give at the product and Unite Steps will lock that discount. In only a little, while your Dashboard will display real site visitor's document of your every ad.

So instead of paying for advertising, now you only pay about 3% on the sale conversion. It means you can save your money when installing the Unite Free Traffic.

Features Highlights

  • Improve traffic for more sale
  • Will be sent the traffic to store
  • Help customer to earn discounts
  • coints
  • Can decide the number of discount
  • Easy to set up and use
Price: 0
Rating: 0 / 5

#49 AZEXO Free Page Builder by Andrey Soloduhin

AZEXO Free Page Builder

AZEXO Builder is such an internet web page composer app that empowers you to create a remarkable Shopify internet site effortlessly.

This app permits to make complete width photograph lookbook, gallery lookbook, slider lookbook, lookbook with easy hotspots and lookbook with product previews. When you have the correct tool in hand, you may pass beyond your imagination. You could construct a classy professional Shopify shop with this tool which can entice the maximum wide variety of visitors. AZEXO Builder is so lightweight, therefore takes remarkably much less time than all different counterpart equipment to create a stunning and purposeful site. The app is nicely-coded with a view to make sure as much less run-time as viable. Consequently, it takes almost no time for a command to be done while building web pages with it.

AZEXO is an effective web page builder with the drag-and-drop machine and designed for conversion fee optimization of your Shopify save.

Features Highlights

  • Can work with any theme
  • Can insert your product data into shopify page
  • Create lookbook shopify builder
  • Create a nice classify and pro website
  • Provide a fast version to user
Price: 0
Rating: 0 / 5

#50 Free Post Purchase NPS Survey by HulkApps

Free Post Purchase NPS Survey

Provided by MageWorx, Order & Product Fees program offer Shopify users to charge the customers for additional services or personalized options to offer customers to share the processing expenses.

Order and Product Fees app lets Shopify customers add any nature of additional fees/charges to a particular product offering. You can create an unlimited number of charges for all products in your store. Also, you are allowed to create fixed or percentage billing/shipping fees to offer your customers to share some of these expenses with you. This program helps you to flexibly choose whether to shoe product fees on the front-end only. Thus, you can also diversify your pricing strategy and customize highly product offerings.

All in all, MageWorx offers users 14 days to activate Order & Product Fees with no cost, which will be useful for all store owners!

Features Highlights

  • Create extra Order and Product Fees
  • Add order & Product Fee Input Types
  • Offer clients to share with shipping Fees
  • Diversify order and Product Fees Conditions
  • Manage Order & Product Charges effectively
Price: Free
Rating: 4.6 / 5

#51 DISCOS - Smart BOGO Discount & Flash Sale by HappyPoints

DISCOS - Smart BOGO Discount & Flash Sale

DISCOS is a smart Shopify discount app, that allows users to create various types of BOGO campaigns including Buy X Get X and Buy X Get Y as well as discounts with Countdown Timer. Plus, it supports multiple levels of Buy X Get Y and has automated updates on the cart page for every promotion campaign.

Features Highlights

  • Smart BOGO (Buy X Get X
  • Buy X Get Y) Multi-quantity level of promotion for Buy X Get Y Flash sale with schedulable countdown timer Includes promotion popup Badge & promotion table to display on product image and product page Auto show popup when cart is updated Intuitive campaign editor
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

$1 for 3 months Shopify free trial AVADA Commerce

How AVADA Commerce ranks 51 Shopify Free apps list

These above 51 Free apps for Shopify are ranked based on following criteria:

  • The ratings on $Shopify store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by AVADA.io

Top 51+ Shopify Free Apps

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 51 Shopify Free apps. We honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. We create Shopify apps review series with the aim of helping Shopify online stores find the best Free for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the 51 best Shopify Free apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

Don’t see your app on the list? Wanna contribute more content to this review? Contact us

If you want to add or remove an item in the Free list, feel free to contact us at Contact us

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