How to register a domain without generating a site on WordPress

A domain can distinguish you from other users on the internet because a name can show more than just your characteristics. It can be compared to an address for your virtual home that other users can use it to visit your home on the Internet. If they remember your site, it means they memorize you. Fortunately, allows you to sign up a domain without generating a site or requiring a hidden fee. If you are curious about how to register a domain without generating a site on WordPress, follow this article to know more information.

Register a domain without generating a site on WordPress

Step 1: Visit

Get access to the website and enter in the search bar the name you want to use for your domain. If you get no idea for the domain title, you can fill in the keywords you want to appear on your address. After that, click on the Search button to see the result.

register a domain without generating a site

Step 2: Pick a domain

A list of all available options will appear on your screen display which shows the best match result first. You can choose one from the list or click on More extensions to see more choices. If you find the one you like, press on the Select button corresponding with your selection and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Select what to do with the domain

In this page, the system wants to identify your using purpose of the domain that you can choose between three options, including New site, Existing site and Just buy a domain. This is the case when you already owned an account on, however, you will only have two choices, New site and Just buy a domain if you don’t have any. Do not panic because allows you to create an account using a brief form, requiring you to add your contact information. You can also select the Privacy Protection to protect your personal information, hence, other Internet users cannot find, see or use it for bad purposes.

register a domain without generating a site

Step 4: Complete the checkout

If you already have an account, you can check out to finish the process and your domain will be ready after that. Meanwhile, if you are the first-time user, you need to fill in your credit information then go to the checkout next. Be noted that it might take some minutes for your domain registration to work all over the world and a landing page will be created after this process. This page works like a temporary page while you set up your site or map it to another existing site. The following picture is an example of how it may look like:

register a domain without generating a site


In a nutshell, I have provided you with the instructions of how to register a domain without generating a site on WordPress. This is a simple and transparent process that you can easily follow and practice it while reading the guideline. Hope that you enjoy this post and gain some benefits from it.