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CSS Border Animations Examples 2024

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35+ Best CSS Border Animations Examples from hundreds of the CSS Border Animations reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Border Animations does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CSS Border Animations css collection is ranked and result in May 19, 2024. You can find free CSS Border Animations examples or alternatives to CSS Border Animations also.

Rotating border by

This type of rotating border is perfectly tailored for you to use on any part of your website. You can take advantage of it for any kind of website as it is flexible and customizable. Your content and the like will have an outstanding look with this rotating border combined. It is super inspiring and colorful with 4 basic colors which are red, green, blue, and yellow. Especially, this amazing border moves continuously, which makes your visitors have a lively and comfortable feeling. Thanks to this, they tend to focus more on your content and image. It's highly recommended that you should try out this wonderful border.

Border animation effect with SVG and CSS by

This border animation effect with SVG and CSS is perfectly suitable to be a part of your amazing website. With the enticing effect, the border will match your customers' preference and make them interested in your website. When looking at the border, you can see a dedicated design. At first, it is displayed in three rectangle contours which have colors that coordinated harmoniously with the color of the text, highlight the content and make the overall look eye-catching, clear and modern. Hovering each one of them, your customers can see the smooth and beautiful transition. The beauty and effect of this border will satisfy both you and your clients. Let try to set this great border for your website to see how effective it is.

CSS border hover transitions by

CSS border hover transitions will satisfy you with its creative design and smooth motion. It is particularly created for you to display your content in an eye-catching and attractive way. This border consists of three square frames for you to have more options than one. In each frame, there is a distinct difference in the hand symbol. One is hand rock, one is hand Spock and the other is hand paper. Each hand symbol has a deep meaning. You can feel free to pick the most suitable one to use. With a slight motion, the awesome border match many visitors' preferences. It's highly recommended that you should try this wonderful border to convey content to viewers more clearly and subtly.

SVG Ellipse Border Animation by

This amazing border is greatly tailored to be a part of your premium website. It can be used to emphasize some content or some button of your website. This border has a small ellipse-shaped line. At the beginning of the display, it is highlighted in green and has a plus sign in the center of the ellipse. As soon as you hover it, it will move quickly along the ellipse and turn into bright pink color at the end. At the same time, the plus sign in the center is also converted into a minus sign. This can be called as a magical transformation, which is enticing and interesting for your customers to see. Let take a try on SVG Ellipse Border Animation to attract your clients.

CSS3 Draw border animation by

With this border's attractive and flexible appearance, it would be a great idea to bring it into your website. This brilliant CSS3 Draw border animation will meet your requirement and satisfy your visitors. This border is displayed as a circle with a black background and your content in white color in the center. This combination provides an amazing contrast. This not only makes it easy to view but also makes your content outstanding and impresses the viewers. When you hover this border, there will be a small yellow contour running from one point to a circle. Visitors will feel subtle and interesting when they see such an ideal border. Let make your website more professional with a border like this.

Loading Animation by

To increase your customers' experience while they are surfing your website, there are many methods. One of them which is super simple and beneficial is that take a try on this amazing border animation. This border has a shape of rectangular which has a pink color. In the center of it is the white Loading text which is considered as a status when the viewer is waiting for your content to appear. Its outline is the dotted line which has a quick and smooth motion. With this border, your visitors tend to have the ability to wait for a longer time. Furthermore, they will feel excited and love to stay. Give a try on this awesome border animation to please your customers even the most fastidious ones.

CSS Colorful Border Animation by

This border will make you satisfied with the beautiful effect and the eye-catching design that it has. You can use it to highlight the content of the website. This border is designed quite simply to become a monochrome contour around the text. Every second, this border is changed to another color that makes it feel attractive and sparkling. The color shift is also very logical and smooth from warm tones to cold tones. One particular thing about this border is that the colors are extremely bright and brilliant. So when viewers look at it, they will pay more attention to your content thanks to the special attraction from these colors. It's highly recommended that you should get this awesome border.

CSS Gradient Border + Animated by

This border will fit your website very well when it is used to highlight content, photos or so on. With the desire to give you more choices than one, it gives you two different ones. Both of them are rectangular and consist of an outline that is a combination of many colors. The harmonious combination will make your viewers very comfortable when they look at. Moreover, they will enjoy the way you use this border to emphasize content. The second choice has a difference which is that it moves continuously. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one that best suits your site. Let choose this beautiful border as a part of your website.

