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Te 301 redirect

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Highlight features

The TE 301 redirect plugin will contribute a great help in adding 301 redirects for site pages. Apart from its ease of using, this plugin also offers you a large collection of features.

The very first one is the ability to add a redirect to any place in the table. Also, it even enables you to insert several redirects at once so that you can effectively save your time spending on these tasks. The interesting thing about this is the protection against cyclic redirects that is provided to every user in order to bring you a safety using experience. In addition to that, you can get the validation column “From” right on your page. Then, the ability to use “*” is also possible in these regular expressions at the bulk redirect of this plugin.

On the whole, this TE 301 redirect plugin is an ideal solution for managing your links correctly and keeping track of your error pages in the search engines. It has won the hearts of many site managers and completely nailed the task of what a redirect plugin should do. So what are you waiting for but hitting the Download button?