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10+ Best Wordpress File Manager Plugins from hundreds of the File Manager reviews in the market (Wordpress Plugins Store, Wordpress Plugins) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your File Manager does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best File Manager plugin collection is ranked and result in August 2020, the price from $0. You find free, paid File Manager plugins or alternatives to File Manager also.

Here are the 10+ Best File Manager Wordpress Plugins

10 Best File Manager Plugins for Wordpress

  1. File Manager by Mndpsingh287
  2. File Manager Permission System(pro) by Giribaz
  3. File Manager Plugin For Wordpress by Getredhawkstudio
  4. Advanced File Manager by Modalweb
  5. Advanced File Manager by Codecanyon
  6. File Manager by Aftabul islam
  7. SP Project & Document Manager by Smartypants
  8. WP Media File Manager by Wphitech
  9. Frontend File Manager Plugin by N-media
  10. Secure File Manager by Themexa

File Manager by Mndpsingh287

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Mndpsingh287

If you are looking for the file management solution, then you must try the File Manager for once like more than half a million users to see how amazing the plugin is.

To begin with, the management of your files on WordPress will be easier with the help of File Manager. You can easily copy and move your file to any folder you want. Multi-file selections are available, and you can move them just by dragging and dropping. File Manager gives you all the information that you need to know about your files. File details and properties are all provided for better management. The plugin also lets you share your files via email. In just two clicks, your file will be sent to the address you wish. Besides, when you want to look for a file, the searching function is available. It is built directly to File Manager, so you can find it simpler to find a file. Last but not least, there are several manager themes. File Manager provides you multiple of them so you can choose one that fits with your style the most.

Even the plugin can be installed for free. There are so many powerful features such as operations with files and folders, file archive and creation, file type control, syntax checker, shortcode, private folder, and more. The Pro version of File Manager even makes you more powerful in controlling your files. Let’s get File Manager for free now and have a great experience with the management!

Highlight features

  • Allow moving and copying files
  • Provide information about a file
  • Allow file sharing via email
  • Support searching with search functionality
  • Provide multiple manager themes

Price: 0

Rating: 700 - 4.8 / 5

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File Manager Permission System(pro) by Giribaz

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Giribaz

Trusted by thousands of websites, File Manager Permission System(pro) is worth to be added into your consideration list.

File Manager Permission System(pro) allows you to use it just as you are working with your desktop. All kinds of file operations are supported by File Manager Permission System(pro). You can copy, cut, paste, rename, and archive your files and folders easily with this plugin. Regarding all those uploaded files, you are free to share them. Documents, media, and archive files can all be shared with your friends and users. You are allowed to put a protection layer on your files as well. File Manager Permission System(pro) gives you the freedom to set permission and ban any users to your files as your wish. Besides, your users are allowed to upload files to the site. File Manager Permission System(pro) will link them with existing folders as well as automatically create folders for them.

File Manager Permission System(pro) can work with any standard hosting and requires no coding, so it is friendly with users. Further support toward your widget, shortcode, and template can be discovered when you install the plugin, so do not hesitate to grab it right now!

Highlight features

  • Support all file operations
  • Allow sharing any kinds of document
  • Set permission for your users
  • Support auto folder creation
  • Allow users to upload files

Price: 29

Rating: 356 - 4.5 / 5

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File Manager Plugin For Wordpress by Getredhawkstudio

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Getredhawkstudio

When web developers decide to spend on a tool that supports their work, the expenditure should be reasonable, and File Manager Plugin For WordPress might be worth it.

First and foremost, File Manager Plugin For WordPress satisfies the very basic demand of any users toward files and folders. You can create, delete, copy, move files with the support of dragging and dropping. File Manager Plugin For WordPress gives you the context menu for files and folders. Just right-click on the file or folder, a menu will appear with actions listed to choose. With image files, File Manager Plugin For WordPress creates thumbnails for them. The plugin also gives you the feature including tools, layers, filters, and more to edit your images. Besides, File Manager Plugin For WordPress helps you in shortcode generation. There shortcodes for every file and folder on your site so you can copy them for other purposes if you want. In case you want to keep your files in private, you can choose who to hide your files from with File Manager Plugin For WordPress. Last but not least, File Manager Plugin For WordPress is not only powerful in function but also intuitive in appearance. You can choose one theme among the provided ones to fit your style the most.

Auto folder creation for all users, text file editing, archives support, and further features are included in File Manager Plugin For WordPress. If you are ready to pay, File Manager Plugin For WordPress is definitely a reasonable spend for better file management!

