41+ Best Wordpress news Themes 2020

Are you looking for Wordpress news Themes? You are in the right place! 41+ Best Wordpress news Themes have been reviewed and manually picked up by our Avada Commerce team from website, marketplace such as: Themeforest, Wordpress Themes or TemplateMonster. news Themes have been collected based on the following criteria: number of sales, reviews, ratings and social metrics. The best news themes collection is ranked and updated in August 2020.

news Themes for Wordpress

Newspaper news theme by Tagdiv

Newspaper Wordpress news theme by Tagdiv

Theme features

  • Provide more than 50 demos
  • Available to browse the AMP demo by scanning QR code
  • Offer 10+ and 30+ templates for author page and post respectively
  • Possible to set up different typography for different device
  • Provide helpful review system with stars/percentages/points base

As the name of the theme suggests, Newspaper is a WordPress theme which best matches for blogs, especially newspaper or magazine site. In addition, thanks to its amazing function, this theme keeps the first place in the top best-selling news theme with more than 78,000 users all over the world.

Once you install this theme, you are supplied with over 50 demos which you can easily import and edit to make your own site. Moreover, if you want to browse the AMP demo, you can easily complete it by scanning the QR code. Newspaper also provides you with 10+ and 30+ templates for author page and post page respectively, hence, you can generate a beautiful presentation page for your post as well as your writers. Besides, this is a way to honor and appreciate the efforts of your content creators and encourage them to work even harder in the future.

Additionally, it is available to set up separate typography for multiple devices that it makes your site more eye-catching and attractive to visitors. Another surprising feature is that this theme brings you a helpful review system which you can set up to based on stars, percentages or points rating.

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Kallyas news theme by Hogash

Kallyas Wordpress news theme by Hogash

Theme features

  • Provide you with Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Bring wonderful frontend, live page builder
  • Load the necessary resources smartly and fastly
  • Highly customizable for better SEO management
  • Offer 12 already built homepage designs

Kallyas by hogash is an amazing and creative multi-purpose Wordpress theme. Since Kallyas has been released, it becomes one of the best choices for professionals to make their eye-catching page website. With its smart features, this theme brings plenty of satisfaction so that the applications increase rapidly.

The special one is that Kallyas’s core based on the intuitive, sleek, and a powerful front-end framework. This bootstrap 3 framework leads to more simple web development. Kallyas ensures a suitable infrastructure containing over 100 elements for your website. Hence, you will find it effortless to build a website with your creation. Particularly, the theme will display the proper information you need by loading the necessary resources in a smart way. You will see how fast Kallyas generate and feel pleasure. It is also highly customizable for better SEO management. That Kallyas integrates with WooCommerce brings you not only the beautiful visual but also the great eCommerce functionality.

Besides all of the widgets above, Kallyas has many other special ones. It has a wide variety of sliders. Also, the theme offers you 12 already built homepage designs. Don’t hesitate to get this theme now.

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Sahifa news theme by Tielabs

Sahifa Wordpress news theme by Tielabs

Theme features

  • Include fly-in effect for related post box
  • Support sticky sidebars and back-to-top button
  • Easy to show number of viewers per post
  • Offer 3 animation effects for Breaking news
  • Provide 10 predefined page templates and 46 background patterns

Sahifa by TieLabs is a clean and simple-to-use WordPress theme that is suitable for News, Magazine or Newspaper site. By offering amazing features, this theme is applied by thousands of users and receive a high rating star which is 4.79.

In particular, when you install this theme, it allows you to enable the sticky sidebars and provides you with the back-to-top button for simple navigation. In addition, you can easily see the number of viewers per post, hence, you will know which topic attracts more readers to determine your future plan for developing your site.

Besides, Sahifa supplies you with 10 ready-to-use page templates and 46 background patterns that can help you quickly build up your website. Moreover, for the related post, the fly-in effect is included for the Check Also Box which means when the visitors come to the end of posts, the Check Also Box will fly-in and suggest them with related topic. For the Breaking News post, there are 3 animation effects supported in this theme to bring you a stunning look for your content.

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Soledad news theme by Pencidesign

Soledad Wordpress news theme by Pencidesign

Theme features

  • Supply more than 5000 homepage demos
  • Provide over 1000 combinations of sliders and blog/magazine layouts
  • Support 4 Body’s styles and multiple article layouts
  • Available to set up a video background
  • Include lightbox image for stunning view

If you want to find a WordPress theme which suits for blog and magazine, Soledad is the one that you should consider. With its features, this theme is trusted by more than 18 thousand users and is rated 4.86 over a five-star-rating.

In particular, this theme provides you with over 5000 premade homepage designs that you can check for the preview first then decide to use it later. Additionally, you are supplied with 1000+ combinations of sliders and layouts, hence, it can present your content in a beautiful way regardless of your types of blog/magazine. In other words, even though you run a blog or magazine on traveling, fashion, food or else, you can still find the gorgeous layout matches your purpose.

Besides, there are four styles of Body (Body full width, body boxed color, body boxed image, and body boxed pattern) and multiple article layouts that can create the diversification for your posts and make it more attractive to visitors. Moreover, Soledad is featured with lightbox images which not only make photos fast to load but also bring back a stunning view. You can also set up a video as your background to impress viewers.

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Newsmag news theme by Tagdiv

Newsmag Wordpress news theme by Tagdiv

Theme features

  • Allow you to easily write your articles and blog posts
  • Support videos from Youtube and features from review system
  • Offer you clean and friendly SEO practice
  • Provide you with responsive AdSense and Google Ads
  • Be equipped with unlimited sidebars and widget customization

If you are looking for a theme to help build your own articles or blog posts and make everything easy to follow, don’t miss out this review. We guest Newsmag theme is what you are expecting. Newsmag theme is known as one of the modern themes from WordPress which allow you to write your articles and posts with the help of some outstanding features and great support.

Newsmag template is widely used for newspaper, magazine, news and review websites. It can support videos from Youtube as well as provide you with a good review system, including stars, points or percent. In addition, Newsmag offers you clean and friendly SEO practice to help you get more traffic and attract more visitors. Supporting responsive Google Ads and AdSense is among top features of this theme and you can have unlimited sidebars, along with widget customization to make each post and article look good and amazing.

