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19+ Best Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugins from hundreds of the Facebook Feed reviews in the market (Wordpress Plugins Store, Wordpress Plugins) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your Facebook Feed does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Facebook Feed plugin collection is ranked and result in August 2020, the price from $0. You find free, paid Facebook Feed plugins or alternatives to Facebook Feed also.

Here are the 19+ Best Facebook Feed Wordpress Plugins

19 Best Facebook Feed Plugins for Wordpress

  1. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed by Smash balloon social post feed
  2. Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed by Looks_awesome
  3. Feed Them Social by Slickremix
  4. Easy Facebook Like Box by Danish ali malik
  5. Widget for Social Page Feeds by milap patel
  6. Facebook Feed by Elfsight
  7. Flow-Flow Social Stream by Looks awesome
  8. Simple Like Page Plugin by Topdevs.net
  9. Juicer by Ryan macinnes
  10. WD Social Widgets by Webdorado
  11. Social Feed by Web-settler
  12. Facebook Feed by Saraagna
  13. Social Feeds by Shahaji deshmukh
  14. Podamibe Facebook Widget by Podamibe nepal
  15. Social Rail by Schiocco
  16. EmbedScoial by Embedsocial
  17. Shift8 Facebook Feed by Shift8 web
  18. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowroński
  19. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowronski

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed by Smash balloon social post feed

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Smash balloon social post feed

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed is a popular free plugin that lets you display the feed for any Facebook page or group on your WordPress site.

Social Post Feed is mobile optimized with various unlimited Facebook feeds. With this plugin, any feeds from any Facebook page can be displayed on your page, even from various distinct websites, including sides that you are not an administrator. You also get loads of control over the look and functioning of these feeds. You can add custom styling, or you can pull the plugin from the styling of your theme. It allows you to choose which kinds of posts to display and which portions of posts to display and select which comments, likes, shares and comments to share, and much, much more. Search engines also completely crawl all the feeds, which is good for SEO. Plus, the plugin gives you the flexibility to add your own custom CSS.

The plugin is frequently updated with fresh characteristics, bug fixes, and modifications to the Facebook API. By using search engine crawlable content on your website, it allows you to save time and enhance your SEO as all the quality keyword-rich Facebook content from posts and comments is directly integrated into your website. Take this free WordPress plugin on Facebook. Grab this Facebook feed WordPress plugin for free.

Highlight features

  • Display feeds from any Facebook page
  • Display feeds from multiple different Facebook pages
  • Completely Customizable
  • Crawlable content by search engines
  • Add your own custom CSS

Price: 0

Rating: 1161 - 4.8 / 5

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Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed by Looks_awesome

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Looks_awesome

Built for Wordpress sites, Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed is a premium social media plugin for displaying social feeds in attractive and responsive walls or galleries. Make any combination of social feeds now!

More than a feed plugin to connect with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this plugin enables you to integrate your content from more than 40 social network platform and this number is still growing based on requests from users. In order to engage your audience, you may add a social sharing button which will help you get more views, likes and increase your social capital. You are also able to moderate your content to clean your grid from trolls and spam. With Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed, everything is done smart. Smart server caching allows streams to load almost instantly. So no need to load data every time. Smart resource loading let script and styles be loaded only when shortcode detected on page.

Smart caching with background server assignment enables content to be delivered quickly without slow page loading. Especially when many networks are being pulled or you have large traffic, it’s very important. Plugin operates well on mobile devices and is responsive. Using this plugin is fantastic to stream your news, pictures, reviews and any other content you can imagine.

Highlight features

  • Support all popular social networks
  • Enable excluding posts by word, username and URL
  • Allow adding Social sharing buttons
  • Enable adjusting layout to different container sizes
  • Only load script and styles when shortcode detected

Price: 19

Rating: 461 - 4.71 / 5

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Feed Them Social by Slickremix

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Slickremix

Feed Them Social is a WordPress plugin that displays the news feed of your different social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Create social feeds of any celebrities, family, friends, yourself, or businesses.