Highlight features

  • Provide multiple themes of display
  • Support context menu for files and folders
  • Provide image editor and thumbnails
  • Support shortcode generation
  • Allow specific access banning

Price: 19

Rating: 169 - 4.36 / 5

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Advanced File Manager by Modalweb

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Modalweb

A file management plugin that is powerful and friendly with users will definitely be a great choice for any web developer. Advanced File Manager is a plugin like that with helpful support from its careful built-in.

First and foremost, Advanced File Manager allows you to edit the directory path of the file. With Advanced File Manager, the directory root path of your file is editable, so you can change it into anything you want. The plugin supports you with several operations in terms of user and file. You can upload, download, and even delete your operations. With files and folders, Advanced File Manager gives you the right to copy, move, create, rename, extract them, and more. The upload is even simpler with Advanced File Manager when you can use your mouse to drag and drop files. Just drop your file in the upload field, Advanced File Manager will do the rest for you. It provides you the preview of common file types. You will get a quick look at your file on the site. In case you want to put a protection layer on your files, just hide their real paths. Advanced File Manager is equipped to help you with this demand.

Advanced File Manager is even more powerful with support in terms of shortcode, PDF preview, FTP, trash, themes, archives, and furthermore. Just a few steps to install for free, Advanced File Manager would be a good choice for web developers!

Highlight features

  • Allow editing root directory path
  • Support user and file operations
  • Allow dragging and dropping
  • Provide preview of files
  • Allow hiding files real path

Price: 0

Rating: 153 - 4.8 / 5

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Advanced File Manager by Codecanyon

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Codecanyon

Want to manage all of your folders and sub-folders in WordPress? Just choose Advanced File Manager to be empowered on management.

With Advanced File Manager, you can feel that the interface of folders and files in WordPress is quite the same as they are in your local device. By one right-click on the file, a context menu will pop out. It contains main options like open, copy, download, rename, delete and more. Advanced File Manager supports you with Drag&Drop function to simplify the organizing work. You can cut or create a copy of files just as if you were on your local device. Advanced File Manager also allows you to create archives of files and folders. With photo files, the plugin will help you generate thumbnails. These can remind you of the pictures you have uploaded to the site. Advanced File Manager gives you tools to edit images on your WordPress as well. All basic functions such as resizing, rotating, and cropping are included. Besides, when a file is completely uploaded, you will receive a notification from Advanced File Manager. It sends the notification via email so you can check it up in your inbox.

Advanced File Manager also supports you in auto file creation, document viewer, secure path, and further features with the settings. If you are ready to pay, Advanced File Manager might be a great choice for any web developers!

Highlight features

  • Provide right-click menu
  • Support image editor
  • Generate image thumbnails
  • Allow drag&drop and other actions
  • Send notifications via email

Price: 19

Rating: 145 - 4.9 / 5

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File Manager by Aftabul islam

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Aftabul islam

Files and folders are messy on your WordPress? How about having a supporter like File Manager by Aftabul Islam to make your site better? Just have a look at this amazing plugin!

To begin with, File Manager gives you the full support to take operations toward your files and folders. From copying, moving, uploading to creating and renaming new folders or archiving, and extract them, File Manager provides all operations to be taken. The plugin makes uploading more powerful and simpler with the dragging and dropping. With just one step, you can upload one or multiple files to your site. Your files will be displayed in a normal list or in icon view. File Manager even makes it easier to find files with searching and sorting support. It is available with different categories to sort files in a way that is the most convenient for your management. If there are any files in audio and video format, File Manager will create previews of them. You can definitely remember the content of files with this preview.

File Manager has more extended features such as non-database local file system, thumbnails, high-performance server backend, and so on. Just grab File Manager for free and enjoy its amazing features helping you in file management!

Highlight features

  • Support operations toward files and folders
  • Support upload with dragging and dropping
  • Provide list and icons view
  • Searching and sorting support
  • Provide preview for video and audio

Price: 0

Rating: 139 - 4.2 / 5

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SP Project & Document Manager by Smartypants

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Smartypants

Not only helps manage files and folders, SP Project & Document Manager also supports the share among businesses, clients, vendors and so on.

First and foremost, there are no limits for file and folder upload with SP Project & Document Manager. No matter you are administrators or users, the number of uploads is unlimited. All files can be put in the nested folder without limitation as well. SP Project & Document Manager supports you with file archives as well. Creating zip files on your site now is completely possible. Additionally, you can customize your email with the installation of SP Project & Document Manager. The plugin provides you with an advanced email editor, so every email is customizable. If you want some media from other sites to be saved as files on your site, SP Project & Document Manager will do it for you. Those media will be embedded as files in your WordPress. Last but not least, when you move files to the recycle bin, the retention dates are given. Hence, you can know when a file will be deleted completely from your site.