Border Animation 01_No SVG by

Border animation plays an important role in your website's appearance. Many websites look quite simple and monotonic without border. Hence, let catch your customers' eyes by getting a pretty and cool border like this. This border animation 01_No SVG looks clear with only one white contour. It will move from the top of your content to become a rectangular-shaped contour around your content. Your customers will find it super comfortable and easy-to-look. Especially, they can focus on your content to see how great it is. Furthermore, they tend to impress by the content more when it is along with a unique and special border like this one. Take a try on this awesome border to make your website more beautiful and attractive.

Border Animation Only HTML & CSS by

This great border will satisfy you when it becomes a part of your website. It can highlight your content and make your customers more fond of your website. The design of this border is extremely eye-catching and delicate. Highlighted by two contrasting blue and yellow borders, it makes viewers impossible to take their eyes off the content you present. In particular, the outer contour has a quick and clever movement that makes them more excited. Also, when they hover the border, there will be a translucent background going into the middle of the border, making it unique and special. Get this wonderful border for your website and see how great it is.

Creative Button by

If your site needs more colors and transitions, this border is one of the ideal ways to do it. This border is designed to display in a rectangular contour. The most special thing about it is the harmonious color with an attractive transition. Plenty of colors from warm tones to cold tones blend very well. The way they move and change is extremely clever and smooth. Looking at the amazing border, your visitors will feel like they are looking at a rainbow and they must be super excited. Furthermore, they will find your website professional and outstanding so that more and more visitors will engage with yours. Great as this border is, why don't you take a try on it now?

Animating border-radius by

If you are looking for a simple but pretty border for your website, Animating border-radius is one of the best choices for you. You can use this border not only highlights content and image but also keeps enough simplicity for clients to focus on those. Animating border-radius has the shape of a drop of water. Particularly, it is a wonderful blend of purple and blue. With this border, you can make a big impression on clients and encourage them to stay longer on your website. Let get Animating border-radius to take advantage of the simplicity and beauty.

Border animation using clippath by

If this border animation is used for your website, it can highlight content and images on your website. Besides, it brings an extremely attractive beauty to impress your customers. You can see that this border uses clip-path bringing an outstanding and specific look for your site. It is the combination of three different squares which has the color of dark red, green, and brown. They move to different directions to have a cool and creative appearance. It makes visitors have the feeling that they are looking at a mystic flower or a stunning picture frame. Let use this great border to arouse your visitors' curiosity and imagination. Thanks to this, there will be more and more clients coming to your website.

border-animation-css by

To adorn the beauty of certain parts of your website such as title, content or image, and so on, this border is designed to fit perfectly with that desire. It possesses a striking, eye-catching and distinctive design. It is displayed with two square contours that are interlocked. Also, these two contours have extremely outstanding color and contrast each other which are bright blue and skin color. Besides, there is a special blurry square that looks like the shadow of the two contours located next to them. When you hover it, it will move fastly and smoothly to the half of the outline and change its shape to a diamond. Your viewers will love it and see your professionalism when putting this border on your site. Don't hesitate to install an ideal border like this and enjoy its utility.

Border composition and animation by

This wonderful border is specially designed for your website to be more professional and interesting. It not only blows away the monotony of your website content but also brings a lively and attractive beauty. With the simple design, the border encourages your customers to concentrate on the content it emphasizes. It has a small gray line which is shaped in a square. Particularly, each side of the square moves slowly and slightly. It looks like an invitation to your customers hover and take a view. Clients tend to love the simplicity which is easy-to-look and not interferes with their focus on tracking content. It's highly recommended that you should get this awesome border to draw customers' attention and engage with them more.

Button Border Slide Mixin by

The button border slide mixin is perfectly suited for any part of your website. It is specially designed to highlight any type of button and make it looks more eye-catching. It is made up of a slender black square-shaped border, after moving one round, it will turn into an eye-catching and sharp light blue. The border has a slight and fast motion, which boosts the customers to click on the button. Furthermore, it brings modern and trendy while combining with the button. Instead of a simple button without animation, you can transform it to become more unique and attractive. Thanks to this, your customers can be inspired to experience your website's utility. Don't let your button and content on your website look monotonous and try out this ideal border right away.

CSS-only border animation by

If you are looking for a simple but cool border, clarifying the content of the website is CSS-only border animation a great choice. This border is carefully designed with a white line that quickly moves to cover your content. It looks quite simple. However, it's hard to deny the clarity and usefulness this amazing border animation brings. When it moves around your content, the inner background turns into light gray. That's why your content is so clear and outstanding. Your customers can be extremely comfortable and concentrate on your content. Especially, the border is super attractive to those who have a strong personality and love simplicity. Let take a try on CSS-only border animation to drive more visitors to your website.