This plugin has free and premium versions. Even with the free version, you still have plenty of handy tools. The most fundamental feature that this plugin offers you is the option to view your Facebook Page, Album Photos or Album Covers. You can do this on any post, page, or sidebar and it would look great on all screens, from desktops, tablets, to mobile devices. You can also easily generate all the shortcodes you need for any feed with a very simple shortcode generator. Apart from that, a follow button may be added above or below your feeds to increase your page’s likes.

Even the free version is effective enough but if you wish for more features, such as setting how many posts, pictures, tweets, or videos for each individual social feed or adding posts automatically when your page’s visitors scroll to the end of the feeds, going pro is worth considering.

Highlight features

  • Display Facebook Page, Album Photos or Album Covers
  • Display social feeds on post, page, or sidebar
  • Responsive Social Feeds
  • Generate all the shortcodes for any feed
  • Allow adding Like/ Follow Buttons

Price: 0

Rating: 438 - 4.7 / 5

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Easy Facebook Like Box by Danish ali malik

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Danish ali malik

You are looking for how to show your Facebook wall feeds on your website? You can do this readily without any technical understanding or heavy setups with the assistance of Facebook feed WordPress plugins. This plugin has three main features which are custom Facebook Feed, Facebook Page Plugin, and Auto PopUp. With the custom Facebook Feed and Facebook page plugin, you can not only show the Facebook feed, but you can also combine any posts altogether with a beautiful layout. It is an effective method that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain likes from their own website. It’s up to you whether to show or hide Facebook fan page posts. Besides, an auto responsive popup / modal window contains a Facebook like box display fan page posts, like button, and connections on your website. Or if you have programming skills, you may prefer to do it manually with shortcodes. What’s more about the popup is that you can also choose to display the next and previous in the popups.

Easy Facebook Like Box is an easy yet powerful Facebook-feed plugin. By showing your Facebook content directly on your site, it enables you to boost social engagement between you and your users, customers, or followers as well as get more likes.

Highlight features

  • Support Custom facebook feed
  • Display or hide faces/connections
  • Show like box in responsive PopUp/Modal window
  • Display next and previous story in popup
  • Show or hide newest facebook fan page posts

Price: 0

Rating: 349 - 4.7 / 5

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Widget for Social Page Feeds by milap patel

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by  milap patel

Widget for Social Page Feeds is another easy and efficient way to integrate Facebook into your WordPress. As one of the most popular one lightweight plugin for Facebook page feeds widget, this will give you the most simple and attractive way to show Facebook page likes into your WordPress sidebar.

Even when the plugin is very simple and lightweight, still it offers you a wide range of configuration options. For example, you will have the ability to show or hide your page’s posts, cover and profile photos. Also, you can have control over your header, plugin width, main language, and a lot more. This plugin lets you Add application id from your created facebook application. Or you may use default application ID, add it into widget and URL of your Facebook page. Widget for Social Page Feeds supports shortcode; therefore, you can adjust these manually as per your choice. Moreover, the developer also claims on fast and helpful support in case you have any questions or issues.

This is flexible enough to work both ways as well, whether widget or shortcode. Widget for Social Page Feeds is definitely an ideal plugin to attempt if you want to promote and increase your interactions with your page visitors.

Highlight features

  • Allow adding application ID from created Facebook application
  • Allow adding URL of your Facebook page
  • Enable showing/hiding posts from timeline
  • Shortcode supported
  • Display/ Hide cover and profile photos

Price: 0

Rating: 159 - 4.8 / 5

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Facebook Feed by Elfsight

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Elfsight

Facebook with more than one billion users, is an effective platform to promote your website’s content. Boost your page traffic and engagement now with this Facebook Feed plugin for Wordpress.

Facebook Feed supports all types of content on Facebook including posts, photos, alums as well as videos. Moreover, with each album, there is a separate widget screen to show to your page visitors. These widget screens will display the album’s name, description, number of photos, last update time and the album photos. Another special feature coming from this plugin is the popup that displays the picture or video, its author, description, publication date, reactions, number of comments and the comments. With this plugin, you can add any custom actions that you want, for example, like page, share page, contact us, etc. to the header to get an extra call-to-action on your website. Whatever change you make, the feed will look perfect on all devices.

