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CSS Thumbnails Examples 2023

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    Sam Thomas

28+ Best CSS Thumbnails Examples from hundreds of the CSS Thumbnails reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Thumbnails does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Thumbnails css collection is ranked and result in September 21, 2023. You can find free CSS Thumbnails examples or alternatives to CSS Thumbnails also.

Fluid thumbnail grid by

Better shopping experiences at online stores will make online shoppers want to come back to these shops. Fluid thumbnail grid is stunning and effective tool to strengthen their shops with beautiful images. Fluid thumbnail grid has a white background, which easily displays these pictures with colorful colors that attract customer's eyes. The title of these pictures is in a big size that catch customer's attention. In addition, the users can read more about these pictures with descriptions. With some Jade & Sass, it is easy for any online merchants to empower their shops. The shop experience within a minute.
A responsive appearance will support for your shop's appearance more attractive and professional. With A Fancy CSS Animated Gallery Covers, it is easy for shop owners to support shop owners stand out their stores with a thumbnail. The simple dark blue background is the best way to stand out the containers with yellow borders. In addition, the background images of these items are so eye-attracting with beautiful girls. However, the most impressive thing when coming to this tool is the hover. It is so unique and impressive. For example, the last background picture can be responsive and zoom in with a bigger size. Only a click to install this amazing tool for your shop, let's install this unique and stunning thumbnail for your shops now!

Angled Thumbnail Hover Interaction by

Nathan Long has successfully designed thumbnails to help stores show their professionalism and attract a large number of customers. I used a dark background color to help the inside images stand out, in the middle of the background there were six different images, when the customer clicked on them they were immediately covered with a blue background, enclosed a short headline appears in the middle of the image when selecting the next photo the selected image and the previous image are all covered by the green background. Crowded shops cannot lack a modern and unique design like this, so bringing it to the store is one of your exact options to help the store grow.

Flipping thumbnails by

Christophe Béghin spends a lot of time creating a thumbnail template to help stores serve customers professionally and expect them to return. Gray is chosen as the background color, there are three different images on the background, they are arranged in horizontal lines, special things will appear after customers click on each photo, they will have a rotation effect and the other two images will fade out, in addition to the content that will appear in the selected image, which makes a difference to the other design. The store can only grow with a modern design like this, so make a smart choice by bringing it to the store and seeing its performance in the future.

Flexbox YouTube Thumbnail Grid by

Youtube is a software that has a lot of users in the world, so a sample of thumbnails related to Youtube is something every boss is always looking for and wants to own. White is the main color of the background, at the top is the headline Flexbox YouTube Thumbnail Grid helps customers easily identify, followed by a short line of content introduced to customers, finally six boxes containing six videos with video titles, when clicked on, the subject line will disappear and these videos will play for customers to watch. As a smart shop owner, you certainly cannot miss this modern design and trend, so bring it to your store right away so the store will always attract customers.
Circle thumbnails elegant hover gallery allows online sellers to customize their shops with beautiful pictures. Instead of default boring background, they will improve their customer's satisfaction. The white background is the best way to stand out from the black title and the photo gallery. Moreover, these images are about beautiful women with attractive black and white filter. Especially, when the mouse moves their mouse to each of picture, this image filter which changes from the black and white filter to colorful filter is outstanding. The shop owners are enabled to be left their sign with the name and his personal website on the bottom. It is easy for online merchants to install this tool for their shops. Let's install it for your shops.

CSS Thumbnail responsive flexbox hover transition by

Thumbnails are an indispensable design in professional stores, if you are looking for a model for the store, please refer to the sample from Raykuo. Black is chosen as the background color, in the middle of the background is the most prominent feature of the sample, a lion image with the word HOVER appears, especially when a customer clicks on this image the lion image is captured small enclosed a white box will appear with the words Caption goes here. It is indeed a modern design. Every store needs thumbnails like this, if your store does not have it, bring it right away so the store always shows its professionalism.

