How to move a domain using custom a records

You already had a domain but somehow you might feel uncertain about it. If you are taking under consideration about your domain name then you are about to look for a method to move a domain.

A domain name is a subdivision of a website and a custom Internet address which people use to visit your site. It gives information about where to find your site to the web browser. As it is described as an address, people search for it to drop in your website online. Taking a brief view of WordPress, when you sign up for a new account there will come a request of a free address using a subdomain, for example: You can register, map, or move a custom domain name to your site so that there is a memorable and unique address for people to visit.

Moving your website to a new host, you need to transfer your domain. It is absolutely possible, and in some cases there is no difficulty in changing your domain registration from one registrar to another. If you would like to use a domain name you originally purchased and registered through with different host, there are several methods for you to manipulate. Howerver, in this article, we would recommend you to transfer a domain name using custom a records.

This method is better used for pointing your domain to sites which are hosted by providers such as Tumblr and Squarespace, which do not support pointing through name servers.

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Changing an A record

You can control your domain by going to My Site, select Manage then choose Domain. Next, click the Edit button next to it then select Edit DNS. The DNS records for your domain will be shown.

Your site address’s A record points to WordPress .com by default. If you add a new A record, it will overwrite the default.

how to move a domain using custom a records

Your new host should have provided you with the address to point your domain to. It is made up of four sets of numbers separated by periods, for instance:

Note: those preceding numbers are just given as an example. Remember to use the number which is 
specified by the web host.

Fill the address in the Points to field. Hit the Add New DNS Record so that you could save the changes.

The domain will immediately begin pointing to your new host; however, most hosts will ask you to set up the domain on their end as well. Here are instructions for some popular hosting services:

Resetting a domain A record

If you want to reset your site address’s A record and get it point to WordPress .com again, hang your custom A record and then click the trash icon to remove. The A record will then be switched back to ours.


The preceding instruction is to help you to transfer a domain using custom a records in WordPress. We hope that you find it helpful to follow the guidance. Please let us know if there is any problem so far.