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CSS Clocks Examples 2024

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49+ Best CSS Clocks Examples from hundreds of the CSS Clocks reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Clocks does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Clocks css collection is ranked and result in June 22, 2024. You can find free CSS Clocks examples or alternatives to CSS Clocks also.

orange clock by

The orange clock will show the time for you whenever you need it. It provides correct hours and minutes. This clock is designed as an orange like its name. With beautiful design, it is appropriate for anybody like a cute clock. It moves like your electronic clock. However, there is no number appears on the clock. It just put 12 points in the position of 12 hours. So it is may hard for children when seeing this clock. The background is light orange that makes the clock with dark orange outstanding. If you want this clock, let download it to see the watch.

Clock Boids by

Are you bored with the normal clock? So the Clock Boids is made for you. This clock is designed by Georgi Nikoloff. With the spiral shape, the number runs itself in vertical. Users can see the time when the clock is running. However, this clock runs so fast, it is hard for people to focus on the right time. But when users catch the rule of the clock, they can watch the time. There is a line of number which connect together and running around. You will find it is difficult when seeing the Clock Boids, but after a period of time, it will be easier.

Clock by

The Clock is created by Branko Stancevic. It has a nice design that makes people continue watching though they have seen many times. This clock has a dark blue background. The circle inside contains a small image which is a cloud and moon. These images bring about dreamy feeling to users. Moreover, the clock doesn't color itself. It uses the dark blue of the background. There are three needles for pointing hours, minutes and seconds. You can guess the time because there aren't numbers. However, if you are mature people, it won't a hard job. Do you like this dreamy clock? Install the Clock to make your life dreamy.

Countdown clock by

Are you looking for a clock that counting time while you don't want to set the time? So the Countdown clock will do this job for you. This Countdown clock allows users to see when will the point of time come. As you can see on the screen, there is a fix time countdown. However, when you install this clock, you can set your time. The red background makes people feel that the countdown time is not tough anymore. This clock will make people feel excited and having a new experience in the countdown. Let download the Countdown clock now.


Time Series 2: Typographic Clock is a clock for counting only seconds. This clock is designed by Peter Norton. Typographic Clock has 2 separate background themes. One is in black and another in white color. However, the black theme is easy to see the number that the white background. This clock has 12 columns which contain 60 numbers from 00 to 59. The digital clock jump in each second which shows the equivalence seconds follow. If you are interested in counting seconds, you can install this clock to see the time.

Glitch Clock by

The Glitch Clock allows users watching clock in a new way. This clock provides a moving effect which creates an exciting atmosphere. When users look at the clock, normally they may feel something strict. The clock is just showing the time. But this Glitch clock provides a new feeling. It shows hours, minutes and seconds in black background. The white numbers, therefore, it's so outstanding. There is a triangle cover the minutes which creates a focus eye-catching. This clock not only brings about an exciting feeling but also an EDM music feeling. If you like this clock, why don't you download it now?

Analog Clock by

If you are finding a simple design of the clock, you should notice the Analog Clock. This clock looks like a hanging clock in your home. With mono design and not too many colors in a clock, the Analog Clock still provides users enough features of a clock. This clock has a circle shape. In the circle, there are 12 parts which relevant to 12 hours. However, this clock doesn't give 12 numbers. It just posts 4 numbers in 4 quarters such as 12, 3, 6 and 9. This clock just provides day, not time. The Analog Clock will appropriate to everyone. You can download this clock on your device.

Vue Time Comparison by

Vue Time Comparison is a clock that has many features of an electronic clock. This clock is created by Sarah Drasner. With a black background, this clock is eye-catching and very easy to see the time. Hours, minutes and seconds are clearly numbers. It also writes down the time of day or night. Besides, each time is based on the location. When you are in different places, you can set the time by choosing the location, time will be automatically updated. Moreover, the image makes the clock not too strict. If you are interested in this clock, you can download Vue Time Comparison to see the time of other places.

