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CSS Select Boxes Examples 2024

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40+ Best CSS Select Boxes Examples from hundreds of the CSS Select Boxes reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Select Boxes does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Select Boxes css collection is ranked and result in May 19, 2024. You can find free CSS Select Boxes examples or alternatives to CSS Select Boxes also.

Custom select box Jquery Plugin by VJ by

Select-boxes are something bosses are always looking to bring back to their stores, but there are quite a few of them, so they are very hesitant to choose. Vijaya Kumar Vulchi was created to help stores, the author choose black and white as the two main colors, white is used as the background color, black is the color of the main content. Above is the text that instructs customers to choose the country, below is a rectangular box and has 4 contents at the bottom used, in this box lists the choices of different countries, when moving the mouse on either way its background will turn black and just select the one that is right for you. Ignoring it will make you regret it later, so take action immediately by bringing it back to the store to develop the store further.

search box with button by

A professional select-boxes template is what every shop owner is always looking for if you are a boss you should refer to the sample from SzlufikD. This design is relatively simple but enough for customers to use, the background is designed with white to help the most important part in the middle stand out. In the middle is a pink box for customers to fill in the information to search, after entering the information, just click the pink button directly below the Search button, the pink color is used for the purpose. Those who like lightness and love life. There is no reason to miss a modern and trending model like this, let's apply it to your store.

Select Option Interaction by

Select Option Interaction helps any online shop attract shoppers coming to their stores with a unique and effective select box tool. The appearance of the Codepen Select Option Interaction is so outstanding with the highlighted blue. In addition, the question in white, which is located at the center of the page is so stunning and eye-attracting. Especially, the way the menu appear is so uniquely. It dropdown with many pets choices in different containers. The texts are in black, so it is easy for online shoppers to recognize them. Just by CSS, this Select Option Interaction was designed for any online merchants to easy to use. Let's empower your shops with this helpful tool!

Selectionator by

Selectionator Codepen is suitable for any online sellers to increase their shop's performance. When coming to the online shops, they can choose what they prefer with this tool. On the dark purple background, online sellers can boost their customer's attraction with the Option green button. The library dependencies are designed by jQuery with multiple Options. Proof of concept, for a multi-select widget, get the multiple selected values when the form is posted. Besides, the Roboto font makes all the texts are beautiful. By the beauty of this tool, it is easy for shop owners to attract visitors coming to their shops. Why don't installing now?

Material Design Select Dropdown by

The online sellers can customize their default webpage to become more unique with this Material Design Select Dropdown of Sam Murphey. The grey background is a differentiate for this Codepen. For sellers, they can customize the options easily with prerequisite utility functions. Moreover, the visitors coming to their shops, they will focus on the Category line in the middle of the page. When the users click to the Category, the options dropdown with two options Option 1 and Option 2. Online shops with effective CodePen like Material Design Select Dropdown will create a competitive advantage. So why don't installing this amazing tool now to empower your shops?

CSS only Select by

The select-boxes template designed by Nicolas Udy is one of the essentials to help stores increase the number of visitors when store owners use it. Light green, this color is easy to see and does not cause dazzling so the author chose it as the background color. In the middle of the center of the background is a white rectangular box, which is the most outstanding and special one. Therefore, customers who want to choose an option just click on it. This will be a special point creating the professionalism of this model. Nobody has missed this design when seeing it for the first time. Be a smart boss and bring it to the store.

Custom Select by

Custom Select provides users with a unique and competitive select-box tool. Moreover, with multiple features in CSS technology, this tool is suitable for any online shop. Nikolay Talanov designed this Codepen background in a unique colour. On this background, online merchants can impress their shoppers with a select box in the dark at the centre of the page. In addition, the texts which are on this bar are in the capital font so that they are so outstanding. Last but not least, this tool has a beautiful hover of different options appearing when visitors click to the select bar. Online shoppers are easily attracted when coming to a shop with this Custom select. Therefore, online merchants should install it now for their shops.

Fancy Select Box by

Revolution Graphics has been developing a beautiful Codepen called Fancy Select Box. With CSS technology, this Fancy Select Box is what all the shop owners need for their shops. On the true black ground, online shoppers will be attracted with blue neon select boxes and testing position button is in pink neon. Besides, the codes of the options are so various such as Highest rank, Most Comments, Most Viewed, Lowest Rank. Another select box is which sport that shoppers care about such as Skateboard. This tool is strongly impressive and helpful for any comers when they come to your shops. One-click to install this amazing tool for your shops now.

