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16+ Best Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugins from hundreds of the Twitter Feed reviews in the market (Wordpress Plugins Store, Wordpress Plugins) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your Twitter Feed does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Twitter Feed plugin collection is ranked and result in August 2020, the price from $0. You find free, paid Twitter Feed plugins or alternatives to Twitter Feed also.

Here are the 16+ Best Twitter Feed Wordpress Plugins

16 Best Twitter Feed Plugins for Wordpress

  1. Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed by Looks_awesome
  2. Custom Twitter Feeds by Smash balloon
  3. Rotating Tweets by Martin tod
  4. Flow-Flow Social Stream by Looks awesome
  5. AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro by Accesskeys
  6. AI Twitter Feeds by August infotech
  7. WP Twitter Feeds by Team startbit
  8. Juicer by Ryan macinnes
  9. Twitter Feed by Elfsight
  10. Twitter Feed Grid With Carousel for WordPress by Saraagna
  11. Social Rail by Schiocco
  12. Good Old Twitter Feed Widget by Whiletrue
  13. QR Twitter Widget by Qrokes
  14. Easy Twitter Widget by Pearlthemes
  15. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowroński
  16. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowronski

Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed by Looks_awesome

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Looks_awesome

Built for Wordpress sites, Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed is a premium social media plugin for displaying social feeds in attractive and responsive walls or galleries. Make any combination of social feeds now!

More than a feed plugin to connect with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this plugin enables you to integrate your content from more than 40 social network platform and this number is still growing based on requests from users. In order to engage your audience, you may add a social sharing button which will help you get more views, likes and increase your social capital. You are also able to moderate your content to clean your grid from trolls and spam. With Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed, everything is done smart. Smart server caching allows streams to load almost instantly. So no need to load data every time. Smart resource loading let script and styles be loaded only when shortcode detected on page.

Smart caching with background server assignment enables content to be delivered quickly without slow page loading. Especially when many networks are being pulled or you have large traffic, it’s very important. Plugin operates well on mobile devices and is responsive. Using this plugin is fantastic to stream your news, pictures, reviews and any other content you can imagine.

Highlight features

  • Support all popular social networks
  • Enable excluding posts by word, username and URL
  • Allow adding Social sharing buttons
  • Enable adjusting layout to different container sizes
  • Only load script and styles when shortcode detected

Price: 19

Rating: 461 - 4.71 / 5

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Custom Twitter Feeds by Smash balloon

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Smash balloon

Custom Twitter Feeds is a plugin that allows you to display your Twitter feed customizable and responsively on your website.

With Custom Twitter Feeds, your top of Twitter feed is displayed with a stunning header that completely expresses your own style. You can create a remarkable look for your feed with tons of customizations options included in this plugin. Widgets of Custom Twitter Feeds are easy to use that gives you the feeling of being supported. Moreover, Custom Twitter Feeds optimizes the post caching, which allows your feed loaded with lighting speed. There would be no more delay and helps save time. As a result, multiple feeds from any Twitter users can be displayed smoothly on several pages and widgets. Last but not least, SEO value is added to your feed content, which means that your Twitter is more visible on search engines.

The plugin also displays tweets and hashtag from your own account or any Twitter users, views directly visualized content in a popup lightbox, minimize Twitter API requests, and allows translation into any languages. It even enters your own CSS or JavaScript customized on your site. Take Custom Twitter Feeds for free and enjoys the customizable look of your feed on site.

Highlight features

  • Display a beautiful header feed
  • Speed up Twitter feed load
  • Display multiple feeds on multiple widget
  • Inherit customized theme style
  • Add SEO value to Twitter feed content

Price: 0

Rating: 216 - 4.9 / 5

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Rotating Tweets by Martin tod

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Martin tod

Rotating Tweets, just like its interesting name, is definitely impressive with all customizations applied for displaying Twitter feeds on your site.

Instead of showing a shortcode or widget on the website, now you can enjoy watching your Twitter feed slides smoothly and rotatory on your site. All your latest tweets are looped in the widget area, not only helps save space but also attracts visitors’ attention by rotary movement. Rotating Tweets allows the newest format of the tweet, which permits longer text. With 280 characters long, more information can be shown in just one tweet. Moreover, you can adjust the looping time and add effect to the rotating display. By choosing a type of animation to display your tweet, you can decide what kind of movement and how quick the feed rotating. Of course, it is your decision to manage how many tweets to display and whether a follow button or other elements, including replies and retweets, should be shown or not.

