Google Map with FancyBox Popup

Google map with fancybox popup theme by Gopi ramasamy

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Google map with fancybox popup

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With the FancyBox Popup plugin, Google Map can be added to the popup window. This is a good plugin in Google Maps to show your business location or just your personal address.

There are plenty of features that you can expect from this simple and responsive Google Map plugin. This plugin uses FancyBox’s jquery implementation to open the popup window. By clicking the location address, the popup window will open. You can enable localizations and directions to your locations on the map to show your users where your stores are. This popup window size can be configured in the plugin settings page within several clicks. However, if you want to change the overlay color, you may need to update the PHP file by changing the code manually. The PHP code can also be used to add a new map if you want to start everything from scratch. It would be a benefit for you if you have primary knowledge of coding.

Google Map with FancyBox Popup is a lightweight plugin that brings an attractive look for your maps. It runs smoothly as the pages load and will not slow down your website.