How to use user mentions on WordPress

If you get accustomed to using many social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you can know that user mentions are an effective way to tag or include your friends to your posts or comments., is also, not an exception when this platform uses users mention to help you include another Wordpress user in your posts as well as comments. In general, user mentions on WordPress works the similar way as they are working on Instagram or Twitter. All you need to do is to type @ symbol before another username and to make sure that they know your mention.

In this article, you will be shown on how to use user mentions on WordPress.

How to use user mentions on WordPress

How user mentions work on WordPress

As you intend to write any post or comment on WordPress and you want to mention another WordPress user, it is time for you to use user mentions.

In order to do that, you just need to enter a space, then type @, a list of possible people will be presented so that you can easily choose. In fact, WordPress will attempt to suggest users who you are likely to mention, which depends on the relevant to blogs you are typing.

how to use user mentions

If you already pick someone from this list and finish entering their name, the name you are mentioning will be associated with a page listing all of the posts on a blog mentioning them when you publish your posts or comment. Basically, the mention pages look the same as an Author Archive page and the mention is something like @wordpressdotcom.

Get notified when being mentioned

In case you are mentioned in a comment or post by other users, you will receive an email informing you of that and set links back to pages where you are mentioned. At the same time, a toolbar notification will be sent to you in the WordPress admin bar. Whenever you do not want to receive emails when you are mentioned, you can disable this function on your own Notification Settings. In addition, you can subscribe to the IM notification via Jabber. Take note that you are able to mention only another user of the blog that you are posting or commenting on.


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