MDL Select Box by

All online merchants want to improve their customer's shopping experiences to better sales. By this MDL Select Box, they can change their boring default website with the select-box tool. The main content is black, so it is easy to see on the white background, the two contents from the top are Plain Dropdown and Select2, they are all on the strings and come with the same arrow when clicking on it will appear. The corresponding content, just below it is Textbox Label, requires typing, and finally, the two buttons below the customer can choose one of the two buttons. There is no longer any reason to hesitate when bringing in a special model like this, which will be an essential and important factor for your store.

Product Selection Box by

There are very few select-boxes that are both modern and professional in modern, but Ed's design is sure to make every store owner satisfy with it. This design is divided into four parts, the first is a red box containing the words An Absolutely Exciting Widget, underneath there are 3 options for customers, the bottom is a green box that says Buy now when customers agree, on the right side, half is a gray-white background, under this background is a guide on what the customer is interested in. This is the necessary addition for the development of the store, do not waste time and think about bringing it to your store right away.

Pure CSS Select Box With Direction Aware Hover Effect by

Select-boxes are an indispensable tool to help customers always want to return to the store, but have shop owners found a satisfactory pattern? Check out the design of Himalaya Singh. White is considered a light color, does not create a glare with the eye so the author uses it as a background color, in which is a white rectangular box, the right of the box has 2 arrows up and down when customers click on it and it will appear a range of options for customers. In particular, these options are designed to be quite picky, when moving into which option, it will automatically change color so that people can identify their choice. Make sure that when customers first see, they will never forget this special model, bring it to your store always has a large number of customers.

Select Box by

Shin's simple but highly effective design is sure everyone wants the store to develop and attract customers to the store in the future. The two main colors of the design are gray-white, which is the color of the background and black is the color of the content that visitors need to search for are smaller in size, accompanied by arrows, especially when customers click on the boxes, the options will appear one after the other, the next step customers only need to add one click to the option. The success of the store may depend on the professionalism of the design like this, so the best option is to bring it back to your store

Select box style with CSS by

Select box style with CSS developed by Muslihul Aqqad is an indispensable element in every store to help the store increase customer access. This template has a unique background color which is dark blue, on top there are 4 white boxes of the same shape and all have a orange down arrow, in these boxes will appear options when customers click. Click on the mouse, below it is Honorar in EUR, followed by a wire containing two yellow circles on the wire and three sequence numbers of 500, 1000, 1500. Finally, a orange box with a reset looks very professional. Everyone wants your store to grow thanks to this model, and you certainly should so bring it and feel its effectiveness.

Custom Select Box Dropdown Styling by

Custom Select Box Dropdown Styling has succeeded in designing a select-boxes template that helps stores solve the problem of attracting customers, give it a try. Blue is chosen as the background color of the sample, it is not too bold to create a sense of visibility. In the center is a blue box, it is lighter than the background color so that there is no duplication of colors, this box has 2 parts, the left will be options, the right has an arrow when customers click on it will display a range of options from top to bottom, and select anything, just click on that option, very simple and easy to use. You do not need to worry much about it, just install it and it will effectively come to your store shortly.

Pretty Select dropdown by

J0be has successfully designed the select-boxes to help store owners solve the problem of attracting customers, if you are looking for, let you refer to this design. The author chose white as the main color of the background, cleverly putting a blue border on the background to make it more attractive and professional, plus, placing a box at the top, this is what customers need to use. This box is light blue and the word Relevance inside, when clicking it will have options for customers to need, they need one just click on it. This must be a simple but useful tool for every store so it can not be ignored, install it for your store right away.

Pure CSS Select Box by

Pure CSS Select Box CodePen of Veniamin is one of the best choices for any online merchants to strengthen their shops with the multiple-choice tool. The cream colour of the shop website will attract any online shoppers. On this background, the mini select box with the white background will be so stunning. Moreover, without using JavaScript and native element, online merchants can easily to allow the users to choose multiple selections from Select Box such as Cream, Cheese, Honey, etc. With this powerful tool, it is easy for shop owners to boost their customer's satisfaction within a click. So let's install now.