Document thumbnail with dog-ear via CSS custom property by

By just custom CSS tool like Document thumbnail with dog-ear thumbnail, shop owners easily catch the customer's attention when they come to their online shopping website. The pictures is about a Piper's Hollow Poultry Pavilion appear beautifully on the grey background. It also includes a draft of designing this model. These pictures are provided with multiple positions, such as the top right corner regardless of the original size/aspect ratio of the image. Moreover, by using a hidden image to set the size of relatively positioned parent container, the effect makes the same image but appears so stunning and unique. Shop owners should invest this beautiful and stunning tool for your shops. Let's do it now!

flex- thumbnails by

By CSS Grid, online merchants can make their customers stay their attention with one of the best tools from NaveenBhaskar. This tool helps your shops have a unique appearance. The grey background stands out the thumbnails on the page. These thumbnails are many beautiful animated pictures with beautiful colours. Moreover, the flexbox thumbnail arrangement allows the users to customize these pictures easily on the page. This flex- thumbnails is a good choice which is suitable for all shops, so it is necessary for you to install it now.

Flipping diagonal thumbnails by

Thumbnail is a great tool for any online sellers to stand out their shops as well as attract more customers coming to their shops. By this Flipping diagonal thumbnails, it is easy for online to make their customers keep coming back to their shops with beautiful pictures and hover. The grey background is a good choice because it can make the pictures of delicious meals so stand out. Moreover, these images are arranged in the diamond appearance at the center of the page, which attracts all visitor's attention. Especially when the users move their mouse to these pictures, the hover of flipping makes them turn back with the note. The note texts are in blue. This tool helps your shops have a unique appearance. Therefore, do not waste your time thinking so much, install it now!
A codepen of Guillaume Schlipak which was done in CSS with Stylus will be the best choice to replace a boring default webpage by beautiful thumbnails. When visitors come to this codepen, there are many stunning pictures of natural beauty that attracts them. On the black background, they are outstanding with white borders. Especially, these images have a fade effect, which impresses any comers. When the users move the mouse to a picture, it will be faded and can be zoomed if you click on this. Just by a click to install this Image gallery thumbnails effect with gradient hover effect, it is easy for any online sellers to make their customers more interested in their shops.

Play video thumbnail PURE CSS by

A pure CSS Play button for video thumbnail will be the best way for online merchants to attract customer's attention. By this unique tool, they can display their custom video which easily boosts their sales. On the white background, the thumbnail appears in black and white that makes visitors curious about the content of this video. There are three images of a girl who is sitting on the floor. The option of the play button on mouse over thumbnails without using JS allows the users to click to play video thumbnail. That Play video thumbnail PURE CS brings a special feature for your shops. Let's install it now!

Image Thumbnail Hover Effect by

A boring black and white website will make customers leave any online shops. By this Image Thumbnail Hover Effect, online merchants can make their shop's appearance outstanding and beautiful. The online shoppers will feel interesting when coming to the shops because of the impressive background. The website default background will be replaced by a gradient one. Moreover, the colours of this background are eye-attracting. With two main colours such as blue and red, they make any visitors attracted to the stunning appearance. You can also add an image as the thumbnail. The Text is in white appears in the center of the picture. Especially, there is a button of Open that maximize their online shop experience. Amrit Pandey designed this Image Thumbnail Hover Effect with the most effective features for any online merchants. Therefore, online sellers should install it now!

Product Image Selector w/ Thumbnails by

The shop owners especially in selling clothes can easily catch the customer's attention by this Product Image Selector w/ Thumbnails of Jonathan Beaty. The shop's owners can grab their shopper's engagement by the beautiful thumbnail with eye-catching images. On the white background, the images of bikini images appear on the left side. The users can boost their shopping experience to increase the size of different images. The users can choose the sizes and the pattern options that they want. Especially when they move the mouse to these patterns, their names appear. A unique appearance as this Product Image Selector w/ Thumbnails will be the best way for online merchants to boost their sales. Click to install it now!
Besides the service of the store, customers also assess the professionalism of the store through thumbnails, if you are looking for a sample, please refer to Hitz Kareaga's model. The colors used for this design are mostly dark, the top is the Pure CSS perfect square thumbnails gallery in yellow to help it stand out in this background color, below there are ten different images, they are divided into two horizontal rows and each row has five images, when clicked, the border of the image turns yellow with a box with the word More inside, a click will appear the content the customer searches. The store will have its own style when owning this design, the most effective method to develop the store is to install this thumbnail template and the effect will come soon.

