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14+ Best Wordpress Google Maps Plugins from hundreds of the Google Maps reviews in the market (Wordpress Plugins Store, Wordpress Plugins) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your Google Maps does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Google Maps plugin collection is ranked and result in August 2020, the price from $0. You find free, paid Google Maps plugins or alternatives to Google Maps also.

Here are the 14+ Best Google Maps Wordpress Plugins

14 Best Google Maps Plugins for Wordpress

  1. Maps Widget for Google Maps by Webfactory ltd
  2. Leaflet Maps Marker by Mapsmarker.com e.u.
  3. Google Maps Easy by Supsystic.com
  4. 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps by 10web
  5. Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo by Themeisle
  6. Ultimate Maps by Supsystic.com
  7. Google Maps CP by Codepeople
  8. WP Google Map by Srmilon.info
  9. Google Maps by BestWebSoft by Bestwebsoft
  10. Google Map with FancyBox Popup by Gopi ramasamy
  11. Elementor Google Map Extended by Internetcss
  12. Advanced Google Maps by Weblizar
  13. UpQode Google Maps by Upqpde
  14. Google Maps Extended for Elementor by Codenat

Maps Widget for Google Maps by Webfactory ltd

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Webfactory ltd

Were you sick of unreliable and slow Google Maps plugins setting up for hours? For Maps Widget for Google Maps, you will have a beautiful map with a thumbnail & lightbox in minutes.

Not only does this app run smoothly on your website, it also brings you great flexibility to configure your map. To begin with, this plugin allows you to adjust the map size i.e. the map width and map height as well as the zoom level. You can easily choose whatever Google Map types you love to (road, satellite, terrain hybrid map or custom map image). There are plenty of color schemes from Google Maps for you to choose except the default color. Like many other Google Map plugin, Maps Widget for Google Maps supports and an unlimited number of pins and markers to your map. Plus, you can add descriptions to these pins, including links, text, images, and so on. This plugin lets you use a shortcode to display your map in case you want to set up your map manually.

The plugin uses the Google Maps Static Maps API. It only loads the entire map of Google in one request compared to more than 20 requests that other plugins for Google Maps are expected to load. This will ensure that your site is loaded as quickly as possible!

Highlight features

  • Custom google map size and zoom level
  • Choose any google map type
  • Plenty of google map color schemes
  • Add unlimited pins with custom marker
  • Support shortcode to display Google Map

Price: 0

Rating: 491 - 4.7 / 5

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Leaflet Maps Marker by Mapsmarker.com e.u.

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Mapsmarker.com e.u.

If you are looking for a method to show your customer to your shop’s location, the most effective one is to add a map to your website. Leaflet Maps Marker is your individual Geo-CMS that features the highest security standards and a moral code.

By installing this plugin into your website, you will be able to pin your favorite locations, i.e., your stores, with markers. For each marker, there may be a popup description text or images added as per your need. You can search for these locations by using either the keyless geocoding providers such as MapZen or Algolia Places or Google Places with API key registration. The next thing to do with your map is to show directions to your locations so that your customers are able to find them easily. As for your markers and layers, you are granted with a great number of management options. For example, display the marker list below the layer of maps or export your markers and layers as XLS, XLSX, CSF file and save them offline.

This plugin is available to 46 and counting languages, which includes even the right to left language support as well as compatibility with Cyrillic, Chinese characters, and other special characters. What’s more, you will always receive fast support thanks to the responsive development team.

Highlight features

  • Pin your favorites places with markers
  • Allow searching for locations
  • Show directions for your locations
  • Add popup description text or images
  • Organize your markers in layers

Price: 0

Rating: 242 - 4.6 / 5

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Google Maps Easy by Supsystic.com

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Supsystic.com

Google Maps Easy app is a great way to make your website a beautiful map and help your customers discover your location on the google map. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, using this plugin, you will have many more opportunities to attract customers.

It is very simple to create and configure Google Map using shortcode or PHP code by just copy and pasting. Add an unlimited number of map markers and locations easily with this plugin. It even allows you to add more information to the locations such as short descriptions, links and image galleries, and more media. The market icon libraries provide you a wide range of selections or you may use your own marker icons. These markers are exportable to XLS or CSV sites to your computer. Google Maps Easy supports both horizontal and vertical sliders to your map and you are able to draw figures and paths on the map. This would be perfect for showing your customers the exact route to your locations.