Wall clock by

The Wall clock is created as a digital clock with a simple decoration. If you are familiar with the clock on desktop, you may see this clock present alike the clock on desktop or laptop. It just shows hours, minutes and seconds. With a black background, this clock is looking so simple. It is created in white numbers, so when people watching the time, they only focus on time, not for others. This simple may stop people from distraction. Let download the wall clock to see how it works. Besides, this simple clock may help you control time in doing work.

City & Clock - SVG by

The City & Clock - SVG helps you count how many seconds you use. This clock provides a running needle to show you how time fly. You can see on the screen, the pink background creates a dreamy feeling. This clock just shows the seconds though it uses the clock to show. In the pink background, there is a picture of nightlife. As you can see, this picture reminds people it is time to relax. Besides, the City & Clock - SVG support people a way to count second, not hours or minutes. If you like the City & Clock - SVG, you can install it.

Design Clock III by

The Design Clock III has an outstanding design. You can see time in weird numbers which show on the screen. This clock is designed by Marcos Oliveira. As you can see, the author adjusts the time in pm or am because there are 12 numbers instead of 24. Besides, each part of the time contains different colors. Hour is mint color while the minute is orange and yellow color for second. The black background makes this clock more remarkable. So people can easy to see the time. Why don't you download Design Clock III to watch time and control your job also?

Nonsense Clocks by

The Nonsense Clocks provides a weird way to see the time. People can't see what time it is. Instead of they see a large number of clocks appear on the screen. The Nonsense Clocks can change in different shape whenever you point the mouse and move around. It will turn in the way you change. Besides, this clock makes people feel excited when they don't care about time anymore. Just focus on relaxing. Though you can't see the time when using Nonsense Clocks, you can still have entertainment. If you are interested in the Nonsense Clocks, you can set it up on your laptop now.

Pie Time by

Pie Time has a unique design of a clock with many circles added together. This clock is created by Tiffany Rayside. The pie time clock has 2 colors which are black and dark green. As you can see, the time is presented in front of circles. It shows hours, minutes and seconds. This clock runs depend on the local time of users. Three circles behind the time represent hours for light green. The next circle is in dark green which stands for minutes. The next circle is seconds which has black. This is a simple clock which suits everyone. So you can also install this clock on your device.

Pure CSS watch animation by

Pure CSS watch animation is a clock but has enough features of the electronic clock. This clock can show not only hours but also the date. Besides, the main clock show the hour, the smaller put in the clock shows the minutes. So when watching the time, you have to see both clocks. It also measures the second running together with the needle that points the hour. The needle which point hours have black color, the red needle color show seconds. You can set time for a meeting, so this clock can remind you. If you like some features of this clock, you can install it.

Clock by

Are you looking for a clock that presents time? So the Clock which is designed by Roberto Torella will show you the time in a new experience. The Clock contains large numbers so users can see time very clearly. The numbers are in a line that includes hours, minutes and seconds. Besides, the needles turn around like a clock to show the time. The number is in bold gray. The light gray background helps viewers see the time easier. This clock will support you to see time in the free shape of a clock. Let download the Clock now to see how it change the way you use time.

Clock by

The Clock is designed by Steve Thomson. With the support of this clock, users can control their time better. There are some features that this clock allows people to perform directly on the screen. Whenever you click on the "toggle", the clock will reset and count again. This is counting clock which runs 60 seconds in its round. Moreover, the operation of this clock is so unique. In a round shape, there are different parts but in the center when the parts change position, a complete number appears. You can take this clock for counting time in a game. This clock will make your viewers exciting and having a new experience.

React DailyUI - 014 - Timer by

React DailyUI - 014 - Timer is a clock that brings about new experience of a unique design. This clock is designed by Jack Oliver. When people watch this clock, it will show enough time such as hours, minutes and seconds. Moreover, the number is designed to contain something inside. The water inside each number will raise when hours/seconds/minutes start to change another number. Of course in the black background, the blue water is definitely outstanding. Whenever people watch time at this clock, they won't feel a hurry than other clocks. The water will make them feel peaceful. So if you want to own this peaceful clock, you should download it.

