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Ultimate maps

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Supsystic team provides users with Google Maps alternatives such as Bing maps, OpenStreetMap or OSN, and Mapbox. This replacement is to reduce the cost due to the newly updated Google Maps pricing policy.

When Google Maps is no longer an attractive option, another way to add a map to your website is to use the online ultimate maps builder. You can choose to alternatives to Google Maps as mentioned above, or you can even add your own map with the shortcode and PHP code. You are also able to import or export the data related to maps and markers as per your needs. Or in other words, you can add a new map to the source or download the maps you have created before. This plugin supports exposition slider, which means This gives you the ability to reflect your marker photos and can help customers find a special place, choose a restaurant or café, buy a house, find the best hotel, beautiful countryside, etc. Another cool feature with Ultimate Maps is that when the customer clicks the location’s market, there will be linked information shown to them instantly.

This is the ultimate solution for showing a map on the contact page, directions, real estate, areas of distribution, and so on. Use a map on your website to help your customers find out where you are.