Simple custom select by

Online shopping is a competitive market so it is necessary for online merchants to care more about their customers. Simple custom select is a good choice for online shops to allow their shoppers to pick up their preferences. On the white background, there is an only line of texts which makes any visitors focus on. These texts are in grey colour with beautiful fonts. Moreover, to attract customer's attraction, they are in big sizes at the centre of the page. In addition, when online shoppers move their mouse to the underline select word, the choices appear for them to pick up. Within a click to install, this Simple custom select is what all online sellers can easily empower their shops. Let's do now!

Pure CSS Select by

Select-boxes are the factor that shop owners always expect to bring back to the store, Rau designed this template to help shop owners. There are quite a few people who choose orange as the background color, the author finds that it is a very rich color for the select-boxes so it should be selected as the main color, in the center there is a large white highlight line Pure CSS Select and below that is a green box, in the box with the words choose an option and the down arrow, customers just click on the options and then choose the one that suits them. The effect will appear immediately when it is in your store, installed to help store more customers.

Social Media Select Box by

Selçuk Şahinduran has long wanted stores to attract customers by designing professional select-boxes for store owners to take home. For this design, the author uses black but uses white translucent light inside to create a special design. In the middle, there is a box that is darker than the black of the background, so it is also very easily recognizable, this box has an inscription with a 2-way arrow. When the customer clicks on this arrow, it will automatically make a selection, then simply click on the option they are looking for. This is a design that everyone wants to get their store developing in the future, install it, and don't miss a design like this.

Styling select box with CSS by

Customer interest in the select-boxes that the store uses is something the boss is always worried about, the design from Alex may make you suitable. Although there are some similarities with some other designs such as using white as the background, the content appears as black, but this design has some quite interesting points. Above there is a box, this box has the word select box, customers can see through it, then to find the necessary content just click on it will appear, choose which one it will have the blue background to help customers see better. No one would easily overlook a professional model like this, you're a smart owner so you're sure to bring it to the store, right?

Animated Form Validation with jQuery (Checkbox, Radio Button, Select Box, Text Input) by

Animated Form Validation with jQuery from Cheryl Velez is a design that stores always want to bring to their stores, helping the store become more complete. White and black are the two main colors of the sample, the background color is white and the content is black to help stand out on this background color, the background contains two tables with relatively similar content, the left is Required Fields and the right is Non -Required Fields, which are similar to required and optional content, special customers must pay attention to the required content in order to find their options. Every store is definitely indispensable and so does your store, so let's set it up so that it changes in a more developed way.

CSS only Select ( radio + checkbox ) No JS by

Currently, there are many select-boxes from many authors, but if you are wondering to choose, you should refer to Aron's design. At a glance, the background of the design is that everyone is impressed by it, the background color of the combination of pink and blue looks very eye-catching, at the top, is the arrow down the large text Pure Css Select helps the customer knows, there are 3 boxes with the word Choose that blur inside, and of course when you click on the boxes, the choices will appear with darker colors, the next job is to just click on those options, quite simple and professional. It's a necessary, complementary piece for every store, so make the right choice to bring it back to your store.

CSS styled and filterable select dropdown by

One of the things that customers are interested in with the store is the design of the select box, which is the professional design of the store. This is a design by Nipun Paradkar, the author of the concept that the black background will help the internal content stand out, this is completely true of this design, the top has 2 lines of text in large size, 2 from styled, the filterable is set to pink, especially there is a white box below that says select state inside, when you click on that box it will automatically turn pink, and there will be options, next Guests will choose the right one for themselves. Wondering just wastes your time, so consider it a piece of the store and take it to the store to grow.

CSS3 Card Deck Drop Down by

Shop owners want to change their official brand image on the website. With this CSS3 Card Deck Drop Down, online sellers can change their default appearance with unique select box. This is a UI concept with the gradient grey background. The title is located at the middle of the page with the big size and CSS3 is in bold. Moreover, the users are easy to set Global variables with the Toggler Click handler. The options are in the best description with the icons on the left side. By using CSS3 transitions and jQuery, this version of a Card Deck style dropdown will be a powerful tool for any online shoppers. Let's install it now!

