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CSS Star Ratings Examples 2024

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29+ Best CSS Star Ratings Examples from hundreds of the CSS Star Ratings reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Star Ratings does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Star Ratings css collection is ranked and result in May 19, 2024. You can find free CSS Star Ratings examples or alternatives to CSS Star Ratings also.

CSS Unicode Star Rating by

CSS Unicode Star Rating is a design used by the store so that customers can leave comments and can return later or not back to that store. This model is designed by the author quite simple but professionally displayed after the click, black is the main color of the background combined with 5 stars with a translucent white but still enough to identify, when customers want to show their fake rating through the use of stars when they click, the stars will light up in yellow as if there were lights from inside. It is a modern design. It's obvious that any store needs to add this design right away and so does your store, install it now to feel its effectiveness after a while.

How Are You? by

Customers always want the store to use a star-rating form so they can leave their impressions after using the store's service. Ryan Mulligan's design is something to be concerned about in stores. At first glance, we only see a white background and 5 black stars sitting on the background, but this design is very special, when customers click on the stars to rate, they will turn yellow, If the face is dimly designed, it will also show up, depending on the number of stars more or less, it will turn to a sad or happy face, accompanied by a box containing the words Reset below. You should not spend time thinking about a professional design like this, please install to have an accurate choice for your store.

Full css3 only colorful star ratings \w inputs by

One of the important factors determining the development of a store is the professionalism and modernity of the star-rating model of that store. This design comes from Daniesy, the author chose white as the main background, the evaluation deviates to the upper left corner of the background, including a red star and the words stars rating system in the gray background, below that is five white stars in a black background, when choosing a star it will be orange, two stars will be red, three or four stars will be yellow and the next year will be green. If you are a smart owner, you will definitely never miss it, miss the development opportunity of the store, so please install it now.

Standalone SVG CSS-only star rating component by

The store with the rate of customers who have visited is a necessity for any store, the design of Stas Melnikov will solve this problem to increase the number of customers. The color the author chose was the color of the background that looked very special, it was pink and brighter towards the bottom of the background, the standalone SVG CSS-only star rating component white helped it stand out from the background, below are three white boxes, they grow in size from left to right, the stars inside are yellow and when the customer clicks it will turn black, then release the mouse and return. Yellow to show appreciation. Missing this professional design will be a big mistake, so set up your store, so the store is always crowded during the business.

Star rating for email by

Maxx Scholten has successfully designed the star-ratings model to help stores have a tool to increase visits after each guest reviews. The necessary content is designed to appear on a white background, including the first line Rating (select a star amount), five stars with yellow borders combined with the numbers from one to five below, when customers leave a comment by clicking on the stars they will automatically turn yellow, the amount more or less will depend on the customer's interest in the store. Hesitating to see this professional design is a mistake for anyone, as a smart person, you should take right to the store to understand the true effect.

stars by

As someone who always wants your store to develop, you have never thought of using a professional star-rating template, designed from Jordan-Simonds that will make you suitable. The author used a black background so that the yellow of the stars would stand out completely on this background, there were two boxes when looking at the beginning, the top box had the words Star.css with five stars, the bottom box also had five stars but combined with a small space for customers to leave a brief comment, there are quite a few designs that have the customer leave a comment, this is a special design. Any store that owns this design is sure the future will be very successful, so the necessary addition right now is to bring it back to your store.

Pure CSS Rating via CSS Custom Properties as API by

Store owners always want a rate form to add professionalism, the design of Stas Melnikov is definitely what they are looking for. White is the main color of the background, the top has a line of content with the content hoping customers love the store, the author replaces what the store owner wants to say, below there are 2 quite similar parts, each side has five stars, the left is unselected state and the right is selected state, especially when clicked, the stars will automatically turn yellow. It's impossible to skip a professional design like this so don't make the mistake of missing it, so be a smart boss to set up your store.

