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Souje themes has been purchased 35, rating: 4.3/5 based on 2 reviews.

Souje theme

Highlight features

  • Directly insert blog post into your own site
  • Header view base on logo position and settings
  • Specific widget with Q2W3 fixed widget
  • Use different sidebar for home, archie pages, pages and post page
  • Trannslation via customizer

Souje is a personal WordPress blog theme. They were customized for any travelers, fashion lover, trend followers, lifestyle influencer, and for the one who fascinated in any other kind of blogging. For me, this WordPress theme is absolutely memorable, and elegant design makes it stand out and different. Souje has been created to catch this purpose.

Souje’s concept is by far attractive in every detail of the theme. It has a modern concept with pink colors. This is a dynamic and aesthetic WordPress blog theme that concentrated on personal utilization. That describes Souje well. Besides, we can concentrate on the sportive view by the thin lines that we have been used to complete the product.

Features of the theme include more than 10 custom widgets and 7 different blog layouts with the integrates of column options and the sidebar. It could be a good choice to prefer a layout without sidebar for an impressive impact. it’s also possible for you to hide the sidebar on post pages. There is no denying that the feature is post based which also means that you would have the luxury to display or hide the sidebar for every single post. Besides, there is a simple setting on the customizer for hiding specific posts or portfolio on the blog homepage. Souje gives the freedom for designer to make decisions to the site owner.