Custom <select> by

Customers want shops to modernize select-boxes so they can access and use them easily, the design of Christophe CORBALAN is definitely what people need. The author designed a white box in the center, located on a orange background, making it quite prominent and recognizable, this box has the text what's your favorite movie, especially when clicked, the white box will turn to take and leave this text, then when clicked it will appear different options, customers will be free to choose what they are looking for, very easy to use and are what customers always desire. Owning a professional design like this is what employers always want, you should expect to bring it right away.

Custom full height select box by

Chenchen's design of a select-boxes with vivid colors is sure to expect the store to grow and have more customers as well as hope that they will come back. The background of the design is very beautiful with orange mixed with pink, in the middle is the words Easy simulation select box using div, below are two white boxes with nearly the same design, the left is the Real select box and the right is the Fake select box, inside they have different money values, when clicking on them will appear, especially the Fake select box has the money value to be a pink dress, in order to distinguish it from the Real select box to customers to recognizable goods. Hesitation will take more time and may cause you to miss it, so install it to the store to see the real effect it will bring.

Custom Select an Option by

By this CodePen of Custom Select an Option, it is easy for online sellers to boost their professional displaying. To increase website performance, online shoppers will not feel boring anymore. Black and white default background will be replaced by eye-attracting orange and white color. Within this background, there is a white container in the middle of the page. When online shoppers click to the, there is a list dropdown. By custom select, they can choose different options. By using JS technology, the attribute selects their favourite choices. It is easy for any online merchants to allow their customers to choose the best suitable methods with this Custom Select an Option.

Custom Select Box by

Eddy Sims developed his special select-boxes to help stores increase the number of customers if a shop owner should refer to this design. When we first look at it, we see a black background, in the middle of it is a white box, above the box, is the words Select box, this makes it easy to recognize, this box has the words Select Option and the green box with the arrow inside, customers can click on the white box or the arrow will show options, and click on what is searching. Everyone wants this model to be widely available and available in stores, so install it for your store at first sight.

Custom Select Wrapper by

A select-boxes template is a template that is indispensable in every store, to add it to your store, please refer to the design from Matheus Sales. The background color the author uses is quite different, it is a dark blue color, it creates a good look, there is a box with a darker color on the top to make it more prominent for easy identification, accompanied by a letter V, the customer can click on either of them so the options will appear automatically for the customer to choose, which makes it very professional. Missing it will be a mistake to develop the store so you do not make that mistake and bring it to your store so the store always attracts many customers.

Custom Select by

Professional select-boxes, which help the store attract customers, they have few and shop owners are often confused, Yusuf's design is surely expected. The author uses a white background because it is always the attractive color, the special feature is in the middle of the background, there is a blue box, on the box with the words Source Type it helps customers to recognize because it is blue Positive, just one simple click on that box, in turn, the content will appear right below, and then just click on the option that suits you. Very simple. Everyone hopes to have a modern model in this store, surely you can not ignore it so please bring it to the store.

Faking select boxes with radio inputs by

Faking select boxes with radio inputs is a product of Jonas Giuro to change the default a low-quality appearance to better shopping experience. The grey space on the online website brings a better styling freedom. This tool allows to style the select boxes with more consistency across browsers. Without the Javascript, online shop owners are easy to use. The options of this select-box tool is so various from option 1 to option 11. The users can click to figure out how to avoid the fact when clicking twice on an item to actually select it. Just a small effort to install, online merchants can empower their shops with this Jonas Giuro's codepen. Let's install now!

google map markers with select box by

Online merchants want to strengthen their website appearance with unique map by a click. This google map markers with select box will be the best choice to stand out their shops with an effective tool. This responsive map appears on the site with the default location is in the Middle East of Asia. As a normal Google Map, it provides the customers with stunning design. This custom select box is differentiated because the note tip will show up with the white containers. The selected points on the map will be described with detailed information such as addresses, telephone and phone numbers in the black words. With custom features, it is easy for online sellers to support their shoppers within a click. Installing now to change your boring default looking.

Horizontal Select by

Customers always want in stores that have simple and easy-to-use select-boxes so that when you come to the store, they operate quickly, your store has met the needs of customers? The author thinks that customers will find white and black the easiest to use, so they used white as the background and content to be black. In the center, there is a word Select on a string, they stand out completely on the black background, so it is easy to recognize when clicking on the word, the contents will appear in turn at the top and in a horizontal line. The content is placed in blue, also very clear. These elements have created a modern and professional template. Surely this is the model that people want and take to their store, so make an accurate choice and let the store own it.

