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CSS Circle Menus Examples 2024

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27+ Best CSS Circle Menus Examples from hundreds of the CSS Circle Menus reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Circle Menus does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Circle Menus css collection is ranked and result in June 22, 2024. You can find free CSS Circle Menus examples or alternatives to CSS Circle Menus also.

Animated radial circular menu by

Creative Punch designed this Animated radial circular menu with the effective features. In addition, with CSS3 and JavaScript, it is easy for any online sellers to install this amazing tool for their shops. For online shoppers, they can be impressed by the stunning blue background for the first time. Moreover, the design of the menu attracts customers to stay focus on their menu. Especially, the transition of this tool is really attractive when the customers click to the menu bar, there are many rounded buttons appearing as a flower. By installing this radial menu, it is possible for online merchants to attract more and more visitors coming to their shops. Installing now!

Circle menu by

Let's change the way to attract customers by owning a circle-menu template, this change can be a turning point of the development of the store. Dehnavi is the author of this template, with a dark background, but the most interested customer is the white circles on the left corner of the background, which makes it easy for customers to see, they are things to serve customers. In order to use them, they simply click on any one item, then what they expect will appear according to their needs. Effective after owning this design will certainly come very soon to any store, if you are looking for a professional model like it, you should install immediately for the store.

Circle Menu Highlighter by

It is difficult to find and own a special circle-menu template to attract customers. If you are looking, you should refer to Risa Tino. The author placed a black circle on a white background, it is this circle that will impress customers, inside it contains many options for users, when customers click on any option, it gray will turn blue with the name in the small circle, in addition, the border of the circle will also turn blue to help the design become more unique and special. The logical arrangement of applications makes it easy for customers to use. With a design like it, there really is no shortcoming to miss a professional model like it, make an accurate choice by taking it to the store.

Circle Menu by

When not owning a circle-menu template of Jared Brosius, the stores did not have a tool to attract customers and get a good feeling from them. White is the color of the background, the bottom has a plus sign in a small black background, customers click on it and they are surprised at its modernity, the background color will turn gray, the application appears around the original plus position, then they just need to click on the application they want to use, and to go back, click the multiplication sign. Surely any smart boss wants to own it for the store. So that there is no mistake and later regret, let's install it immediately to impress the customer.

Circle menu by

Khalysi is successful in manipulating a circle-menus tool within a click. The shop owners can utilize the Circle menu to maximize their shop's appearance as well as customer satisfaction. On the dark grey background, there is a bar menu which is located on the left-hand side of the site. When the users click to this menu icon, the hover allows these items to appear in a circle. The grey colour makes the shop's background stunning with multiple light colour items. For example, the red question mark icon is in red, the file icon is in blue, etc. They are beautiful and eye-attracting for any visitors. With an amazing hover, the Circle menu is the best choice for any online merchants. Why don't adding it now?

Circle menu by

One of the customer service styles is to equip the store with a modern circle-menu template, are you expecting such a model? This template from Viacheslav, the author of the design is quite unique, on a white background, there is a circle with many colors inside, they are designed as a propeller, colors are arranged alternately to customers easily identify, especially when customers click on anyone, the color of the item will be darker than the first, which helps customers know the choice they are looking for. With designs like this one, we shouldn't miss it to avoid regrets later, let's have an exact choice to take back to the store to use as a tool to attract customers.

Circle Menu by

Customers are often impressed by unique circle-menus that are easy to use and meet their different needs, one such as Matthew Henderson's that will satisfy them. The landscape picture of the mountain is used by the author as the background, it completely impresses the customer first, there are three dashes, they are black so the customer will easily recognize it. When the customer clicks on it, the applications will appear around, they are icons placed in circles, to use, just click on what they are looking for. You are waiting for a model that is more perfect than it is, it is hard to find a modern model that can satisfy customers like it, so take it immediately to your store.

Circular Menu by

Add a circle-menu template for owners of online stores, with this design of Andrew Myers, the owners can refer to owning it for their stores. A circle containing three dashes is the Menu icon, it is placed in the middle of a white background, below it is a short title Pure CSS Circular Menu that helps the customer easily identify, to use it, the customer needs to click on the image round, the options will appear around the circle, they are left in a blur, but when clicking on anyone, it will light up to help customers know which one they are choosing. Then just release the mouse, it will return to the original Menu. With such unique and professional features, there's no reason not to own it and use it as a customer service tool. Install now to feel its effectiveness.