Mentioned above are the most outstanding features that this plugin provides you. It, of course, also contains basic options for tools or your custom design and styling. Install it instantly to discover more of them.

Highlight features

  • Supports all main types of Facebook content
  • A widget screen for each album
  • Allow redirecting to your featured Facebook page
  • Add your custom actions
  • Display more in Awesome Popup

Price: 29

Rating: 60 - 4.98 / 5

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Flow-Flow Social Stream by Looks awesome

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Looks awesome

Flow-Flow Social Stream allows you to aggregate and stream social feed on your WordPress website in a lovely responsive wall of social media. Integrate your Facebook instantly and efficiently into your website!

The free version of this plugin supports the four biggest social network platforms which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. There is also a smart and beautiful lightbox with comments loading from these networks. What’s different in this plugin is that you can combine any social feeds with Flow-Flow. By using it, on any section of your WordPress website, you can show social media posts from various sources. For instance, in the same grid, you may have 5 Facebook feeds, 7 Twitter feeds and 3 Instagram feeds. Visitors to your website can read all your recent posts in one social stream from your distinct networks! Flow-Flow supports Instagram and Facebook with simple one-click authentication of the API. It is optimized for any screen size and touch screens and includes a wide variety of settings for design.

WordPress social streaming plugin is an excellent way to engage your group of fans and increase your social value. And if you’re still looking for other sources such as other social networks or quick professional support, the pro version contains more sources and tons of wonderful features.

Highlight features

  • 4 biggest social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Easy one-click API authentication
  • Offer lightbox with comments
  • Display social media posts from multiple sources
  • Rich design settings

Price: 0

Rating: 44 - 4.2 / 5

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Simple Like Page Plugin by Topdevs.net

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Topdevs.net

Custom Facebook Feed is an ideal plugin to assist you to incorporate Facebook into your WordPress page in a customizable, responsive as well as SEO friendly way. It allows you to show the feed on your WordPress site for any Facebook page or group.

There are a bunch of useful features for you in this free version of the plugin. Firstly, you can see how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too. Next, you may also choose to show your Facebook page like counter and introduce current events on the page. This help to boost the interest to the page and thus increase your page likes and shares. What’s more, this plugin allows your website visitors to like your page directly from your Wordpress site in just a click. They won’t have to visit your page to do it anymore. Finally, if your visitors have any questions, they can message to your page via the messaging feature. You would have to select the option of “Allow people to contact my page privately” in your Facebook page setting.

Even the free version is powerful enough, but if you are still looking for more effective features, go pro and you will be able to enjoy a lot of features with photo gallery and product viewer.

Highlight features

  • Show page likes on your website
  • Read recent posts from the Facebook page
  • Like the Facebook page without needing to visit the page
  • Allow viewing page events
  • Send messages to your page

Price: 0

Rating: 23 - 4.4 / 5

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Juicer by Ryan macinnes

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Ryan macinnes

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are effective tools to reach your potential customers. Juicer is a service that enables you to enter your social media accounts and automatically pull the content from these feeds into any of your websites.

With an easy shortcode, Juicer will automatically update these feeds whenever you create posts for your social media accounts. You can gather your content by @username or #hashtag. If there is any unwanted content that you’d like to moderate and remove, just one click and Juicer would automatically eliminate it for you. Beyond that, permalinks to each of your social media posts will make your site optimized for SEO and crawlable by search engines. You are also provided with more advanced features such as custom CSS to style it to fit your brand or site and analytic to find out who visits and how they interact with your social feed.

More interesting features are waiting for you to discover. They include responsive grid for dynamic layouts and infinite scroll. Start using Juicer now by creating an account on juicer.io and create a feed and add social media sources to it.