Create Google Maps in a minute with Google Maps Easy WordPress plugin. This is an ultimate solution to display google map on the contact page, routes, real estates, delivery areas, and more.

Highlight features

  • Unlimited map markers and locations
  • Add map with shortcode or PHP code
  • Import and export Google Maps and markers
  • Support map with slider
  • Draw figures and paths on the map

Price: 0

Rating: 223 - 4.7 / 5

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10Web Map Builder for Google Maps by 10web

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by 10web

10Web Map Builder blends performance and usability, making it easy to add free maps to your website. It’s a solution out of the box with some powerful features and additional options for customization.

You can have unlimited maps on your website with this plugin and unlimited markers on each. The plugin supports all controls on Google Maps that make user interaction simple and smooth. You can set the control settings and pick their locations on the map. Store locator will allow you to display a collection of markers showing store locations within a given radius and help visitors to your site find nearby shops or business locations. It is a great way to get clients to any of your physical locations. It was never that easy to configure maps While adding markers, drawing circles, and rectangles, applying themes and skins, the changes are shown in the quick preview immediately. If you go pro, the premium version has six themes and several skins that can be used to make the maps look and feel distinct.

The plugin is known for its feature-packed free version, offering absolutely free features that are normally premium, such as an unlimited number of sensitive maps, geolocation app, shop locators, layers, unlimited markers, and more.

Highlight features

  • Allow creating unlimited maps
  • Customize skins and themes
  • Support all Google Maps controls
  • Support live preview option
  • Support store locator and directions

Price: 0

Rating: 88 - 4.5 / 5

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Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo by Themeisle

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Themeisle

The plugin Intergeo Google Maps WordPress is the best tool on your website to manage Google Maps. This simple WordPress map plugin allows users to create new custom maps using a powerful builder of UI maps.

This powerful UI map builder allows you to set up the initial position, which is your location, and the zoom level of your map. Add multiple locations to your map if your business includes different branches. You will have the ability to adjust these control and positioning settings in the control panel. The high flexibility means that you are free to set up the map’s color and style by using theme colors or by using your color schemes. If you wish to create your new Wordpress custom map, it is also made possible with the shortcode. This shortcode will be shown at a specific address based on Google Maps. Custom attributes such as height, length, zoom etc. can expand the shortcode. Specific settings for a map are predefined to these attributes.

With new settings, created maps can be easily edited and saved. The plugin has the ability to clone a map with all its settings to increase the speed of the creation process. Eventually, the plugin has an elegant catalog that allows users to view all of the system’s maps and remove unnecessary maps.

Highlight features

  • Setup map's initial position and zooming level
  • Adjust controls settings and positioning
  • Add multiple locations
  • Setup map color styles
  • Create maps with shortcode

Price: 0

Rating: 65 - 4.4 / 5

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Ultimate Maps by Supsystic.com

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Supsystic.com

Supsystic team provides users with Google Maps alternatives such as Bing maps, OpenStreetMap or OSN, and Mapbox. This replacement is to reduce the cost due to the newly updated Google Maps pricing policy.

When Google Maps is no longer an attractive option, another way to add a map to your website is to use the online ultimate maps builder. You can choose to alternatives to Google Maps as mentioned above, or you can even add your own map with the shortcode and PHP code. You are also able to import or export the data related to maps and markers as per your needs. Or in other words, you can add a new map to the source or download the maps you have created before. This plugin supports exposition slider, which means This gives you the ability to reflect your marker photos and can help customers find a special place, choose a restaurant or cafĂ©, buy a house, find the best hotel, beautiful countryside, etc. Another cool feature with Ultimate Maps is that when the customer clicks the location’s market, there will be linked information shown to them instantly.

This is the ultimate solution for showing a map on the contact page, directions, real estate, areas of distribution, and so on. Use a map on your website to help your customers find out where you are.

Highlight features

  • Provide unlimited markets
  • Add map via shortcode or PHP code
  • Import and export maps and markers
  • Support Map with Exposition slider
  • Add links to markets

Price: 0

Rating: 30 - 4.8 / 5

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Google Maps CP by Codepeople

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Codepeople

Google Maps CP is a helpful and effective plugin to create and adjust maps of your locations. The plugin has a wide range of settings to make your maps more versatile and adaptable.

