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Redirect list

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Redirect List is a lightweight, incredible and clean redirect plugin that performs HTTP redirection and supports the matching of GET query parameters without regular expressions.

For starters, this plugin supports 3 kinds of redirect, which are 301, 302 or 307 HTTP redirect. Plus, while using this plugin, there will be no advertising, links or tracking code appears that might annoy you, at the same time, the lightweight code will make you satisfied. Especially, you are able to specify from and destination URLs in a list manually, which does not even require creating a custom page. For the matching URL job, you can freely utilize this tool regardless of getting parameters, or in case there are no GET parameters exists, or even only if the GET parameter exists and value matches. However, Redirect List does not support multisite and we continue to improve that.

In short, this Redirect List plugin is probably the one that you should keep in mind, especially those who detest creating a custom page, as it will help you a lot in 301, 302 or 307 HTTP redirection. Try to download this and enjoy your time with us!