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10+ Best Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugins from hundreds of the Shortenlinks reviews in the market (Wordpress Plugins Store, Wordpress Plugins) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your Shortenlinks does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Shortenlinks plugin collection is ranked and result in August 2020, the price from $0. You find free, paid Shortenlinks plugins or alternatives to Shortenlinks also.

Here are the 10+ Best Shortenlinks Wordpress Plugins

10 Best Shortenlinks Plugins for Wordpress

  1. Shortlinks by Pretty Links by Blair williams
  2. Affiliate Links by Custom4web
  3. Linker by Yakir sitbon, ariel klikstein
  4. URL Shortener by Mythemeshop
  5. Shortener by Besquares
  6. Self Make Shortener URL light by Kazuyoume
  7. URL Shortener by Url shortener
  8. Linxx by Hellomaaike
  9. Hum by Will norris
  10. URL Smasher by Rick hellewell / cellarweb.com

Shortlinks by Pretty Links by Blair williams

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Blair williams

With many major features, Pretty Links Pro is pretty sure to bring you the best experience and give you the full control of your website. You can learn more about it below.

To begin with, this gives you very detailed support on links. You can easily shorten the long confusing links into new ones which are clean, simple and include keywords of the source. Moreover, you can create external links under your own domain. In addition, it provides you with the number of clicks per link, you can read the result on a reporting interface which shows the chart of the number of clicks per day. Besides, you have more insightful details about people who clicked the link such as their IP address, browsers, operating system and more. This feature is such a powerful tool for you to keep track of your link and your visitors. Another feature which is quite helpful is that you can send your pretty links through email from your WordPress admin without changing site.

There are more features that you can take advantage of. It allows you to generate nofollow and noindex link. All the tracking is cookie-based, you don’t need to worry about GDPR. It will be worth your time trying.

Highlight features

  • Shorten long links into short, clean ones
  • Create new external links starting with your domain
  • Report on statistics of the links
  • Update results every day on your site
  • Send links through email right from WordPress

Price: 0

Rating: 249 - 4.5 / 5

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Affiliate Links by Custom4web

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Custom4web

Start making your website control much easier with link shortener, analytics report and more, Affiliate Links is a WordPress plugin that you should install right now because of its cool features.

To begin with, it helps you to shorten both external and internal links into short, clear and well-organized links which encourage visitors to click in. After that, you will receive statistics report on those link about the number of people click on a link, their browsers and more. It is very handy for you to keep track of your business. Moreover, by labelling each link click as an event in Google Analytics, you can track what you want with the link. This even allows you to customize redirect ULRs based on language, browsers, platform of visitors to bring them the best experience. With this plugin, you can write descriptions, redirection types for links. Affiliate links can also be used in forms of shortcode, widgets, and html. You can easily categorize links and count.

It sounds complicated, but in fact, you need zero tech and coding knowledge to use this plugin. You can install it now and experience. Good news for you is that more features are coming.

Highlight features

  • shorten both external and internal links
  • Get full statistics report of the link
  • Track the link with Google Analytics
  • Customize redirect ULRs based on language, browsers, platform of visitors
  • Write descriptions, redirection types for links

Price: 25

Rating: 14 - 4.79 / 5

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Linker by Yakir sitbon, ariel klikstein

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Yakir sitbon, ariel klikstein

Linker is a WordPress plugin which gives you great control over links on your website. You can change the links’ name, redirect them and have all statistics of visitors clicking the links. Read more details below.

Linker allows you to shrink your long link into a shorter one. You can even name the link under your own domain, which helps significantly with SEO and marketing on other sites. Moreover, you can get the full insight of which links your visitors are visiting and the number of visitors thanks to Linker’s short url tool. Using Google Analytics, this plugin also allows you to track outbound link clicks, it comes as an internal report. With inbound and outbound links, Linker enables you to redirect them to any location thanks to 301 redirects. Such a powerful plugin. In addition, it helps you to track affiliate links and control your 301 redirects easily. The plugin will work ad a new custom post type to your admin menu, you can easily see, use and manage it without hassle.