Emoticon Star Rating by

There are many star-rating templates available at the moment, but to find a model that suits your store and helps the store attract customers, you should refer to this design if you are looking. Vineeth.TR is the main author, choosing black as the dark color so that the contents inside will completely stand out on this background color, on the background, there is a face and below that is the five sitting stars, the special thing of setting is when clicking on the stars, they will turn yellow, in addition, if the stars are few, the face will turn sad and when many stars will turn to smile to show their gratitude to the guest's line. Does this design have any drawbacks? Definitely not, so take it to your store to feel its effectiveness after a short time of use.

Pure CSS 5-Star Rating by

Pure CSS 5-Star Rating designed by Andrea Crawford is an essential addition to online stores that need to increase the number of customers after each visit. The white color of the background combined with the main content is arranged evenly from the top down to create a very pleasant look, initially, three stars have turned yellow in the five sitting stars, below which are two stars one. Half of the five stars have turned yellow, the bottom has five stars that have not changed color, and when customers click on them, they turn yellow to show their interest in the store. Bring it to your store is a very accurate and essential choice for any owner who wants his store to grow in a short time.

Rate star buttons (pure css) by

There are very few simple star-ratings designs that are highly effective, but Valeriia's model will certainly meet the requirements of online store owners. Purple is the author's trust color chosen for the background color, it is quite visible, the word let's rate is less the store owner wants customers' opinions, below are three stars with translucent white, when choosing one star will have an effect and it will be bigger with text so-so, if you select two stars, you will have a cool text effect, finally if it is three stars, you will have the best text effect. Hesitation would be to miss a professional design like this, so installing it for the store is a must-do when first seen for every store owner.

Rating System (CSS Only) by

Sure, if you're a shop owner you're looking for a truly modern and professional design like Elton Kamami's design, then take a look at it and see what is special about it. The black background is the color that the author often uses, in the background, there are many elements that make it special, there are four positions containing the words Give your respect, below them are different icons, respectively is the rectangle, the circle, the square, and the bottom is the robot when the customer clicks it will turn into a blue plus sign, a yellow circle, the heart, and the dancing robot, this is really a design very unique. There is no reason for your store to lack it in development, so bring it back to the store to always have a large, professional-looking customer.

5 Star Rating System. by

Star-ratings as a greeting to the customer before they leave the store if the store does not own it surely the customer is very disappointed, if you are looking then look at Jared's sample. At a glance, anyone can feel the modernity of the design, the background chooses to use white, in the middle, there is a black box of five white stars inside, below it is blue boxes which numbered from one to five, customers will not click on the stars but click on the numbering buttons below, the stars will automatically turn blue to show customer reviews. Customers will be interested in any store that owns this special design, so bring it to your store right away to serve the customer the best.

Cool star rating with JQuery and font awesome by

If you are inexperienced in choosing a star-rating model that suits your store, please refer to the Alahab form, which is definitely suitable for all stores. The author uses dark blue as a background, there is a box with a darker color than the background in the middle, which says How is it going? It's like a prologue, below is five stars with a yellow border, when the customer clicks it will turn white, the number of white stars is the number of customer reviews, finally, click on the button Rate word to end the evaluation, this design is very modern. This design does not have any disadvantages to miss it if you really want to develop the store, you should bring it back immediately and you should not hesitate.

CSS Star Rating by

Use a star-ratings form to replace the greeting as well as an invitation to return customers before they leave the store, Roman's design will help you solve this problem. Looking at this design, they know it is elaborate and modern, the yellow background fades from left to right, the large words Rating Star is placed in the middle of the screen, below which are five stars with black borders, they are a tool for customers to evaluate the store when clicked on it immediately turns white, the number of white after corresponding to the feeling of like or dislike of customers. Own it to do right now so the store can show its professionalism in customer service, so install it now to enjoy the benefits.

CSS (accecible) Stars Rating System by

Simple and effective is what you will feel when referencing the star-rating form of Yair Even Or to help the owners grow the store. At first glance, there are only two main colors, white is the background color, in the middle of the background is a black box with five stars, they have faint borders when not yet clicked, but when customers click on them they will switch to yellow, in particular, with each number of stars will have the following text underneath, for example, if it is three stars, the bottom is interesting or four stars, there will be the words Amazing. Actually it is very unique and modern. If you spend too much time deciding whether to bring it back or not, it is a really wrong thing, take it back to the store and you will know the effect immediately.