Besides, Newsmag theme can turn your websites to a multi-language site thanks to the WPML support. Also, all global settings are available in your WordPress theme customizer, followed by a live preview. Moreover, you will never have to feel worried about how to reach more customers since there are 9 beautiful post styles that are designed to help shape each of your stories perfectly.

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GoodNews news theme by Momizat

GoodNews Wordpress news theme by Momizat

Theme features

  • Full WooCommerce support
  • Monetize with Advertising system
  • Easily set up discussion forums inside website with bbPress
  • Mega main menu built-in
  • Promote special offers using Revolution Slider

If you are about creating a website relating to magazine or blog so here is a recommendation for you. GoodNews, a Momizat’s design, is supposed to bring you with amazing experience and aspirations as it is suitable for not only professional but also newbie and immediate users. GoodNews comes with a huge range of features and plugins so that users will find no difficulty in customizing their own site.

With regard to website performance, GoodNews provides users with not only Visual Composer, a very convenient drag and drop PageBuilder for WordPress, but you can also insert Mega main menu built-in which is brilliant for large menu display which goes along with numerous icons, sticky, mega dropdowns variations, custom color scheme. Custom dropdowns such as text, links or shortcodes can never be so easy with Mega Main Menu. Besides, the theme allows you to set up bbPress in order to help people easily set up discussion forums right inside their website. Additionally, on typing query, it is within the capability to find the results you are looking for through Live search even when you have yet to finish it.

In term of monetization, GoodNews is developed with brilliant Advertising system from which you can insert ad codes and graphics and also choose how to achieve your goals. You are also able to add products on the shopping cart via WooCommerce plugin. Furthermore, by utilizing Revolution Slider, users will find it easy to promote all special offers on the website.

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15Zine news theme by Codetipi

15Zine Wordpress news theme by Codetipi

Theme features

  • Unique and exclusive megamenu options
  • Can be individually set to dark/light
  • Infinite scroll and post load
  • Detailed documentation for guide
  • Categories and tag pages

This is amazing, cutting edge WordPress magazine theme options created for new generation.15Zine is far more ridiculously versatile WordPress which concludes various integrated review systems and unlimited criteria which makes it a powerful review theme.

The homepage could be customized for your need. They are powerful and exclusive homepage drag and drop builder to create modern and feature layouts. By using this Theme and style systems with multiple feature image style, your own post can become beautiful stories. Follow by the Smooth parallax one; you can you 15 Zine as a really powerful review theme for your site. They provide deep compatibility and styling for your online shop. Furthermore, you could probably turn your casual image embeds into full-screen image embeds. All things would be done with no shortcodes requires. The Megamenu also really helpful to showcase your contents, posts of the moment, week, month. Furthermore, they provide with countless thoughtful options sprinkled throughout the theme. You can turn off your the header area inside in the post to make your image far bigger and attractive or create image style output or beautiful gallery contents type. You probably get the most quality code and functionality for the team of Elite.

This theme is everything I’ve been looking for. It’s user-friendly, the layout is clean and beautiful, and the customer service is fantastic.

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Voice news theme by Meks

Voice Wordpress news theme by Meks

Theme features

  • Provides users with full documentation and demo content
  • Intuitive design for posts which are split into multiple pages
  • Customizable with advanced Theme Options Panel
  • Unlimited fonts & colors combinations
  • Scale seamlessly on every modern device

Voice, which is one of Mek’s designs, is a highly recommended WordPress theme since it is very responsive to news/magazine/editorial websites in mind. This incredible theme is now at the top rated themes as it is packed with features which not only provide users with full documentation and demo content but also support them to seamlessly run on every modern device.

What is more, Voice for WordPress provides you with an advanced and easy to use Theme Options Panel which let you quickly and easily create a style to suit your needs in only 5 minutes. It is also flexible enough to meet a variety of needs with unlimited fonts & colors combinations as well as dedicated sections to upload your icons and logos at a click of a button. Besides, the intuitive design for posts which are split into multiple pages is a simply amazing way to boost the page views and raise your passive earnings.

By installing Voice theme created and developed with a modern responsive design, awesome typography and a focus on readability, let’s bring your visitors a quality user experience when surfing your WordPress websites.

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Jannah News news theme by Tielabs

Jannah News Wordpress news theme by Tielabs

Theme features

  • Build your email distribution list with email marketing
  • Supports Parallax Effects & Video Backgrounds
  • Provides more than 20 pre-built demos
  • Enables Instagram & Animated Weather Widget
  • Enables inserting GIF images

Jannah News is a wonderful Wordpress theme which was brought out by the TieLabs team as a solution for you to create multiple highly responsive websites for Newspaper, Magazine, News, and more.

To go more into details, this theme can not only adapt to any modern devices but also respond to the most up-to-date mobile devices for the content that is swipeable. Moreover, Jannah News is completely compatible with the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project so you can make sure that your content is mobile-optimized and the loading speed is very high. Significantly, this is considered as a very special feature: the ability to add GIF images. We all love good GIF memes. You cannot deny the fact that GIFs play an important part in communication in social media networks. Jannah News does support GIF images so please do not worry! Letting your users jump to a particular point in long-form content is a great way to aid navigation, just di it with us now!

More features? Of course, Ajax Mega Menus, Parallax Effects & Video Backgrounds, more than 20 pre-made Demos, Email Marketing, and many more are waiting for you to figure out!

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Boombox news theme by Px-lab

Boombox Wordpress news theme by Px-lab

Theme features

  • Allow fake user engagement
  • Allow custom logo for each category
  • Write articles about the sponsors
  • Handcrafted activity icons
  • Easily create diverse galleries

Boombox, which is one of PX-Lab designs, is a highly recommended all-purpose viral magazine theme. It contains extremely customizable layout, full of viral snacks and exclusive features which can be listed as its allowing users to customize not only logo for every category but also the pages and widgets. Moreover, users also can easily build up unique galleries on WordPress with descriptions, affiliate links and the advertisement area.

For business purpose, since Boombox is built for earning money and monetization, it supports users to write articles about their sponsors so that they can earn revenue from their own site. The fake user engagement is a very different feature from other themes that it can also be helpful in raising views, shares or other interactions to your site.