Pure CSS Thumbnail Hover Effect by

The thumbnail is one of the most important factors when visiting an online store, if you have not prepared a special template, you should refer to the sample of Aysha Anggraini. The top is the short text Thumbnail Hover Effect with CSS3 on the mint color background, below are nine colored photos on the white background, they are arranged in three rows and each row has three images, especially when clicked on. Any photo will appear in large sizes so that customers are aware of their choices, at the end of a brief introduction to the design. There is no reason to miss a professional design like this, so make the right choice by owning it and installing it in your store right away.

Responsive Thumbnails by

Sam Ablott has developed this Responsive Thumbnails effect with multiple useful features. The authors developed his idea of this Codepen with beautiful and responsive images. On the white background, there is a title of Gallery which is located at the center of the page with bold and big size. Moreover, the subtitle which appears at the left-hand side of this page explains their album. These black and white images are displayed of varying aspect ratios. They are responsive gallery thumbnails using flexbox and no media queries. In particular, they can change into colorful pictures when the mouse to them. By a click, it is easy for online merchants to install this Codepen for our shops. Why don't installing it for your shops?

Rounded thumbnails portfolio by

Pavel Burov's modern thumbnail is undoubtedly a design that every store owner is looking for and wants to own to develop his store. The author chose white as the background color, which makes this design special and unique lies behind the clicks, the circles containing the images inside, when customers click on each image they will appear larger and become square, with a piece of content suitable for each image. The author is really dedicated and elaborate on this design. One of the right choices in-store development is to own this modern thumbnail so installs it immediately for your store after seeing it for the first time.

User Thumbnail by

User Thumbnail will be one of the best tools for online shop owners to make their shops more competitive with unique codepen. The outstanding grey background will make the rounded picture in black and white at the center of the page eye-catching. Moreover, this image is surrounded by a white circle, which is stunning. Moreover, there are 5 layers of this icon so that the hover can make any visitors so impressed. The icon with a checkmark will be zoomed and the green checkmark becomes yellow when the mouse moves to it. As a method that online merchants can increase their customer's satisfaction, this User Thumbnail is the best for you.

Split Image on hover by

This Split Image on hover is an effective way for shop owners to transparent their default background to an amazing one. By this tool, online sellers can impress any online shoppers with a beautiful hover. This background is gradient to attract shoppers at first sight. Moreover, with a dark mode, there is a black container at the center of the page, so online merchants can make their customers stay their focus for only this thumbnail. The picture of a Mac appears beautifully on this container. Especially when online merchants move their mouse to the picture, the hover moves the image to become a stunning note with attractive and white texts. With an impressive performance, it will bring the best shopping experience for any comers. Do not waste your time in thinking, installing now!

Spotify Artist Radio Thumbnails by

Choosing a modern, store-style thumbnail is quite difficult if you are looking for such a design, let you refer to Alan Shortis for better understanding. At a glance, we see this design is unique, there are four boxes placed on a black background, inside this box has a circle and ben in each circle has a picture, they are designed with colors. The colors are faded on the outside, so there are eye-catching colors, below that is the name of the character in the image and finally their profession. Hesitation, thinking will take a lot of your time, this is really modern design and your store cannot lack it, so please bring it back to the store right away.

Thumbnail Caption Revealer by

Online shopping is competitive so it is necessary for online sellers to boost their sales. This Thumbnail Caption Revealer is a method that online merchants can increase their customer's satisfaction. The blue and white are the main colours to give their best appearance for their shops. There is a little caption which is a beautiful tool to strengthen their shops. This technique allows the users to decorate their pictures with white and black banner. By this amazing and beautiful Codepen, the online merchants can change their default background. Let's install it!