CP enables Google Maps to be inserted in a single post or on multiple posts in one or more templates of WordPress. The Google Maps CP includes as many marks as posts with the geolocation details on the site, as they do, and also mark the latest posts in the same groups. In the admin settings, you can set the number of markers on Google Maps. The post pertaining to the cursor is highlighted when the mouse hovers over the marker. Moreover, the bubbles of marker information may be displayed or hidden up to your choice.

Google Maps CP is available pro edition apart from the free features mentioned above. You will have access to more advanced tools such as the search box on the maps to search for additional places when you upgrade to this premium version.

Highlight features

  • Multiple pins or markers
  • Marker position by geolocation information
  • Hide or display bubbles with markers information
  • Insert to a single post or multiple posts
  • Highlight marker when mouse hovering

Price: 0

Rating: 29 - 4.0 / 5

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WP Google Map by Srmilon.info

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Srmilon.info

WP Google Map is an excellent plugin to use when connecting to your website with a personalized Google map. It can be fully personalized and used as shortcode.

There are a bunch of cool features when this plugin is installed to your website. It is super to use, just find your location based on its name and the system will automatically identify where you are! Once the location is identified, add a marker to show your customers. It would require no coding skills at all, just drag the markers and it will be set to the exact location you want. Furthermore, there are several custom configurations for you such as changing the zoom levels. You can also add the map as a widget on your site by the Appearance settings. You can drag it to any widget area and enter Google Map Shortcode, then save it, and the map appears wherever you chose in your sidebar or footer.

This plugin is available as a premium one as well. So if you wish to have more advanced control to your map, such as the ability to change the latitude and longitude to show your exact location, this could be worth your consideration.

Highlight features

  • Import shortcode by Embed Google Map
  • Automatically identify Google Map location
  • Drag map markers to an exact location
  • Add as a map widget using shortcode
  • Change zoom levels from 1 to 15

Price: 0

Rating: 20 - 4.4 / 5

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Google Maps by BestWebSoft by Bestwebsoft

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Bestwebsoft

Google Maps plugin provides custom maps to blogs, sites, and widgets on the WordPress website. Add limitless markers, form, alignment, and styles of configuration. Use control options, quickly customize the look, display, and edit your saved maps.

The plugin supports an unlimited number of maps to your pages, posts, or widgets. In order to add a map, you need to add the shortcode in the plugin settings page. What’s interesting is that you do not have to modify the code when adjusting the maps by using the fast setup features. The map will be displayed in any size you want as well as the customizable title and marker locations. There are four map types for you to choose from (roadmap, terrain, hybrid, and satellite) and three map alignment styles (Left, Righ, and center). You can enable your maps’ various control options include rotating, zooming, and scaling.

The app is available in the premium too. In the premium version, you are even provided with more control options such as dragging, scroll wheel, and double click. Also, the pro users would be supported within one business day from the development team.

Highlight features

  • Add unlimited maps via shortcode
  • Customize map display
  • Choose map types and alignment
  • Enable control options
  • Add custom code via settings page

Price: 0

Rating: 7 - 4.4 / 5

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Google Map with FancyBox Popup by Gopi ramasamy

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Gopi ramasamy

With the FancyBox Popup plugin, Google Map can be added to the popup window. This is a good plugin in Google Maps to show your business location or just your personal address.

There are plenty of features that you can expect from this simple and responsive Google Map plugin. This plugin uses FancyBox’s jquery implementation to open the popup window. By clicking the location address, the popup window will open. You can enable localizations and directions to your locations on the map to show your users where your stores are. This popup window size can be configured in the plugin settings page within several clicks. However, if you want to change the overlay color, you may need to update the PHP file by changing the code manually. The PHP code can also be used to add a new map if you want to start everything from scratch. It would be a benefit for you if you have primary knowledge of coding.

Google Map with FancyBox Popup is a lightweight plugin that brings an attractive look for your maps. It runs smoothly as the pages load and will not slow down your website.

Highlight features

  • Display maps in popup window
  • Adjust popup window size
  • Adjust popup overlay color
  • Support for localizations and directions
  • Use PHP code to add map

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 3.0 / 5

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Elementor Google Map Extended by Internetcss

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Internetcss

This plugin works as the extended add-on for Elementor Google Map, a map plugin that helps you easily add multiple address pins to the same map with support for different types of maps and custom map style.