Besides, Boombox provides with plenty of latest templates, headers, footers, listing types, RLT support and so on, in order to help you manage your site look better. If you are still unsure about how to design your site, there are modern and trendy unique demo for you to choose. Users have no worry about installing the theme thanks to its responsive, quick and reliable customer service and free lifetime updates.

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multinews news theme by Momizat

multinews Wordpress news theme by Momizat

Theme features

  • Beautiful mega menus
  • Flipping magazine page template
  • Multiple layout in one single page
  • Ajax live search
  • Integrated with many popular plugins like Woocommerce, bbPress, buddPress

Multinews, designed by Momizat, is a premium wordpress theme that specializes in creating a perfect-looking website for Newspapers, Magazines, and blogs. Specialized in this field, the theme offers a vast variety of unique and customized features like Flipping magazine, Author Timeline, beautiful mega menus, different layouts options, Ajax Live search, as well as integrated with popular plugins (Woocommerce, geodirectory, bbPress, buddypress, Ad Rotate, userpor, MailPoet Newsletters, Ubermenu Contact form 7 and much more).

Multinews is the best theme choice for a beautiful, professional and powerful News/magazine/blog websites. Plus, the theme developer offers excellent support and friendly help, so that everthing is simple to use, even if you are a beginner.

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Herald news theme by Meks

Herald Wordpress news theme by Meks

Theme features

  • Supports Entry Views plugin for counting post views
  • Includes 4 types of pagination
  • Easy to display your authors or categories in modules
  • Permits visitors to instantly share your posts on many popular social networks
  • Supports Video, Audio, Image, and Gallery Post formats

Herald is a fully responsive magazine and news portal Wordpress theme which was launched by the Meks team as a tool to help you to build news portals and magazine websites.

To go more into details, this theme offers more than 500 variations for your listing layouts together with unlimited sidebars, sticky sidebars, and more. Also, there are up to 4 pagination types, custom widgets, and so many more. You are allowed to choose from a variety of aspect ratios to make your images look their best. Moreover, we do support one of the most popular WP rating plugins so you are able to raise user’s interaction on your website with ratings and reviews. Entry Views plugin for counting post views is also supported. Your posts can even be selected and re-ordered by the number of views.

Don’t worry about its display on Desktops, Tablets, Laptops, or Mobiles because Herald can work very well on any devices. On top of that, it is fully compatible with many popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, Disqus, and so much more.

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Gridlove news theme by Meks

Gridlove Wordpress news theme by Meks

Theme features

  • Provide users with multiple layouts and a flexible homepage
  • Organize post groups on pages with drag and drop modules system
  • Be able to give accent to sponsored and popular posts
  • Offer unlimited fonts with colors to upload logos and icons
  • Support shortcodes to boost page views and increase users’ passive earnings thanks to multi-page posts

Gridlove, developed by meks, is a creative WordPress theme which concentrates on magazine and news websites. Being equipped with pre-defined layouts, along with templates, you can make your websites look unique and professional without requiring any coding skills.

Let’s see what Gridlove can do for you. First, Gridlove provides you with loads of layouts to help match your purpose with just a few clicks. Gridlove spends time on building a flexible homepage to aid in showing unlimited post groups selected by certain criteria and organizing them on pages with the drag and drop modules system. In addition, this WordPress theme can give accent to some sponsored or popular posts to make them different in various styles. Take note that multiple header layouts from the theme can help your website make unique and each category on your sites can include its own colors and layouts. Like other WordPress themes, Gridlove offers unlimited fonts as well as color combinations to get your logos and icons uploaded. Besides, built-in performance selections will help you make sure that your sites can load fast and run smoothly.

Besides being easily set up thanks to the advanced theme options panel, Gridlove WordPress theme comes with unlimited sidebars and sticky sidebars. Also, you will get instant support for Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin and for custom post types in modules. Alongside WordPress plugin, Gridlove has some custom widgets to help extend its functionality further. Users are able to add elements to their content with 12 flexible shortcodes and Gridlove allows them to boost their page views and increase their passive earnings thanks to multi-page posts feature.

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gillion news theme by Shufflehound

gillion Wordpress news theme by Shufflehound

Theme features

  • 50+ modular elements available
  • 6 all-purpose fully functioning demos
  • Display widget side menu
  • Grow both your blog and social media with social media widgets
  • Set up your local shop right in the centre of your blog

Gillion, designed by Shufflehound, is a multi-concept modular WordPress theme that works beautifully for your blog, magazine, publishing, shop, review or newsletter. Whatever your purpose is, Gillion is there to help you reach that. With over 50 modular elements available, the theme provides you with 6 all-purpose fully functioning multi use demos that extend far beyond WordPress regular limitation, which are Fashion, Clean, Foodie, Personal, Tech and Lifestyle ready to be customized and launched.

More over, the theme’s media widgets also allow you to grow both your blog and social media followers. You could also set up your local shop right in the centre of your blog.

In addition, the Bookmarking system it offers allows your readers to login to your WordPress website and bookmark the content that they would want to read later. This Bookmarking feature is cleverly placed within each demo so that you are given the edge over the competition. Plus, Gillion is extremely simple to set up and use, just perfect for beginners and fast-pace freelancer.

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MagPlus news theme by Theme bubble

MagPlus Wordpress news theme by Theme bubble

Theme features

  • Over 40 templates are ready-to-use to add a block of shortcodes to page
  • Enables review system so readers can leave comments and reviews on your articles
  • Many beautiful header and navigation options are waiting for you
  • Offers more than 300 layers and sliders
  • Able to put advertisement anywhere on your website with Visual Composer

MagPlus is a stunning magazine & blog Wordpress theme which was launched by the Theme_bubble team as a tool to help you write and edit articles with ease with many beautiful websites for Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers, and more.

In these days, online blogging is considered one of the most hyped easy career. But things can be even easier with MagPlus. To go more into details, this theme comes with a very fast mega menu solution which can be enabled via the WP native menu screen. Also, there are more than 40 templates to add a block of shortcodes to page. They are all pre-made for you. Do you want to give your customers permission to write feedback? Don’t worry, we do provide a built-in review system that enables readers or viewers to write reviews/comments on your articles.

this theme comes with a very quick and easy installation. Moreover, MagPlus is fully translation ready with a wonderful language switcher located right on the subheader.

