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Quintus themes has been purchased 123, rating: 5.0/5 based on 9 reviews.

Quintus theme

Highlight features

  • Provide you with unlimited sidebars
  • Offer intuitive options panel
  • Include plenty of one and multi demo pages
  • Implement clean documentation for every elements
  • Give you superb smooth scroll one page website

Quintus, which is built by modeltheme, is a powerful supporter helps you create an incredible industry, engineering WordPress website. All smart widgets Quintus brings will make you satisfied.

First of all, this theme provides you with unlimited sidebars. Thanks to this, your website’s look will be taken to the next level to impress the visitors. Secondly, Quintus offers intuitive options panel containing simple and advanced user-friendly admin options to improve your experience. You can create an ideal website with a wide variety of layouts and styles. Thirdly, it includes plenty of one and multi demo pages so that you can launch your website in a blink of an eye. Also, this theme implements clean documentation for every elements step by step. With this feature, your website is built with great organization and there is no huddle exist.

To sum up, Quintus also gives you lots of utilities such as superb smooth scroll one-page website, fast and friendly support, advanced blog options, ultra-responsive design, etc.