With Rotating Tweets, it is possible to enjoy responsive tweet resize, multi-lingual display and full customization of the follow button. Rotating Tweets neither collects user data nor share user data; caches all recent data from Twitter, so it is reliable to users even when the Twitter website collapse. Get Rotating Tweets now to enjoy the interest of customization displaying tweets on your site!

Highlight features

  • Rotating display recent Tweets
  • Allow new tweet format
  • Loop showing tweets
  • Adjust the time and effects of tweets rotating
  • Customizable tweets display and tweet interaction

Price: 0

Rating: 64 - 4.8 / 5

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Flow-Flow Social Stream by Looks awesome

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Looks awesome

Flow-Flow Social Stream allows you to aggregate and stream social feed on your WordPress website in a lovely responsive wall of social media. Integrate your Facebook instantly and efficiently into your website!

The free version of this plugin supports the four biggest social network platforms which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. There is also a smart and beautiful lightbox with comments loading from these networks. What’s different in this plugin is that you can combine any social feeds with Flow-Flow. By using it, on any section of your WordPress website, you can show social media posts from various sources. For instance, in the same grid, you may have 5 Facebook feeds, 7 Twitter feeds and 3 Instagram feeds. Visitors to your website can read all your recent posts in one social stream from your distinct networks! Flow-Flow supports Instagram and Facebook with simple one-click authentication of the API. It is optimized for any screen size and touch screens and includes a wide variety of settings for design.

WordPress social streaming plugin is an excellent way to engage your group of fans and increase your social value. And if you’re still looking for other sources such as other social networks or quick professional support, the pro version contains more sources and tons of wonderful features.

Highlight features

  • 4 biggest social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Easy one-click API authentication
  • Offer lightbox with comments
  • Display social media posts from multiple sources
  • Rich design settings

Price: 0

Rating: 44 - 4.2 / 5

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AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro by Accesskeys

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Accesskeys

Ready to pay for a stunning look of Twitter feeds on your website? AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro can do even more than what it costs that exceeds your expectation.

AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro allows you to display any tweets and hashtags from any accounts on one widget. There are more than 20 templates for you to show your timeline on site. A standing-out visual now is completely in your hand with full customization of color theme. Your site will even look more vivid with images and videos embedded. AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro allows visual content to open in a lightbox pop out right on your site. The plugin also supports the timeline layout. Beside default mode, the two more slider and news ticker modes are included to completely finish the visual setup of Twitter display on your website.

In addition, AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro supports tweet information options (retweet, time format and username), user card display and helps generate shortcode with several parameters. AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro is friendly and responsive with easy setup and effortlessly support customers via email and chat. Reasonable price for amazing customization, AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro is absolutely the solution for useful and eye-catching Twitter display!

Highlight features

  • Display latest tweets from multiple accounts and hashtags
  • Support more than 20 stunning templates
  • Support images and videos embedded in lightbox
  • Timeline layout supported
  • Provide slider and news ticker display

Price: 10

Rating: 34 - 4.79 / 5

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AI Twitter Feeds by August infotech

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by August infotech

As the change in Twitter API, AI Twitter Feeds supplies you the facility to show tweets on your website with adaption to the latest version of API.

The very basic functions of AI Twitter Feeds are the same as many other plugins. You can control tweets elements including profile image, username, link to retweet and reply as well as posted time. The standing out point of AI Twitter Feeds is the function of managing tweet limits. In the Dashboard, you can also manage side displays tweets. Moreover, you just need to use username, hashtags or keywords to embed the timeline on your site. The link of Follow @username is also managed by using AI Twitter Feeds. Last but not least, AI Twitter Feeds supports multiple times using widgets and shortcodes. You can use widgets and provided shortcodes again and again.

AI Twitter Feeds uses Twitter 1.1 API with authentication in Admin and no JavaScript embedded. Grab the chance to get AI Twitter Feeds for free and enjoy your timeline professionally shown on your site!