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Goodlife news theme by Fuelthemes

Goodlife Wordpress news theme by Fuelthemes

Theme features

  • Allow you to customize the demos with built-in tools
  • Update for your themes and bundled plugins automatically
  • Provide infinite loading and pagination options
  • Offer multiple category layouts for you to choose
  • Include PSD files for you to make design changes

GoodLife released by fuelthemes is going to be one of the best Wordpress themes with its super wonderful widgets.

With the purpose to bring you the most comfortable and flexible experience, GoodLife provides you with tones of customization which allows you to customize the demos with built-in tools. You are able to make changes to everything to meet your requirements from typography options to widget colors. This theme gives you a wide range of category layouts for you to feel free to choose from. After you’ve downloaded the theme, you will see the PSD files included for you to make design changes for your customers effortlessly. GoodLife updates for your themes and bundles plugins automatically. It also provides infinite loading and pagination options.

You will find it useful thanks to other features such as amazing header styles, unlimited articles, built-in review system, and menu icon. Let get GoodLife to experience its amazing utilities.

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The Fox news theme by Withemes

The Fox Wordpress news theme by Withemes

Theme features

  • Be able to use WordPress live customizer to set up sites visually
  • Get blog posts divided into 2 columns to help them look like newspapers
  • Offer users vertical images uses and allow users to set up featured posts
  • Provide users with system of intelligent related posts
  • Help users’ readers read related content and increase time they stay on site

For those who might not know about, the Fox is known as one of the modern magazine WordPress themes. It is perfectly designed for magazine and news website.

Developed by withemes, Fox contains amazing features. First, Fox provides you with multiple layouts. It can come with countless layouts so that you can choose among them and turn your websites into any kind of blogs. Along with that, the sidebar can turn off, turn left or turn right and there are four footer sidebars, featured sticky posts, and highlighted areas. In addition, Fox WordPress theme applies WordPress live customizer to aid you in setting up your site visually. Options can include layout, colors, background images, logos, font faces, and many more. Besides looking good on your devices, Fox also gives you .po file to help you translate your sites into any languages and the Quick translation module plays an important role in translating words. Take note that Fox users can get blog posts divided into 2 columns so that they can look like newspapers. Also, you can easily set up a featured post thanks to the featured posts system.

Fox offers you vertical image uses. In case you do not have any horizontal pictures, you can add a vertical image and things will work well like horizontal one. Thanks to this, you can generate a blog with many creative layouts. With intelligent related posts systems, your related posts will be displayed right after posts helping readers have further related content and increasing the time they stay on your websites. Like any other WordPress themes, Fox contains a bunch of widgets and the Demo.xml file is also available so that you can set up your site without having any difficulties.

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Goliath news theme by Planetshine

Goliath Wordpress news theme by Planetshine

Theme features

  • Includes Photoshop .PSD files
  • Built-in Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Mega Menu (worth up to $100)
  • Styles sidebar widgets with star ratings
  • Includes pre-made contact form
  • Support bbPress forum plugin

Goliath is a well-compatible-on-many-devices Wordpress theme which was brought out by the Planetshine team as a solution for you to build many stunning websites for News, Tech, Fashion, and Sport.

To go more into details, this theme comes with a built-in rating system and a bunch of cool summary tools and excellent review display in Google search results. Therefore, Goliath is considered well-suited for generating product reviews. Everything will be much more easier for you now to set up your advertising after one-click installation. Moreover, you are able to add Google Adsense, Iframe or many image banners thanks to the fact that Goliath does include ads system. Built with brag and drop, the theme allows you to build various custom layouts quickly and easily. Also, you can mark the most popular articles every week as HOT in order that visitors can easily find the best articles.

Many more features are also included such as 2 industry leading plugins, which are Visual Composer & Revolution Slider, and a useful mega menu. On top of that, we do support translate your default language to multiple other languages!

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engine news theme by Industrialthemes

engine Wordpress news theme by Industrialthemes

Theme features

  • Smart sidebars that stay with site visitors wherever they go
  • Create unlimited minisites within your main site
  • Fully drag-and-drop anabled magazine theme
  • Bona fide customizable mega menu
  • Full comparison system of posts, articles or products within your site

Engine, designed by IndustrialThemes, is a WordPress blog, news, and magazine theme for the next generation, perfect for sites about gaming, gadgets, gear, news, technology, video, or anything else you could think of. With 1408 product sales and an overall star rating of 5, this theme is totally worth a try.

Some of the outstanding features the theme offers include: First, the smart sidebars that stay with site visitors wherever they go. Second, the unlimited number of minisites that you could create within your main site. Third, the fully drag-and-drop anabled magazine theme. Fourth, the bonda fide customizable mega menu that scales down to mobile phone gracefully. Last, the full comparison system of posts, articles or products within your site.

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Steam news theme by Industrialthemes

Steam Wordpress news theme by Industrialthemes

Theme features

  • Compatible WooCommerce and BuddyPress
  • AJAX post loop sorting & filtering controls
  • Support Retina and HiDPI display
  • Author listing template
  • Weight rating criteria

Steam is considered to be the most advanced magazine-style WordPress theme, which is created by IndustrialThemes team. The theme is widely recommended thanks to its brilliant features and functions fulfilled which can be listed as the complete page builder to set up your pages with versatile content panels, sticky top controls for easy accessibility or single click powerful theme options and so on.

With regard to them performance and appearance, apart from Slider revolution and jQuery slider to make your website become more attractive, Steam template also comes with Retina and HiDPI ready display which promisingly provides users with stunning photos that are in higher pixel, sharper and adaptable to make sure they will look beautiful and smooth on any kind of platform or device. Additionally, Steam not only provides BuddyPress but it also allows users to add products on the shopping cart via WooCommerce plugin. What is more, by utilizing Revolution Slider, users will find it easy to promote all special offers on the website.

What is special about Steam is that it is implemented with AJAX post loop sorting & filtering controls from which publishers can observe the most interaction such as like, viewed, commented and award. Moreover, there is an author listing template in this theme so that it is able to view who is the top interest author besides highest editor rated and highest user rated from AJAX plugin.

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Osage news theme by Mvpthemes

Osage Wordpress news theme by Mvpthemes

Theme features

  • Be equipped with responsive design
  • Take advantage of four different ad units
  • Provide users with feature-rich and modern theme
  • Come with Retina Ready
  • Generate unlimited homepage layouts with 8 custom widgets

Osage – Multi-Use WordPress Magazine Theme, designed by MVPThemes, is a perfect choice for any users who want to build up any genre of news besides leagues and sports teams.

