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Elementor google map extended

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This plugin works as the extended add-on for Elementor Google Map, a map plugin that helps you easily add multiple address pins to the same map with support for different types of maps and custom map style.

Extended Google Map Elementor supports the use of your Google Map API in order to, for example, search for your own locations. Moreover, you are able to find address latitude and longitude right inside this plugin. What makes this app worth your choice is high flexibility and customization. Freely add your marker icons with 10 colors to choose from and change your map’s styles. The map is available in four types which are Road Map, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. There are also several smart control options that you can enable or disable on this plugin. These options include the zoom control and street view control. Plus, you are even able to change the position of the zoom control.

Google Map Elementor’s mission is to help users design websites in the easiest, fastest, and most streamlined way. The plugin is available in languages compatible with Google Map languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Vietnamese, Thailand).