Pomodoro Clock by

You don't know which clock suits you because you are messing up with the range of clock. Here is the solution. The Pomodoro Clock is created to help you. This clock is created for counting the countdown. You can set both working time and break so the clock will run and stop as it is set before. If you set the study session time is 10 minutes and the break is 1 minute. After the clock runs 10 minutes, it will run continue 1 minute for a break but in different lines. Then it will return to count without set again. If you are in trouble with control the time, you should use the Pomodoro Clock.

Pong Clock by

When you are bored with the normal clock which shows time only. The Pong Clock is here to helps you not only watch the time but also relax. With creative design, the clock provides time on the top of the screen. The lower shows a small game which is ping pong. This game is design autoplay so you can't control to play it. The time is shown in the frame of 24 hours. It is adjusted to suit the time in your location, so you don't have to change the time if you download the Pong clock. The clock is not always just a clock. It can be designed as a game also. Download the Pong clock to watch your time.

Rotating Clock by

Rotating Clock has a big round shape that makes people easily watching time. This clock is made by Vicio Bonura. At first sight, people will think this is a dish because of the round shape and detail inside. This Rotating Clock contains 3 circles that are made by numbers. The smallest circle is counting for hours. The second circle stands for minutes. The biggest circle is the number for seconds. Besides, there is a bold box to show the time. The circles will move, but the box standstill. So when looking at the time, you just have to see the box. With grey color and white color, this clock will suit anyone. You can also use it.

Slide Clock by

Slide Clock contains a simple design with black and white colors. This template provides the viewer with clean impressive. The Side clock contains 3 collum. As you can see, each collum presents for hours, minutes and seconds. The first collum is the hour. This collum contains 24 numbers which relevant to 24 hours. The second collum is the minute. Of course, a minute has 60 seconds which contains 60 numbers. The third collum is seconds also há 60 number lies in vertical. These numbers are in white. The black screen will make white color outstanding. If you like simple, you should download the Slide Clock.

3D Clock by

3D Clock is designed by Cassidy Williams. This clock is on 3D and moves around itself. This clock is designed in a blue border. So even you put it in a dark place, the clock can still light. Moreover, the background of this clock is back, so it makes the blue clock more attractive. When looking at the straight side, you will see the clock is built by 2 circles. However, whenever you see it moves, it will present on different shapes. The number of hours is in the center of the circle. When you like 3D shape, you should install this clock to see the time.

ATC Vintage Radio Flip Clock by

ATC Vintage Radio Flip Clock has many features that satisfy even strict customers. This digital clock provides a beautiful design with a mixture of colorful and clock. This vintage clock has the main color is mint color that brings about a comfortable feeling. This clock provides hours and minutes. With rectangle design, the clock adds each color for each detail. For example, the background is mint, the numbers are orange but the cover of each number is black. Colors are used very flexibly which creates a colorful mixture clock. Every detail is built with the shape of rectangle and be colored. If you like this rectangle clock, you can install this for watching time.

Analog Digital clock by

Analog Digital clock is a complicated clock. It has a lot of information which show on the circle. This clock contains both date and time. It is separated into 2 parts. In the left circle, there is the day, month, year and clear time. On the right side, time is presented in detail in number. The smallest circle is the hour, the next circle in minutes. The next circle is second. Three of them lie on a red line. So viewers can easy to see time because they just have watched in a line. If you like complicated, you should download the Analog Digital clock.

Sweet Analog Clock by

Sweet Analog Clock is a clock that can change the shape. This clock looks like an ancient clock when in square shape. The clock has 12 numbers relevant to 12 hours. There are 3 needles to point hours, seconds and minutes. The needle is design thick so viewers can easily watch time. The light yellow background makes this clock gentle. The inside of the clock is white to make the black numbers attractive. Moreover, when people point the mouse to the clock, it will turn from square into a round. Are you interested in the changing shape? If yes, you can install Sweet Analog Clock.