Highlight features

  • Manage tweet limits and elements
  • Manage side display tweets in Dashboard
  • Embed timelines using username/hashtag/keywords
  • Manage `Follow @username` link
  • Allow using Twitter widget and shortcode multiple times

Price: 0

Rating: 19 - 4.5 / 5

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WP Twitter Feeds by Team startbit

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Team startbit

WP Twitter Feeds is a customer-friendly plugin to display tweets on your site. No more complex coding, now you can enjoy your tweets appearing on your website after just a few clicks.

With WP Twitter Feeds, the maximum number of tweets displayed is completely customizable. The widget will show the number of tweets that you have set up. Some visual elements of the tweet are also adjustable. The fade effect is integrated into your tweet border and also tweet theme to customize your tweet appearance. Multiple options for painting your tweet theme will finish the display set-up step. Besides, WP Twitter Feeds based on Open Authentication keys and secrets once Twitter application is installed. Consequently, the plugin will not require your Twitter password since it gets all required data from API. With multiple instances, WP Twitter Feeds can display your tweet at multiple places.

WP Twitter Feeds also allows tweet slider and switching on or off your avatar. Easy to install, easy to configure, and extremely supportive with Twitter 1.1 API, grab WP Twitter Feeds for free to enjoy customizations of Twitter feeds on your site now!

Highlight features

  • Customize maximum number of tweets displayed
  • Adjust visual tweet elements
  • Multiple color options
  • Never require Twitter password
  • Display Twitter at multiple places

Price: 0

Rating: 18 - 4.1 / 5

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Juicer by Ryan macinnes

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Ryan macinnes

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are effective tools to reach your potential customers. Juicer is a service that enables you to enter your social media accounts and automatically pull the content from these feeds into any of your websites.

With an easy shortcode, Juicer will automatically update these feeds whenever you create posts for your social media accounts. You can gather your content by @username or #hashtag. If there is any unwanted content that you’d like to moderate and remove, just one click and Juicer would automatically eliminate it for you. Beyond that, permalinks to each of your social media posts will make your site optimized for SEO and crawlable by search engines. You are also provided with more advanced features such as custom CSS to style it to fit your brand or site and analytic to find out who visits and how they interact with your social feed.

More interesting features are waiting for you to discover. They include responsive grid for dynamic layouts and infinite scroll. Start using Juicer now by creating an account on juicer.io and create a feed and add social media sources to it.

Highlight features

  • Gather content by username or hashtag
  • Automatically eliminate unwanted content
  • Permalinks optimized for SEO
  • Style Custom CSS to fit your site
  • Offer advanced analytics

Price: 0

Rating: 17 - 4.7 / 5

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Twitter Feed by Elfsight

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Elfsight

Twitter, one of the most popular social network, now will appear on your site with Elfsight Twitter Feed plugin.

For a business, it is important to show your testimonials to build the customer trust. Twitter Feed by Elfsight provides you a special layout to list out the rate and comments from authors about your products and business. Twitter Feed also allows you to display a hashtag as your requirement. Once your feed recognizes the hashtag in the resource field, it will automatically show tweets including that hashtag. With Twitter Feed, you can hide or show buttons of actions (Like, Share, Retweet and Reply) as well as other related information of the tweet (date, author and Twitter icon). Additionally, there are two switchable variants of header format for your feed. You can choose Default for all elements displayed or Compact for minimal look which includes only username and Follow button. When all customizations are designed, the last thing you have to do is adjusting the size of Twitter feed that is fit with your size. Just insert any parameters you want, or let Twitter feed do it for you automatically.

Last but not least, the plugin is completely compatible with Wordpress, color-switchable and available in more than 20 languages. No matter what type of your device is, now you can enjoy editing your site with Twitter Feed on smartphone, tablet or laptop with automatic updates. Customize eye-catching look and fantastic widget, get your site viral and engage more visitors now!

Highlight features

  • Display testimonials from Twitter
  • Display required hashtag
  • Allow switchable Tweet elements
  • Customizable header format
  • Allow feed size adjustment

Price: 29

Rating: 5 - 5.0 / 5

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Twitter Feed Grid With Carousel for WordPress by Saraagna

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Saraagna

If you want to show multiple tweets at once on your site, Twitter Feed Grid with Carousel for WordPress will not only satisfy but also surprise you with its stunning customization.

