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Duplicate page and post theme by Arjun thakur

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Duplicate page and post

Duplicate Page and Post themes has been purchased , rating: /5 based on 4.1 reviews.

Highlight features

Duplicate Page and Post created by Arjun Thakur is suitable for content writers, marketers, sales department, marketing department and website developers. The plugin will assist you in managing your content hub better. You will never regret when downloading this plugin.

There are a lot of noticeable features of this plugin. First and foremost, Duplicate Page and Post helps you to create a clone of a particular post and page. Content writers can make duplicated posts and pages by a few clicks and even save draft the duplicated one. Second, Duplicate Page and Post provides options to add post suffix and add custom text for duplicate link button. You can add images, radio buttons or checkbox on the duplicated posts. Besides, you can set duplicate posts status and redirect after you click on Duplicate. Last but not least, with Duplicate Page and Post, it is easy to copy posts, pages or the custom posts with single clicks. The plugin saves a lot of time for users to recreate the same post and page again.

In addition, downloading Duplicate Page and Post is simple. The first step is to download duplicate-wp-page-post.zip, then unzip, upload duplicate-wp-page-post directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory. After that, you go to the plugin menu page and activate the plugin.