Canvas Clock by

Canvas Clock has many features out of showing time for people. It also creates entertainment for viewers when they are watching the running circle of the clock. The Canvas clock contains 3 circles. As you can see, each circle in different positions. This position base on the time they are in. These circles are painted in lighten mint. So when people watch time, if the bored, they can see how the circles run. Of course, people can't see time if only base on the circles. There are detail time and date inside the circle. This lighten clock will make your time brighten. Download the Canvas clock to control your precious time.

CanvasClock by

CanvasClock is built with a colorful and creative designer. This clock is created by GaneshKumarM. The CanvasClock is very attractive with 4 colors which present as 4 circles. The smallest circle shows the detailed time with hours, minutes and seconds. It has black color and seems doesn't change the color. The next circle presents for hours which has a green color. The green color remains third of the fourth circle. It is the same as the hour the clock shows "9". The orange circle is minutes. The red circle is second which runs fastest. If you like this new clock, you can install it.

Clock - Coding Train / Shiffman Coding Challenge by

The Clock - Coding Train / Shiffman Coding Challenge is designed in a complicated template. It is not only the clock but also the multimeter. This clock number the time for you so detail. When you look on the screen, you will see each collum contains different numbers. However, the first and second collum show the hours. The third and fourth show the minutes. The fifth and sixth present the seconds. This clock makes you count time exactly. The white number is attractive on the black screen. Let download the Clock - Coding Train / Shiffman Coding Challenge to see the time clearly.

CSS Variable-Powered Clock by

The CSS Variable-Powered Clock will help viewers control their time efficiency. This clock has a modern design and unique colors. When people are looking at the clock, they will see the date and time of the day. Contrary to other clocks, the CSS Variable-Powered Clock presents not only the time but also the description. On the date shows "Tue", for example, under the word is "day". Besides, this clock gives enough from hours to seconds. Colors will make the viewer want to see it forever because of the galaxy color and mixture of blue and purple that show comfortably. Do you like this clock? If yes, download it now.

Cube Clock by

Cube Clock not only allows viewers to watch time but also creates entertainment. This clock has the design of a cube. However, this cube provides colorful with 4 colors namely blue, red, pink and purple. Blue and red are 2 main colors that remain quite long. Pink and purple are showed during blue transfer to red. You can see the time on 3 sides. This Cube clock show hours, minutes and seconds. The hour is presented on the left side of the cube. On the right side is minutes. Whenever you point the mouse to the cube clock, the cube will move the side of seconds to you. If you are interested in the box, cube, you can download this clock.

Digital Clock by

The Digital Clock is created by David Khourshid. This clock not only allows viewers to watch time but also relaxes from tiredness. With the combination of lines looks like matchsticks, these sticks create numbers. This clock shows hours, minutes and seconds. When time changes, sticks also disappear or appear in somewhere. As you can see, this clock only has color in numbers. The brighten blue makes the clock luminesce in a dark background. When you watch time, you will focus on the clock, not others. This Digital Clock has a creative design that makes everyone like it. What about you? Do you want to own one?

Digital Clock with Vue.js by

Digital Clock with Vue.js has a simple decoration. The clock is digitally created. This digital clock presents not only time but also the day, month and year. If you are familiar with the clock on the phone, so this clock is the same as the digital clock on the mobile phone. However, this clock is created in light blue that makes people feel comfortable when seeing. Besides, this clock also shows the seconds of the time, which give people clear hours when they need to see second also. The black background makes this clock more attractive. Let download this clock because it will help you control the time.

JavaScript30 Day 2: JS + CSS Clock by

The JavaScript30 Day 2: JS + CSS Clock contains beautiful design and attractive background. This clock is designed as a normal clock. With black circle cover the 12 parts. Each part represents for 12 hours. There are 3 needles for hours, minutes and seconds. Besides, this template for the clock is so cute with a pink background. This is a suit for women or people like beautiful, bright colors. This background makes the clock more outstanding. However, this clock doesn't have numbers so it is a bit difficult when watching the time. This clock is free for download. Let install this beautiful clock to see the time.

