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CSS Hotspots Examples 2024

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31+ Best CSS Hotspots Examples from hundreds of the CSS Hotspots reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Hotspots does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Hotspots css collection is ranked and result in June 22, 2024. You can find free CSS Hotspots examples or alternatives to CSS Hotspots also.

AbcXyz Hotspot by

David Reighard always wanted the store to grow smoothly and attract customers, thus creating a hotspots model to help its owners, changing the style of service of the store. On the dark background, the author uses many annotations to help customers with different options, they are blue circles with a white plus sign inside, the customer clicks on it, it will appear immediately in the right corner of the background, the plus sign changes to a multiplication sign, switching to another option they simply click on the multiplication sign. So that the customer is completely easy to use it and satisfied with it. One correct decision after seeing it is to bring it back to the store right away, save time instead of wondering too much about it, as it should appear in your store.

Hotspot experiments by

Have you been planning a store change with owning a professional hotspots template? If you don't own a model yet, check out the design of Gabin Aureche. On the white background, the author uses ten squares, inside each square has very special notes, they are notes with effects on activities and colors, with colors such as green, pink or orange, help them stand out, the simple task customers do is click on them and see what information they are looking for, there are many options available to them. Using it in a store is important, any boss needs it to attract customers to visit your store, so bring it back. See the effect in a short time.

Animated viewBox Data Visualization by

Sarah Drasner's success is to design a special and modern hotspots sample, any customer looking at will be convinced, at first sight, you should refer to own. Against the dark background is the image of the world map, the subject line Crime Statistics at the top, the author places four green dots at four different locations on the map when the customer clicks on any dot, it will enlarge the area with a corresponding piece of information, to return to the original image, they need to click on the sign to the right of the information panel. With wallpaper and simple usage like this surely customers will enjoy. After a quick look at it, you're convinced, right? And now your exact choice is to bring it back to the store by the installation. The effect will soon come to you.

Button hotspot hover for tooltip by

Owning a Hotspot model in the store is something owners are always looking forward to, but there are too many to choose from. If you're looking to check out the sample of Agustín Amenabar. A picture of the flower is placed on a white background, which helps customers feel excited and comfortable, on this picture, the author uses three white dots as annotations, they are always accompanied by animation to help customers easily identify, customers want to search for information, just click on them, and to return to the original image, they just need to click once more. Customers will not have any complaints about the service of the store, so to get a good feel from them, you should own it by bringing it back immediately.

centered background Image with hot spots by

The change of customer service style with professional hotspots is a smart change. If your store does not have a model like Adam's, let's refer to it. At first glance, this is an interesting design, the author uses the image of a deer, the author uses dark colors rather than leaving the actual color picture, on its image the author puts annotations yellow circle, when customers click on them, they will appear a short piece of information, including title and description content, so it is easy to use. What are you waiting for a more modern design than this one? Save your valuable time by setting up your store right away.

Draggable Image Hotspots by

Michael Wilhelmsen succeeds in designing a modern hotspots template, which is an essential addition to the store and a useful tool. Draggable Image Hotspots is the top title of the black background, it makes it easy for customers to recognize, in addition to each return there will be a photo appears on the background, the special feature of this template is when customers click the mouse anywhere on the image, it will appear numbers to use as comments, they are in white circles, if you hold it you can move it to different positions in the picture, this allows to easily change the position of captions. Anyone's store needs a modern design like this, if your store does not yet own it, you should install it right away to attract customers to the store.

Hotspot for Shabir by

With a modern Hotspot model in the store that helps you confidently serve your customers the best, a template like Ian Reeves' design is what you are expecting. Its background is a special image, it's a map, however, the thing that the customer is most interested in is the annotations that appear on the background, those are pink dots containing the plus sign inside and highlighted. in sequence numbers, they always have an animation attached to make it easy for customers to recognize, when they click on them, the content will appear on a white background, to go back to the original background, they just need to click on the multiplier corner of the white background. It appears in your store is a very reasonable and necessary thing, you are a smart boss, you should bring it back immediately by installing it for the store.

Grow Shrink -Hotspot by

A sophisticated hotspots sample does not necessarily help customers satisfied, they just need an easy-to-use and convenient model, let you refer to the Kaon's model. On a white background, the author uses a yellow circle in the middle of the background, to make a difference and stand out, the author uses the animation that comes with it to help customers easily use and identify it. It is exactly what the customer is most interested in. To use it, the customer simply clicks on it, the content the customer wants and searches that fit their needs. Those who first saw it satisfy with it, you certainly have no reason to refuse to own it, so get it by taking it to your store right away.