There is no requirement of coding skills or tech knowledge, this plugin is super easy to use with beautiful interface and is compatible with all themes you are having.

Highlight features

  • Shrink long link into shorter one
  • Name the link under your own domain
  • Get reports on links visitors are clicking
  • Track outbound link clicks
  • Track affiliate links and control your 301 redirects

Price: 0

Rating: 11 - 4.5 / 5

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URL Shortener by Mythemeshop

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Mythemeshop

You will never need external help to shorten your link again. With URL Shortener, you are not only able to shrink links yourself but also have all control over them. Let check out what this plugin offers. This plugin makes it easier for you to share links on social media since they are now short and well-organized. By catching keywords, it creates short, memorable links so that visitors can remember and search to read again later or even more conveniently, you can customize the link’s name yourself. It also works on external links, you can use it as a tool to shorten any links you want and receive statistics about the number of people clicked on your links. This is considered the best feature of this plugin which helps you to hide affiliate links or referrer data. It will make sure your affiliate links will not be skipped, and of course, you are innocent. To help your management over links easier, this plugin also allows you to categorize your shortened ULR for later use.

Through all the features, it can be seen that URL Shortener is trying to understand and bring the best service to users. You will not be disappointed.

Highlight features

  • Create short links from long ones
  • Customize the link's name yourself
  • Receive statistics about the number of people clicked on your links
  • Help you to hide affiliate links or referrer data
  • Categorize your shortened ULRs

Price: 0

Rating: 10 - 4.1 / 5

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Shortener by Besquares

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Besquares

Sometimes it is so confusing and discouraging to audiences if your post contains too long links. It will be more nice-looking and well-organized when you shorten all the links in your post. Moreover, you can provide your visitors with the same service.

Shortener helps you to shrink the links shorter, keeping track the number of visitors who clicked on your link and also visitors’ browsers. Moreover, your visitors can use the service on your site to shorten their links and are able to see their links’ analytics by simply dragging the plugin shortcode in any pages. Besides, it also offers you advanced backend options and color control, you can easily choose the color and configuration to present on your page. Shortener comes with analytics for both the front and back, give you a full insight into what people do on your site. Interestingly, this plugin allows you to import function from other plugins to enrich its features, and export its functions at the same time.

This plugin is able to generate a QR Code for each link, which makes it so much easier and available to access all the time. There is something that you want to keep in mind that it allows you to shorten unlimited links from unlimited domains.

Highlight features

  • Shorten the long links on your site
  • Provide analytics of those links
  • Offer shortening link for visitors as a service
  • Control the frontend and back end
  • Import and export functions for the plugin

Price: 26

Rating: 7 - 4.14 / 5

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Self Make Shortener URL light by Kazuyoume

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Kazuyoume

It is just minor and you think it will not matter, but if you don’t pay attention, it might affect your website’s image of professionalism. We are talking about those long confusing links on your post, which discourages visitors to click in.

We found you a solution. Self Make Shortener URL light is a WordPress plugin that helps you to turn the long links into a shorter one. You can choose to or not put the name of new links under your own domain. Moreover, you can totally customize your own links so that you can remember it later. Those new-created links will work forever until you lose the domain. In addition, it provides you with the click analysis function which can give you a real-time report of the number of people who clicked the link and browsers they are using to do that. Self Make Shortener URL light will also help you to hide affiliate links, which you will not be involved in. Just sit still and enjoy what it does to you. If you want to look back to what you do in a few days ago, this plugin can help you since it saves the history of what has been done.

That’s it. You should check it out to experience yourself.

Highlight features

  • Turn long links into short ones
  • Put the link's name under your domain
  • Customize the name of those shortened links
  • Provide report on click analysis
  • Support hiding affiliate link

Price: 0

Rating: 3 - 4.4 / 5

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URL Shortener by Url shortener

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Url shortener

URL Shortener is a plugin which provides link shortener service. You might need its help to tidy up your post and replace all those long confusing links with proper ones which attract audience attention and are encouraging enough for them to click in.