Diagonal stripe border effects by

This attractive diagonal stripe border effect fits your website very well if you're looking to add some sweetness and outstanding pink color. It was created with a harmonious blend of white and pink. This amazing blend gives a sweet, modern and delicate feeling for clients right at the first look. The motion is also smooth and gentle, making your website look extremely prominent and eye-catching. With diagonal stripe border effects, you will be satisfied with the beauty and attraction. It can make your customers impressed and encourage them to view your content. You should try to use this border to make your website's appearance to the next level.

Draw borders from center! by

There are tons of methods to make your website has a stunning and premium look. One of them is getting amazing borders, which is not only easy to do but also effective. With this border, your text, image or button can be emphasized perfectly and beautifully. This border is creatively made from a white square-shaped line which has a flexible and smooth motion. Furthermore, there is an inner background having an attractive and eye-catching motion to highlight the content on it. Your customers can have a great experience while they viewing such a cool and interesting border like this along with any part of your website such as text, button, etc. Let get this one of a kind border to make your website's appearance better and better.

Mix-blend-mode: luminosity & Animating border-radius on CSS by

As an online shop owner, you must want to increase the engagement between you and your customers. One of the most effective methods to do this is that enhance your website's appearance. This stunning border is an ideal choice for you to be satisfied. With Mix-blend-mode: luminosity & Animating border-radius on CSS, you can view your website in an outstanding and eye-catching look. It has plenty of purple circles which are in different sizes but mixed perfectly. Moreover, the smooth movement of those attractive circles brings the feeling of magic and fancy for your visitors. It can go beyond your expectation with the perfect blend mode also. Don't hesitate to experience this ideal border for your website.

Animated border tracing by

To take your website to the next level, you should take in consideration about bring some amazing borders. This interesting border can be the one which satisfies both you and your visitors. This is a modern border made up of a small yellow line. This border is constructed in the shape of a square surrounding the content. This unique border creates a noble and luxurious feeling for viewers. Moreover, the content inside is also beautifully adorned and highlighted. Get this wonderful border to improve your website's appearance and make a big impression on your customers. Thanks to this, you can engage with more and more visitors coming to your website.

Border-gradient mixin by

This elegant border is carefully made to make your website look great and amazing to catch your customers' eye. It's hard to deny that this border is beautifully designed. With colorful circle-shaped contours overlapping each other, the border moves smoothly and quickly to show it all. Rainbow colors and subtle movements create a vivid and mettle feeling. Once your customers see it, they will surely feel attractive and have a bit of enchanted with the beauty. If you love the simplicity, this border will give you two other options which are a warm, colorful border that doesn't move and the other that moves quickly along the circle. Let have this border-gradient mixin for use.

Double border animation by

If you are looking for one simple method to make your website more professional and premium, getting an ideal border is absolutely for you. The double border animation here has both simplicity and elegance for you to take advantage. This border is shaped in a rectangle. Its outline is eye-catching and attractive bright blue. Particularly, the contour movement is extremely clever and agile. It starts from the right corner on the left and ends at the bottom right corner. This makes viewers excited because it not only brings modernity but also brings a highlight and remarkable for your content. On top of all, more customers are coming to your website while you are using this simple but effective border. Let take a try on it.

PURE CSS border animation without svg by

You can make use of this wonderful and intelligent border to adorn your website more beautiful and attractive to your customers. This kind of border is unique and attractive, it has a square frame with green borders. Besides, it has two short green bars running around to create a high-quality and clear feeling. As soon as you hover it, there will be a magical movement going on. There are two small transparent red rectangular boxes attached to two small bars to move together and create an eye-catching harmony. Take into consideration this PURE CSS border animation without SVG. Let it be one awesome part of your website.

SVG Border Animation 1 by

There are lots of ways to draw your customers' attention to your website. Taking a try on an ideal border is the one which is really easy to do but super effective. This SVG Border Animation 1 is a great choice for you. When you first look at it, this border is displayed as a short blue bar that harmonizes well with your content. However, as soon as you hover it, it will have a flexible and lively transformation from the bar to a rectangular border with a smaller line. With a dedicate and eye-catching design, this border makes your visitors impressed and attracted. Let this amazing border become a powerful and supportive part of your professional website.

Animated Border Gradient Effect by

With this wonderful border, you can add more color to your website to catch your visitors' eyes. Or else, you can add a lively and eye-catching effect if you have already had a beautiful website with many garish colors. This border is a bar with many colors mixed harmonically. It moves smoothly and clever. The change of color from cold tones to warm tones makes viewers have many different emotions. On top of that, it makes viewers attracted and enchanted. This is extremely good for your content as well as your website. It's believed to be an effective border for you to take advantage. Get it instantly.