CSS3 Star Rating by

Star-ratings is an essential design that appears in stores, it is an effective tool to show customers' feelings as well as a tool to help them return to that store later. With Michael's design, at first glance, it is a simple design, but the special thing that will appear when customers click, it is only two parts are white background and five gray stars in the middle, the first click it will turn blue, the next click it will immediately turn yellow, the number of yellow stars is the number of points that customers feel about the store. By comparison, hesitation is only the factors that prevent you from owning this design, take advantage of a reasonable time and bring it to the store, the effect will come soon after.

Star ratings survey form by

Star-ratings is one of the indispensable factors in every professional store, if your store is missing this model, you should consider about Ron Gilmour's design. Blue is a fresh, easy-to-see color, so the author uses a background color, the main content is white to make them stand out and easy to see, under each short content, there are always five stars with white borders below, above is asking if the customer's needs have been met, below is the store rating, the customer clicks on them, they will turn white, finally click Ok button at the bottom to end the review. After watching it, there is definitely no downside to you missing out on a modern design like this, so get yours by taking it to the store right away.

Flat CSS3 rating system by

The Flat CSS3 rating system is a special design from Renaud Tertrais that helps stores have the tools to effectively express their customers' feelings and thanks after they visit the store. The dark color is the background color, which is a reasonable color so that the necessary contents are displayed clearly and easily identifiable. In the center of the background, the customer will see the title line instead of its name, below it is five stars with yellow borders, especially when the customer clicks the first time they turn white, and the second click it will turn yellow, it looks very appealing and professional. If your store is lacking a simple, professional design like this, then the job to do right now is to bring it back to the store to help it grow.

Half-Star Rating by

Is your store lacking a modern star-rating model? If you're looking for a model like that, check out the design from Charlotte Dann to add it right away. This is a trendy, simple design with a white background and ten stars in two horizontal rows in gray. However, when customers want to rate the store through stars, they will click on the stars, they will appear animations, the top will change from blue to pink, the bottom of the line is from color green through orange and finally red, that's the difference and uniqueness of the sample. Save time by owning this modern model, install it on the store right away and you will see an immediate effect in the short time using it.

Star Rating System by

Stores need to add star-ratings to the store to serve customer reviews after they visit and want to leave an impression through the review. The author chose black as the background color, the top is the words Star Rating system to help customers easily identify, below that are five stars, they have three green stars and two stars have blue borders, when first click customers, they will turn blue, click again, there will be the words to show the rating, the number of stars they have chosen. It is a special design. Never miss a professional design like this, it will be the shortcomings and disadvantages of your store, so bring it back to feel effective.

Star rating widget by

Marian Alexandru took the time to design a special star-rating model to help store owners solve the problem of attracting customers and increase the number of customers through using this form. Those who see it for the first time are impressed, the illusion of the background color is a combination of blue and yellow to create a unique background, in the middle is a purple box, inside there is a line that says Confirm your rating and The bottom five are white stars, especially when customers express their views about the restaurant through star rating, white stars will turn yellow to show their satisfaction level. There really are very few modern and unique designs like this, so save time and install the shop right away, the results will come instantly.

star rating with font icons by

The store owns a modern star-rating model which is a store of professionalism compared to other stores if you are hesitant to take a look at the design of Brandon Kennedy. CSS star rating is the main title that is placed on the top of the white background to make it easy for customers to recognize, below are the unique features that are unique to this template, two columns of star open style and filled style, each row is horizontal. There are five stars, the number of yellow stars increases from left to right, followed by a line of a yellow circle, the customer will pull this circle, the score will be displayed in the ten stars at the bottom, they will gradually yellow according to the customer rating. It is certainly difficult to find another modern, trendy model like this one, so make an accurate choice by bringing it back to help the store always have a large number of customers.

