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Liquid Highlight in Shopify

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Filters in Shopify are known as one of the simplest methods to change the output of strings, numbers, objects, and variables. In fact, filters are put in an output tag {{ }} and devoted by a pipe character |.

Additional Filters in Shopify are also general filters that can serve lots of various purposes, containing converting, formatting, and applying CSS classes. Additional Filters is packed with date, default, format_address, highlight, json, placeholder_svg_tag, and weight_with_unit

In this post, you will be introduced on highlight in Shopify.

Additional filters

Highlight {#highlight}

You should take note that the highlight is used to wrap words inside the search results with an HTML <strong> tag, along with the highlight class if it can match search.terms.


{{ item.content | highlight: search.terms }}


<!-- If the search term was "Yellow" -->
<strong class="highlight">Yellow</strong> shirts are the best!

Highlight_active-tag {#highlight-active-tag}

The highlight_active_tag can wrap tag links in <span>; followed by the class active if those tags are used to get collections filtered.


<!-- collection.tags = ["Cotton", "Crew Neck", "Jersey"] -->
{% for tag in collection.tags %}
    {{ tag | highlight_active | link_to_tag: tag }}
{% endfor %}


<a title="Show products matching tag Cotton" href="/collections/all/cotton"><span class="active">Cotton</span></a>
<a title="Show products matching tag Crew Neck" href="/collections/all/crew-neck">Crew Neck</a>
<a title="Show products matching tag Jersey" href="/collections/all/jersey">Jersey</a>


After reading this review, we hope that you can have an understanding about additional filters in general and highlight in particularly in Shopify.

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