How to show Tag Cloud widget on WordPress

You can use tags on your posts then it can help your readers find them more easily. However, you need to show these tags on your site as well, in the sidebar or footer, for example, your visitors can see it and get an overall view of your favorite or frequently published topics. In WordPress, Tag Cloud widget can help you with this kind of function which is available to display the maximum of your most used 75 tags. however, it works for tags that are attached to posts only. If you are curious about how to show Tag Cloud widget on WordPress, keep reading this article to discover it.

To show Tag Cloud widget on WordPress

Step 1: Go to Widgets

Click on My sites on your WordPress blog then find the Customize under the Personalize section. Other settings for Customize will appear that you will see a list on your screen. In this list, find and press on the Widgets option which stays above the Homepage Settings and below the CSS like in the following picture:

show Tag Cloud widget

Step 2: Choose Tag Cloud

Select the sidebar or the footer where you want to display the Tag Cloud then click on the Add a widget button right below it. You will see that there are a number of widgets supported by, hence, to save time, enter the name of the widget you want to add in the search bar. In this situation, you can just type Tag and press on the one with the title as Tag Cloud to continue.

Step 3: Enter in the fields

There are different fields that you must complete to activate this widget. The first one is the Title which will appear above the widget on your site, thus, enter the name you want to use for it, such as Tags or Stickers, etc. It is not necessarily a word, you can use a phrase like Tags you may care as long as it is meaningful and suitable. Below the Title is the Number of Tags that you need to specify the maximum number of tags will be presented in your widget. For example, if you enter 15, it means the system will display your most recent/used 15 tags in the Tag Cloud. Lastly, it is the Exclude box that you can skip this one if you want to show all of your available tags. In case you want to hide some tags from the Tag Cloud, enter their IDs in this box and separate them by commas.

show Tag Cloud widget

Exclude tags

You may wonder how you can know and check for the IDs of your tags, thus, go to your Admin dashboard first by inserting /wp-admin to the end of your site URL. Click on Posts -> Tags and press on the title of the tag you want to hide. After that, find the number next to the tag_ID= in the address bar of your browser, it is the ID of the tag that you should copy it then paste it in the Exclude field.

show Tag Cloud widget

Step 4: Select Save/Publish

If you have finished all the above steps, click on the Save or Publish button to store your changes. When you back to your blog, the tag widget may appear on your site like this:

show Tag Cloud widget

Be noted that there are different styles of design between themes then your tags may be displayed at the same size as below:

show Tag Cloud widget


To sum up, this writing has introduced to you the process of how to show Tag Cloud widget on WordPress. There are only four steps in total that it will not take much of your time to practice it. Thus, hope that you find this topic interesting and helpful or at least you have good reading time.