Extended Google Map Elementor supports the use of your Google Map API in order to, for example, search for your own locations. Moreover, you are able to find address latitude and longitude right inside this plugin. What makes this app worth your choice is high flexibility and customization. Freely add your marker icons with 10 colors to choose from and change your map’s styles. The map is available in four types which are Road Map, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. There are also several smart control options that you can enable or disable on this plugin. These options include the zoom control and street view control. Plus, you are even able to change the position of the zoom control.

Google Map Elementor’s mission is to help users design websites in the easiest, fastest, and most streamlined way. The plugin is available in languages compatible with Google Map languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Vietnamese, Thailand).

Highlight features

  • Support Google Map API key
  • Find address latitude and longitude
  • Custom marker icons and map styles
  • Enable/disable zoom control
  • Enable/disable Streetview control

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 5.0 / 5

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Advanced Google Maps by Weblizar

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Weblizar

This is a WordPress Plugin that will generate Smooth Open street Maps over your WordPress sites using the easy short-code. There is a great collection of user-friendly Short-codes to add unlimited locations and customize the maps with ease.

There are a bunch of handy functions that you can expect from this Advanced Google Maps plugin. Apart from changing custom markers added to your locations, you can easily enable info window cards to be anchored to a marker. That is a popup that displays text or images providing a description and you are able to customize the content and design of them. The route direction maps would help your users find the best way to get to your location with comprehensive data and real-time traffic. This plugin brings you more than six map theme styles and you can customize the presentation of the Google base maps or change the visual display of elements such as parks, roads, and even built-up areas. This plugin supports short-codes, so use the centralized dashboard to manage all of them. You will be able to add, delete and edit short-code from there.

No matter if you are a beginner or a Wordpress guru, this Google map plugin is a highlight recommendation for you. Download the Advanced Google Maps now to create your own maps within a few minutes.

Highlight features

  • Create infowindow cards
  • Provide route directions
  • Change custom markers
  • Change map theme style
  • Manage with centralized dashboards

Price: 15

Rating: 4 - 5.0 / 5

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UpQode Google Maps by Upqpde

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Upqpde

For Visual Composer, UpQode Google Map Visual Composer Addon is the easiest and most powerful free google maps addon. You can create various types of maps with a lot of functions with this plugin.

As the name suggests, the plugin allows you to add and custom a map onto your website to guide your visitors to your shop’s location. However, besides these basic functions, it still has several cool features to deliver for you. This is a Google maps plugin that supports a market cluster. This is effective when your customers can find out your location within just a glance. This marker is even supported by the custom popup function that attracts your customers. Apart from that, you may choose to set your location in the center of the map. Furthermore, there are also some advanced configurations such as the option to enable/disable the toggle button to view the full-screen map and switch to the street view when there would be a panorama image of your shop’s front view.

UpQode Google Maps is available with high flexibility. You even have the ability to change the language, map control options, and design your maps with more than 100 styles. This plugin is simple to use and suitable for both small shops or businesses.

Highlight features

  • Marker cluster support
  • Enable toggle button to view full-screen map
  • Enable street-view imaginary
  • Custom marker popup support
  • Set center of map

Price: 0

Rating: 4 - 3.0 / 5

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Google Maps Extended for Elementor by Codenat

Wordpress Google Maps Plugin by Codenat

Google Maps Extended for Elementor is a plugin that generates fully customized responsive google maps. This plugin is suitable for multiple purposes, from stores, vacancies to other business locations.

With this plugin, you will be able to manage your maps, from easy to more advanced actions. As most of other Google Map plugins can perform, Google Maps Extended for Elementor lets you create multiple markers on your maps within just several clicks. You can show directions to your locations as well as routes with real-time traffic. Apart from those functions, this plugin provides you some highlight features that you cannot find anywhere else. It supports full-screen view so that when your users click to the map, it can be displayed with a full-screen view. Another handy function is the ability of panorama mode. When this panorama mode is turned on, your customers are able to see the street view in the fullest and most lively way of your locations. In addition to that, there are unlimited map styles with Snazzy Maps available and many more custom options to your maps.

One thing to remember is that you should install Elementor Plugin first to use this plugin since it is just an addon. Without Elementor plugin, it will not work.

Highlight features

  • Support full-screen view
  • Create multiple markers
  • Enable panorama mode
  • Show directions and routes
  • SnazzyMaps themes supported

Price: 16

Rating: 2 - 4.5 / 5

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Top 14+ Wordpress Google Maps Plugins

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