This user-friendly theme is highly appreciated by its optional custom-built scoreboard and various social sharing options. In addition, the theme provides users with retina-ready, followed by four different ad units, such as a custom wallpaper ad. Osage is translation-ready and quite compatible with bbPress and WooCommerce with the support of over 600 Google Fonts. A Feature slider on category pages, a “sticky” menu bar, post/page slideshows and other outstanding features are also available on Osage as well.

When it comes to Osage theme, you will see that there are unlimited homepage layouts that are waiting for you to discover. All you need to do is to simply drag and drop its custom widget into layouts you think they can give your website an amazing and a professional look. With 8 custom widgets, Osage is willing to give you the ability and flexibility to get your content displayed like the way you want without replacing any code.

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MagOne news theme by Tiennguyenvan

MagOne Wordpress news theme by Tiennguyenvan

Theme features

  • Utilizing the powerful Sneeit Framework
  • One-Time Payment = Free Life-Time Updates
  • Allow viewers to provide meaningful feedback
  • Monetizing with ads spot
  • Open discussions by embedding media content to the comment

MagOne, established by author Tiennguyenvan, is a responsive Magazine and News WordPress theme which will meet the demand of people who are about to build Magazine, Lifestyle, Newspaper or Portfolio style websites. With MagOne, what you do is only purchasing once to get your amazing modern website with numerous layouts, moreover, it is also free of charge for you to gain access to lifetime updates. Similar to one-click demo install, MagOne supports 1-Click installation and it’s very speedy and swift. The size of the installer is also small and light, so it will save your hosting resource, and of course, save your money.

MagOne has been proposed and developed using the most up to date coding practices validated by W3C, utilizing the powerful Sneeit Framework. This gives designers and developers a great number of powerful design tools in the back­end saving time and more money including a Page Builder, Theme Customizer, Shortcodes, Menu Locations tools and so on. For business purpose, apart from Woocommerce plugin to build Shopping Cart functionality or Checkout system, MagOne helps you to create a passive income via Affiliate Marketing by Ads Spots designed for a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and maximizing your profit.

In order to bring your customers a friendly atmosphere and encourage them to take part in more open discussions, MagOne allows people to embed media content to every comment such as image, animated, video and emoticons. Additionally, MagOne allows your audiences to provide meaningful feedback with both point & star style rating systems which are a brilliant way to help boost your content to make it go viral. The more interaction to your site, the more benefits you could take including the raising number of viewers, engagement and revenue as well.

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Vidorev news theme by Beeteam368

Vidorev Wordpress news theme by Beeteam368

Theme features

  • Automatically import data from videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch and Facebook
  • Sticky video is supported
  • Include Social Locker for increasing social network traffic
  • Simple to create and manage video playlists
  • Available to show ads before running videos

As the name of the theme suggests, VidoRev is designed for bloggers or users who interested in videos and build their site for upload and sharing about this kind of media.

Particularly, once you connect your site account with accounts on other website supporting upload and store videos, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., it will automatically import all the data from the videos. In details, the video thumbnail, title, description, tags and more of the video are all imported to your site. Besides, the sticky video feature is included, hence, your visitors can scroll down to the end or the beginning of the page without pausing the player or missing the content.

Moreover, you can easily create and manage video playlists from your WordPress page that it will save your time and you can spend it for other jobs. In addition, this theme allows you to display ads before running your videos, hence, you can consider it as a source of income. Another interesting function of this theme is the Social Locker with which you can lock your content and require your visitors to likes, shares or tweets your page to see the video.

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Onfleek news theme by Dahz

Onfleek Wordpress news theme by Dahz

Theme features

  • Supply 8 designs for header
  • Include 9 post styles
  • Support 8 custom widgets for each article
  • Easy to set up the review system (by percentage, stars or points)
  • Provide 5 areas for displaying advertisements

Onfleek is the solution for WordPress users who seek for a theme for their online magazine. This theme is light, fast-to-load and simple-to-use that it is a good choice to start with.

Using this theme, you are supplied with 8 predefined designs for the header which has a neutral tone and can be suitable for many cases. In terms of posts and articles, there are 9 post styles available that it can match any kind of topic you want. Moreover, for each article, this theme supports total custom widgets of 8 which you can add important elements and details to increase the quality of your content.

Besides, it is easy to set up the review system with this theme in which you will have three kinds of base (percentage, stars, and points). Hence, your readers can simply leave their assessment on your posts and help you improve later articles. Onfleek also provides you with 5 areas for displaying advertisements which can be a potential source of income for you.

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Zarja Blog news theme by Gljivec

Zarja Blog Wordpress news theme by Gljivec

Theme features

  • Look beautiful on mobile devices
  • Special care into detail of blog
  • Convenient color picker to choose from
  • 5 Different home page variations
  • Use your custom logo and favicon icon

Zarja is a modern, creative WordPress dashboard with a focus on feminine gesture and touch. They provide with various color from light and dark with the very petty design which absolutely presents your images, typography, writing, and content. Brixton is a main and best seller version of this WordPress theme. This theme provides you with 3 demos variations which help you to set up your homepage easily.

Bixton is the most renewable and best-selling version of Zarja. You probably could easily set up your homepage by 3 different demo variations. This theme also looks beautiful on the phone screen. They also help readers spend special attention to the amazing typography and the readability on mobile, tablets, and more. Zarja creates a lovely, clean, minimal, and simple blog theme, but they also put special care on the details of your blog theme. I would no doubt fall in love with its beautiful detail of Zarja on the personal webpage. They provide from the petty designed posts to a special and unique grid presentation. As looking from the webpage demo, purple is the main representing color. However, you could change the theme color with a simple one move. They provide convenient color picker, which helps you choose the color and save the setting much easier.

This is what I call a great theme! There is no stuff pre-installed or bloated with unnecessary features. It is much lightweight.