Circular menu by

One of the factors affecting the development of the store is the professionalism of the circle-menu template, you should try to consult the sample from Kostadin. On the purple background, the top left corner has a white background, which is what the customer is most interested in, there are three dashes in this position, the customer clicks on it, the Menu section will display immediately, they are designed on the circle, to switch to another option, they will click the arrow next to the circle, to return to the original state, they need to click on the white multiplication mark. It's both modern and easy to use, so don't waste your time making the right decision to bring it back to your store and attract customers.

Circular Menu, Navigation, Hamburger, Material by

Easy to use and highly effective is what the online shop owners can feel after a while owning the circle-menu template from Shyam Chen. On the white background, the author cleverly placed a pink circle to make it stand out on the background, it is what the customer is interested in, the list of applications after the customer clicks on that mouse appears, they are placed around the original circle, to use which one they just need to click on it, depending on the needs of the customer and to return, they just need to click the multiplication mark circle in the center background. If you are expecting a professional model like it, the only and right choice to own it is to install it immediately to attract customers.

Circular Menu Navigation by

Are you looking for a circle-menu template specific to your store? If you have not found a suitable model, you should refer to Kapilraj Parameswararajah's sample. There is a white circle with three dashes inside and it is located on a black background, which is the menu sign and is what the customer is interested in, they will click it to use, then the options will appear, they are the symbol of the application and are located around the original circle, depending on the needs they will click on the corresponding icon, to return then simply click on the multiplication mark in the center circle. Indecision and hesitation only take away your valuable time and cause you to miss a professional model like it, experience it by taking it to the store.

Circular Menu by

One way to change customer service is to add a professional circle-menu template to the store, with Mojtaba Seyedim's template, which is a good choice. On the white background, the author placed a blue circle containing three dashes and the red circle containing the plus sign in the two corners below the background, they are things for customers, to use customers just click on them, the app will appear around the two circles, then they just need to click on the application they are looking for. After consulting it, the most accurate option is to bring it right back to your store, your customers will love and enjoy this modern design.

Circular NavBar by

Inspired from artistic Navbar, this Circular NavBar provides a beautiful design for any online merchant's shops. Moreover, it was created with this hamburger style circular. NAVBAR is a ready platform with a white background with stunning texts. Moreover, it changes the borrowing site to a beautiful background to attract more customers to their websites. The shadows of these texts which also allows online sellers to optimize their website design. In addition, to make their shops more convenient, the users can utilize the Navbar menu with effective menu design to strengthen their shops. To improve the competitive advantages, it is easy for online merchants to install this amazing tool for any shop. Let's install it now.

Colourful Flower Popup Menu by

The boss is frustrated because there are so many circle-menu templates appearing today, to own a modern and professional template, the model from Jasper LaChance is a reasonable choice. The circle in the middle of the background is the most interested customer, which is the Menu icon, the special thing that will appear after the customer clicks it, a series of gadgets appear, the author uses icons to make it easy for customers to identify, in addition, they are placed in circles of different colors, to impress customers, to use which one they just need to click on it, and to come back only need to click on the center circle with the multiplication sign. Its perfection is nothing to discuss further, being a smart boss you can't miss it, so install it now to best serve your customers.

Rings Navigation Concept by

Links are absolutely positioned on top of each other making several rings. Every object is "hidden" under the biggest menu ring. So pointer don´t react with this element. The biggest discomfort is to fill the contact formular. Can you help me, please, I tried almost everything I know.

Css Circle-menu by

Change the service of the store to help innovate the way to serve customers, one of them is to own the circle-menus template of Acclaimed 200. The author uses black and white as the background, the main content is on the black background, there are many circles of different sizes, they have green borders, in addition, they contain options inside the interior for customers, they just need to click on what they are looking for, the background of the circle will turn green for customers to identify their choice. The store has an appearance of it is indispensable, so take the opportunity and don't miss a modern model like it. Please install it now for the store.

Css Circle-menu by

YosorIT wants to design a circle-menu template to help owners complement their store, use it as a useful store development tool. With a gradient background of red and black, which will make an important impression on the guest, there are three white dashes in the middle of the background, when the customer clicks on it, applications appear around a white multiplication and in a circle, depending on their needs, they will click on what they need, to go back then just click on the multiplier. It is very difficult to find another modern and effective model like it, please make an accurate and wise decision to help the store always attract many customers.

CSS radial menu by

Circle-menus is important for the store, and also a tool to attract customers, with the design of this author, the boss should consider to bring it back to the store. Gray is chosen as the background color, the author places a black circle containing three dashes to help customers easily identify, to use this Menu template, they need to click on it, right after that the photos with dark colors will appear. Now, they are substituting for applications, they are around a circle, to select customers simply click on what they are looking for, the image will light up, and when the mouse is moved, they will return to the original Menu. Any store that doesn't own it or skips it is a huge omission, because it is a very modern and professional model, so install it now.

