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Attraction themes has been purchased 596, rating: 3.51/5 based on 49 reviews.

Attraction theme

Highlight features

  • Provide 9+ post formats (standard, video, audio, etc.)
  • Available to customize background for each page/post
  • Include translation with mo/po files
  • Easy to set up the sticky header and scroll amount
  • Simple to change the position of the sidebars

If you want to find a WordPress theme which can help you build your website to promote your products, services or events, Attraction by SpyroPress is the one you need.

In particular, once you install this theme, you are provided with more than 9 post formats, for example, video type, audio type, etc. Therefore, you can create any kind of posts you want to show your offers to the visitors. Moreover, it is available for you to customize the background for each page and post which means you can use multiple backgrounds for different purposes, hence, your website can become more attractive and beautiful in your own way.

Besides, this theme supports translation with .mo and .po files that your website can be quickly translated into other languages. You can easily set up the sticky header and the scroll amount where the header appears that it can be simpler for both you and your consumers to move to other sections. The sidebars are also changeable that you can put it on the left side, right side or hide it for specific post and page.