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Kolyoum news theme by Bdaia

Kolyoum Wordpress news theme by Bdaia

Theme features

  • Offer 10+ ready-to-use designs for header
  • Support multiple sections for displaying ads
  • Provide over 60 blocks content and 20 slider, grid styles
  • Include sticky menu and sidebar
  • Featured with breadcrumbs for simple navigation

Kolyoum is a Newspaper theme for WordPress-based site which has a modern design and amazing features. In particular, when you use this theme, you are available to access to more than 10 predefined designs for your header.

Moreover, you are provided with over 60 blocks content and 20 sliders, grid styles which can help design your site beautifully. In case you are a new user, you can apply one of the 7 pre-built demos to quickly build up your site. Besides, the sticky menu and sidebar are also equipped, hence, it helps your visitors easily move to other sections and pages on your website.

In addition, it is easy to enable the breadcrumbs for simple navigation also. If you want to earn more money using your site, you can put some ads on and receive incentives from advertisers. With Kolyoum, you can have multiple sections to display ads that you can easily manage them. There are even more interesting functions offered by this theme that you can visit the product links for more details and the preview for viewing the demos.

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Planer news theme by Dankovthemes

Planer Wordpress news theme by Dankovthemes

Theme features

  • Be able to manage your content wisely
  • Provide you with 100% Retina Ready
  • Improve SEO optimization and custom short-codes
  • Give you powerful admin panel
  • Be equipped with custom widgets and over 200 Awesome Icons

For those who have not got any idea, Planer theme is professional and elegant news theme to aid you in managing your content wisely. Being equipped with lots of homepage content outlets and a 3-column grid, Planer theme provides you with chances to promote your content without turning your site to a mess.

In addition, Planer is 100% Retina-Ready and translation; followed by a strong admin panel to help you manage your site easily. Additionally, don’t forget that Planer can improve SEO optimization to get traffic on your sites. With custom short-codes and custom widgets, the theme allows you to display your content in a professional way and more than 200 Awesome icons plays such a vital role in making your sites funny and investigating your customers’ behaviors towards your sites.

Another Planer’s feature that you should not miss out is its responsive Adsene and demo XML. Also, you will be given post/page options features in order to customize each post or page in a smart way. Thanks to clean and minimal design, you are allowed to create a unique professional website for your visitors.

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Flick news theme by Mythemeshop

Flick Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Provide custom dashboard design
  • Use the latest techniques in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Translate your content into other languages
  • Allow you to choose plenty of attractive backgrounds
  • Optimize in SEO to help you on top of the search engines

Flick is an amazing and media-oriented Wordpress theme. It becomes the best choice of who has media content such as images, graphics, photographs and so on. Besides the beauty of your content, Flick makes it eye-catching and suitably organized.

The most outstanding widget Flick brings is that it provides you with a custom dashboard design. Thanks to this, you will have a much better experience to create your own site. This theme uses the latest techniques in HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure there is no longer an out-of-date code. Flick has the translation ready function to translate all your content into another language so that you can engage with every user all around the world regardless of region. The theme allows you to choose plenty of attractive backgrounds to help you make the best. Furthermore, it has optimized in SEO to make sure that you are always on top of the search engine.

Flick is a great theme also with responsive, clean design, and premium support features. Experience these appealing widgets by getting the theme now.

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TruePixel news theme by Mythemeshop

TruePixel Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Earn more money for each visitor with AdSense optimized
  • Provide lots of elegant designs which are also customizable
  • Have SEO mastered to keep you atop the search engines
  • Allow you customize your theme simply with options panel
  • Display related posts to encourage users to stay longer

TruePixel is believed to be one of the most powerful and appealing Wordpress themes. It is highly customized for usability and speed. Particularly, this theme comes with plenty of great features and unlimited attractive layouts.

TruePixel helps you earn more money in your pocket whenever there comes a visitor. To explain for this, the theme is optimized for AdSense, which leads to higher CPCs, CTRs, and RPMs. Another special widget you can take advantage is that this theme provides you with tons of eye-catching and elegant designs which are also customizable. Hence, you can customize and configure them to meet your requirements. TruePixel is fully optimized for search engines, with SEO Mastered, it will keep you atop the search engines and encourage more visitors to view your site.

In conclusion, TruePixel is an ideal choice because of many useful features which are awesome options panel, showing related posts, clean commented code, and author box. Let get this smart theme.

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Vixen Blog news theme by Gljivec

Vixen Blog Wordpress news theme by Gljivec

Theme features

  • Super fast loading
  • Creative design easy to customize
  • 5 post templates
  • CSS3 Features and Animations
  • Use your custom logo and favicon icon

Vixen is a blog or portfolio WordPress theme by well-known designer gljivec. They are creative, minimal and elegant blog theme, which is regular update the new version monthly. They absolutely are suitable with various type of business: corporation, small firm, natural blog, beauty blogger, travel, and photography. Their amazing grid styles and layout make it perfect for artist portfolio, images, and contents to show-off.

Furthermore, the theme allows editor unlimited choosing color in their mind. They provide color picker, which is a convenient function for adapting new color in the blog layout. It simply set the color whatever you want and easily save the setting. The design of the theme exactly looks like what you see in the demo samples and is really customizable. Thus, you probably change everything you want. There is no doubt that the best service is customer support. Gljivec and his team far are more enthusiastic and helpful in showing and supporting us to fix any problems. They give very quick responses to our questions and offered amazing advice or just fixed the problems himself. I genuinely can not recommend these theme or Gljivec customer support team enough.

In conclusion, Vixen is what I need from website design for my business.

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Schema news theme by Mythemeshop

Schema Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Support breadcrumbs for simple navigation
  • Easy to take control over advertisements on the website
  • Simple to transfer content and settings from old theme to Schema
  • Available to upload translation files for multilingual purpose
  • Provide 3 styles of displaying related posts

If you want to find a theme to beautifully display your blog and easily manage your content, Schema is the one you need. This theme is provided by mythemeshop which is trusted by thousands of consumers, hence, you can expect on its function.

One of its wonderful features is that it supports the use of breadcrumbs which helps you and your visitors move to another section easily. Besides, it is simple to manage advertisements on your site that it can become a source of income for you to maintain your blog. Moreover, if you change your theme from another to Schema, you can easily import and transfer all the existing content and settings that it will save much of your time and you can spend on other purposes.

If you want your site to view in different languages, you can upload translation files of all the available content and make it multilingual. In terms of related posts, there are three layouts that you can choose and display them in the way you want.

