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doo themes has been purchased 216, rating: 4.2/5 based on 10 reviews.

doo theme

Highlight features

  • Offer front-end submission and editing
  • Provide you with a custom field, search form
  • Allow you to use field-able item layouts
  • Let you create a contact form with the listing owner
  • Allow users to filter by distance and geolocation

Created by marketing-automation, doo is known as a great Wordpress affiliate marketing theme but it also has all abilities as a multipurpose directory and listing template. You can take advantage of its wonderful features to create an amazing website.

First of all, doo offers front-end submission and editing, which is super beneficial for both you and your customers. They can easily enter their information in the submission and edit that with a few clicks. Secondly, this theme provides you with a custom field, custom search form and custom sorting also. You can customize them to meet your requirement effortlessly and fastly. Furthermore, it allows you to use field-able item layouts so that your clients can simply look for the products they expect according to each field. Beneficially, they can also filter by distance and geolocation. Thirdly, doo lets you create a contact form with the listing owner.

Last but not least, there are lots of other helpful widgets such as a wide range of payment gateways, e-mail notifications, Google maps, textual vouchers generation, voucher check/redeem form and dedicated support.