Highlight features

  • Gather content by username or hashtag
  • Automatically eliminate unwanted content
  • Permalinks optimized for SEO
  • Style Custom CSS to fit your site
  • Offer advanced analytics

Price: 0

Rating: 17 - 4.7 / 5

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WD Social Widgets by Webdorado

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Webdorado

WD Social Widgets is a well-equipped tool for Facebook integration of your website. To make your website more viral, the product package contains a large number of widgets and plugins. It is user-friendly and provides for easier installation and use with a comprehensive documentation.

You can attach not only Like / Share and Register buttons, but also Facepile, Activity Feed and more. For example, Facebook Activity Feed will enable the specific page activity to be displayed, comments and likes on the page. By using Facebook comments, you can control your comments and prevent spam from spam bots from WordPress. Facebook Facepile showing Facebook profile images of Facebook users who liked your Facebook page or signed up for your website. This WordPress plugin comes along with Open Graph Integration, allowing full customization of the shared pages / posts, including title, picture and other content.

The Facebook buttons preferences are improved so that the user can identify some of their layout and place. There is also the possibility to display count boxes next to some of the buttons where necessary.

Highlight features

  • Allow adding Facebook Like and Send Button
  • Enable displaying Facebook Activity Feed
  • Facebook Comments box to avoid spambot comments
  • Facebook Facepile to show profile pictures
  • Come with Open Graph Integration

Price: 0

Rating: 16 - 3.3 / 5

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Social Feed by Web-settler

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Web-settler

If you want to display what’s happening on Facebook’s timeline, you’re in the right place. Facebook Feed is the plugin to display public Facebook feeds on your website with dozens of customization options that you are searching for.

Facebook feed plugin enables tons of choices to customize your Facebook readily. Customize colors, fonts, etc. By using pre-designed Facebook feed themes, you can get any look. There are 4 amazing themes pre-designed for you to choose from with full color, font & size customizability. This plugin supports your news streams with Google fonts. Your newsfeeds will look as great as they execute with Google fonts. If you want to see the complete post or your page on facebook, it enables you to allow connections to messages for your guests. In addition, Instagram and Twitter are also supported by the Facebook feed plugin. You can display Instagram and Twitter posts, along with your Facebook posts.

Facebook feed is very simple to use, and any public Facebook page feed on your website can be displayed in a few minutes. It does not reveal your personal information (such as tokens, app IDs, and app secrets) to the browser and keeps it on the server so that we provide 100% safety for any delicate information.

Highlight features

  • High Customizability
  • Allow using Google Fonts
  • Offer pre-Designed Themes
  • Support Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds
  • Enable links to posts

Price: 0

Rating: 12 - 3.5 / 5

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Facebook Feed by Saraagna

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Saraagna

Facebook Feed plugin is a simple and also powerful tool to add Facebook feed to WordPress website in an easy and seamless way. It helps your website visitors become your followers to show how much they value you.

Facebook feeds allow you to integrate your Facebook feed into your Wordpress site. There are five main features brought to you in this Facebook feed plugin. It supports three main types of Facebook content which are posts, video, and image. The layout is displayed as an infinite grid where your users can keep scrolling for more content. Two types of layouts are fitrow and masonry layouts. Unlike other grid layouts, they don’t have fixed height for each item, therefore, the space in the website will be optimized. In each of the post, video, or image, you may select to show number of reactions, comments and shares below the thumbnails. This would help to attract visitors and encourage them to share more on Facebook. Beyond that, this plugin lets you customize your size with 8 skins for the grids.

Some other customization options include custom background color or number of columns on each page. As this plugin’s layout is fully responsive, your Facebook is going to look great in all devices, even mobile screens. Have your visitors share your content, and go viral on the Internet!

Highlight features

  • Offer 8 grid and carousel skins
  • Support Page post feed to display Facebook posts
  • Support Video feed to display video
  • Support Image feed to display picture
  • Provide two Layouts for you to use flexibility

Price: 19

Rating: 7 - 5.0 / 5

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Social Feeds by Shahaji deshmukh

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Shahaji deshmukh

Social Feeds is a strong integration of Facebook and Twitter that any marketer might want. It is very helpful to display Facebook page like button, button as well as Twitter follow button and feed so that page likes and supporters are improved.