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Schema news theme by Mythemeshop

Schema Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Compatible with Elementor builder perfectly
  • Help you save your time managing ads
  • Allow you to add reviews to your content
  • Have a lightweight, secure and battle-tested code
  • Set up your new theme quickly with demo data included

Schema must be super wonderful and flexible to be rated as 5 rating star. It is the fastest loading and ultra-SEO friendly theme coming from MyThemeShop. With its amazing widget, Schema is beyond users’ expectation and helps them to get a higher rank in the search engine.

Schema is compatible with Elementor builder so perfectly that makes an unbeatable SEO and speed also. Thanks to this theme, you can save a great deal of time spent on managing your ads. Schema can control and track ads simply and automatically. Plus, it provides you with a built-in review system which allows you to add reviews to your content. This theme has lightweight, secure and battle-tested code to ensure your site performing optimally and securely. Schema can set up your new theme in a blink of an eye and use demo data to display some helpful examples for you to modify effortlessly.

This theme not only has the custom CSS support to give you control but also has rich snippet support to rank you higher in the search engine. Try these amazing widgets by getting Schema now.

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Best news theme by Mythemeshop

Best Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Author box is featured for displaying about content creators
  • Breadcrumbs are available for easy navigation
  • Simple to add/remove sections/pages/categories
  • Easy to use Mega menu to show more links, posts, etc.
  • Support the use of child theme

Best is another theme provided by mythemeshop, which is designed for blog or online store, such as fashion, travel or food blog, technology or clothes store, etc.

One of the interesting points of this theme is that it provides you with an author box where you can show more about your content creators, about their name, age or their purposes, wants, etc. By doing that, your readers may feel close to the author and understand more about them, which increases the chance that they will stick together with your content. Besides, breadcrumbs are available for easy navigation, hence, it is easier to travel around your site.

In terms of settings, it is easy to add or remove sections, pages or categories which you want or no longer want to appear on your site. You can also use the Mega menu to display more links, posts or categories of your site and make it easier for your visitors to find the things they want. Best supports the use of child theme that you can easily start building up your site even if you are a new user.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Opinion news theme by Meks

Opinion Wordpress news theme by Meks

Theme features

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5
  • Beautiful magazine oriented design
  • Tons of Premium Plugins
  • Multiple Widget Styles
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel

Opinion, designed by meks, is a modern news and magazine style WordPress theme, beautifully created to create incredible magazine sites very easily, coming with a large number of different styles and options. It is highly responsive as it looks flawlessly on all devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and others.

In detail, Opinion is compatible with WordPress 5.x, so that you can update the latest technic and functions. This theme includes 4+ Home Page Styles, beautifully crafted and you can design more detail. Based on Powerful Theme Options Panel, it enables you to organize and customize your website easily. You can highlight some of the widgets with Multiple Widget Styles just by a single click and point out the most important ones. Opinion includes Tons of Premium Plugins such as Visual Composer Page Builder, WooCommerce to sell your product online, WPML to translate into any language, Slider Revolution to create impressive sliders, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Yoast, and much more.

You can classify your articles according to specific categories, tags, authors, or whatever is important to you. Videos, audio, galleries and any other media are fully supported. You can estimate reading time for your articles, let your visitors know how long it takes to read your articles. We include step-by-step guide, help you easily set up your website without coding knowledge.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

Interactive news theme by Mythemeshop

Interactive Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Display the off-canvas mobile menu
  • Optimize the loading time and the powerful options panel
  • Allow your visitors to share your content on social media easily
  • Keep the code nicely organized with annotations
  • Send the breaking news ticker to encourage visitors to read more

If you are a webmaster with a lot of content and want to share it with more and more visitors, Interactive is one of the most powerful blog theme available for you. With this, you can definitely show your content not only in a smart organization but also in a stunning interface, which helps your audience can have a bird’s-eye view of what you are displaying. Hence, they find it comfortable to stay on your website longer to look for their interests.

By lots of Interactive’ features, it is taken advantage to create a travel blog, fashion blog, storyteller website, or flat magazine. The theme has one particular widget which is the off-canvas mobile menu. In other words, this makes your website friendly with mobile users. They can see how smooth the animation is and find it pretty impressive. Interactive also optimizes the loading time to ensure lower bounce rates and better Google rankings. In addition, you are able to control your site and theme thanks to the powerful options panel. Especially, this theme allows your visitors to share your content on social media easily so that you can increase client engagement.

On top of this, Interactive can keep the code nicely organized with annotations and send the breaking news ticker to encourage your visitors to read more. Because all of the above, it’s highly recommended that you should get this intelligent theme.

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Pinstagram news theme by Mythemeshop

Pinstagram Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Provide unlimited color schemes and google fonts
  • Offer a vault of shortcodes for you to choose
  • Provide a large number of beautiful backgrounds
  • Display your social media sharing options
  • Spotlight your best content with lightbox

Pinstagram is a premium Wordpress theme which is inspired by Pinterest. With the magic of Pinterest and tons of special features, this theme can make your site have a stunning look.

Pinstagram provides you with unlimited color schemes and Google fonts to use. You can choose the most beautiful colors and fonts for your site simply and comfortably. Moreover, this theme offers a vault of shortcodes so that you won’t have to face up with plenty of complicated and annoying code. To make sure that your site has the best look, Pinstagram provides a large number of beautiful backgrounds. By taking advantage of this widget, you will have lots of interesting choices to be creative. This theme helps you to increase the visitors’ engagement by displaying your social media sharing buttons. Once there is an audience interested in your post, he can share it with many others. In addition, Pinstagram also spotlights your best content with lightbox to draw visitors’ attention.

Besides these awesome features, Pinstagram brings you ready-to-use icons, widgets galore, and smart AdSense positioning. It’s highly recommended that you should experience this theme.

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NewsPaper news theme by Mythemeshop

NewsPaper Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Responsive layout which accommodates to any screen size
  • Showcase HD images with a featured section
  • Optimize the search engine
  • Provide you with lots of ways to organize your posts
  • Increase your brand visibility with the brand's section

NewsPaper is an amazing and premium Wordpress them which is particularly designed for content-rich sites. With many helpful features it has, you can have a wonderful and professional experience.