Hotspots flip by

Changing customer service style with a hotspots form is very important, a design like Tomas Cordero's is what owners should own. on a gray background, the author cleverly placed an airplane, helping it to stand out on the background, accompanied by it having three blue footnotes and lying around it, they were blue plus signs, when the customer clicks on them, a piece of content will appear with the image, they will be in a large box, at the top right of this box is a multiplication mark, clicking on it will return to the image of the original airplane. After consulting it, there is really no flaw in this hotspots model, if you are a smart boss, you should install it for the store right away to receive positive reviews from customers.

Hotspots DOM by

With Jake's elaborate hotspot template, it's definitely the design you want to own at your store, try consulting it to understand how to use it. On a black background, the author placed three icons that interest customers, which are a circle, video icon and location icon, all of which are yellow to help customers easily recognize, when customers click on any whichever, they will appear the accompanying content, there are three different information so customers only select the one that suits them, to return to the original state they just need to click on the multiplication content. There is no reason why you are hesitant to own it, it is a necessary and reasonable addition to the store, so bringing it to the store is a truly accurate choice.

Hotspot Experiments by

The addition to the shop of professional and unique hotspots is a reasonable addition to any store, if you are looking, you should refer to the sample of konstantinos. Hotspot Experiments is the header line on the top of the background, the bottom has lots of space with different colors, they all contain circles and the description below, customers pay attention to the circles. When they click they come with their own animations to make it easy for customers to identify and to use which one they just need to click on it. A model is as unique as whether you can skip it, make sure you own it right away, so bring it back to the store right away to grow it.

Hotspot Experiments by

Nowadays, there are many hotspots that come with their own unique designs and modernity, if you need one like that, you should refer to Phil Carter. Hotspot Experiments is the title at the top to help customers identify, the bottom is the different color spaces, they are arranged alternately with background colors such as gray, white or black, each the background color has an annotation, they have a circle and the title below. When clicking on them, there is an expanded animation, there are many options for customers so they can choose any annotation according to their needs. Bringing this modern design to the store is one of the correct options, thinking and hesitation are two things that make you miss it so make the right decision.

hotspot fullscreen test by

Customers who love kids must love the hotspots from Dave Moulin, you should try to check it out to own it and use it as a tool to attract customers. The background of the template is very unique, it's a picture of the children's room, the author uses the captions as white circles containing the inside rectangle, they come with an animation, when the customer clicks on them, from the right to the content appears on a gray background, to return to the original background, they just need to click the rectangle in the right corner, so it's very easy and convenient to use with anyone. With a professional template like this, do you have any reason to refuse it? There are definitely no defects, so bring it back to the store right away.

hotspot styling by

A funny hotspots model that brings a sense of fun and comfort to customers refer to the design of Lea Ski for a chance to own it. Looking at the background of this model is sure that every customer is very excited, it is a picture of the characters in famous movies that are animated, Hotspot image title is the top subject line that helps customers easily recognize. Especially on the background with white circles, when customers click on them, the content will appear below the gray background with pictures of blue people, with the rest of the circles the same. If you own this model, customers will appreciate the store's service, so install it now to feel its true effectiveness in a short time.

Hotspots 2 by

A modern Hotspots model is one of the essentials for every store, Jack's design completely helps customers satisfied with its professionalism and modernity. Looking at this template, it's a really beautiful design, on a white background the author uses a picture of the mountains and the sea, it brings the natural beauty to the design, in addition, on the photo with captions are the numbered yellow circles, the customer will click on them then content will appear immediately, the content is placed on a white background to help customers easily read it. To go back to the beginning, they just need to click one more time. Are you convinced by this modern model? Therefore, the only and accurate option is to install it right away for your store, your customers will appreciate it.

Hotspot labels - email html css by

Does your store already own a professional hotspots template? If you're looking, you should refer to Jay's design for more options. On the white background, the author cleverly makes a very attractive picture, it includes many different dishes that look very attractive, especially in each dish, with a plus sign attached, when customers click on them, it will automatically appear the name of the dish, with other dishes customers do the same. So that the name of the dish disappears, they just need to click once on the plus sign, it will automatically disappear, very easy to use. A modern design like this is indispensable in your store, the only option now is to bring it to the store right away to attract customers.

