Google Maps Extended for Elementor

Google maps extended for elementor theme by Codenat

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Google maps extended for elementor

Google Maps Extended for Elementor themes has been purchased , rating: /5 based on 4.5 reviews.

Highlight features

Google Maps Extended for Elementor is a plugin that generates fully customized responsive google maps. This plugin is suitable for multiple purposes, from stores, vacancies to other business locations.

With this plugin, you will be able to manage your maps, from easy to more advanced actions. As most of other Google Map plugins can perform, Google Maps Extended for Elementor lets you create multiple markers on your maps within just several clicks. You can show directions to your locations as well as routes with real-time traffic. Apart from those functions, this plugin provides you some highlight features that you cannot find anywhere else. It supports full-screen view so that when your users click to the map, it can be displayed with a full-screen view. Another handy function is the ability of panorama mode. When this panorama mode is turned on, your customers are able to see the street view in the fullest and most lively way of your locations. In addition to that, there are unlimited map styles with Snazzy Maps available and many more custom options to your maps.

One thing to remember is that you should install Elementor Plugin first to use this plugin since it is just an addon. Without Elementor plugin, it will not work.