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Blurb themes has been purchased 317, rating: 4.43/5 based on 7 reviews.

Blurb theme

Highlight features

  • Custom and beautiful megamenu design
  • Allows the users to add customer review pages with a tab option
  • Provide product comparision pages
  • Contribute stunning website with multiple layouts
  • Support more than 30 HTML files

Price is one of the most important factors that highly influence the customer’s buying decisions. To succeed in the online market, it is essential for the online merchants to understand all these theories as well as know about competitor’s price strategies. The themein vendor is the partner for online sellers because it provides an effective solution called Blurb Wordpress theme. This theme is known as not only an Affiliate Website but also Price Comparison. Blurb theme is suitable for any online stores in the market.

With the best features for online shopping experiences, this Blurb theme will make their customer’s shops outstanding. Firstly, by custom and beautiful megamenu design, the users can customize their own shop without many efforts. Secondly, this theme also allows shoppers to leave their reviews with a tab option. ESpecially, the product comparison pages will be an effective tool for the users to choose the best strategies. Furthermore, there are more than 30 HTML files that the users can choose to maximize their sales.

Besides, such the best Product review and comparison, Blurb them will help the users with other multiple functionalities such as Multivendor Store and Social Sharing. Last but not least, 4 home pages with multiple layouts and designs will make their shops attractive on the marketplace.