How to use Postbot on your WordPress site in Wordpress

In this article, you will be shown on how to use Postbot on your WordPress site on WordPress. Before going further, let’s shed a light on what Postbot is and how it works on WordPress.

To use Postbot on your WordPress site

Postbot introduction

Postbot is known as one of the photo scheduling apps that are used to let you upload and schedule many photos quickly.

Postbot will generate a post for every photo, then schedule to let it appear at a particular time over a number of days. By this way, you can share multiple photos without manually creating and scheduling each of photo.

In fact, Postbot is a stand-alone app which can work well with your WordPress blog as well as the Jetpack-powered WordPress blog.

In case you want to generate a post with a photo gallery, you might feel interested in the feature of a gallery.

How to use Postbot on your WordPress site

Log in

The first thing you need to do is to log in to Postbot. All you need to do is to click on the Connect with WordPress button. You have to authorize the login with WordPress details. If you are connecting to your WordPress blog via Jetpack or to a WordPress blog, the process is the same.

Right after logging in, your blog will be displayed in the top of the right corner. Choosing it helps you connect to other blogs.

How to use Postbot on your WordPress site

After that, you can connect to as many blogs as you wish for. Don’t forget to swap among them by using the drop-down menu. Whenever you are trying to connect to a blog, you have to authorize it.

Upload photos

What happens when you want to upload photos?

Photos can be easily dragged from your own desktop into the Postbot screen.

To upload photos, you just click on the red uploading button, then choose photos from the file dialog.

You should bear in mind that you can upload many files. Additionally, you can start to edit your photos when right after they are uploaded. Next, a notice will come out to inform you that the data is still uploaded and your photos will be greyed if you complete the uploading process.

How to use Postbot on your WordPress site

Your uploaded images will be stored on the Postbot. However, they will not be stored on your own blog untill you get them scheduled.

Edit photos

With photos on Postbot, you can simply change the content, title or tags for an image. These can reflect the content, title or tags of a post that has been created.

How to use Postbot on your WordPress site

More interestingly, a photo can be edited while they are being uploaded. At the same time, they can be re-arranged by getting them dragged and dropped in your desired location.

Take note that Postbot will place the content first by default, then followed by a photo. In case you want to change the orders, you can apply the short-code [image] in your own content:


After you finish uploading your photos, you can start picking up your schedule in details. In this part, you only need to choose the number of days among each of your post with the starting date as well as time.

How to use Postbot on your WordPress site

Moreover, you can ignore the weekends. When you press the button of scheduling, photos with their details will be directly sent to your selected blog.

Photos pending

When you schedule a photo, you can also check photos that you are about to publish. Clicking on the pending tab will give you the unpublished photos.

How to use Postbot on WordPress site

Additionally, photos can be removed before you publish them. The posts and photos are also deleted from your own blog.


With the above post on how to use Postbot on your WordPress site on WordPress, you can perform those steps without having any troubles. If you have any questions or comments, let us know by connecting with us. Give us a share if you find this instruction helpful and worth sharing.