Image Selection with faux-loading by

The way to impress customers is by using select-boxes. If you're having trouble finding one, the design of Lewis Robinson will satisfy you. White is quite visible, so the author chose it as the color of the background, the space in the middle of the background has two main things that make the professionalism of this template, initially will be the words select an image located on a wire and below is a box containing the text no image selected, when we click on the text, the options will appear one by one, to select which one we just need to scroll down and of course, with each option will come with a corresponding image, that's its uniqueness. As someone who wants customers to come back to the store, installing it is what you need to do right now.

Material design select ( jQuery ) by

In order to evaluate a store, customers choose one of the key factors that are the form of professional store select-boxes because it is part of the store. The design of LukyVJ is something that meets the needs of the store, this design has some special features, the background color is gray and white looks quite easy to look and there is no dazzling feeling, in the middle, there is a white box. This is the part of interest to customers, it has the state 2 text available when clicked, the options will appear one by one, to see more just scroll down to select the necessary content, quite simple to use it with anyone. This template is an important part of every store, and so does your store, setting it up so that the store is always crowded.

Responsive custom select box with custom scroll by

The basic elements that help bring customers to the store cannot fail to mention the select-boxes. If you are a shop owner, you should see the designs from Dejan Babić. White is chosen as the background color, the top is the Responsive custom select box with custom scroll to help customers easily identify. There are 2 boxes in the middle, the author cleverly blurs them but is still enough to see, these 2 boxes have the same choices, and of course, when we click on it it will turn darker, along with that is the content appears for us to choose, to select more, simply scroll down there will be the next content below. Why can you skip professional templates like this? Be a smart boss, and bring it back to your store.

Select Box with Placeholder [CSS Only] by

Disturbed because there are so many select-boxes that shop owners are always interested in. James Nowland will help you solve this problem. The white of the background and the dark blue of the edges are special features that make the design impression to the viewer. the feeling doesn't look dazzled, in the middle, the author cleverly put a translucent rectangular box, along with the Example Placeholder inscription, when the customer clicks it immediately comes up with options, and then the job is simply to click on that option. You can not help the store increase customers without bringing it on, install it now to feel effective.

Select-Boxes by

Have you seen a simple select-boxes sample that brings unexpected results? Refer to the model designed by Nipun Paradkar to feel the effect. The author found that customers are often impressed with the gray-white color and therefore choose it as the background color. On this background there is two outstanding content, the top is Profession, the bottom is Superpower, they are all on the strings and next to the arrows are cleverly blurred. The next job is quite simple, the options will appear after customers click, and then select the corresponding options. No one has missed this professional design when seeing it for the first time, surely you are a smart boss and are looking forward to bringing it to the store.

Select Menu by

One of the factors influencing the development of the store is the professionalism of the select-boxes, the design of Pierre Laurent is something everyone wants. This design may be a lot more unique than the other models. Most of the other models do not have the professional guidance like this, in the box when clicking, there will appear options, customers are looking for any option, just click on that option, it also switches The background is black so customers know what they're up to. Nobody sees it for the first time without bringing it to their store, so bringing it back is the best choice.

Style a Select Box Using Only CSS by

A select-boxes completely strange and special for those who are looking, please refer to the decision to take back to the store and help the store grow. The first is the words Calculate Freight in black on a white background, below it is the same 4 arc in yellow and black with Chinese on the side, the bottom of the box is blurred but enough to see, enclosed. These boxes are lane, alley, number, floor and room titles, customers just need to enter the information. There is no reason to skip a special design like this, so installing it is a necessity right now for customers to be increasingly crowded.

How AVADA Commerce ranks CSS Select Boxes examples list

These above 40 CSS Select Boxes examples for CSS are ranked based on the following criterias:

  • The ratings on CSS Examples
  • The css’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The css provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by Avada Commerce

Top 40+ CSS Select Boxes Examples

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 40 CSS Select Boxes examples. We honestly recommend you to give every css above a try if possible. We create this review series with the aim of helping CSS online stores find the best CSS Select Boxes for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the best 40 CSS Select Boxes examples is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this css review.

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