This plugin allows you to display Facebook timeline, events, and messages easily, Twitter feeds for your Wordpress website. There are even more options for you to adjust. You may change the language option for Facebook to fit with your site’s language or the major audience’s mother tongue. This will attract them to feed more. In the section of Twitter, you are able to show or hide the Twitter follow button with its customization. Another outstanding feature is that you are free to show or hide the plugin from your website home page.

Of course, you can also customize the feed on your website, for instance, feed width and height, small header, and cover photo. Every function can be set up and maintained very easily. Activate and configure your websites on Facebook and Twitter. It will be shown on the left or right side of the window on your website.

Highlight features

  • Display Facebook timeline/events/messages
  • Twitter feeds integration
  • Add/Remove Twitter follow button
  • Display/Hide plugin from the website home page
  • Change language option for Facebook

Price: 0

Rating: 6 - 5.0 / 5

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Podamibe Facebook Widget by Podamibe nepal

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Podamibe nepal

Podamibe Facebook Widget is a growing WordPress plugin that displays Facebook feeds on your website. Facebook feed is easy to use, and in just a few minutes, you will be able to show any public facebook page feed on your website.

Podamibe is a free toolbox of helpful features. If you have Podamibe Facebook Widget, you should have access to custom options. Firstly, the plugin lets you customize your main icon or main title into your Facebook feed in front of your website. It’s up to you to determine the width and the height of your feed widget to display. The header option’s size can be adjusted to fit your website’s styling. In order to attract more users and increase their engagement, there is also an option to show the number of liked users. Other than that, you are provided with an option to display or hide the user’s profile image.

More than these primary features, you are even able to enjoy a lot of loads of additional options, including small header, tabs to section or cover image option. So if your need is just a simple yet effective plugin, this is truly a recommendation for you.

Highlight features

  • Customize main icon to display on front
  • Set the width and the height of feed widget for display
  • Provide Small Header Option
  • Display the liked users
  • Option to display the users images or not

Price: 0

Rating: 6 - 4.3 / 5

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Social Rail by Schiocco

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Schiocco

Are you looking for a lightweight and easy to use plugin to integrate your social media feeds into your website? Social Rail is a super light and simple plugin to show your Facebook and Twitter feeds in just a few seconds.

Even when this plugin is pretty simple, yet it still provides you rich design settings with 4 layout types which include a slider, a carousel, scroll box and a static feed to display your stream. It is also available in HTML version which you can insert codes for the settings. It comes with 2 designs and 2 skins so you can select whether to use a boxed or classic design. Dedicated scroll box is an awesome tool for your feeds thanks to Slim Scroll and its more than 30 options meanwhile the dedicated slider also provides you with more than 50 provides. You will have access to awesome online documentation which lets you publish your content online and track its usage. This feature comes with code snippets, tutorials and much more. This plugin is fully responsive as with advanced JS and CSS features made for smartphones and tablets.

With Social rail, you don’t have to set up any PHP or server-side file. Just insert Facebook page ID, username, Twitter account name, group name or hashtag and you’re done.

Highlight features

  • Provide 4 types of streams
  • HTML version available
  • Dedicated slider with 50+ provides
  • Dedicated sroll box with 30+ options
  • Offer fully Online documentation

Price: 15

Rating: 3 - 4.67 / 5

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EmbedScoial by Embedsocial

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Embedsocial

Are you looking for a solution which helps you showcase photos, reviews or feeds from social networks right on your website? Get EmbedSocial, a platform that integrates your social media presence with your website and makes it more dynamic and user-centric.

More than a usual Facebook-feed plugin, there are actually four main tools included in EmbedScoial. There are actually four primary instruments included in EmbedScoial, more than a usual Facebook feed plugin. Embed album is a tool that allows you to show pictures of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with easy copy/paste codes on your website. It allows you to add user or hashtag albums and create codes that you can readily integrate into your website. Embed Reviews is a platform that enables you to create and show reviews on any website to manage Facebook reviews. As for the function of embedding, it helps to display your Facebook or Instagram activity on a distinct web feed for your website visitors. Additionally, embed story is a distinctive tool that can get your Instagram stories into your WordPress page and embed them. Within a few clicks, everything is accomplished and no coding skills are required, as you will only use a basic shortcode to show these components on your website.