Image Hotspot concept with Vue by

There are many hotspots from many authors, making it difficult for employers to choose a reasonable one, the design of Irko Palenius is sure to satisfy you. The gradient background makes this design really appealing, in the background, there is a beautiful picture that appears, it is the image of the computer and the vase, on the computer screen, keyboard and mouse, attach with dots the pink eyebrow, the customer moves the mouse to whatever it will appear the corresponding price, when not placing the mouse on it, the price will disappear. It is very useful and convenient to use. Make an accurate choice and own it, it is an important and useful tool to attract customers to your store, so bring it right back.

Image hotspots (mobile friendly) by

Stephen Lee designed a beautiful and modern hotspots model to help stores own and use it as a useful tool to attract customers. At a glance, it is an attractive design, on the white background there are two photos they are the most interested customers, in each picture contains orange dots, when customers click on any dot, it will appear a piece of content with a short title, so customers simply click on what they are looking for, click again and the content will disappear. Your hesitation will make you regret it later if you miss it, to have an accurate choice then you should bring it back to your store and help it grow.

Image hotspots by

Have you ever consulted a unique and beautiful hotspot sample? If you're looking for such a model, check out Vinicius Sueiro's. The background color is chosen by the author in purple and white, highlighting the background is a sharp and delicate photo, in addition, the author places the images of three cameras in pink circles, they are the What customers are most interested in, when they click on them, they will appear beautiful images with content matching what they are looking for, click once again the photos and content will disappear. Any store that lacks it in the development process is a critical omission, take the opportunity and bring it right back to the store.

image hotspots by

Jon Stuebe designed a hotspots model to help stores have useful tools to attract customers, with this model, the boss is completely assured of their service. The background of the design is a very beautiful picture, that is inside the interior of a car attached to the driver, this background helps customers feel impressed with the pattern, in particular, on the background author cleverly placed annotations, they are plus signs in circles. When the customer clicks on them, they will display the attached content, there will be many annotations, so customers can feel free to find what they are expecting. If you miss this model, you will really regret not owning it, don't waste time, bring it to your store immediately, the effect will come to the store soon.

Interactive Web Accessibility Cheat Sheet by

A unique hotspots form from Alvaro Montoro is a timely and necessary addition to any store, it is a useful tool to attract customers to the store. Gray is used as the background, 15 tips to improve web accessibility is the top title, the bottom is a box that contains many small boxes with different colors, in addition, there are black dots with summary text. off, when the customer clicks on anyone, it will automatically display the specific content that describes the comment, with others, customers simply click on it then it will show the paragraph corresponding content. What are you waiting for without bringing modern design to your store? Instead of wasting time, install it for the store to feel the effect.

JWS hotspot module by

With the appearance of a professional hotspots model in the store, customers are absolutely impressed with the store and have a good sense of the store. On a gray background, the author put a picture of a man, in particular, the man who is wearing shoes, on his shoes, there is a annotate that is a plus sign in the blue circle, this is what the customer is interested in most importantly when they click on it, a piece of content will appear next to the image, but there are three different contents in this, customers click on one of the three green buttons, it will show the content corresponding. It is truly a unique design, any customer will be convinced by it, bring it to your store right away and feel effective in the near future.

Pulsating Hotspot 1 (CSS) by

Simple and effective is what you can feel about Kholja's hotspots, you should refer to it to own then and feel effective. On a black background, the author placed a white circle in the middle of the background, in addition, it also comes with an extended animation to help customers easily identify, in particular, it is an annotation for customers and guests, if you click on it, the information the customer is looking for will appear, and going back to the original, they just need to click once more, so it is a completely suitable design for all ages. Your store certainly does not have a unique hotspot like it, to receive positive reviews from customers, you should install it right for your store.

Responsive Image HotSpot - Pure CSS - V2 by

Are you having a hard time choosing a Hotspots model that's right for your store? You should refer to the design from Suresh to have more options for the store. Looking at its background image, at first sight, you're totally convinced, it's a picture of a supercar and behind it is a helicopter, the author cleverly placed the pink circular annotations containing the plus sign inside, their color is completely prominent on the background and is easily recognizable. When clicking on them, a piece of content will appear right next to it, to return to the original background, customers just need to click on the annotation again and then read the others. After consulting it, you absolutely love it and want to own it, so please install it immediately to help the store attract more customers.