SP Project & Document Manager supports with local languages, SSL, nesting for folders, and more. The plugin protects files by requiring login to download files and secures them under the login of each user. Install SP Project & Document Manager for free and enjoy the connection between your business and other partners!

Highlight features

  • No limitation for file upload
  • Support zip files in archive
  • Provide email editor
  • Allow medias embedded as files
  • Provide retention dates for recycle bin

Price: 0

Rating: 45 - 4.1 / 5

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WP Media File Manager by Wphitech

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Wphitech

Your WordPress Media Library is a mess? Then try WP Media File Manager to sort files in folders hierarchy with the least effort.

To begin with, WP Media File Manager is standing out with a drag and drop interface. It helps you be at ease with organizing files and folders on your site. You can also create a shortcut with the support of WP Media File Manager. Then you will have the same file on different folders without creating a copy for each. Besides, when you upload files and folders, the progress will be displayed. A popup window will be provided to let you know the progress of all uploads as well as each specific file. WP Media File Manager also gives you the power to regenerate the thumbnail size. You can change the default size of some selected files or the whole library if you want. Last but not least, WP Media File Manager gives you the chance to interfere with the file type limitation of WordPress. Instead of just commonly used file types available, you can customize the setting to manage the list of available file types on your site.

In addition, WP Media File Manager provides support in multisite, sliders, carousels, deep search, and more amazing features. With a reasonable expenditure, you can have WP Media File Manager on your site with even more support!

Highlight features

  • Provide drag and drop interface
  • Allow file shortcut creating
  • Display the upload progress
  • Support thumbnails regeneration
  • Customize file types available

Price: 25

Rating: 36 - 4.92 / 5

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Frontend File Manager Plugin by N-media

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by N-media

Many web developers find it difficult to control all files on WordPress. That is the reason why Frontend File Manager Plugin was born with helpful features.

To begin with, Frontend File Manager Plugin secures your uploader script. It puts a protection layer on your uploader script to keep it safe. With all uploaded files, Frontend File Manager Plugin helps you to sort them out. There are several filters provided by the plugin to make the sorting fit with your demand. Frontend File Manager Plugin is also equipped with the searching function that helps you find your files and folders easier. Besides, the plugin becomes more informative when it lets you know about the file details. A popup will give you all the information about your files when you want. Frontend File Manager Plugin allows you to customize the settings of upload files as well. You can decide which file types and how big the file is permitted to upload to the site. With image and picture files, there will be thumbnails created for them. Frontend File Manager Plugin gives you the preview of these media files.

In addition, Frontend File Manager Plugin puts labels for upload and the Save button, as well as provides progress bar of uploader and file details in the Admin area. The Pro version with more features is also available if you are ready to pay. Otherwise, just grab Frontend File Manager Plugin for free and enjoy your files arranged well on your site!

Highlight features

  • Protect uploader script
  • Provide sorting filters
  • Provide popup of file details
  • Customize file type and size
  • Provide thumbnails for images

Price: 0

Rating: 34 - 3.9 / 5

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Secure File Manager by Themexa

Wordpress File Manager Plugin by Themexa

A helpful tool to manage files and folders on WordPress is a great choice for many web developers. Secure File Manager is a plugin to support you like that.

First and foremost, Secure File Manager solves the most basic issue with files and folders on your WordPress. The plugin gives you the right to create new files and folders on your site as well as delete them if necessary. You can also edit them if you want. Secure File Manager is built to let you upload files from your local device to WordPress. In contrast, you can download files and folders from your site to save them on your device as well. The plugin even makes it simpler when you can drag the file from the local device and drop them on the site to upload. You can choose one or multiple files and folders to upload each time. The dragging and dropping are also available for multiple selections of files and folders as well. Last but not least, you can compress your files with Secure File Manager. The plugin provides the compression for files and folders that you want to create zip files.

Secure File Manager gets you information of all files and folders as well as sorts them in a list view. The author also designs the plugin to be compatible with multi-site for better management. All features are available for free, so just get the chance to have Secure File Manager on your site now!

Highlight features

  • Support actions on files and folders
  • Allow to upload and download files and folders
  • Provide compression for files and folders
  • Allow dragging and dropping
  • Multiple selections of files and folders are available

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 5 / 5

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