Border-radius animation by

If you are looking for a great and special border to use, Border-radius animation is definitely an ideal choice. This border is shaped like a circle. However, it has a part like water droplets protruding and moving around the circle. It not only creates a unique feeling but also creates a sense of harmony. Also, it has colors and shapes that make viewers feel cool and funny. Thanks to this, you can impress and engage with more and more visitors. Amazing as this border is, your website's appearance can be taken to the next level. Let take advantage of it to make your website becomes more professional and premium.

CSS Dashed border animation by

If you expect to turn your website into another attractive and impressive one, you should consider this wonderful border. It brings outstanding effect for your content or any part of your website. This border consists of three styles to provide you with diverse choices. They are extremely eye-catching and worth a try. They have one thing in common is that their shapes are rectangular and their contours are dotted lines with a combination of two different colors. One of them is a combination of light blue and light yellow, one is red and light yellow and the other is chartreuse and dark green. Their motion which is super eye-catching turn from a dotted line into one color line. Thanks to this, there must be plenty of visitors interested in your website. Get this awesome border animation for your website to be better and better.

triangle loader by

This wonderful border which is created by bastou will satisfy both of you and your customers. It makes your website looks cooler and prettier. You will see how amazing it is when you take a view of it. Its design is super unique and beautiful. There is a blurry circle as the border's background. If you hover it, many triangles will appear with outstanding motion with different green color. With each motion, 3 triangles appear one after another and then quickly disappear. Such motions go on continuously about 4 times. Your visitors won't be bored when they see the fast and clever movement of this border. It can draw their attention and make them feel excited. Get this border instantly to take your website to the next level.
This amazing border is perfectly suited for your website if your website displays a dialog such as a menu. Or else, if you want to make the buttons look more interesting, let take a try on this menu border animate. When your website has one or more dialogs available, this border will make the options in it have an eye-catching and appealing effect. This border is a prominent green bar, with a length that matches the text perfectly. When your customer points the arrow to any option in the dialog, the border will appear with a smooth transition from the right to the foot of the text and stop there. Your visitors will find it super convenient and brilliant. Let show your customers the profession by getting this border.

Border animation - button by

This border is perfect for being a part of your website. It is believed that will make your buttons look the most prominent. When it first appears, this border is shown in the form of an underline under the text. In particular, it has a length suitable for the text that makes the overall look very good. As soon as you hover it, it will turn from underline to a rectangular contour around the text. The smooth and quick transformation makes your content professional and engaging. Also, it gives you three different color borders for you to choose from which are red, blue and green. Try out this border to see how great it is.

PIO by

If you are looking for a method to make your site look cool and funny, this border will make you feel excited. This wonderful border is created carefully and beneficially. When you first see it, this border looks like a hilarious and clever face of an animated bird with sharp and amusing eyes. If you're wondering where your text will be displayed, it's the mouth of this lovely animal. It is super funny and lovely that the mouth keeps moving continuously. Surely your viewers especially the children will find it very impressive and interesting. Try using this border to attract more viewers.

SVG Border Animation by

If you're looking for a border that makes your site more professional and eye-catching, this border is an ideal choice. Presented with two horizontal bars with small white lines parallel to each other, this border is perfectly suitable to highlight certain titles or text in your website. In particular, it has extremely smooth and unique transitions. When you hover it, it will turn into a rectangular contour from the original two parallel lines. Your customers must be very excited and impressed with it. Thanks to this, they can have a better experience while surfing your website. Let get this amazing border to encourage your customer to engage with your website.

border animation by

If you are trying to create a maintenance page, or a page with a 408 error message, or something similar, this border is extremely suitable for your site. This border is made up of two small circles which will change color along with their motions. They move smoothly and fastly around the page frame. With its simple design, it not only makes viewers comfortable with your announcements but also makes them feel professional. Moreover, they will tend to expect to be able to visit your site and see the content. Just with a simple click, you can set this border for your page and make your visitors impressed by your professionalism. Don't hesitate to do it now.

MouseOver-Border-Animation by

This border is perfectly tailored as a background for a title or an interesting content, etc. for your website. It has a funny, lovely and attractive appearance. With a small orange contour which is located outside surrounding the contents box, it creates a warm and pleasant feeling. When the outer border is so beautiful, the inside one must be more attractive and special. It is a large rectangular border with bright and soft yellow. When you hover this border, there will be a transition of the inner border gently rotating in a different direction, which draws your visitors' attention and makes them impressed. To make your website better and better, let get this amazing border.

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Top 35+ CSS Border Animations Examples

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