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CSS Recipe Cards Examples 2024

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22+ Best CSS Recipe Cards Examples from hundreds of the CSS Recipe Cards reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Recipe Cards does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Recipe Cards css collection is ranked and result in July 23, 2024. You can find free CSS Recipe Cards examples or alternatives to CSS Recipe Cards also.

Recipe Card by

Recipe Card is a beautiful design from Kevin Lesht so that you can display your dish's recipe in an attractive way. The card was designed on a blue theme with background, buttons and icons in the same color. For a recipe card, an eye-catching picture of the dish would be the first thing that attracts your audience. Following this picture would be the name as well as explanation of how the dish is cooked. Moreover, ingredients and other additional information such as dificulty level, number of serves or required time will also be shown. Download this elegant recipe card now and see how it helps to improve the design and layout of your website.

UI Recipe Card by

If you are looking for a stunning way to display the recipe for foods on your website, this UI Recipe card is here for you. This recipe card has a simple yet information-rich design. Under the picture of the dish, you can show your audience is its name followed by the recipe and requirements. The information includes the amount of time to spend on the dish as well as the number of serves. Furthermore, your users will be able to see the ratings, which would let them have a better idea about this dish. The card offers two buttons, namely Save and Let's cook! with eye-catching hover effects. UI Recipe Card was designed to perfect your users' browsing experience on your site. Activate it now to see how it works to improve your site.

Cocktail Recipe Card by

Cocktail Recipe Card by Reece Bennett is a simple and information-rich recipe card that will attract your audience. At a glance, the card just simply includes a thumbnail picture with the title of the drink. However, when you click the card, there would be a toggle effect and the card would expand with the detailed recipe. Here you can show your audience the full ingredient list with the amount for each item and every step of how you make it. Unlike other recipe cards that may contain too much text, this dynamic recipe card is going to fit any website layout with any design and styling.

Recipe card by

Recipe Card is not just another recipe card for your website. It is a smart card that brings a good sense of attraction to your site. The smart Recipe Card by Dany Santos appears as a picture on your website. But when you drag your mouse over the picture, there would be a zoom in to the image. This card contains a small arrow button by which the card’s information would be expanded or minimized. In its full form, the card would display the detailed instruction divided into different tabs. Plus, there’s a bookmark button so that your audience can save their favorites. This recipe is highly recommended if you want to deliver further information to your audience without breaking the simplicity in your site’s styling.

Salmon recipe card by

If you are looking for a recipe card with a modern design and dynamic view, Salmon Recipe card may be your best choice. The recipe card by Eric Czyzycki looks elegant with minimalist style. The white theme color and black icons make the card simple but not boring at all. With this card, you would be able to upload your dish’s feature picture with its information such as ingredients, direction, estimated time and show on. It will not be displayed until your visitors click on the relative icon which saves space on your website. The smart design of Salmon Recipe Card makes it attractive to users and doesn’t break the original style of your site.

Recipe Card by

More than an ordinary recipe card, this design from Katrin can be used as a single page on your site due to its large size. You can upload the featured image of your dish to use it as the background of this card. On top of this customized background, you can display the title in large font size as well as the necessary content for your recipes. Moreover, you are able to add some buttons for further information if you don’t want the card to look too text-rich. A special recipe needs a special design to display. You will not regret with this beautiful recipe card.

Recipe Cards by

This design by Alex Henegar brings you a simple way to display your recipes, which focuses on images and audience attraction. One of the best ways to attract your audience is by giving it an interesting name with a beautiful feature image. Once your visitors love your dish and hover their mouse over the card (otherwise, it will look just like an image on your site), they will see a drop-down effect with the introduction of how to make it. There is also the “View Recipe” button which links to the detailed information. Simple recipe cards which can act as a gallery on your website sounds like a good idea. Try using this design and see how it works.