First of all, NewsPaper provides you with responsive layout which accommodates to any screen size. Hence, the theme ensures that your sites will be compatible not only with a computer but also with mobile devices. Secondly, by using this theme, you can showcase HD images with a featured section, which draws your visitors’ attention and make them impressed. Thirdly, NewsPaper optimizes the search engine so that your audience won’t be uncomfortable due to the slow loading time. This definitely leads to lower bounce rates. What’s more, you can have a lot of ways to organize your posts in a suitable and eye-catching organization.

The NewsPaper also has many other smart and trending widgets such as increasing your brand visibility with the brand’s section, offering powerful options panel and providing a large number of colors, backgrounds and advanced typography. If you are impressed with the NewsPaper, get the theme now.

More Info / Download theme Theme Demo

HotNews news theme by Mythemeshop

HotNews Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Help your site load fastly and properly
  • Have the hand-writing code to ensure the security and effect
  • Allow you to configure your theme with options panel
  • Include the most popular custom widgets
  • Provide you with plenty of new pretty fonts and colors

HotNews is known as a breaking news style Wordpress theme. It must be a great choice for bloggers who has a wide range of content. By using this, you can find your site in an amazing look with a nice organization.

HotNews has a lot of smart features. It can help your site load fastly and properly so that your visitors will find it comfortable reading your posts. Moreover, it has the hand-writing code which is to ensure the effect and security of your site. All the content will be generated smoothly and safely. You are able to control and configure your theme with the feature called options panel. In addition, you can create the most attractive and trendy theme with plenty of new fonts and colors.

HotNews includes the most popular custom widgets for you to take advantage. It features lightbox, AdSense optimized, pagination systems and premium support. You should get this theme to make use of these wonderful things.

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WordX news theme by Mythemeshop

WordX Wordpress news theme by Mythemeshop

Theme features

  • Highlight your best content with an eye-grabbing carousel
  • Ensure the lowest possible bounce rates
  • Include 590 pretty icons for you to choose
  • Make it easy to embed elements into your site with shortcodes
  • Offer unlimited colors and backgrounds for you to customize

WordX has become a responsive Wordpress theme since it was released. It provides users lots of great features to make their own sites, especially blogs and online magazine, look amazing and professional.

With WordX, you and your visitors can see your best content highlighted with an eye-grabbing carousel. This drives more traffics to your special writing and helps you engage with plenty of audiences. Moreover, your content will look wonderful and attractive. You can make use of 590 pretty icons the theme provides to create professional looking navigation buttons. Plus, WordX offers unlimited colors and backgrounds for you to customize. To ensure the lowest possible bounce rates, WordX has improved the load speed super fast.

This theme provides you with a lot of stunning designs which can extremely impress your visitors. Besides, it integrates with AdSense support and social media. What’s more, WordX is fully SEO ready to help you climb the Google ranks fastly. Get this theme now if you feel interested.

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Nimbo news theme by Birdwpthemes

Nimbo Wordpress news theme by Birdwpthemes

Theme features

  • Offer live switching between different styles
  • Allow users to choose color schemes and enhance site’s usability
  • Be able to show latest comments on archive pages and configure theme easily
  • Show popup windows and related posts
  • Include XML files with demo date and support child theme

Nimbo is known as a WordPress theme for your own blogs, which contains a clean and minimal design with many different layouts, including two menu types in your header, two different header styles, three layouts for the single pages, three different blog layouts, and three areas for widgets in your footer.

Nimbo includes amazing features. As you can see, live switching among two different styles, including dark and light. Every visitor is able to select your color schemes and this theme will record the selection of visitors to help enhance the site’s usability. Moreover, Nimbo WordPress can show latest comments located under each post on archive pages and you can configure this feature in your theme settings with ease. Additionally, Nimbo can show off popup windows with video/audio players, images, and galleries. Being built with Bootstrap 3, Nimbo supports related post and theme options are powered by the WordPress customizer. Take note that this WordPress theme can support all WordPress post formats and contact form 7. With Translation ready, your site can be translated into different languages. There are also over 1400 icons and drop-down menus with sticky headers.

Besides above interesting features, Nimbo includes XML files with the demo data and offers child themes for customization. Step-by-step documentation is also available as well.

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Bizi news theme by Nanoagency

Bizi Wordpress news theme by Nanoagency

Theme features

  • Create your stylish designs thanks to modern style designs
  • Give users speed and SEO optimization
  • Offer popular visual page builders
  • Get ready with multi-language sites thanks to WPML plugin
  • Be able to optimize all slideshows with unlimited color sections and color pickers

Developed by nanoagency, Bizi is known as one of the most powerful themes for food bloggers. No matter you are bloggers or company, you can feel free to share the recipes or your own blog posts to the rest of the world.

Bizi WordPress theme includes amazing features. With modern minimal style designs, you will have more choices to create your own stylish designs to attach your visitors. When it comes to headers, Bizi provides its users with advanced headers to make your header style and header background variation. If you are worried about SEO, Bizi will help you deal with this by giving you speed and SEP optimization, followed by Retina Ready graphics. In addition, Bizi also contains popular visual page builders so that you can choose layouts you think they are easily created without requiring coding knowledge. Besides, if you require a multi-language site, WPML plugin is also available. All slideshows are optimized for mobile devices. Bizi offers you unlimited color selections with color pickers for any color settings.

After using for a while, you can see that Bizi WordPress gives you free lifetime updates and support with contact form 7 support and extensive documentation.

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How Avada Commerce ranks 41 Wordpress news themes

These 41 news themes for Wordpress are ranked based on following criterias:

  • Theme rating review on Themeforest, Wordpress Themes Marketplace, Templatemonster, MOJO Marketplace and more.
  • Themes' reviews and ratings.
  • The theme's design.
  • The vendor's reputation on social networks, and search engine ranking.
  • Social networks metrics such as Facebook, Twititer, Google+.
  • Avada experts' reviews

Top 41+ Wordpress news Themes / Templates

Thank to every theme vendor that has made the 41+ best Wordpress news themes/templates list! This is the most comprehensive list of best news on the internet and we are honoured to have you as part of this!

We would like to give the best commendation for all of vendors who have done the number one of news brief! It is appreciated to be the most awesome and exhaustive result from searching on Google. We are pretty proud of your appearance of this task. Many thanks for your benefaction to our lives!

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