Twitter Feed Grid with Carousel for WordPress allows you to express your timelines in grid and carousel layouts. There are 15 styles in total for your selection: 7 for grid style and 8 carousel style. With Twitter Feed Grid with Carousel for WordPress, column customization is available. You can adjust the width of columns and change the border setup. If you choose carousel style, the background color is customizable. Hover background color adjustment will definitely help your site look interesting. There are several filters provided by Twitter Feed Grid with Carousel for WordPress, so do not hesitate to transform your website by using them. Last but not least, the essential function that any grid and carousel style should have: animation effects are available. Now you can enjoy the professional look of your site!

Twitter Feed Grid with Carousel for WordPress also supports Masonry grid layout, multiple languages, and popup share icon of other social networks. The plugin allows load more pagination and is responsive to different devices. Get Twitter Feed Grid with Carousel for WordPress and look professional right now!

Highlight features

  • Seven grid styles and eight carousel styles available
  • Customizable columns layout
  • Customizable hover background color
  • Multiple filtering available
  • Multiple animation effects support

Price: 17

Rating: 3 - 3.67 / 5

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Social Rail by Schiocco

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Schiocco

Are you looking for a lightweight and easy to use plugin to integrate your social media feeds into your website? Social Rail is a super light and simple plugin to show your Facebook and Twitter feeds in just a few seconds.

Even when this plugin is pretty simple, yet it still provides you rich design settings with 4 layout types which include a slider, a carousel, scroll box and a static feed to display your stream. It is also available in HTML version which you can insert codes for the settings. It comes with 2 designs and 2 skins so you can select whether to use a boxed or classic design. Dedicated scroll box is an awesome tool for your feeds thanks to Slim Scroll and its more than 30 options meanwhile the dedicated slider also provides you with more than 50 provides. You will have access to awesome online documentation which lets you publish your content online and track its usage. This feature comes with code snippets, tutorials and much more. This plugin is fully responsive as with advanced JS and CSS features made for smartphones and tablets.

With Social rail, you don’t have to set up any PHP or server-side file. Just insert Facebook page ID, username, Twitter account name, group name or hashtag and you’re done.

Highlight features

  • Provide 4 types of streams
  • HTML version available
  • Dedicated slider with 50+ provides
  • Dedicated sroll box with 30+ options
  • Offer fully Online documentation

Price: 15

Rating: 3 - 4.67 / 5

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Good Old Twitter Feed Widget by Whiletrue

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Whiletrue

Looking for a plugin to make use of sidebar on your site? Want to show your tweets on that widget area? Good Old Twitter Feed Widget will definitely satisfy all your demand.

Just like the name of the plugin, Good Old Twitter Feed Widget brings the feel of an old-style in running a widget. It requires you to access dev.twitter.com to create a personal Twitter Application. The purpose of this action is to get authorization strings, including Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret. All these four strings, as well as your username, are compulsory to activate Twitter widget. It might not be as convenient as other automatic operating plugins when requiring several steps of authorization strings and username being manually inserted in the widget option box, but all these old-type requirements will be useful later. Just save those strings and you can use them for multiple widgets and different site after that. Last but not least, Good Old Twitter Feed Widget supports you with shortcode to show your tweets in other than a widget. By using shortcode, you can also adjust tweet style and thumbnails as well as other elements such as replies, retweets, and posted time.

Based on Twitter API 1.1, Good Old Twitter Feed Widget needs CURL and OPENSSL enabled in your PHP environment to be active. In exchange, you can enjoy full customization of displaying Twitter feed on your site and further perks. What a great plugin, grab Good Old Twitter Feed Widget for free right now!

Highlight features

  • Display latest tweets of an account in a sidebar widget
  • Require personal Twitter application on dev.twitter.com
  • Require username and authorization strings
  • Support shortcode to display tweets outside a widget
  • Customizable tweets display and tweet elements

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

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QR Twitter Widget by Qrokes

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Qrokes

Are you looking for a widget that requires only few clicks to bring your tweets to your site? If yes, then QR Twitter Widget will satisfy you with its simplicity.

