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Multipage will help you to improve your content management. The plugin allows you to order a post in multipage which gives each subpage a title and has a table of contents on every subpage.

Multipage has a lot of advantages. First of all, the plugin makes order in your posts. If a lengthy article scares you, Multipage will split the article into many subpages. The table of contents will redirect your visitors to the wanted post subpage. Second, the old version of next page is forgotten. Multipage uses a default title in the form of page number. Last but not least, Multipage customizes what you want. The plugin supports the minimal CSS in order to make user experience more convenient. It significant not to change the file providing to the plugin because the first update is kept.

Besides plus points, Multipage is set up easily. The first step is to upload the sgr-nextpage-titles folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, then activate the Multipage through the Plugins menu in WordPress. After that, you configure the plugin by going to the Multipage menu under Settings and add a few [nextpage title="Pretty title"] codes to your posts.