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Amp stories for wordpress theme by Elías margolis

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Amp stories for wordpress

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Highlight features

AMP stories for Wordpress has become a great tool for website developers. The plugin creates stories by filling a simple form on post or page. The plugin automatically adds accelerated mobile page functionality to your site. Your site will load much faster on mobile by using features of the open-source AMP project.

What is AMP Stories for Wordpress? AMP Stories for Wordpress is a new and modern way to reach existing readers. It enables monetization capability for publishers using full-screen immersive story adds and using affiliate links. The plugin adds background images, text, videos, and audio to your AMP story. Managers can use a button to allow or deactivate AMP story for post. Especially, the plugin supports the premium version. The premium version bookends management and adds related or extra content at the end of the story. Besides, AMP stories can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. Furthermore, you are able to add background videos to AMP page and set poster image for video.

Additionally, AMP WP also provides users with various excellent features such as AMP mobile redirections, AMP on search page, post types, date in archive/ single post page, author and also date in related page. So what are you waiting for? Install this amazing plugin to experience this cool features for free.