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Innovio themes has been purchased 385, rating: 4.71/5 based on 7 reviews.

Innovio theme

Highlight features

  • Quick to load the page
  • Provide a great number of homepage/SEO and Digital Marketing page selections
  • Support sections with video background
  • Use different logos for different headers (Regular, Sticky, Mobile)
  • Supply 7 font icon sets

If you want to find a theme with multiple landing pages for different purposes and offering amazing features, Innovio by Mikado-Themes is a good choice that you should take into consideration.

One of this theme strength is that it is created with loading speed optimization, hence, your visitors do not have to wait for your website to load and it will increase the chance that they will stay and take a look of your offers. Moreover, this theme provides users with a number of collection of homepages, SEO and Digital Marketing pages that you can take these advantages to make your site more attractive and beautiful.

Besides, Innovio allows you to create sections using video as the background that it may make your blog differ from others. Another interesting point is that you can use different logos for certain headers in which you can use one for Regular header, another for Sticky and another for Mobile. You can also choose one from seven font icon sets provided by this theme to use for your site. For more information, you can visit the product link and select the demo view to experience this theme’s features.