Moving Circles Menu by

Surely anyone who consulted Nora Hamacher's circle-menus sample will be convinced by it at first sight, because it is quite modern and unique. The author uses a black background on the white main background, in this background, the Circling Menu is in an orange circle to help customers identify, around it are circles containing gray stars and proper names below, in particular, they are always moving around the middle circle, to use, customers simply click the circle to meet their needs. It completely meets the expectations of any owner, if you are an online store owner and looking for a modern model like it, take your shop now.

Pure CSS Circle Menu by

With circle-menus from Hadar Weiss, customers of any store are interested and impressed with its usefulness, any owner should refer to it to own the store. With gradient background, left red and right blue, it makes an impression right from the beginning, the center has three dashes, which the customer is most interested in when clicking on it, the app will appear around it and then the customer just needs to click on the one they want to use, to go back to the original, they click the multiplication sign in the center circle. With a convenient and easy-to-use design like this model, it can serve any customer, so bringing it to the store is a very reasonable and necessary option.

Pure CSS "Spin-out" Menu by

Billy has succeeded in designing a circle-menu template for employers to bring back to the shop and using it as a tool to serve and attract customers. The blue color of the background makes it easy for the customer to see and be sympathetic, in the center of the background is a circle containing the menu Menu, which is what the customer looks for when they click on the circle, the colored circles white is numbered from one to fourteen, to use, then simply click on any circle, then release the mouse, it will return to the original background. It has been a completely useful tool for your store, so don't think much, make an exact choice to bring it back to the store.

Rings Navigation Concept by

With Bennett Feely's circle-menus, your store has a really useful tool to attract customers and receive positive feedback from them. A yellow circle containing the Menu inside is placed on a white background and in the top right corner, it is easy for the customer to recognize it, in particular, when the customer clicks on it, a series of titles. The options for customers appear immediately, they are designed on colorful circles like orange, yellow, or red. To return to the original, customers will click the word Close in the golden circle. Have you been convinced of it right? The next simple step and your exact choice are to set up the store immediately to experience the effect in a short time.

Semi Circle Menu by

A circle-menu template like Salma's is something owners always expect to bring back to the store, stores that own it really have a useful tool to attract customers. The white Welcome text is placed on the black background as a greeting and wishes to serve customers, below is the green background, there is a Home button on this background and is what customers pay attention. When they click on it, the selections appear right below, depending on their purpose, they will click on the option they are looking to use. Is there any more professional design than it? It is a factor that helps the store develop in the future, so that let's install the store right away.

Sweet Circle Menu by

Unique and impressive is what you can feel after referring to Irfan Bostanci's circle-menus, it is an extremely reasonable addition to any store. Black background color helps the main content stand out on the background, there is a big box at the top, it contains customer applications and a circle below, on this circle, there is an arrow, especially when guests If an application selects an application, the application will turn blue, with an arrow on the circle pointing to the application to help customers identify it. A professional design like it without bringing it to the store is a big mistake, a successful store will partly depend on it, install it now.

UI idea Circle Menu 1 (Pure CSS) by

A shop is considered perfect with the inner circle-menus, the template from Leimapapa will meet the needs of all the stores. At a glance, anyone is convinced of it, there is a pink circle in the middle of the purple background that feels interesting, in particular, the background is divided into four parts, the first three sections contain the heads of the animals and the rest contain the word Oh my. When customers click on a part, it will be darker, plus a black circle from the pink circle appears to help customers recognize their choices. It is an indispensable factor in any modern store and also an indispensable factor, so bring it right back to your store.

Warp Drive! A pure CSS 3D Radial Menu by

Anyone who first sees Jamie Coulter's circle-menus is happy and impressed with its appearance, if you are expecting a design like it, shop owners should check it out. Black background color, the led strips that appear on the background are the highlights of this design, they are blue, red and always with animation, the center has a pink circle and the outside is the option for the customer when the customer clicks on any of them, they are highlighted by the animation, along with a wire from the center circle to the selection, so it's a very special design and rare to see. Actually, with this design, there is no reason to blame it and miss it, so take advantage of the opportunity and time to bring it back to your store.

Warp Drive! A pure CSS 3D Radial Menu by

Super radial menu hyper action! Chrome only for the time being

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Top 27+ CSS Circle Menus Examples

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 27 CSS Circle Menus examples. We honestly recommend you to give every css above a try if possible. We create this review series with the aim of helping CSS online stores find the best CSS Circle Menus for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the best 27 CSS Circle Menus examples is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this css review.

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