First of all, as mentioned above, you can use URL Shortener to shorten your links on WordPress. It gives you options to allow or not allow certain domains by putting them in blacklist. And this is your chance to do business online, it offers you the opportunity to earn money by signing up for the website, it will help you to redirect links to your short links. In addition, based on the content of the post, you can easily customize your link to make sure it captures the content and attract visitors to click. It also provides some other features such as quick signup option and multiple tools. Especially, it offers daily payment if you agree to sign up and join to make money.

It comes with very dedicated customer services, if you have any questions, feel free to reach them out. Everything is simple and easy to use, you don’t need any coding skills to start.

Highlight features

  • Shorten long links into short ones
  • Allow or not allow certain domains
  • Sign up to make money with the plugin
  • Customize the links' content
  • Offer daily payment

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 4.2 / 5

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Linxx by Hellomaaike

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Hellomaaike

This is an awesome plugin that helps your site increase rank with SEO and your recognition with users. Linxx is a WordPress plugin that allows you to do unique things with your links and external links thanks to its unique features.

Linxx allows you to convert any external links into a Url under your domain and customize the link to connect to that page. The description comes with specific examples, you can check it out to learn more. It helps with SEO and link marketing, which is important if your website want to get more visitors. In addition, the handy report tool will send you a report about the analytics of the link with how many people clicked the link and more. This plugin can be searched easily from the Dashboard of your site, it’s just a few clicks away then it is at your service. If you are not happy when using the plugin, it can be edited or even deleted at any time.

It comes with detailed instructions and examples for you to learn. Don’t worry since it is user-friendly and easy to use. Install it now to experience its great service.

Highlight features

  • Convert external links into a URL under your domain
  • Friendly and supportive to SEP, branding and marketing
  • Receive analytics reports about those links
  • Can be found from Dashboard
  • Delete or edit at any time

Price: 19

Rating: 2 - 4.4 / 5

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Hum by Will norris

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Will norris

Managing a website doesn’t stop at creating content and attract audiences, you need to make sure your content is always in the best condition. It is so discouraging when there are long and confusing links in your posts and page. Let Hum help you handle this.

Hum is a WordPress plugin that helps you to shorten your personal links on the WordPress site. The links can be from WordPress or other sites. Moreover, you can also choose to customize the domain of the link, and if you have one of your own, you can make the links shorter than the short version. With New Base 60 encoding scheme, all those confusing-to-read characters will be eliminated out of your links. With Hum, you can expect the link to be very reflective of your content, it will catch keywords and generate an appropriate name for the content. In addition, this plugin also allows you to redirect the traffic by using PHP and register additional prefixes.

Your questions are welcome at any time. So, let start making your website design much easier with the help of this plugin. You’ll probably find out more interesting features about it. It will be worth your time.

Highlight features

  • Shorten your personal links on WordPress site
  • Customize the domain of the link
  • Eliminate confusing characters off the links
  • Generate relevant links' name
  • Allow redirecting the traffic

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

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URL Smasher by Rick hellewell / cellarweb.com

Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugin by Rick hellewell / cellarweb.com

It is discouraging to visit a site and see a bunch of long confusing links as visitors and customers. Of course, you - web owners don’t want that scenario to happen. We have got a solution for you, URL Smasher, a plugin that helps you shorten your links.

First and foremost, by using goo.gl, this plugin allows you to shorten your links without effort. Now you can imagine your site with short and clear links which tell readers about the content and are very easy to remember. It will work only when all your work in post page and comment are submitted, so make sure you meet the requirement. It comes with a free Google API key, after having this, you can feel free to enable the plugin. When it works, the plugin uses WordPress standard functions and works to make sure there is no overhead against database. It works well with all browsers from visitors, supporting their experience on your site.

This plugin is totally free for your information, you can easily download and install it on your site without any hassle. Although this plugin doesn’t have various options and features, but it is specialized and does what it does best.

Highlight features

  • Shorten your links with goo.gl
  • Come with short and clear new links
  • Work on submitte page, post and comment
  • Require Google API key to be activated
  • Use WordPress standard functions to handle database

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

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Top 10+ Wordpress Shortenlinks Plugins

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