Pure CSS Star Rating from 0 to 8 with colored points of the star by

Jan Wagner succeeded in designing a star-rating model especially to help stores solve the problem of increasing the number of customers and feeling good from them. The author uses a dark background color to make the content inside stand out, the top is two lines of content introduced through this design so that customers understand how to use, the bottom is the shapes, tools. They can include an inner circle with the same number of votes, outside are two squares intertwined into eight triangles corresponding to the eight points being the highest, customers can also choose one half, three or six half. There is certainly no reason why you can't install a professional star-rating model like this, so make the right choice to take it back to the store.

Pure CSS Star Rating Widget by

As a shop owner, do you want the store to have a separate star-rating model and of course the other store does not, please refer to the design from James Barnett. White is the color reserved for evaluation samples, so the author uses a background color, in addition to the author uses the top left space as the main content, including a short piece of content Pure CSS Star Rating Widget included According to the five stars below, according to the customer's perception, they are gray and turn yellow, they can be two stars, three stars or four half stars. One thing for sure is that if any store uses it, the number of customers of that store will always increase, always grow, so install it now.

Rating in pure HTML5/CSS3 by

Customers often have the habit of rating the store through the star-rating model of that store, however not all stores have pre-installed models that customers rate. This is a design from Khoné Vongsouthi, the author uses the color should be the background so that the contents inside will be easily recognizable on the dark background, at first, when I first looked at the customer, this model was quite simple because only five stars with white borders, but when customers click on the number of stars they want to rate, they will instantly turn yellow, below will appear a box with the word Reset and the right to show the number of specific stars. Every store should have a professional evaluation form like this, of course, your store should bring it right back in order to get effective.

Star Rating Bootstrap by

One of the things customers want with stores they visit is that they use star-ratings to store reviews and later return to see what they felt in the past. This design comes from Satveer Singh Randhawa, the three main colors the author uses are the white of the background and the change of blue, red between stars. In the middle of the background is a large box, above the box is two Rate it lines now, each line is accompanied by six blue squares, when clicked it will turn red, separated by the bottom is a red line, Over rating and five blue stars, they will turn red after customers click. There is no reason to prevent you from owning a modern review like this, so install it for the store, and success will come to you right away.

Star Rating in CSS by

The owner is always looking for a star-ratings model for his store, using it to attract customers, refer to the design of Geoffrey Crofte. Rating Star with no JS is the title of what you see first, followed by two guidelines, the bottom of the two corresponding lines will have five stars, above are the stars with gray borders, below are the gray stars, when clicking on the star above will turn yellow border, and the bottom will turn yellow, the stars turn yellow corresponding to the customer's perception of the store's service. In order for the store to attract more customers, the store needs professional designs like this, specifically the star-ratings model above, please bring it back to your store right away.

Vanilla JS Star Rating by

Before leaving the store, customers often want to express their feelings about it. If you are a boss, you should refer to the star-ratings form from SurbhiC. If you are an ordinary person, you can not see the special features of this design, it only consists of two main white background, Rating Stars line and the five stars below the dark color, however, when customers click the mouse on the stars they will turn yellow, with each number will have a face appear, for example, one star the sad face appears, three stars will be favorite faces. Every store should own a modern star-rating model like this, it will be one of the factors that help store development in the future.

WooCommerce CSS SVG Star Rating by

There are many star-rating templates available now, so it is difficult for store owners to choose a model that is suitable for the store and know its effectiveness, Jan Wagner's design can meet your needs. The dark background color will help the main content stand out, the author has used that color, the top is the words WooCommerce CSS SVG Star Rating to help customers easily identify, below the stars are arranged in three rows, each row has five black stars. They will automatically turn blue to show customers' views and feelings after they visit the store and then leave. In particular, they can represent the smallest percentage of their perception. Don't let the lack of fake designs reduce the number of customers, every store needs a design like this so install it now.

How AVADA Commerce ranks CSS Star Ratings examples list

These above 29 CSS Star Ratings examples for CSS are ranked based on the following criterias:

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Top 29+ CSS Star Ratings Examples

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 29 CSS Star Ratings examples. We honestly recommend you to give every css above a try if possible. We create this review series with the aim of helping CSS online stores find the best CSS Star Ratings for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the best 29 CSS Star Ratings examples is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this css review.

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