QR Twitter Widget helps you display your latest tweets in the widget areas of your website. Whether your device is set up with Twitter application or not, QR Twitter Widget still activates with all options once you install it. With QR Twitter Widget, the speed of your site is improved since scripts are only loaded on pages containing the widget. By using Embedded Timelines Widget functionality of Twitter, the plugin allows you to display any Twitter feeds on multiple sites as soon as those feeds are public. Visitors can take actions directly to your tweet on your site since the displayed timeline is interactive. Lastly, choosing favorite color theme for your tweets would definitely enhance the visual of your site.

QR Twitter Widget is a friendly plugin that it does not require an API to operate. You now can enjoy the simplicity in setup and language support in content displaying. Take the chance to have this useful plugin for free and have the best experience without any extra requests of your server!

Highlight features

  • Display latest Tweets on your site
  • Do not require Twitter application installed
  • Necessarily load scripts on pages
  • Customize color theme
  • Multiple accounts displayed on multiple sites

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 4.0 / 5

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Easy Twitter Widget by Pearlthemes

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Pearlthemes

Being impressive with awesome customizations, Easy Twitter Widget is an optimal solution for the very basic and essential requirement of Twitter widget.

The first basic feature of Easy Twitter Widget is to display your recent tweets with your profile image. All tweets you have posted will be shown following the timeline. Of course, you can decide how many tweets to be displayed on the widget. Easy Twitter Widget also allows you to hide replies from tweets, which avoids unnecessary comments exposed on your site. With Easy Twitter Widget, you can show recent Twitter posts on your site and desire the appearance of posting time also. The posted time can be switched on and off on your tweets based on your customization.

Since Easy Twitter Widget is lightweight and easy to use, it is friendly to anyone who is looking for a simple solution of displaying Twitter on your site. Have Easy Twitter Widget for free and no more worry of Twitter engagement on your website!

Highlight features

  • Display recent Tweets
  • Hide replies from Tweets displayed
  • Customize number of Tweets displayed
  • Adjust posted time appearance
  • Demonstrate Twitter account avatar

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 4.3 / 5

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Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowroński

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Jakub skowroński

If you are looking for a plugin that helps display the contact button of Facebook and Twitter on your site, then Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget will be a useful and simple solution.

To begin with, Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget is a plugin that is specially designed for the two popular social networks at present: Facebook and Twitter. This plugin creates a pretty box at the edge of your website where buttons linking to your Facebook and Twitter are attached. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget use pure CSS animation, so the toggle-tab does not scroll with the page, you can view it any time you want. There are two styles of icon to display tabs on your site. Besides, Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget speed up your page loading since it includes Rocket Fast. Visitors now can enjoy surfing your page with no delay. Last but not least, Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget can work on any browser installed on your device with responsive design.

The plugin provides a handy way to display Facebook and Twitter on your site with simple operation. Once using Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget, you can see it as a customer-friendly plugin since it is easy to install, configure, and available on any screen. Get Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget for free to engage more visitors to your site and go viral right now!

Highlight features

  • Toggle-tab stays still in one place
  • Display Facebook and Twitter tabs at the page edge
  • Two options of icon style to display
  • Boost page loading speed
  • Available for all browsers

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

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Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowronski

Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugin by Jakub skowronski

Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget is an easy-to-configure social feed plugin. You can activate this plugin with one click. Display Facebook and Twitter in a delightful box on your website that slides in handy from the bottom of the page!

This plug supports Facebook and Twitter display, as the name indicates. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget feature a number of interesting functions that make it different in the market. The plugin is lightweight and uses merely CSS for animations. Therefore, it requires very little space on your site. This plugin’s advantage is a way the feed appears to customers. It can be viewed at any time as the toggle-tab does not scroll with the page and remains in one place at all times. As for styling, you can choose from two kinds of icon styles. In addition, visitors can view the plugin on any screen with responsive optimization and a unique portable design, including tablets and mobile devices.

Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget is rocket fast and works for all browsers out there. Get nothing but the best service with this amazing Facebook and Twitter plugin for Wordpress.

Highlight features

  • Allow displaying Facebook and Twitter on your site
  • Support Pure CSS animations
  • Responsive Design specially Mobile design
  • Provide two icon styles
  • Toggle-tab always stays in one place

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

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  • The plugin provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by Avada Commerce

Top 16+ Wordpress Twitter Feed Plugins

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 16 Wordpress Twitter Feed plugins. We honestly recommend you to give every plugin above a try if possible. We create this review series with the aim of helping Wordpress online stores find the best Twitter Feed for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

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