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Wp replicate post

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WP Replicate Post paves the way for your user experience on your website. It will make the process of editing or updating content post easier. Created by Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd, the plugin helps to replicate posts as well as custom posts.

There are a lot of advantages once you install WP Replicate Post. First and foremost, it is easy to replicate posts and pages with WP Replicate Post. You click on replicate link which will create a copy version of a particular page and post, then a copied post appears on the backend of WordPress platform. Moreover, a content writer can keep the state of the original posts. When you finish editing on the duplicated version, you can publish it. Second, in case you want to edit the duplicated posts and pages, then they can be done in the same manner as you do with initial posts. WP Replicate Post never limits you in editing and updating content no matter what version you have. Last but not least, the plugin lets you replicate in bulk to save time on editing posts. In order to duplicate a lot of posts at once, you select all posts that you want to edit, then choose replicate option form bulk action.

In addition to these noticeable features, WP Replicate Post is easily installed. You go through four steps. First, you install and activate the plugin, then select the options from the plugin settings. After that, you click on the replicate link which appears whenever you look around the post and the plugin is ready to use.