For each tool, there are even a lot more options for you to choose with high flexibility. With EmbedSocial, you will never need to install or maintain multiple plugins.

Highlight features

  • Allow creating a gallery with selected Facebook albums
  • Allow creating slideshow with your Facebook photos
  • Automatically import all albums from your Facebook page
  • Display Instagram and Twitter albums
  • Dynamically embed various albums

Price: 0

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

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Shift8 Facebook Feed by Shift8 web

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Shift8 web

Shift8 Facebook Feed is a newcomer in the landscape of Facebook feed plugin for Wordpress. It allows you to easily integrate your Facebook page’s feed into your WordPress site. Additionally, you can freely customize the feed to include whatever you want.

This plugin definitely deserves to be one of the best out there with a really simple interface and various user choices. Everything is simple to use and it takes just a few minutes to set up. All you need to do is define your Facebook App information in the configuration options and use the shortcode and feed options for the Facebook page. The shortcode produces a simple markup with custom CSS classes allowing you to style and organize the feed as you see fit. The produced markup encapsulates all in a CSS class. However you want it to look, you can use this class in your CSS to style the feed.

It can’t be easier to install and use Shift8 Facebook Feed. Want to share all of your posts from your Facebook to your website to your visitors to see, the solution is here. Instantly publish and share your posts with some quick setups.

Highlight features

  • Integrate Facebook feed with WordPress site
  • Markup styling
  • Custom CSS
  • Support admin using shortcode
  • Offer an User-Friendly Interface

Price: 0

Rating: 3 - 4.7 / 5

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Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowroński

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Jakub skowroński

If you are looking for a plugin that helps display the contact button of Facebook and Twitter on your site, then Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget will be a useful and simple solution.

To begin with, Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget is a plugin that is specially designed for the two popular social networks at present: Facebook and Twitter. This plugin creates a pretty box at the edge of your website where buttons linking to your Facebook and Twitter are attached. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget use pure CSS animation, so the toggle-tab does not scroll with the page, you can view it any time you want. There are two styles of icon to display tabs on your site. Besides, Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget speed up your page loading since it includes Rocket Fast. Visitors now can enjoy surfing your page with no delay. Last but not least, Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget can work on any browser installed on your device with responsive design.

The plugin provides a handy way to display Facebook and Twitter on your site with simple operation. Once using Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget, you can see it as a customer-friendly plugin since it is easy to install, configure, and available on any screen. Get Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget for free to engage more visitors to your site and go viral right now!

Highlight features

  • Toggle-tab stays still in one place
  • Display Facebook and Twitter tabs at the page edge
  • Two options of icon style to display
  • Boost page loading speed
  • Available for all browsers

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

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Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget by Jakub skowronski

Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin by Jakub skowronski

Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget is an easy-to-configure social feed plugin. You can activate this plugin with one click. Display Facebook and Twitter in a delightful box on your website that slides in handy from the bottom of the page!

This plug supports Facebook and Twitter display, as the name indicates. Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget feature a number of interesting functions that make it different in the market. The plugin is lightweight and uses merely CSS for animations. Therefore, it requires very little space on your site. This plugin’s advantage is a way the feed appears to customers. It can be viewed at any time as the toggle-tab does not scroll with the page and remains in one place at all times. As for styling, you can choose from two kinds of icon styles. In addition, visitors can view the plugin on any screen with responsive optimization and a unique portable design, including tablets and mobile devices.

Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget is rocket fast and works for all browsers out there. Get nothing but the best service with this amazing Facebook and Twitter plugin for Wordpress.

Highlight features

  • Allow displaying Facebook and Twitter on your site
  • Support Pure CSS animations
  • Responsive Design specially Mobile design
  • Provide two icon styles
  • Toggle-tab always stays in one place

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

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