Thumbnail CSS hover transition by

The Thumbnail CSS hover transition designed by Raykuo is an essential addition to every store that wants to attract customers through its modern and stylish thumbnail. At first glance, people may think this is a very simple design, but the special thing will appear after the click, the middle gray background on the black background, including the words Thumbnail. The title above and Read more below, when clicking on the middle background will open as the door, accompanied by special images, each time there will be different images. It would be a big mistake to miss a professional design like this, help the store thrive by setting it up for the store to feel effective in a short time.

Thumbnail Hover 1 by

Thumbnail Hover 1 increase the customer's satisfaction when they come to your shops because of the beautiful appearance of this thumbnail tool. A white website background will be decorated with these stunning pictures of a lighting of a busy city. These beautiful images are displayed at the top left of the website, which improves the customer's shopping experiences. The online merchants also can add the link about their social pages on the images by the hover effect on them. When the customers move their mouse to pictures, the icons of social media such as Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter appear beautifully. With amazing above features, this tool of AmolB will satisfy any comers when they come over your shops. So why don't installing it now!


Thumbnail would be an easy and effective tool for any online sellers to maximize their website's appearance. This Thumbnail Hover effects helps the users change the grid item per row easily by using SASS variable. The gradient background of blue and white make the visitors attracted to pictures. The title which is in the capitalize and white colour is so outstanding. Especially, with the Pure CSS3 images, there are many choices of thumbnail hover effects that online merchants can pick up for their own shops. When moving the mouse to the pictures, the hover and banners appear with the description too. It brings about the best shopping experiences for any online shoppers with the special hover effects. Therefore, online sellers should install this Thumbnail Hover effects.

Thumbnail Presentation with CSS Grid by

This Thumbnail Presentation with CSS Grid was invented to make your shops with beautiful images. This tool is inspired by Polygon's bevel treatment on their thumbnails Instead of the boring and solid white background, the websites will be so impressed with many beautiful and sneaking pictures. These images which are about the game characters are arranged as mirrors with the best appearance. The descriptions of these images are in the big and attractive fonts with black and white colours. By CSS Grid, this design of this thumbnail will satisfy all customers coming to your shops. Installing this tool now to empower your shop's performance.

Thumbnail with Animated Captions by

A simple but highly effective thumbnails sample in a short time for every store, that's what can be felt from the design of Anselm Urban. A short clip of Thumbnails with Animated Captions in black and a box containing the title Title below them are placed on a white background by the author, which especially appears after each click of the customer. Disappears and what the customer is searching for will appear soon, which is the difference in the design compared to other models. The picture appears at the center of the page. Moreover, the title as well as description box at the purple box can make their visitors more understand the codepen. If ignoring a smart design like this is a very critical mistake for any boss, please own it by installing now and the store will succeed in the future.

Thumbnails Store Navegation by

Without outstanding features, your online shops will be ignored in the competitive market. There like Thumbnails Store Navegation is an option for online merchants to stand out your shop. The appearance of this Codepen is as a professional selling clothes shop. The title is so attractive with beautiful font and big size. Besides, the outstanding red icons below with bold descriptions make the visitors stay their focus on these beautiful pictures. The pictures of beautiful girls with fashionable clothes attract all customer's attention. Moreover, when the mouse moves to these images, they are zoomed and these icons appear allows them to view, share, or choose to buy. Bringing the unique and beautiful appearance for your shops with this Thumbnails Store Navegation now. By a click, just install it!

How AVADA Commerce ranks CSS Thumbnails examples list

These above 28 CSS Thumbnails examples for CSS are ranked based on the following criterias:

  • The ratings on CSS Examples
  • The css’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The css provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by Avada Commerce

Top 28+ CSS Thumbnails Examples

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 28 CSS Thumbnails examples. We honestly recommend you to give every css above a try if possible. We create this review series with the aim of helping CSS online stores find the best CSS Thumbnails for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the best 28 CSS Thumbnails examples is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this css review.

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