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Simple 301 redirects – addon – bulk uploader theme by Webcraftic , ash durham

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Simple 301 redirects – addon – bulk uploader

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The Simple 301 Redirects is an Addon plugin that offers further functionality to the plugin Simple 301 Redirects plugin. As this plugin adds an extra section to the settings tab to upload a CSV of old and new URL’s to input into the Simple 301 Redirects plugin, it will make the plugin get you going quickly.

More specifically, Simple 301 Redirects is an especially handy tool that helps you in migrating your site to WordPress while preserving your URL structure. Consequently, when you set up 301 redirects from your old pages to your new pages, any incoming links will be seamlessly passed along, then their PageRank will be passed along with them. Plus, it also supervises for duplicating old URLs and alerts you of these in the summary after your CSV has been processed. What is more, the latest version of Simple 301 Redirects has been designed to work fine with Multisite installations that each site will get its own set of redirects.

In conclusion, this Simple 301 Redirects plugin has wonderfully provided an easy method for redirecting requests to different pages on your site or elsewhere on the web. Try on this free version and I believe that you will not regret it.