Recipe Card by

The recipe card is a lovely concept by El Ghazi that allows you to display your recipes in a beautiful way. The card has been designed with a blue theme with the same color background, buttons and icons. For a recipe card, the first thing your audience is attracted to is a fascinating picture of the dish. The title and description of how the dish is cooked will come after the picture. In fact, recipes and other additional information will also be shown, such as difficulty level and amount of servings or time required. This recipe card is designed to make your audience’s browsing experience on your site perfect. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Recipe card by

If you are a minimalist and you are looking for a simple yet elegant recipe card for your site, this recipe card may be your choice. This design by Travis Williamson looks simple but not boring on the white background. With the two column layout, you can set it up with your dish’s picture and some brief information on food or drink such as the author, a large title and the description. Moreover, this also includes a button to link to the full article about the recipe. Download and activate this recipe card to see how it makes your site become so beautiful.

Recipe Card by

The Recipe Card by Brandon Frye is a simple and condensed design that is suitable for multiple purposes. Although this recipe card comes with a pretty simple design, you can still see the subtlety in very little detail. For example, when the audience drags their mouse over the card, there would be a shadow effect to make the card stand out. The recipe card contains all basic information for the recipe including its name, the main ingredients, and its ranking in just one simple card. Moreover, there is also a heart button so that the audience can click on and save the dish as their favorite. With this modern and dynamic design, the recipe can be positioned in different places on your site, no matter if it is a homepage or sidebar widget.

Recipe Card by

You probably can’t find a more simple recipe card than this one from Darren. The most direct way to display your recipes is to display them all. To make it simple, as you can see from the demo, show your audience what they want to see: how the dish looks and how it’s made. Below your featured image, you can write whatever you would like: the preparation time, difficulty, ingredients, directions and even more. The content would be divided into two columns to make it easier for your audience to follow. Moreover, this card can be floated on your website as your customer can open and collapse it simply with a button. If “Make it simple” is your motto, you have finally found a wonderful recipe card for your needs.

Recipe Card by

If you think a recipe card is something full of methods or preparation, this recipe card may change your mind. The elegant design from this recipe would attract your audience from the first look. As in the demo, it brings the fresh look of mint green for the highlight details on the white background. Moreover, this recipe card also integrates with some smart buttons such as the edit button or delete button, which delivers high customization to your customers. Stop wasting your time on finding a simple yet dynamic recipe card and start using this design from Jhonny Gil today.

Recipe Card by

If you are looking for an attractive recipe card that is able to display a large amount of information, this Recipe card by John Need is for you. The recipe card is designed in the theme color of orange and has a pretty simple layout. It is divided into two main sections: the feature picture gallery and the main content. You can display more than one picture in the card and the pictures would switch as your visitors click on them. The latter section is made simple to focus on the content you want to show your users, such as ingredients, preparation, tips and nutrition. With Recipe Card, you can literally show your visitors anything about your dish. Download it now to see how it fits on your site.

Recipe Card by

If you think a recipe card is something lengthy and boring, this recipe card will change your mind. The recipe card is a design from Joshua Hammill which aims to bring a fresh look for your recipes. When the visitors first look at the card, they will first be attracted by a featured image of your dish as well as some key information to raise the idea about the food such as preparation time, cook time or the yield. Below it, the recipe would be displayed in further detail. It will be broken down into sub-sections including ingredients, method. The idea of this recipe card is to display content in a stream, so it would be very easy for your viewers to follow your content.

Recipe Card by

This is not another recipe card like what you can find out there. Recipe card by Vasco Martins is an all-in-one card with a lively style. As you can see in the demo, the recipe card looks pretty simple with the feature picture and white background. However, the arrangement of its title, buttons and the highlighted text makes it not boring at all. The interesting part about this effect is that the card can be further divided into different tabs so that you can separate your content to make it easier to follow. Some main tabs can be ingredients, method or about the author. Too much information to put into your recipes? No worries, just use this recipe card and see how it’ll work for you.