Weekly Pen #1 - Clocks by

Weekly Pen #1 - Clocks can adjust the time to see time in international countries. With this clock, people can watch 3 clocks together. So you can set time as the location you are in. The dark blue background makes these clocks colorful and attractive to viewers. However, each clock doesn't design with numbers. It just has a needle of hours and minutes. The needle is created in white which makes people watch the time clearly. This template is appropriate for international students who study far from home but want to follow the country time. This clock is so unique in design. You can install it to see international time in different regions.

Clock 3D by

The Clock 3D provides a running around clock for you. When you looking at the clock, you have to pay attention because it is so attractive. This clock is created by Gerard Ferrandez. With the 3D design, this clock helps users to see 3 sides of the clock. This clock turns around to see hours, minutes and seconds. It doesn't paint many colors, just yellow. The yellow will be outstanding on the black background. Though this clock turns around which makes people hard to focus sometime, it brings a new way of sight. You can't find a 3D clock but this page brings to you. Let's download it.

CSS Planetary Clock using animation-delay by

CSS Planetary Clock using animation-delay uses creative design. This clock is a combination of 3 circles. These circles have different sizes. The biggest presents for hours. The smaller one is minute. The smallest is second. When the dot in each circle stops at once point, it shows the relevant time. Besides, the dot inside each circle contains different colors. Though this clock doesn't provide numbers to see, people can still guess time. Because each circle has 12 points which equivalent to 12 hours. You will find this CSS Planetary Clock exciting because of its unique design. You can download one to set it up to your laptop.

CSS3 based LED clock by

Does your computer have a large screen? Are you looking for a clock that provides time which allure user at first sight? So the CSS3 based LED clock will make sure to satisfy you. This clock needs to show on the big screen because of its design. With large numbers on the screen, it's hard for people who use a mobile phone or a small screen laptop. Besides, the more size of the clock, the more attention you pay on time. With red color for numbers, it is so outstanding on the black screen. When using the CSS3 based LED clock, you will notice benefits from it.

Digital Clock by

Digital Clock has unique features that it can make uses feel exciting. After using this, this clock will help users control their time better. This Digital clock provides the date and time. In the rectangle shape, date and time are shown in the line. The upper is date. On what day, the date will be in bold, the other will in faded. The lower line shows time. There are hours, minutes and seconds. Besides, this clock provides 2 themes for you which are white and black. The white brings about pure and clean experience. The black background makes users feel strict and tough. If you like this theme, you can download the Digital clock now.

Digital Clock by

Digital Clock is created by Praveen Kumar Gorakala in a new theme. This clock get am and pm clock so people easy to notice the time. The Digital clock contains features such as automatically change the time when it is in different locations. The blue color makes the clock bright on the black background behind. The Digital clock has enough hours, minutes and second which are shown by numbers. So users will easily see the time without counting like the hanging clock. No matter where you are, you can download this clock and it will adjust the time for you.


The Interstellar clock allows users to watch clock in a new corner of sight. You have to turn your head to see the correct time. This clock is designed by Pavel Laptev. In the black background, the white clock is remarkable. The Interstellar clock provides 12 points of time which relevant to 12 hours. However, this clock just shows 4 numbers in 4 quarters. So whenever you are watching at the clock, you have to count yourself if the needles don't point right on the number. It may get hard sometime, but when you are familiar with this clock, you will find it's easier. Let download to see how this clock works.

Particle Clock by

The Particle Clock has a remarkable design. You can see time booming every second. This clock is designed by Georgi Nikoloff. The author has set time automatically changed when it is in different locations. You can see time booming when a second fly. Although the movement makes people hard to catch the time, they pay more attention they can see. Numbers are combined with small nuts. When the time changes, these nuts will separate far away and then they automatically stick again. It is so exciting when watching this movement. Users can relax when they use the Particle Clock. So why don't you download it now?