Responsive Map Hotspots by

As an online shop owner, do you want the store to own a sample of hotspots and no store? You should see Dan Coolbeth's a sample to own it. A unique picture that stands out against a white background, that is, an image of an elderly person using a piano, on an image of two orange dots, all numbered, when a customer clicks on anyone, it will appear a short piece of the content corresponding to what the customer is looking for, so that it disappears then they just need to click once more. And for the other one, they just need to do the same thing to find information. It's critically important if your store lacks a modern model like this, don't let the store lose a large number of customers because of the lack of hotspots like it, bring it back now.

Simple Hotspots by

You are expecting to own a professional hotspots sample but have not found, the model of A Charles is sure to satisfy you and it should appear in your store. White is used as the background, and the author cleverly places a gray box on the top right of the background, which is where the information is displayed, prominent on the background is a machine, on the details of this machine has red dots, they are blurred but still recognizable when the customer moves the mouse over anything, the corresponding content will appear in the gray box, and when not clicking on it anymore. Then the piece of information will disappear. Don't let your hesitation make you miss this particular hotspot and make you not own it, make an accurate choice by bringing it back to the store.

SVG Hotspot/Play button animation by

Instead of thinking and wondering between many current hotspots, you should make the decision to not miss a modern model, the design from Robert Bue is what you should refer to. Background-color is chosen as purple, SVG Hotspot / Play button is the top title that helps customers easily observe, below is what you are most interested in, there is a yellow circle, it stands out in the middle of the background and with the animation, below it is also the words Hover Me to guide customers, when they click on the circle it will have content that appears in accordance with what they are expecting. You were satisfied the first time you saw it, right? That is for sure because it is a very modern model, so let you own it by bringing it to the store right away.

tracking hotspots on a 360˙ slider with CSS3D by

Hotspots are one of the indispensable designs in any store, it is an essential tool for bosses to trust and attract customers, refer to the design of Craig Morey. On the white background, there are two main contents of interest to the customer, the top is a big box and the bottom is an explanation for them to understand, in this box, there is a rectangular box, it has four colors as green, blue, red, yellow on all four sides and each side is a numbered note, there is a wire below, the customer pulls a button on the wire, a rectangular box will rotate the sides with the comment, the customer just needs to click on the caption to view the information. Very simple and easy to use, your customers certainly only expect the store to own a model like this, so please install the store now.

Untitled by

Make sure that with the hotspots of Armand, any of your customers feel very satisfied and impressed, you should refer to owning it for the store. On the black background, the author uses three images of the three movie characters, however, its special feature is the accompanying animation, there is a golden circle in the middle of the background and it is kept permanent, when the customer hold the mouse and drag, the image of the characters will rotate, on each character, there is always a plus, they just click on it, a piece of content will appear, and click once again it will disappear, the other just need to do so simply. Adding a professional design like it to the store is a very accurate choice of any smart boss, be a smart person by installing it.

Untitled by

With Samiullah Khan hotspots, it will be a necessary and important addition to the development of your store, you will be completely satisfied with its specialty. on the gray background the author uses half the background to place the picture, the picture is mostly directed towards the interior of a house, especially at the bottom of the picture, with four white dots, clicking on each one then the different pictures will appear, any picture will have annotations, they are yellow circles, when clicking on them they will expand and accompany the corresponding content, which makes it easy for customers to read and observe. Good or bad customer reviews are based in part on this hotspots template, let it appear in the store to get a good feel from the customers. Install now.

Untitled by

Simple and effective is what you can feel when owning Shannon Smith hotspots, please refer to it to have a decision to take back to the store. With a black background with a small box on the left, it contains a white circle and blue plus sign inside, they always appear with the extended animation attached, which is the most important part of the design and also is what customers expect, to find information or content, they need to click on the plus sign, and the information will appear according to their needs. You can not conclude that it is not effective without using it, the next time the store's customers will increase if you own this store design, install it now.

How AVADA Commerce ranks CSS Hotspots examples list

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Top 31+ CSS Hotspots Examples

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 31 CSS Hotspots examples. We honestly recommend you to give every css above a try if possible. We create this review series with the aim of helping CSS online stores find the best CSS Hotspots for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the best 31 CSS Hotspots examples is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this css review.

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