WF-S6L1U4 - Recipe cards by

A recipe card that does what it is meant to - the cards from Nicole Weatherburne brings you the original idea of a dish’s recipe. This recipe card actually works slightly different from others you can find since it contains sub-cards within it. You can choose to display as much as you want and as in the demo, it’s five. Each item in the card would include the recipe for one dish: what it’s called, how it looks like and what is needed to make it. That would look easy enough to follow even for people with little idea about it. If you want to bring just a traditional styling for your recipes, this recipe card is highly recommended for you.

Web Type Recipe Cards by

When almost all of the other designers out there are trying to create something with modern looks, it is hard to find a recipe card with traditional style like Web Type Recipe cards. No featured image, no effects, nor transition, the recipe card focuses on the content itself. There is only the name of the dish in a handwriting font, which makes it a classic look. With this card, you would be able to display any information about your dish such as ingredients, preparations, and so on. Although the card looks text-rich, it is still easy to follow thanks to the San Serif fonts. Just one notice for you if you are going to download this recipe card, it may take more space on your site, but this depends on the amount of content you want to show.

Whole Foods Recipe Card by

A recipe card that looks so much like a magazine? Whole Foods Recipe Card is the one that we are talking about. The design from Jeff Drury brings a classic feel when you see the paper cards. On its front page, there would be some brief information on the recipe such as its title, preparation and so on. What’s interesting is that when you click your mouse on the card, it will flip with the recipe displayed in its full form. Its large space lets you write whatever you want. Although Whole Foods Recipe Card may have an old look at first sight, it is still applicable for any site styles.

Bootstrap 3 - Recipe Card alt by

Are you worried that adding new cards may take up too much space on your site? You should have a look at this dynamic recipe card. At first glance, this recipe card from Chris B looks just like picture of your favourite food. However, when you click the arrow button, the card would expand to the full form. It’s where you can find the recipe for the dish, including the ingredients or preparation. Another click on the button would collapse the card, so it’s quite convenient. This modern and smart design can add up a fresh look for your website and attract more audience to your recipes.

Publix Littleneck Clams Recipe Card by

If you want a recipe card with text only, Publix Littleneck Clams Recipe Card is the one that you are looking for. Although this card is designed for displaying text, the layout with columns and graphs makes it very easy for the audience to follow. Your cards will look like what you can see in a newspaper. So to begin with, introduce a little bit about your food in the first paragraph. After that, you can choose to display whatever you want such as ingredients or different methods to make it. No need to add massive effects if you seek for a design with simplicity and clear information. So give this recipe a try.

Recipe Card by

A recipe card is not simply a card with full of text, it can be a beautiful design to keep your audience browsing on your site like this one from El Ghazi. This design follows minimalism which focuses on simplicity, but you can still find a way to display necessary information such as the author, the recipe’s name, a brief introduction as well as an attractive image. As for the rest, you can link it via the READ button to save the space and keep your site simple. This stunning design would look perfect on any site styles and it won’t fail to attract your audience.

Recipe Card by

There’s no better way to display your recipe card with this design by Jaime. You and your audience will love it from the first sight. The recipe card looks beautiful and sweet with the white and pink theme tone. The simple icons and easy-for-eyes font styles make the card not boring at all. Below the image showing your dish, you will be able to display some pieces of key information about the recipes such as cook time, ingredients and number of servings. A button at the end would link it to the full article of your recipe. The design will make you believe that a recipe card can also attract and keep your audience browsing on your site.

How AVADA Commerce ranks CSS Recipe Cards examples list

These above 22 CSS Recipe Cards examples for CSS are ranked based on the following criterias:

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  • Reviews and assessment by Avada Commerce

Top 22+ CSS Recipe Cards Examples

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 22 CSS Recipe Cards examples. We honestly recommend you to give every css above a try if possible. We create this review series with the aim of helping CSS online stores find the best CSS Recipe Cards for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the best 22 CSS Recipe Cards examples is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this css review.

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