Simple Clock by

The Simple Clock has a unique design that no clock can make it. The colorful clock will help users feel exciting whenever look at it. This clock provides different colors for each hour fly. Besides, the needle also changes its color. You can see the line that covers the clock have different colors to the needles inside. This clock doesn't provide parts or numbers to tell the time when the needle points to. Therefore, users have to imagine the part in their head to watch time in this clock. Maybe they have to guest time though the result is not really correct. Do you like this changing color in the Simple clock? If yes, install it now.

World Clock Widget by

The World Clock Widget shows time on the map background. So users will feel exciting when using this clock. This clock helps you see the time even when you are using google map. Moreover, the right clock is on the left side because the right side is the mirror image. This clock doesn't have numbers so it is hard for people when first time watching time. However, after using it twice times, it will get easier. The background behind the clock is so unique. It won't too outstanding so people can still watch the time. If you are interested in a new experience, you can try the World Clock Widget.

Colorwheel Clock by

When you are bored with a sophisticated clock with lots of decorative, you like a simple one, but it still gets its own unique. So the Colorwheel Clock is designed for you. The Colorwheel Clock has a colorful appearance. It is made like a rainbow. When people look at this clock, they will imagine themself are in the rainbow area. The clock can show you time. However, there aren't numbers written in the clock. So people have to guess the time which makes the result is not correct all the time. If the Colorwheel Clock satisfies your taste, you can take a look at the demo and download it latter.

SVG clock UI by

SVG clock UI provides you a digital clock which has full of features. This clock has a gentle color and simple design. UI clock is designed by Icebob. The appearance is created by a circle placed in a rectangle background. In the circle, it shows time with hour and minute. Out of the circle presents day and month. So people can see not only the time but also date. Besides, the blue and black color make this clock more attractive. Though it is the mixture color, the UI clock still allures users. You can take a look at this SVG clock UI. If you like it, let's download it.

Tick tock, animated clock! by

Tick tock, the animated clock is a decorative item that you must have to install into your laptop. With simple decoration but still have a special point in the entertainment. This clock is created with 2 main colors white and light blue. The round clock provides a decorative item for you. You can look at the tick and tock when it is running. It is so interesting. The word ticktock is a combination of the moving circle. When the circle runs, it will pull the letter inside it that make the full word ticktock. If you are finding an exciting clock, you should install Tick-tock animated clock.

Javascript Clock Animation by

Javascript Clock Animation provides you a quick and intelligent clock. The design makes people easy to watch the time but it still has special in appearance. The clock allows people to look at the time quickly because of the available numbers. There are 3 circles that combine into a clock. Each circle has numbers inside. The biggest circle is showing hours. The next circle is minute. The smallest circle is pointing seconds. This Javascript Clock Animation is not big but users can still see it clearly. The blue color is the main color of this clock. Do you like a clock that has both simple but intelligent features? If yes, the Javascript Clock Animation is here for you.

Procrastinating Clock by

There is a simple clock with a man who is sleeping. This is exactly the experience of users when looking at the Procrastinating Clock. If you like mono-color, you will love this clock. It brings users a gentle feeling whenever they look at the clock. There is only an orange color design in both the clock and background. It makes users ignore the rush of time when watching the time in Procrastinating Clock. The lazy man will help people feeling comfortable and relax. This clock doesn't have numbers, so you have to guess the time when using it. Do you want to know more about Procrastinating Clock? Let's install it.

Tomate Timer. A Pomodoro Clock by

Are you searching for a clock that counting time in professional appearance? I bet that the Tomate Timer A Pomodoro Clock will make you satisfy. With the cute design, this clock will attract people at their first sight. The red tomato is designed to be a countdown clock. When people set the time, the tomato will wake up and starts its job. When the time runs out, the tomato will come back to sleep. People can stop or restart the time whenever they want. Besides, users can select the type of countdown. If you want to know more about this tomato clock, you can install it.

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