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Maps widget for google maps

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Were you sick of unreliable and slow Google Maps plugins setting up for hours? For Maps Widget for Google Maps, you will have a beautiful map with a thumbnail & lightbox in minutes.

Not only does this app run smoothly on your website, it also brings you great flexibility to configure your map. To begin with, this plugin allows you to adjust the map size i.e. the map width and map height as well as the zoom level. You can easily choose whatever Google Map types you love to (road, satellite, terrain hybrid map or custom map image). There are plenty of color schemes from Google Maps for you to choose except the default color. Like many other Google Map plugin, Maps Widget for Google Maps supports and an unlimited number of pins and markers to your map. Plus, you can add descriptions to these pins, including links, text, images, and so on. This plugin lets you use a shortcode to display your map in case you want to set up your map manually.

The plugin uses the Google Maps Static Maps API. It only loads the entire map of Google in one request compared to more than 20 requests that other plugins for Google Maps are expected to load. This will ensure that your site is loaded as quickly as possible!